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Coat Rack Makeover for $15! Coat Rack Makeover for $15!

Coat Rack Makeover for $15!

I’ve been on a mission to makeover our front entry. I’ve already added a cute shoe cupboard and added some artwork, but I still have more work to do. On my front entryway makeover to do list: paint the door, paint the walls, tear out the ugly tile, and add a coat rack. The tile and painting will have to wait for a while, so I jumped on the coat rack project. We don’t have much room in the entry and I needed a coat rack that can fit on the wall right behind the door. During my search I found a TON of cute wall racks, but they were way outside of my budget. I wanted something colorful, but not too expensive. That’s when I decided to makeover a plain white wall rack. I already have a lot of spray paint, so this was the perfect idea.

I’m happy with how this turned out! I chose to paint four gold hooks and two yellow. It’s my version of color blocking with hooks. The two yellow hooks are the spots where my 6-year-old can hang her coat and umbrella. So glad I won’t hear, “I don’t know where my coat goes.” from my kiddo anymore. Well, maybe I’ll still hear it, but less often? Ha!

Supplies needed:

  • inexpensive wall coat rack (I found this one on Amazon and love it)
  • primer spray paint
  • spray paint colors (I went with yellow and gold)
  • clear acrylic spray


Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the coat hooks from the board.

Coat Rack Makeover for $15!

Step 2: In a well ventilated space, preferably outdoors, prop up your hooks to prepare for painting. First, you’ll apply a couple coats of the primer (since the hooks are metal the primer will help keep the paint from chipping off). Next, add a few coats of your colorful paints. When the colorful paint is dry to the touch, add two coats of the clear acrylic sealer. I like to add the clear acrylic spray to the end of spray painting projects to add a strong barrier over my paint. It definitely helps. Note: Don’t forget to wear a face mask and eye protection when using spray paint. Stay safe!

Step 3: Let the hooks cure for at least 24 hours. Longer is better. The paint can dent and smudge right after painting.

Coat Rack Makeover for $15!

Step 4: When the hooks are ready, grab your screwdriver and install them back onto the coat rack board. Install the board onto your wall and you are ready to organize with this colorful and inexpensive coat rack!

Final cost: $15 for the coat rack. I already owned all the other supplies to create this project.

Coat Rack Makeover for $15!

We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Temperatures are already starting to fall in our area and that has led to us digging out our bin of winter gear.  This time of the year always gets me thinking about how to make the most of our entryway and how I can maximize our given space to hold those bulky jackets, winter boots, snow pants, scarves, hats and mittens.  In doing some inspirational research, one of my favorite images seems to come up over and over again.  There is so much to admire about how the space works and how it can be adapted into multiple entryway situations.


Whether you are starting from scratch or modifying an existing setup, it is always important to list out how you want a space to function when you are done with it.  In order to really stretch your storage capacity out of an entryway closet, nook or mudroom, it is important to include a variety of versatile solutions.  In the image above, one small alcove performs a multitude of tasks and offers big function with a little footprint.

  • Cabinets above provide concealed storage for less frequently utilized seasonal pieces.  Place bins within the cabinets to hold jackets and footwear that is out of the current season, yet is easily accessible when it comes time to rotate out belongings.
  • Install a clothing rod paired with wooden hangers and / or multiple hooks to hang outerwear and handbags.
  • Place a tray or liner on a shelf to protect it from moisture and dirt tracked in on snow boots and rain boots.
  • Add casters to a shoe organizer to create an instant rolling bench that can easily tuck away when not in use.
  • Select containers that are moisture resistant when storing hats and mittens.  Receive bonus points for installing a drying rack that can be pulled out to hold wet outerwear overnight.
  • Lined baskets are ideal for concealing small accessories and pet gear.


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Happy Friday all! This week, since it’s finally starting to feel like the fall we all know and love, I decided to share some decoration inspiration to help prepare your home for the season ahead!


Fall means football (whether that makes you groan or cheer is totally up to you). For your next tailgate, revamp an old aluminum chair with this easy DIY makeover from A Beautiful Mess to make a statement out of your seat! Team colors optional.


I love this painted geometric cube porch from Little Green Notebook. It brings just the right amount of style and flair to the most inviting part of your home!



Always wondered how to dry flowers and never knew quite how? Take a look at this tutorial from Cedar Hill Farmhouse and learn not only how to dry them the right way, but how to use them for decoration as well.



Nature and fall go hand in hand. DIY Enthusiasts pulled together a list of nature-inspired fall decorations, and I spotted this awesome idea while I was browsing. Such a simple and cute way to add some visual appeal to any empty space in the house!



Lastly, need inspiration for your tabletop this fall? Look at Aunt Peaches easy ways to spruce up your house with these “golden” tips and tricks.



Enjoy the week!


Welcome to September! I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color, the days to get chillier, and the return of jackets and leg warmers and mittens! It’s been far too hot for my taste these past several months, and I’m so excited we’re finally in the home stretch. Among many other things, fall is the beginning of the holiday season. Use these clever tips and tricks to get your home ready for all of those holiday visitors!


Entryways are one of the rooms that most often get overlooked. Nalle’s House adds a spunky spin to their entryway with an unconventional design approach! I can’t even tell you how much I love that wallpaper. Guests will be amazed as soon as they step foot into your home!



If you’re impressed with that, take a look at this bathroom revamp by A Beautiful Mess. An easy-to-create geometric stencil, a few paintbrushes and some of your favorite paint colors are all you need to transform any room in your house into a visual hotspot.



I am absolutely amazed by these LED Mason Jar lights I spotted on Sarah Hearts. Add a hand-spun twist to your home with this chandelier that is guaranteed to impress! Imagine how perfect that would look in any high-ceiling entry way–your guests would be rooted to the spot!



Eating a meal with your family and friends is often times one of the most memorable experiences people have together. These fall-themed painted burlap place settings from A Night Owl will be perfect for any upcoming family get-together.



And lastly, I love the delicate homemade feel of these DIY teacup candles from Hey Gorgeous. Whether you take a trip to your local dollar store or use old cups lying around the house, the handmade touch of these cuties will soften any space in your home, just in time for the holidays.



Until next time! Have a wonderful week!


Trend: 12 Entryway Organization DIY Ideas

I know we have “Spring cleaning”, but I also love a good Fall organization. There’s a lot that happens this time of year: school starts, the weather is changing, and the big holidays are right around the corner. This makes it the perfect time to organize the important zones in your home, like the entryway. This space is used everyday and it tends to store a lot of stuff in there: coats, umbrellas, keys, shoes, and a bunch of other random things. It’s time to get that space organized. Check out these inspiring entryway organization DIY ideas below.


1. Create this simple wall shoe organizer to keep the shoe clutter off the floor.

(Emily Henderson)

2. Turn almost any bookcase into an entryway organization station!

(Better Homes and Gardens)


3. Make your own coat tree for under $10.

(Ana White)


4. Make a bench to sit on.

(Home Depot)

5. Use buckets to organize items for each family member in the entrance! There are also free labels to print out.

(Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Painted screwdriver rack to hold your scarves and coats.

(HomeMade Modern)

7. Floral bucket turned umbrella stand.

(I Heart Organizing)

8. Organize your keys with this lovely key holder DIY.

(Shanty 2 Chic)

 9. Turn an Ikea Bookshelf on it’s side, add a cushion, and you have an entryway storage bench!

(from Better Homes and Gardens)

10. Paint a bunch of wood crates and install them on the wall in your entryway.

(Thea’s Mania)

11. Print out these free blank labels and use them to mark baskets for entryway storage.

(Better Homes and Gardens)

12. Create an entryway organizer.

(Curate This Space)

Is your entryway organized? As of right now, mine is not. Wish me luck!


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. the photos from the first image are from Emily HendersonBetter Homes and GardensBetter Homes and GardensAna White, and Thea’s Mania.

Trend:  Multifunctional Drop Zones

Drop zones are commonly located inside of an entry door, and provide a location to store a variety of items that typically make their way into the home with you.  Drop zones are completely personal and based on individual storage needs, however, here are the most common items to consider when putting together a drop zone in your own home.

  • The main purpose of a drop zone is to provide you with storage space for your everyday belongings; things you take with you when you leave and items you bring back into the home frequently.  Most drop zones are right out in the open for easy access, however, they can also be concealed within cabinets or coat closets.
  • When designing your drop zone, the first step is to identify the items you need to store and utilize daily.  What items are you always looking for as you make a mad dash out the door in the morning?  How about items you find filling your arms when you return home in the evening?  Also consider the remainder of your family’s routine in those similar scenarios.
  • Create a surface.  Whether using a cabinet, dresser or shelf, a surface for your belongings is the first step of the process.  Floor cabinets not only provide a location to set belongings, they also double as storage for shoes, backpacks and handbags.  If space is extremely tight and limited, maximize wall space with alternative options such as hooks and bulletin boards.
  • Designate a place for keys.  No one enjoys those moments when you have somewhere to be, yet keys are nowhere to be found.  Designating a hook or tray for keys inside the door will prevent you from being delayed in the future.
  • Just like keys, portable electronics seem to go with us everywhere these days.  Adding an outlet to create a charging station will keep your cell phone and tablet charged and ready to go when you are.
  • Oversized baskets work great for corralling winter gear, umbrellas and footwear near entrances.
  • Add a tray, stationery station or wall pockets for incoming mail and school paperwork.  This is a great location to place stamps, an address book and blank notecards for mailing bills and quick correspondences.  It is also the perfect place to drop incoming mail to be sorted at a more convenient time.  Many individuals also prefer to use a corkboard as a place to pin up calendars, invitations and important paperwork that will eventually require attention.
  • Hooks are your best friend in an entryway.  They work wonders for keeping handbags, accessories and outerwear off of the floor.
  • Lighting is easily overlooked near drop zones, however, very important to the process of grabbing things in the early morning and putting things away in the late evening.  Consider an overhead hanging light, wall sconce or table lamp right inside your door.
  • Adding a mirror provides a spot for those quick hair and makeup touch-ups before heading to work or an event.


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