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Domaine Home modern chairs vintage tables


Today’s roundup is all about the perfect pairing of vintage dining room tables with contrasting modern chairs. I love an eclectic space, and the dining room is the perfect place to have some fun with an aesthetic mashup of vintage and modern, like in the space above. There’s no wrong way to make this look happen and it’s also a great way to interject personality and history into your home without having to spend a ton of money as this look can absolutely be achieved on a budget.

Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 8.18.05 AM


Maybe you inherited your grandmother’s dining set or were stuck with a hand-me-down set after college. It’s simple to give an old table a fresh spin by switching out the chairs for something new. . Contrast is everything when it comes to this look, so don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little bit. This look is anything but matchy-matchy and sometimes the natural and traditional raw look of wood can enhance the contrast between old and new all the more.



Studio McGee paired the classic Eames molded plastic chairs with a spindle-legged wooden table in a beautiful dark finish. It contrasts sharply with the white plastic and lighter wood dowel legs. The Eames chairs are available in a variety of colors (as well as price points if you don’t want to grab an original) and they also have different leg options too.


I love the mismatched colors in this shot above from BHG. This entire room feels inviting and feminine with pops of English garden colors and a drapey capiz shell chandelier. You could find a similar table in any antique shop, a yard sale in your neighborhood, or by hunting around on Craigslist.



The uber-traditional table (above) in Gen Sohr’s dining room table definitely feels like a piece that might be relegated to a fancy dining room, only to be used on formal occasions. But it suddenly feels family friendly and well loved when paired with simple white Emeco and funky modern art.



Of course, there’s my favorite modern chair of all, the Louis Ghost chair, which works with practically any table you put it with, beat-up wood included! A little bit of lucite can go a long way, and in this case, it allows the beautiful accents of the table to really shine through, in both the image above and below.


My brandmother had a round table that reminds me of the one below. I wish now that I had that table because it proves that a classic and simple design can be so flexible in any interior.


It’s gorgeous in the dark wood with the white chairs, but you could switch it up by painting the table, as evidenced below.


These mismatched chairs above are loaded with personality and this look would be super easy to recreate with a quick perusal of your local Craigslist. Sometimes public schools also sell off old fixtures and furniture at auction (rolling library carts are my current google obsession), and you could snap up a bunch of chairs and other fun finds for not a lot of money.




Such a great way to bring style and personality to your space. There’s just something about having a history and a story about the items you surround yourself with! Ok, a few sources if you’re hunting for some great modern chairs. My current favorites are West Elm, Industry West (Tolix knock-offs in a ton of colors, as well as several fun modern options), Craigslist, CB2, and good ol’ Ikea (check out the Tobias style for a lucite chair lookalike at a fraction of the cost).

Every year like clock work come January I have this incredible urge to simplify & change things up in my home, I guess it is the whole “fresh start-new beginnings” idea that gets me {in trouble} every time. We all know change is good but it can also cost a small fortune to redecorate. My solution to these winter time decorating blues is start small & have fun. The colder weather is an ideal time to score some great deals at tag sales, indoor flea markets, thrift stores and local antique shops. So grab a friend or 2, some coffees to go and make a day of it. Look for items that either gel with your style, color palette or just make you happy. I find that once I score that perfect piece {or pieces} it sets the whole design in motion. Currently I have my eyes set on reinventing my dining room, I found a ton of Flea Market Chic inspiration, here are a few of my favorite ideas…

Flea Market Chic Dining Room Ideas BHG Style Spotters

Mixing & Matching Chairs

It is still a hot trend to mix & match your seating. We all know shopping flea markets & thrift stores can often yield incomplete sets of anything, why not use it to your advantage. You can incorporate different styles or colors and make it fun.

BHG Flea Market Chic

Open Shelving

Another hot home trend is open shelving, I just love how it looks to have dishes and kitchenware on display in an organized way. Using baskets and varying sizes of storage boxes can also be a functional and pleasing look in the dining room.

BHG Open Shelving

Mixing Old & New

When making the choice to shop vintage you can also mix your treasures with new pieces. This dining room layers so many touches beautifully, from the worn elements to the batten board & chalkboard wall, all with the more traditional dining set.

BHG Rustic & Refined

Using Collections

This wall of vintage oil landscapes in the same warm, earthy tones is stunning. Taking a collection you love that has cohesiveness and displaying it vertically, horizontally or in open shelving is a great way to add depth and character to your space.

BHG Vintage Art

Re-inventing the Buffet

The possibilities for buffets in a dining room when it comes to vintage are endless. This table is the perfect size & height to make a wine bar or drink station complete. You could also use a dresser, rolling cart, hutch, console or stereo cabinet, look for the size, shape, color & purpose that fit your room.

BHG Vintage Buffet

Vintage Storage

Any kind of storage that has doors & a good patina is a never pass up in my book. With small children & busy household anytime I can tuck away daily must haves is a win win.

BHG Vintage Hutch

Adding a Chandelier

Often times you can score a great deal on vintage lighting. Whether you need to rewire it or turn it into a candle fixture, it is great option to give a little drama to your dining space.

BHG Vintage Lighting


Rattan has made a huge come back & I am loving it!!! I only wish I held on to my grandmothers set when I had the chance, of course I was only 20 at the time but who would have thought it would become such a hot trend. It fits with any style and the color choices are limitless.

BHG-Giving new life to vintage chairs

Mixing Styles

Need I say more? The warm wood tones and soft palette ground the space making the layering of styles seem effortless and seamless. An absolutely stunning space!

Dream Book Design-Rustic Modern Dining RoomVIA

Sticking With Neutrals

Blending warm & worn wood tones with neutrals always makes for a happy & unified dining space. The chalkboard detail is a perfect focal point for this room and adds a neutral, rustic texture.

Living With Kids Kat HertzlerVIA

Happy treasure hunting!

Jen-City Farmhouse


Last year we did a light makeover on our combined kitchen/family room which involved painting everything a glorious white and bringing in color through furniture and accessories. Our bright little breakfast nook in particular is one of my favorite corners of our home and the space we primarily eat in as a family. It’s the place where I tap away on my laptop in a pinch, and where my son does homework right after school. We’ve colored, crafted, and cooked all over this little corner and I have so many happy memories here.  We went with a vintage Saarinen-inspired tulip table which comfortably seats our four Tolix chairs. But there’s definitely still room for more seating, which is one of the best perks of a round table. There’s always room for someone else!  Which got me to thinking – what about doing a banquette against the window to offer more seating and a dash of drama to the room?

And inevitably I fell down the rabbit hole over on Pinterest


While most people seem to go the built-in route, we probably wouldn’t be able to do a built-in due to the arrangement of the kitchen and the air conditioner vents. And to be honest, I’d prefer something a little more flexible (read: less permanent) like a long bench or upholstered piece of some kind.  In fact, this photo just below from BHG was one of my inspiration pics when I was designing the space. I LOVE that freestanding banquette!

How fun is this pair of whimsically upholstered banquettes in a clean, modern space?


I think we definitely have the room to do something somewhat substantial, moreso than just a backless bench. I envision something cozy because despite how much I love the look of our red Tolix chairs, they do sit a little bit cold, especially in the dead of winter when you’re trying to wake up over that first cup of coffee.  I envision something cozy but practical. And fabric choice is obviously a huge consideration as we have little ones and would need it to be ultra durable – maybe a Sunbrella option would be best?

Overstock seems to have a lot of good options but with minimal fabric choices, and Ballard Designs has several different fabric options but is maybe a little more formal than I’d like to try.

Here are some of my top picks for what I’d put in the space. I really love the whimsy of that striped option.

one // two // three // four (easiest to clean?)

I’d love some input on this. What are your thoughts? Upholstery? No upholstery? Arms? No arms? The sky’s the limit, isn’t it?


Vintage-Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

With the hosting season quickly approaching, it is time to set up storage and organization that will make entertaining a breeze.


About a year ago we found an inexpensive china hutch on Craigslist and transformed it into one of our favorite pieces in our home.  Not only does it make a statement in our dining area, it expanded our storage capacity for all things dining, partying and hosting.  Now that we have been living with it and using it daily for storing everything “entertaining” related, I couldn’t image life without it.



The most traditional use of a china cabinet is to store and display dishware and serving pieces.  Selecting cabinets with glass doors and open shelving creates a grand visual statement within any dining space, allowing you to swap out decor and display items seasonally or as needs change.



Proper flatware and china boxes should be used to store your most valuable and precious pieces, while plate stands and wire baskets keep things simple and casual.


Drawers are another winning solution for dinnerware storage.  Place plates, bowls and mugs within drawer dish organizers and you have quick access at meal time.   These organizers are easy to grab from and keep the putting away process easy breezy as well.


Aside from the most common uses; china cabinets also double as storage for table lines, candles, centerpieces and napkin holders.  Line the bottom of the linen drawer with a mild or unscented dryer sheet to keep napkins and table runners smelling fresh in-between uses.  Butterfly clips work great for keeping sets of linens together as well.



Installing floating shelves above a cabinet or credenza can achieve the same storage impact as a standard china cabinet.  Whether using the credenza or a china hutch, both are fitting for creating a coffee station.  Install mug hooks, add trays of special syrups, sugars and creamers along with your coffee machine and you have just created a zone that will make for a smooth morning routine.



The addition of a wine glass rack, serving tray, drink mixers and bar accessories and suddenly you have a stocked bar for 5 o’clock happy hour.



These stand-in cabinets make the most of a kitchen and dining area by adding more cabinetry and storage than what was ever built-in with the home.  Not only are these furniture pieces ideal for the pretty serving pieces, cookbooks and barware, the concealed storage below makes them optimal for stashing away those bulky cooking and baking gadgets as well as unsightly small appliances.


{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 }


One of my favorite house tours on is this stunning colorful California apartment. Each space has a distinctive feel and look but it remains cohesive with the way the homeowner used bold colors throughout.  But the standout room is undoubtedly the navy-walled dining room. With pops of gold and a mix of patterns, it screams California cool.  So let’s break down the elements to help you get the look.

While it looks like there’s a lot of color going on, there’s really only three used primarily: navy, emerald green, and peony pink. White is the neutral that grounds the space and gives the viewer’s eye a place to rest which is necessary when you’re going with such statement-making colors all in one room. The chair rail and other details like the silver tea service on the shelves keep it feeling somewhat formal, but the real stylistic magic comes with the way the owner mixed and matched some fun and funky glamorous pieces to make it one of a kind.

With an interesting mix of patterns and prints, the rug is the perfect scale to ground the room. Had the chevron-esque print been any larger, it would have skewed the entire space as far to busy, and would have competed with the large-scale floral print on the dining room chairs. As it is, your eye views it as a fine print that adds texture and not just a visually-jarring pattern.

Top tips to get this look:

1. Stick with a tight color palette, no more than 2 to 3 colors at most. Other colors can be added in but only in small doses.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, but do consider the scale.

3. Do decide on a neutral to give your eye a place to rest.

Sputnik chandelier

Painting by Jenny Prinn

Vintage Hollywood Regency buffet

Dash & Albert chevron rug

Jonathan Adler chippendale chair

TREND: Demijohn bottles as singular statements.

The dining room above gets a boost from an interesting sconce and chandelier, but most of the focus is drawn to the spray of pink blossoms in a large, blue demijohn. Take that centerpiece away, and the room falls flat. It seems people have been drawn to these small-necked, large-bottomed glass vessels as standalone design statements with increasing frequency over the past few seasons. The oversized scale is appealing, and the transparency of glass allows them to take up a lot of space in a room without overwhelming it. If you’re drawn to the look, you can achieve it with the similar items below. And don’t forget a couple of flowering branches or long-stemmed blooms to complete the look!

  1. Claire Chandelier, Ballard Designs
  2. Multi Mirror Star Wall Sconce, Shades of Light
  3. Vintage Paper Chandelier Shade, Shades of Light
  4. Threshold Demijohn Blue Vase, Target
  5. Claire de Lune Cane Arm Chair, Wayfair
  6. Caprice Pedestal Table, Ballard Designs
  7. Dusty Miller Paint, Glidden


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

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