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decorating with warm tones

Fall is the perfect time to make your space feel warm and cozy.  While it is cold outside we all love retreating to a place that is aglow with a toasty fire or candlelight.  We can’t wait to gather around the Thanksgiving table with yams and cranberry sauce.  Take these cues and fond memories as inspiration to use color to create this warm and cozy feeling.



One of my favorite things about fall is the magic of watching the leaves change.  Use these gorgeous colors as inspiration to create a warm feeling in your space.  Stunning ochre, gold, burnt orange, and bordeaux all make great feature or accent colors when warming up a space.  Worried your room will become too dark and heavy?  Have no fear. You can create the feeling you are after even with warm white or winter white walls.  Add the color in the furnishings, throws, pillows, and even by changing to warmer bulbs in your lighting.


My favorite way to create a cozy feeling in a space is to go really bold and super dark on the walls.  Not only will this daring choice make the room feel very current and super chic, but it will also give you that cozy feeling as you are wrapped in rich saturated color.  How dark you ask?  Why not black?  Yep, that’s right, black!  How do you keep the room from feeling like a cave, you ask?  First make sure you have a great light source.  Next balance things out with light furnishings and accent pieces.  If you are feeling super adventurous, this is the perfect time to splurge on that white couch you’ve been obsessing over!  Put the finishing touch on this designer cozy look with metallic accents.  Metallics will not only add a bit of glamorous shine to the room, but will also serve as reflective pieces that will help to keep light bouncing around the room.


Next, pour a glass of egg nog or a hot toddy and celebrate the season!


White Kitchens We Love

No time of year makes us think of warm tones more than autumn. With nature putting on a show and transitioning the cool green leaves of summer into the warmer yellows, oranges, and reds of fall, we can’t help but be inspired to follow suit. Warm tones are welcoming in the home with hues that bring a feeling of casual comfort indoors. Here’s a peek at five different living room looks, and some tips on decorating with warm colors.

A chocolate brown sofa is a practical choice if you live with kids or pets since the darker fabric will hide dirt or smudges. Pair it with natural wood tones and comfortable toss pillows in shades of red and yellow to evoke the feeling of fall each time you enter the space. (More tips on decorating with a brown sofa can be found in this article.)

warm tones in family room


You’ll find warm tones present in rooms accented with antiques, from the dark walnut wood finishes found in furniture to the dyes in the traditional rugs underfoot. Balance the older pieces with plenty of fresh white paint for a more contemporary look like the bookcases and window seat seen in this living room.

red rug tan sofa


Have you considered upholstering accent chairs in a bold motif? Warm tones of espresso, burnt orange, and marigold combine in this fresh Ikat fabric on the upholstered chairs and bring desirable pattern to this stylish sitting room.

warm ikat

Neutrals with brown undertones will always complement each other, but to keep the combination from feeling muddy, incorporate varied textures like these silk curtains, cool metals on the stools, and sheepskin accent rugs on the chaise .

warm fabrics leather chair

One of the best ways to balance warm tones is with cooler fabrics or colors. By mixing the gray fabric on these chairs with the floor to ceiling bookcases, this sitting space feels fresh and modern and still allows the warmth of the wood cabinetry to take the spotlight.

warm wood bookcases


How do you decorate with and balance the warm tones in your home?



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