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What’s hot now:

I am totally in love with the brass movement that we’ve been seeing lately. It’s mostly in lighting, hardware and frames. Adding brass and gold in a modern space can immediately create a chic look. These brass cord lights seen on The Brick House are perfectly stylish for any space.

What’s Next:

1. Color! I’m predicating that we are going to embrace more color this year. Bright and bold as well as soft and serene. Also neon, which has been seen here and there, will come back around, I hope!

Via Design Files.

2. Along with the color movement will be the black and white revival. People are wanting clean, serene spaces and there is nothing that says clean like a minimalist black and white space.

Via A Merry Mishap.

Style Q+A:

  1. Trend I’d Lose: Damask and Chevron. Both have been over used and over played.
  2. Blog I’m Loving: Sfgirlbybay has always been a fave of mine. Victoria gets better and better and never loses inspiration.
  3. Person I’m Following: Zooey Deschanel is a doll face. 
  4. Show I’m Watching: I weep every time I watch Parenthood but I still just can’t get enough of it!
  5. Store I’m Shopping: I mostly shop online but when I’m out and about, I visit Anthropologie for candles and homeware.  I also shop some of our local consignment and thrift shops.
  6. Color I’m Coveting: Charcoal grey.
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: For myself, it’s all about vintage watches. For my home, I’ve been obsessed with brass book ends.

-Kirsten, Simply Grove




Kirsten Grove

runway to color palette: classic americana

When putting together this look inspired by a gorgeous Stockholm gal, I realized that this lovely palette could be diagnosed as laid back Americana or high end classic.  Either or, I love this mix of denim blue with the jet black.  Of course who doesn’t love a little red splattered in their space!  And that dark navy blue, which was included as a bonus color?  My breath right now.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Scarf.
On the walls:  Reflection (SW 7661) can be noted as a pretty cashmere grey.

Color Inspiration:  Jacket.
Use Pitch Black (No. 256) for an upholstered piece or even ceramics and picture frames.

Color Inspiration: Jeans.
Respite (SW 6514) is a great color to introduce in fabrics and art.  Also you could paint the inside of shelving using this color.

Color Inspiration:  Shoes.
What to do with Real Red (SW 6868)?  Include it in pillows, books or one simple vase.

Color Inspiration:  Bonus.
I included Drawing Room Blue (No. 253) for a little drama.  Paint an accent wall or upholster a chair in this deep color.

Photo via Stockholm Street Style.  Paints via Farrow & Ball and Sherwin Williams.