Melissa Bahen

Building a Dream House: Colorful Playroom Rugs

Finding the perfect rug for a space is hard work, folks. It has to be the right size, the right price, the right color, and the right texture, not to mention easy to track down and buy. We went with fairly neutral walls and flooring for our playroom, which meant that we could bring in lots of fun color using a bright area rug. Need a little inspiration? Check out the colorful rugs in these rooms…

playroom rug inspiration colorful circles


colorful playroom rug inspiration purple and pink


colorful playroom rug inspiration orange pink


colorful playroom rug inspiration abc rug


 colorful playroom rug inspiration floral


 colorful playroom rug inspiration ikea


 colorful playroom rug inspiration floral


Scouring the internet for a place to buy that darling rug you spotted on someone’s blog post can take lots of time. So I’ve done some of the hard work for you! Here are a few of my favorite colorful playroom rugs and the links to where you can buy them.

colorful playroom rug inspiration

the affordable workhorse: Off-Set Chevron Multi Rug by Mohawk from, $135.99 for 5×8′
This is the rug we ended up buying for our playroom because it is colorful (the colors are much prettier in person than they look in the pictures), soft, cleans up easily, and is ridiculously inexpensive. We paid less than $190 for the 8×10′!

the classy floral: Threshold Floral Wool Area Rug from, $179.99 for 5×7′
Target has lots of pretty, colorful rugs in their stores. If you need something larger than 5×7′, you can find options online as well.

the pretty polka dots: Candy Dot Rug from Land of Nod, $399 for 5×8′
This one is a bit of a splurge, but it is beautiful, well-made, and a nice mix of colorful and understated.

the grown-up stripes: Momeni Delhi Red from, $349 for 5×8′
I love this rug! It’s bright and colorful, but would look great in a grown-up space too.

the rainbow chevron: Momeni Delhi Multi Rug from, $349.99 for 5×8′
In love with chevron? This is the colorful playroom rug for you! The rich, beautiful colors make it classy and fun at the same time.

the cool hopscotch: CB2 Hopscotch Rug, $199 for 4×6′
The only decidedly un-colorful rug on the list, it is just too cute to pass up! Slightly smaller than the other rugs on the list, but less expensive than most of them as well.

Michael Wurm, Jr.

From My Home To Yours: Geometric Patterns

TREND: Bold Patterns

A couple weeks ago, someone said to me, “Your style has changed.” And while they didn’t say it in a mean way, I did take slight offense at the statement. Upon reflection, however, I realized they were right. My style has changed. Well, not changed, but evolved. I grew up in a small town and never really had access to all that was happening in the design world. Lately however, thanks to the Internet and opportunities to travel more, I’m seeing new things and finding an appreciation for different styles, colors, and patterns. Needless to say, this has been such an exciting and eye-opening process.

Recently, one of my favorite elements to play around with is bold patterns, specifically geometric designs. And while, in my opinion, these designs favor a more modern style, they are fabulous patterns that can certainly suit any decor.

One of my most recent purchases was this bold, graphic, and colorful rug. It received rave reviews when I shared it on social media and on my blog. The colors and patterns really create a bright, fun, and beautiful space. As much as I loved the rug before I showed it to the world, I was even more excited when everyone else appreciated its awesomeness, too.

Using bold geometric pattern, especially when you are more comfortable with solids or more subtle designs can be a bit nerve racking. And while these patterns still may not be for everyone, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try in your own space.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite faceted and geometric patterned pieces to get you started. Even something as simple as a vase or a small accessory can add an interesting, unexpected element to your space.

Which of these pieces are you loving the most?

Happy Decorating,

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

Victoria Smith

Get the Look: Retro-Inspired Guest Room

Get the look

I love the look of this vintage-inspired bedroom – the use of bold color paired with great pattern and the traditional bones of the room make for an interesting and eye-catching twist. Add a vintage family portrait, or even more fun hang a flea-market find and make up your own story about it. Dressing up a new or thrifted chandelier adds a bit of whimsy, too. Soft cosy touches make it perfect for a guest room where you can really capture your imagination, get as creative as you like and make the room welcoming for any house guests you’ve got coming.

BHG guest room

get this cozy guest room look: 1. how about a vintage visitor sign as a reminder for the guest room. 2. have lots of cosy quilts on hand to keep guests warm – this pinwheel quilt from serena & lily is bright and cheerful; 3. hang a found vintage portrait — tell them it’s your great auntie anne, the matriarch of the family who made world famous pies known throughout the county; 4. a few decorative ikat pillows make the space even more homey; 5. add pretty touches like this vase from anthropologie and be sure and add some fresh flowers; 6. i like these striped curtains mixed with all this pattern for some unexpected window treatments; 7. don’t forget the candle votives too. nothing warms up a room like candlelight; 8. pottery barn’s camilla chandelier is a pretty option for lighting up your guest room, and keeping it soft and romantic.