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Fashion knows no boundaries and neither should interior design. For most people, using peach in a space can seem too much of a good thing. I disagree! Peach has been trending like crazy so let’s embrace it in our spaces. Now, it needs to be implemented in small steps. No one wants a giant peach room. That’s why using it with neutral tones, such as black, white and grey, works so well. We are using this super cute outfit as inspiration. So without further adieu, here’s the look:

Products: 1. Stool 2. Floor Lamp 3. Blanket 4. Dining Table 5. Pendant 6. Pillowcase 7. Pillow For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Sweater.
Create a two toned wall using Extra White on the bottom, Domino on the top, divided by white chair railing placed a quarter from the floor.

Color Inspiration: Boots.
Tricorn Black can be used in accessories and lighting. A big black pendant light would look stunning.

Color Inspiration: Skirt.
Sunset is the perfect peach and can be used in accessories, fabrics, upholstered pieces and even an accent wall.

Bonus: If you want to add some cool gray to your space, use Morning Fog.

Outfit Photo via Fashion Vibe. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

One space that always looks fabulous when styled with this color palette is the nursery. Below is a fabulous modern nursery that will knock your guests sock off! What are your thoughts on this color trend?

Room image via The Brick House.

When life hands you lemons, it’s best to make lemonade. When life hands you a lot of yellow, it’s best to pair it with other colors so that you’re not living in a land of sunshine and sunflowers. Though some may love a tidal wave of yellow, I think it looks pretty paired with colors that can compliment the yellow hue. This ensemble below is breathtaking and so accessible for an interior space. Starting with a neutral backdrop and building upon these colors can create a modern and timeless space. Here’s the look:

Products: Kartell Chair, Floral Knob, Ombre Velvet Pillow, Kate Spade Pitcher, Coat RackFor even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
Paint an entire room using Philipsburg Blue for a moody, classic look.

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
Ice Mist is a pretty white to use in ceramics, wood pieces and even upholstered pieces.

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
Use pops Bold Yellow in furniture pieces (like shown above) and fabrics.

Color Inspiration: Skirt.
Another gorgeous accent color to use in accessories and even curtain panels is Orange Nectar.

Bonus: Add Universal Black for another anchor color.

Photo via The Cut. Paint via Benjamin Moore.

Hi everyone, Alicia Chilton here. I’m the Senior Associate Home Editor for and I love color, as do my co-workers. Color is definitely a favorite topic of conversation around the office, so we asked some of our favorite designers to create fresh new color palettes and offer ideas on how to get the look at home. We were absolutely blown away by their creativity and are excited to share the palettes with you!


Click here to see the full collection! Below is more informaiton on the inspiration and designer of the new palettes pictured above:


  1. Blend of Blues Designer: Jessica Brende
  2. Cozy Getaway Designer Sara Gilbane Sullivan
  3. Dawn’s Sky Designer: Elaine Griffin
  4. Moon Over Marrakech Designers: Jason Oliver Nixon & John Loecke, Madcap Cottage
  5. Peaceful Grace Designer: Phoebe Howard
  6. Rethinking White Designer: Khristian A. Howell
  7. Posh, Pretty, Peppy Designer: Janet Lee
  8. Winter’s Reprieve Designer: Lauren McGrath
  9. Softly Modern Designer: Amanda Malson


Each of the palettes includes fabric and paint picks, plus plenty of tips on how to pull the look together and editor product picks from Shop BHG. Browse the palettes and get color-inspired. Plus, check out a few behind-the-scenes shots from the palette photo shoot!



Above, left:  Plenty of props were on hand for photographing the palettes, including pretty fabric and swatches! Above, right: One of the color palettes on the photographer’s table, all framed up and ready for its photo op.


What colors and textures have you added to your home? If you’re looking to redecorate, we hope you’ll be inspired by our new Designer Color Palettes this spring.


Happy Styling!

-Alicia Chilton, Senior Associate Home Editor –

When picking out an outfit, most people stick to what is comfortable to them. Some prefer the classic black. Some are a little more bold and loving mixing colors. Some feel that a neutral palette suites them best. When designing a space in your home, who says you have to stick to one palette? Mix the classic black, bold colors and neutrals for a stylish and modern space.  This 3.1 Phillip Lim ensemble creates a palette that is all of this and more.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Sweatshirt and shoes.
On the walls: Lazy Grey is a great classic grey.  Extra White is a go-to white for all of your walls

Color Inspiration:  Sunglasses.
For an accent wall or inside shelving, go soft with Blushing.

Color Inspiration: Lips on sweatshirt.
Use this striking Gypsy Red in pillows and accessories.

Color Inspiration: Belt.
For an upholstered piece such as a sofa, Artisan Tan will allow you to accessorize with color.

Color Inspiration: Bonus (Pants and Clutch)
Use this Tricorn Black in ceramics, frames and accessories.
Obstinate Orange is great color for art and even upholstered pieces.

(All Paints: Sherwin Williams)

Runway Photo:  3.1 Phillip Lim via


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