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5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Ladders

You don’t need a big, beautiful library (like the one shown in the movie, Beauty & The Beast) as a reason to strut a ladder in your home decor. Check out these stylish decorating ideas to see how you can repurpose ladders in more ways than one.



1. Design Sponge shows us how to give any old wooden ladder a chic makeover.



























2. Functional and practical, this Ladder Laundry Rack by Little Lucy Lu is one for the books!



3. Nightstands are overrated anyway! For a more unconventional look, take a peek at Funky Junk Interiors’ unique Stepladder Side Table.



4. If sliding ladders are more your thing, check out The Markerista‘s custom built-in ladder tutorial. Simply Stunning!!



5. Lights, Camera, Action! Spruce up your ladder with lights (no paint necessary)! Alex’s Closet shows us how it’s done.



Happy ladder hunting!



xx Madison


Organize This: Dorm Room!

Trend: Neon


Neon emotes a youthful and happy feeling.  So what better space to integrate some neon, than within your dorm room?

Organizing a dorm room takes some smart thinking.  Often times, you are given a box of a room, which must function as a kitchen, living room, bedroom and office in one.



When given the opportunity, maximize the dorm room space by lofting the bed.  By raising the bed, you can tuck a living room and workspace below.  In front of the couch, storage ottomans are the best solution as they can act as a surface for food and drinks, while also storing essentials inside.



If lofting the bed is not an option, check out bed risers.  Even raising the bed a foot or two will allow for  multiple storage bins to be stowed away below.


Closet space is often times limited within a dorm as well.  Don’t just settle for a standard shelf and clothing rod.  Add a mixture of stackable storage pieces to create custom organizing solutions.  Also consider adding a second rod for double hanging space {and hang items on super slim hangers} and finding organizers for the back of the door to ensure every amount of the closet is being utilized.



In a dorm, the wall will be your best storage friend.  Adding in adjustable shelving with provide ample surface space for books, binders, accessories and baskets.  The wall is also a great place to create a command center by adding a bulletin board and wall pockets, for keeping your daily schedule, assignments and social life on track.



The desk space is one of the most important spaces within the dorm room, as that is ultimately why you are there right?  Therefore, it is important to have adequate work surface space, task lighting and a very comfortable chair.



If possible, build in a mini kitchen.  Simple big box store cabinets can be pieced together to hold a miniature fridge, sink, cook-top or microwave.  The drawers are a great place to stash small dishes and cookware.


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Organize This: Small Office Nooks!

Trend: Tucked Away Workspaces!



Let’s face it, workspaces are a huge home necessity.  We need them for keeping track of home budgets and finances, for filing, paying our bills, for working from home, for crafting and projecting and of course, for doing our studies.  That is a lot of function for one space to handle, especially when space is limited and an entire room can’t be dedicated to the function.

That is why tiny, tucked away home offices are so huge.  We need them, but the option to devote an entire room from our home to a home office is simply a luxury.



While we were personally in the process of creating our dreamy home office in our lower level, we took advantage of a guest bedroom closet to create a temporary workspace.  The closet was the perfect solution as it was previously being utilized for craft storage, and wouldn’t require us to disrupt them main living areas with a cluttered work area.  Now that we are using our new home office, the closet office still lives on as a study area for the kids, or a nice place for our guests to spend a few quiet minutes of their visit. It is also still one of my most favorite spots in our home.


Closet offices are really becoming quite the rage.  Simply put, they work!  They are space saving, keep workspace clutter tucked away nice and neat and utilize oodles of vertical wall storage.




There are all sorts of ways to make these closet areas not only functional, but pretty enough to want to spend a few hours tackling administrative tasks.  The biggest way to help them feel like another room in your home; is to treat it like one!  A bold paint color, a pretty stencil or wallpaper {or even wrapping paper}, really make a cheerful statement.



But back to storage!  It’s amazing how much storage a closet office can really pack!  Whether you add in hooks and rails, floating shelves or peg board wall systems, utilizing the wall space is crucial for making the most of tucked away workspace storage options.



And when you are all done with work for the day, closet offices can be closed up and out of site.  Curtains are one of the best way to do this as they take up much less space than standard doors, and they also add extra softness to a room!


But wait, what if you don’t have a closet to spare?  No worries!  There are so many other ways to gain a workspace when overall space is limited.


Look around your home for happy little nooks.  A small corner, a spot between two cabinets or walls or even that forgotten space under the stairs.

These mini-offices can still be uber functional by building in a desk or purchasing a smaller sized version measured to fit your space.   Add some wall storage, a memo board, task lighting, some dishes for small office supplies and a filing cabinet tucked below, and you have yourself one heck of a workspace!


Still nookless and closetless?  Scour local thrift stores or your favorite furniture shop for an armoire.  Many are outfitted as workstations for your computer, while the doors and backing act as a place to pin up notes, photographs and memos {add magnetic tin, cork or chalkboard paint to give yourself an instant memo board}.  The lower portion is a wonderful spot for larger electronics such as printers and scanners, along with drawers for filing away all of the paperwork.   And again, just close it up to hide that daily clutter when all is said and done each day.


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organize this: kid’s closet!

One of the best things we did for our kids and our family, is get the kid’s closet organized so that it was easy for them to manage and use on a daily basis.  Because they have an organized closet, they are able to help hang their clothes, pick out their clothes, get on their pajamas and easily identify where everything goes.  Here is their closet now:

As simple as the closet seems to be, quite a bit of thought went into getting it just right for our boys.  Here are some of my favorite kid’s closet organizing tips:

  • Labels!  Big bold labels ensure the boys know exactly where to find each clothing type, and where to put it away on laundry day!  The labels in the photo above were added to standard canvas bins with iron on heat transfer.
  • Double hanging allows the closet space to be truly maximized.  Shirts are hung up high, pants down low.  Simple to understand for the kids.

  • Divide and conquer!  Our boy’s closet is divided down the middle by a bookcase turned closet organizer.  Each boy has their own personal side of the closet so clothes are never mixed or confused.
  • Think outside the standard storage box.  The days of wire shelves are numbered.  Often times less expensive, non-traditional closet storage such as bookcases and modular storage cubes, offer more storage capacity, cubbies and customization options.

  • Add a step stool to the closet so that little ones can safely reach their clothing without climbing.
  • Remove the closet door.  We found that the closet door took up half of the space to access the inside of the closet.  It also took up a lot of space within the room when open.  By removing the door, the kids have easy access when selecting and putting away their clothing.  To keep it concealed, a simple curtain takes up much less space than the door.

  • Attach extra hooks within the closet to hold things such as belts, hats and backpacks.
  • If the closet doesn’t come installed with drawers for the itty bits, then adding some through canvas bins or simple kits can dramatically increase the storage capacity.

  • Take a few extra minutes on Sunday to select the clothing for the week.  A little extra time on Sunday will be a huge timer saver on weekday mornings when the kids are getting up and ready for their day.

  • Don’t have a bedroom closet?  Outfit an old armoire with some shelves, baskets and bins to create one!


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organize this: entry closet!

How much function can one single closet hold?  When it comes to the entrance of the home, many!  So many items reside in this popular place, such as shoes, coats, hats and mittens, umbrellas, totes and other every day gear.  Since this specific type of closet has to work so hard, maximizing the storage and setup will help keep it in working order!

When planning your closet layout, store commonly used daily items at an arms reach and less frequently used items up above.  Extra easy-to-access “shelving” can be created by hanging a vertical organizer from the closet rod and sleek umbrella storage can be created from an oversized vase.

Get custom closet storage at a fraction of the price by piecing together inexpensive stackable storage pieces, which are often available at common big box stores.  Space can be maximized further by adding two rows of hanging through rods and additional hooks.  And check out the mail center!  If you have a shelf to spare, keeping your everyday papers and keys tucked behind doors cuts down on the visual clutter that can easily accumulate right inside the home’s entry.

Bins and baskets are always a simple solution for keeping items neatly corralled on shelves.  When selecting storage for a high traffic area, consider the materials to be sure they are durable and can withstand the daily use and abuse.  Labels ensure everyone in the family knows where their items belong and where to return their gear each day.

Don’t forget about the closet’s wall space as it is the perfect spot to add a memo board, extra hooks for hats, keys and totes and wall pockets for extra papers and magazines.  And how much fun is that wallpaper?  Lining or painting the back wall of a closet really makes a fun statement and is a happy surprise when you open the door.

Just as it is important to maximize your storage by utilizing the closet walls, it is also smart to utilize the back of the closet door.  Adding over the door hanging rods, shoe pocket organizers and hooks can double your entryway storage capacity!

By adding casters to the bottoms of crates and baskets, you can easily roll out your closet storage to search for what you are looking for.  Stackable options allow you to make the most of your floor space.

Don’t have an entry closet?  Make one!  Remove a shelf or two to repurpose a bookshelf as the perfect entryway storage.

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