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cleaning closet

Cleaning comes with all sorts of tasks and products right?  Brooms, mops, vacuums, rags, sponges… the list goes on and on.  Keeping those cleaning goodies all corralled in one happy place is far more effective and time saving than having them spread throughout the home.

Sure, there are absolutely times where it makes sense to store specific cleaning supplies within an individual room, rather than heading back to the cleaning command station each day.  For example, I am a huge fan of keeping cleaning supplies tucked under the bathroom sink, since I tend to wipe up the bathroom on a daily basis.  By keeping the supplies right in the space that I clean each day, I am more apt to grab a sponge and spray.

Speaking of keeping supplies together.  My next cleaning product organization tip is to give yourself a cleaning caddy.  It makes it much easier to take a bucket or basket from room to room to dust, wipe down the glass, scrub a stain or clean the counters, rather than keeping products lined up under the kitchen sink or up on a shelf.

Again, I have found that by keeping my products together and portable, I am much more likely to want to use them.  It just makes things so much easier, and allows me to “work smarter, not harder”.


Back to the cleaning closet.  Closets are a great place to store those larger cleaning supplies, such as vacuums, brooms and mops.  And the smaller caddies and essentials can be tucked into bins and baskets within the same closet.  If your home is limited in closet and storage space, consider purchasing a utility wardrobe to your garage, entry or mudroom.

When planning out your closet, list all the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning tasks that you tackle, and stock your closet accordingly.  Some might find it easier to divide out the cleaning supplies by specific tasks, others may select to divide them out by frequency or portability.

Utilizing the backs of the closet or cabinet doors, along with the interior walls of the closet, is the best way to maximize your storage capacity.  Over the door organizers or pockets are a great way to store extra supplies such as brushes, sponges, disinfecting wipes, gloves, etc… hooks and clips are also wonderful options for handled items such as dust pans and brooms.

If you are like me, and watch for your favorite products to go on sale and stock up on a few extras at that time, keeping a cleaning closet allows you to store your overflow cleaning supplies and products as well.   They are also a great place to stash extra bulky paper products.


A designated area for all of your supplies provides a great starting point to keeping a tidy and clean home.  Sometimes just looking at my cleaning items all nicely corralled, gets me inspired to turn up the music and do a little scrubbing.

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