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a modern farmhouse-inspired light fixture for a kitchen breakfast nook

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we were looking for a modern farmhouse-inspired light fixture to go over our kitchen table. I showed you guys some of the ones we were considering, and when BHG posted one of the photos on Facebook, it started quite the discussion! People seem to be very passionate about their kitchen light fixtures.

We actually ordered one of the chandeliers that I included in that post a few days later. It arrived last week, and my father-in-law, the math teacher/electrician, installed it last Sunday evening. We absolutely love it! It’s a really beautiful statement piece, and for the first time since we moved in, the breakfast nook is beautifully lit. We don’t miss eating in the dark by candlelight!

Now that we have all of our major light fixtures installed (and it only took us 15 months, haha), I thought it would be fun to give you all a light fixture tour. Here are some of the major light fixtures we have in our modern farmhouse…

two large glass pendants lights over a dining room table

We fell in love with these large, glass pendants from Pottery Barn a few years ago. These two hang above the dining room table, and there are three more over the kitchen island. They look really fantastic in groups. We also have a few of the smaller versions here and there throughout the house (in the corner over the kitchen sink and hanging in one of the stairwells).

an oil-rubbed bronze and glass sconce for a modern farmhouse

We also have several of the matching wall sconces in the house. There are pairs of these sconces across the three front rooms of the house–the living room, the entry way, and the dining room–and then a few in the downstairs bathrooms.

oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fan with dark wood panels and seeded glass shades

Now, I know that people are really divided when it comes to ceiling fans, but we feel like they’re indispensable. Sometimes you don’t need it to be cooler in a room as much as you need the air to just gently circulate. And that’s where a ceiling fan comes in. My only problem with ceiling fans is how unattractive a lot of them are. There are more and more companies making really good-looking fans all the time, but we didn’t want to invest in really expensive ceiling fans. Instead, we bought fans with fairly simple hardware and wood blades that we liked, and swapped out the shades they came with for inexpensive seeded glass shades from the hardware store. I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge improvement it is!

an entryway chandelier for a modern farmhouse

One of my favorite light fixtures is this round one in the entryway. We had no clue what to put there until I saw this exact chandelier on a friend’s Instagram feed, and we ordered it right away. With 12 light bulbs, it is really bright, which I don’t mind at all. But we will probably install a dimmer switch at some point so that we can have it on without blinding the neighbors up the hill.

modern farmhouse light inspiration | a black carriage lantern on a stained cedar barrel vault

Another favorite! I’ve shared pictures of this light fixture before. It hangs right in front of our front door, and is suspended from a gorgeous stained cedar barrel vault on the front porch. It makes for a really stunning entryway.

a line of black carriage lanterns on the beadboard ceiling of a back porch

The lights on the back porch match the carriage lantern from the front of the house. Before we started construction, before Pinterest was even around, I saw a picture online of a patio with a line of black lanterns all hanging in a row. It was stunning, and I bookmarked it right away. We printed that picture out and gave a copy of it to our contractor, and this is the result. We love our back porch!

black gooseneck barnlights on a white modern farmhouse

And last but certainly not least, are the black gooseneck barnlights on our garage. Barnlights like this are becoming easier and easier to find. We have these three plus a few more on the basement overhang in the backyard. We also have one over the garage door in the little courtyard outside of our mudroom, and there’s a matching pendant light over the mudroom door. The whole reason we bought these specific lights is because they offered goosenecks and pendants that matched, which was exactly what we were looking for. We are so happy with them!

I’m including all of the sources for our light fixtures below. We love everything that we’ve installed and wouldn’t change them, but I do want to point out that if you go with the all-glass look like we have, keep in mind that your light bulbs will always be visible. Always. And pretty bulbs cost more. We’ve had to compromise slightly and get the prettiest LED bulbs we can find (they are actually making pretty ones now!) because all of our fancy bulbs were burning out so quickly. Just something to keep in mind!

Farmhouse Lighting Sources:

When it comes to decorating or redesigning a room in my house, one of my favorite things to choose for the space is the ceiling light. From chandeliers to pendants, I’m constantly searching for gorgeous light fixtures. Each season all of my favorite stores seem to come out with new fixtures, and they are one of the first things I check out when a new line is launched.

I decided to focus on light fixtures today because I’m on the hunt for a fabulous new chandelier for my master bedroom. I’m working on a little redesign project and need the perfect piece to make the room come together. In my opinion, a light fixture can really make or break a space.

After finding lots of beautiful fixtures for other rooms in my home, the pressure is on to come up with something equally wonderful for my bedroom. Here are some of my current favorites. And, if you’re following along with my bedroom makeover, you may just see one of these fixtures show up in my space.

Which of these chandeliers do you love the most? What’s your favorite home decor item to shop for?

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Happy Decorating!
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