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A furniture makeover doesn’t need to be costly. In fact, you may already own all you need to give your dresser, nightstand, vanity, or cupboard drawers a stylish revamp. Take a look at some of our favorite DIY drawer pulls, and see how these bloggers thrifted, upcycled, painted, molded, and tied their way to fresh-looking furniture.

1. DIY Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls

Upcycled furniture is the way to go this year. Katie, creator of Mountain Modern Life, is totally on board with this trend. She completely revamped this dresser with a good sanding, a healthy coat of paint, new and shiny legs, and let’s not forget the classy DIY copper pipe drawer pulls. Follow the furniture flip here!

Image Via: Mountain Modern Life

2. DIY Crystal Drawer Knobs

Not satisfied with the drawer knob alternatives found in stores, Julie opted to make her own. To refresh her space, she found a number of large crystals of similar shape and size — though she does mention the option to mix-and-match. By simply epoxying the crystals to bolts, she completely revamped the look of her dresser. Julie says if you’re ever bored of your new drawer pulls, simply remove them and repeat the process with another small treasure!

DIY Drawer Pulls

Image Via: Free People Blog

3. Jewelry Box Makeover

Ever wondered what to do with all of Grandma’s old brooches? Easily turn your jewelry box into a statement piece with blinged-out drawer-pulls; Simply remove the backs of the pins with pliers and get to work with your glue gun. No hand-me-downs from Grandma yet? Creative Carmella picked these beauties up at a local thrift shop.

Image Via: Creative Carmella

4. Gold Clay Knobs

For her master bedroom update, Amy wanted to spend as little money as possible. A great place for her to cut corners was with the update of her dressers’ and nightstands’ drawer pulls. Because she already owned the knobs and spray paint, the Delineate Your Dwelling blogger spent only $4.50 on a tub of air-dry clay (she approximated she only used $0.15 of clay per knob). Check out the tutorial for how to make inexpensive clay knobs.

Simple Inexpensive Clay Knobs,

Image Via: Delineate Your Dwelling

5. Rope and Hex Nut Drawer Pulls

For son Dawson’s bedroom, MarKay knew she wanted most everything to be DIY; down to the drawer pulls! For these rope-and-hex nut drawer handles, MarKay used rope, hex nuts, duct tape, and superglue. On her blog, Aqua Lane Design, she’ll show you how she styled, glued, and knotted the ropes to become the perfect drawer pull for Dawson’s room.

Image Via: Aqua Lane Design

6. DIY Acrylic Drawer Pulls

In another case of why-buy-it-when-you-can-just-make-it, handy-girl Sandra made these beautiful acrylic drawer pulls. She spent just fraction of what her local hardware store was asking for similar handles ($3.40/handle vs. $330) and saved over $8,000 on her drawer-pull replacements! Follow Sandra and her thrifty ways over at her blog Sawdust Girl.

DIY acrylic drawer pull -

Image Via: Sawdust Girl

7. DIY Knobs from Faucet Handles

Amanda also nearly fell victim to overpriced drawer pulls, until she came across these old faucet handles. For her bathroom vanity remodel, all she needed to do way spray-paint the handles and add the hardware. The quick-and-easy project (and her Anthropologie self-restraint) saved Amanda some big bucks and gave her bathroom the perfect look.

repurposed faucet handle knobs

Image Via: Wit and Whistle

Your next bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen update may not be the costly hassle you thought. Take a leaf out of these bloggers’ books and try the simple touch of updating your drawer pulls. Which ones are your favorites? Have you tried something like this before? Let me know how it went!

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Trend: Filing Cabinet Side Table

The ‘ol filing cabinet, once used for organizing our many MANY papers, is now headed towards extinction. I don’t know about you, but the majority of my bills and other items are digital and saved on my mass storage drive. I’m no longer weighed down with a crazy collection of wasted paper. So, what do we do with this “antique” filing systems? We find a new use.


I found this little file cabinet at a thrift shop for $5. It was scratched/dented and not the prettiest color. I always see these cabinets hanging around at thrift shops and this got me thinking… how can I reuse these relics? I turned this short tabletop file cabinet into a little side table. To see how I did this, check it out below.

- First, clean up your filing cabinet. Then, use some painters tape to cover up anything you don’t want painted. I wanted to keep the silver handles clean for this side table. I used an X-acto knife to trim off any excess tape. Pull out the drawers to spray separately.

- Next, in a well ventilated space (preferably outdoors), spray two layers of primer paint. Let it dry at least an hour.


- Add some color! I used 3 layers of a pale blue spray paint, from Valspar. Since this color ONLY came in matte, I added a shiny clear coating over the entire table.  Let dry for at least 48 hours.


- Prep your table legs. I liked the shape and style of the Waddell Table Legs, from Lowes. The only down side, the legs were way too tall for a side table. SO, I cut each leg down to 14.5 inches high and drilled a hole (using a 5/16 inch wood drill bit) to add a new hole for each table leg. Add these 5/16 inch hanger bolts to replace the bolt section you cut off on these legs.


- Place these table leg tops on each corner of the bottom of the cabinet and use a permanent marker to mark a hole in the center. Use a 5/16 inch metal drill bit to drill a hole for each corner.

- Put each table leg top on the INSIDE of the cabinet, in each corner, and screw in the legs (one at a time).


- Place in your office, living room, studio, or right next to your table. Enjoy.

ENJOY! I use this little table to store my ribbons, tapes, and other things I need quickly.

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama 

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