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Vintage LivingOutdoor Entertaining Ideas

As we embark on the warmer months ahead I am ecstatic to start living outside & soak up nature once again. This is a time when outdoor living is at it’s best and we look forward to inviting family & friends to partake in our fresh air festivities. Whether its dining al fresco, a casual afternoon lunch or s’mores fireside there is an eagerness to host against the organic backdrop of nature. There are so many incredible ideas to make your next summer soiree unforgettable & fun, using vintage and/or reclaimed items is an inexpensive and stylish way to make a statement at your next event. Here are some creative outdoor entertaining ideas with a distinct vintage flair….

An Orchard Brunch with Poppy Barley - farmhouse table with tree trunk stools

Off Beat + Inspired

Need extra seating at your next outdoor event? Then why not pull up a log. If you host regularly then you know how panicked you can be at the thought of not having enough seating. This is a cheap & clever way to create the ultimate, rustic dining experience for your guests.

Rustic Chic Wedding-use a vintage box as a centerpiece for a fabulous tablescape. Other ideas inlclude succulent or herb planter

Rustic Wedding Chic

Who doesn’t love a good centerpiece? Vintage boxes and small crates are the perfect size and width to hold a bold, wildflower arrangement in the summer. You can even fill a box with fresh herbs, lettuce and vegetables for a farm to table look.

BHG Farmhouse Table Outdoors


Using a farmhouse table outside creates a unique dining mood your guests will love. You can even put a few tables together & add mix and match chairs to complete this casual look.

Local Milk-Mix & Match Dining

Local Milk

Bohemian lounge from 100 layer cakelet

100 Layer Cakelet

Bringing indoor furniture outside is a great way to create the feeling of an outdoor room. When your guests feel cozy and comfortable while enjoying good company they are bound to want to come back. Layering your vintage items outdoors also allows you flexibility to create additional seating with visual appeal.

Style Me Pretty-Using Vintage Settee for Additional Outdoor Seating

Style Me Pretty

Creating an outdoor bar/drink station from an indoor piece of furniture is an ideal way to create more functional space. Anything on casters is always good, that way it is easy to transport back inside when the party is over.

Green Wedding Shoes-Bring a vintage piece outside for an evening to create an outdoor srink station for an event

Green Wedding Shoes

Vintage metal tubs and yes, a wheel barrel make for the perfect outdoor cooler. How clever is this?! Just be sure to clean these items good before you use them.

Colorful Outdoor Oregon Wedding complete with thoughtful rustic details at a private residence and captured by Michelle Cross -The Wedding Chicks

The Wedding Chicks

Another clever option for additional seating, hay bales! If layered with a cozy texture on top like a blanket or faux fur they can be quite comfortable. A creative solution for lighting can be to string lights from old ladders, this way you have flexibility to extend them over the table for the perfect ambiance for al fresco dining.

Eye Swoon Hay Bails

Outdoor Table With Hay Bales by Eye Swoon.


Along the same lines, using an old ladder to string lights from especially if you have tree overhead can give the illusion of a pergola.


Alexandra Design Finds

I hope you now have some fresh ideas to start enjoying time outside with your family & friends,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Kids Rooms-10 Great Ways to Add Vintage

It has been 5 years since we moved into our home and still, our home is in a constant state of evolution. With fresh experiences and more places we travel always comes new pieces I want to add to our home. Being a creative person my mind is always going, moving, seeking and when I create a space I like to connect the dots and bring meaning & often that takes time. I think that is why I have waited SO long to design & decorate my boys rooms. They are 6 & almost 11 and beautifully evolving every day into these curious creatives who love science, history, nature & sports. So when I finally began creating spaces that felt like them and fostered their imagination I knew there must also be a connection to the past. Mixing and matching vintage elements in with your new items can bring a well-balanced look that feels warm, intentional and the best part-can save you money. Here are 10 great ways to bring vintage style to your little ones rooms…..

Storage-Large & Small: We all know how important storage is in a kid’s room. Aside from the bed, it is the most essential part of the room, in my humble opinion:). It can add functionality and give the space visual charm. It also gives us a way to tuck those toys away and create organization. From large to small, there are many options when it comes to storage. You can use vintage trunks, as well as small crates & boxes to give additional stowage. A great idea with these vintage pieces is the go vertical, adding them to your walls gives dimension and purpose.



Storage Boxes Cozy Cute Cottage

Cozy Cottage Cute

Vintage Letters: You can find antique letters easily at your local flea markets, thrift & antique shops so why not create a focal point. Creating a word or wall with a repeated initial is a great way to add a vintage touch to your little one’s space. Finding mismatched sizes and patinas makes it feel more authentic, so picking up a few here and there is always a good idea.

Mom's Best Little Girls Room-Vintage Letters

Mom’s Best

Art Supplies: If you are like me then you always need good storage solutions for crayons & markers or art supplies in general. An old tool box or wooden caddy with a handle makes for ideal organization. This can also be perfect for Lego’s or keeping small toys together, plus it is easy to transport.

Magnolia Market-Vintage Crayon Box

Magnolia Market

Painted Dresser: Incorporating vintage furniture to your child’s space can not only save you a ton of money but also give character that not everyone else has. I bought 2 antique dressers I painted in shades of navy for my boys rooms, for the most part older pieces are better made than newer. One thing to be aware of is led paint, be sure to have it tested especially if you are not painting or sealing it.

Nesting With Grace-Vintage Storage

Nesting With Grace

Bed Linens: You can give a vintage touch to your child’s room by adding vintage bed linens. There are a few ways to do this, you can find vintage coverlets, bedspreads & shams and use them as is or you can find old needlepoint, brocade or tapestry and DIY a few bed pillows. Either way be sure to clean these fabrics thoroughly.

Amber Interiors - Before + After- Client Double Thumbs-Up. Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Amber Interiors

Bed Frames: Using a vintage bed frame can add a classic touch to any space. You can find twin and full bed frames easily at your local salvage shops and flea markets. Again, be sure to check for led paint to keep it safe for your little ones.

Lay Baby Lay Girls Room Reveal

Lay Baby Lay

Vintage Art: Who doesn’t love a good gallery wall?! It can be overwhelming to think about finding items that work and feel balanced. A good tip is to find a theme, like nature, oils, coastal and keep it broad & just begin collecting. Once you have a good variety of sizes, shapes and dimension you can begin. Tracing these pieces onto craft paper and taping them to the wall is a great way to create a gallery wall plan.

Wailing City Cottage-Vintage Boys Room

Whaling City Cottage

Miss Mustard Seed-Vintage Boys Room

Mustard Seed Interiors

Dimensional Pieces: Using old toys, wooden & metal objects as well as vintage books can bring a timeless touch to a youthful space. Anchoring these pieces to the wall, ceiling or displaying them in open shelving is a great way to add a connection to the past and bring in a personal touch.

the boo and the boy- eclectic kids' rooms

The Boo & The Boy

Upholstered Furniture: Stools and chairs can be found inexpensively at yard sales and thrift stores & when cleaned up or re-upholstered can give you a custom look for a lot less. Not only will this save you money but it will insure an original look your neighbors will not have.

Kindred Vintage-Vintage Girls Room

Kindred Vintage

Clipboards: You can find old clipboards with fantastic patinas just about everywhere these days, Etsy is a great resource if you are unable to find them locally. They are great for displaying traditional art, photographs, prints and it can also be a great organizational tool. When displayed together in a group with a set purpose in mind it can become a functional, focal point in any space.

Cottage in The City-Clip Board Idea For Kids Room

Cottage In The City

Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

vintage living: modern take on macrame

I am not sure if you’ve heard the news, but the 70′s influence is making its way back into home décor this year, in a big way. In my last article I shared one of my favorite design elements of this era, you can find it HERE. Growing up in the 70′s our home was a healthy mix of 70′s décor, sprinkled in with some traditional & family pieces. My mom, who always loved home design had a way of making it all work and feel stylish. We had autumn gold appliances, dark wood cabinets & floors and plenty of bold, floral wallpaper to go around. Among these typical trends were also an abundance of rattan, wicker, shag and macramé in our home. I have fond memories of our macramé owl that hung in our family room and the hanging macramé plant holder in our kitchen, oh how I wish I held onto these! Whether or not you are lucky enough to find authentic, vintage macramé you can still get this look. Here are some ways to incorporate a modern take on macramé into your home….

DIY & macramé are a hot combo these days, just search Pinterest & blogland and you will find a variety of original ideas. If you like this look then why not tackle a project yourself. These DIY’s are totally unexpected and fun, plus they add a stylish element to any space. Another positive to creating a piece yourself is the personal satisfaction & pride you will get from your hard work, along with a good monetary savings as well. These DIY’s below all have fantastic tutorials, just click the link below each image.


Easy DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Make + Haus


Homey Oh My-Macrame Wall Art


Oleander & Palm- DIY Gold Macrame


Classy Clutter-Macrame Planters


Another option to bring this bohemian aesthetic into your space is buying handcrafted from a local artisan. You can shop ETSY and other online shops for textile art, these items are handmade so you will pay a bit of a premium but what an incredible statement piece it will be. Each one is original, so no one else will have that same piece in their home, which is nice.

Handmade macrame wall hanging-Etsy


macrame wall hanging by Ranran Design on Etsy


WALL ART by Ranrandesign


All Roads-Macrame shop



If all else fails search your favorite on trend, home décor shops such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and even Target. You can find a variety of beautiful & stylish macramé accessories and art for the home and some won’t even break the bank:).

Urban Outfitters-Macrame Folding Screen


Whatever your style preference, macramé brings a handcrafted, organic element that adds style and fun to any space.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Flea Market Chic-The Hanging Chair

A few months ago I was lucky enough to attend a design trends luncheon in NYC. It was an incredible afternoon filled with color, texture and insight into trends that would be making an appearance in 2016. One of the trends held a bit of nostalgia for me, it was the 70′s Influence, yup, the 70′s are making a come back. I know, you’re thinking avocado green, harvest gold, vinyl coverings, wood paneling and big, bold prints, that basically describes my house growing up and I would suspect many of you as well. It’s hard not to have some connection to that fabulously original era. But with all of those looks that make us cringe, there were some fun ones that came from this time as well, like shag rugs, macramé, rattan and hanging chairs. Most of which are currently on trend and can be found in many stylish homes these days. My favorite of these would have to be the hanging chair and why not throw in rattan, to complete the look.

I remember fondly many hours swinging in my aunt’s white, wicker chair that hung from the ceiling of her small entryway. As a child, it was a fun place to be, it felt cool and sort of peaceful to just “hang” there. These days if you want one in your own home, you can search your local flea markets or you can purchase one new. The selection of hanging rattan chairs out there is pretty good, I should know, my son desperately wants one for his room.

Hanging Chair-Anthropologie


Using a hanging chair to replace another seating choice gives a cool vibe and an eclectic feel to the space. I would bet that not everyone is going to have one in their home, so it will be a much talked about piece for sure.

Hanging chair-Inspired By Charm


It’s floating and see through aesthetic gives a sense of visual fluidity, which is perfect for any space, large or small. It allows for extra seating in a corner or nook and even to complete a main conversation area.

House on the Hills, Hanging Chair


This versatile & eclectic design trend is also ideal for outdoor use as well. It can be hung just about anywhere without fear of blocking traffic flow and can give hours of peaceful solitude as you look out over a lush landscape.

My Home by Pella Hedeby


SF Girl by Bay-Hanging Rattan Chair


The warmth of the wood adds a beautiful and organic texture that works with any design form. It can blend well with coastal, bohemian, farmhouse, cottage, rustic, country and even modern styles. Mixing a floating chair in with your current design aesthetic adds a ton of charm & character.

At Home With Kelley Howley-A Beautiful Mess


Bronte Copenhagen, Hanging Rattan Chair


Hanging Rattan Chair-Free People


Serena & Lily-Rattan Hanging Chair


The curved, egg like shape gives added comfort. Layer in a blanket, faux fur & pillow and you have a cozy little reading area. Pair it with a small table & plant to complete the look.

Oh Happy Day, rustic nook with hanging chair


Another thing I love about this trend is the flexibility to use in any room. It is an ideal space saver in a bedroom, office, playroom, family room, kids room and/or porch.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose


Are you crushing on hanging chairs yet? Thank you for stopping by.

Have a beautiful week, Jen-City Farmhouse

Vintage Living-Bold With Color BHG Style Spotters Who’s ready for some bold color?! After a long winter here in NY, I am so looking forward to bringing color back into my life and home. BHG just revealed it’s 2015 Color Palette of the year in the March issue and I am loving every single hue! Have you seen these 6 gorgeous tones? What a perfect time of year to introduce them into your décor, they can be used collectively or alone, they are livable & sophisticated. HERE is a video by Eddie Ross-BHG East Coast Editor and Jessica Thomas-BHG Style Director to explain the story behind the selection and how it can inspire you to experiment with it in your own home.

Here is BHG’s 2015 Color Palette of the Year and some vintage inspired spaces that use these BOLD tones, it is bound to get your wheels turning….

BHG Color Palette of the Year


Emily Henderson showcases this beautiful pop of color in her velvet chair and infuses it with jewel tones against a clean white backdrop. This a great display of how it can work seamlessly with similar palettes.

Emily Henderson's Bedroom Loving the Oceanic Blue Velvet Chair VIA


This bold green dresser is the perfect, playful pop of color every home needs. Against the white walls it stands out but remains neutral enough to mix and match supporting colors and styles.

Dresser Makeover Using a Bold Green



This color is dreamy! Every room could use this color, it is subtle, warm & fun. This dresser tells the perfect color story with its gold accents.

Blush Dresser from Cuckcoo 4 Design



Coral has been a favorite color of mine for a while, it works with almost every color palette and is the ideal accent hue for furniture. This thrifted piece becomes a focal point and gives personality to this space. Loving This Blush Dresser from The Blissful Bee



Yum-ee! Introducing this beautiful tone through decorative accents such as pillows, accessories & fresh flowers allows you the creative freedom to experiment without a full commitment.

Moody Grays With Pops of Berry {Fey Handmade} VIA


I am so happy to see gray infused with color! Gray has become the “it” neutral & to see it blend so beautifully with bold tones has me inspired. This dresser is the perfect example of how gracious gray can be with color.

The Weathered Door Warm Gray Dresser


Are you inspired to bring bold color to your vintage style?

Have a beautiful & colorful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Hi there! My name is Jen, I am the author of the DIY & decorating blog City Farmhouse. I also write for BHG’s Style Spotters, you may have read some of my Flea Market Chic/Vintage Living articles. I am so happy to be sharing my master bedroom today! My Rustic Chic Budget Friendly Bedroom is being featured in the Feb 2015 issue of BHG and I couldn’t be more excited!!! This reveal has never been seen anywhere so that makes it even more thrilling!

When we moved into our renovated coastal Long Island home 4 years ago I had BIG plans. I was so eager to transform our home into a stylish oasis that oozed warmth and charm. But these things take time & money which at the time I didn’t have an abundance of either. With 2 little boys and a new mortgage, my husband & I made a choice to go one room at a time. Hard as it was at times, I always felt so blessed to have a home that was practically new, overlooking the bay & barrier island. Plus, it really is way more fun to take your time & to be thoughtful about what you choose for your home.

As time went on, we did as we said and went one room at a time. We tackled all of the common area rooms first and all the while my wheels were turning for my master bedroom. I knew I wanted it casual, clean, rustic with a touch of glam. When the time finally came I was so ready. I began by sketching out my ideas. I laid out a solid plan so that I stayed on track & budget. I knew what I was looking for at my favorite retail shops, what I wanted to repurpose & what I would DIY. I tried to find a balance in layering all of these details & projects so it felt seamless.

The first DIY project up was my HERRINGBONE WALL. I have always loved herringbone, even in my early 20′s. It is a classic pattern that can work with any style. Here I took a traditional design and made it more modern with only a few dollars. The base color is Beach from Valspar and the white detail is just a semi gloss I had left over. After sketching my grid on paper with my actual measurements of the wall I was ready. I found my middle first and worked outward from there using a measuring stick and pencil.

DIY Herringbone Wall

The vertical lines are 16″ apart and the horizontals are 12″. I then taped a 1/2″ seam, making sure I pressed firmly on the tape to seal the edges. Tip-you can run caulk along the edges with your finger to allow for a perfect line, especially if your walls have a texture. I then took a small foam brush and painted the white detail. Be sure to use a small amount of paint at a time and stroke inward to lessen the bleeding. Two coats will do it, once it is dry you can pull off your tape.

This project is one of my favorites of all time, it took me about 4 hours to complete and the best part, if I tire of the design I can simply paint over it.

City Farmhouse DIY Headboard & Herringbone Wall Dimensions

The next project I chose to tackle to save some money was the HEADBOARD. The original headboard was custom made by Calico Corners many moons ago, it was originally done in a red & gold chenille that was beautiful when we were living in Colorado but didn’t seem to fit with my new design plan. I love fabric headboards, they add warmth to a space and are super comfy. So I began the hunt for fabric to update this focal point. When I saw this discontinued linen fabric {that was probably meant for a kitchen or family room} I fell head over heels. The texture and vintage feel was perfect. I tore off the existing fabric from the frame which took a long, long time and upholstered it with the new fabric. For around $65 we had a whole new headboard which I absolutely love.

City Farmhouse Gray & Peach Bedroom DIY Upholstered Headboard

I had been hunting for SIDE TABLES for a while but I never really saw anything that spoke to me for the right $. So I shopped my basement, remembering I had bought clearance tables at Target 6 years ago for less than $20 a piece. They were perfect with their X design on the sides, they just needed a little lift, literally. I added height by adding a plywood bottom & casters. I then painted them with Benjamin Moore Stormy Night. Total cost for each makeover just under $40. I finished the makeover by adding a DIY color blocked basket for storage.

City Farmhouse Rustic Chic Bedroom All On A Budget-DIY  Side Tables

This DIY Driftwood Mirror has my heart. The great thing about DIY is sometimes you get to create beautiful things with your loved ones. And that always adds a layer of meaning to your home. One day last year in early June I took my boys to the beach. We pretended to be pirates, finding as much treasure {aka driftwood} as we could. When we got home they helped sort the sizes and assisted in creating this stunning focal point. We finished the back by writing “made with love”, our names and the date. Total cost just $3 for the mirror. Memories of a fun day spent together-priceless.

City Farmhouse Farmhouse Chic-DIY Drfitwood Mirror

Last but not least my DIY JUTE ROPE RODS & linen drapes. I worked for Calico Corners for many years so I know what these things cost. I knew I could keep the cost down if I could DIY the rods and purchase the drapes at a discount. A while back I had seen something similar done with rope & kept it in my mental archive. It was a perfect idea since the other side {which is featured in the issue} is a bay window and those can be costly. I simply used thick 3/8″ jute from the hardware store, large eye hooks and cord cleats to secure the ends. Total cost for the rods for each window just under $12. This is a rustic look, it will not look perfect but that is part of the appeal. The drapes I found after many trips to Restoration Hardware at a 40% off sale for just $22 per panel.

City Farmhouse Master Bedroom Reveal-DIY JUte Rope Rods

This room is my favorite room in the house. I created a stylish space my family can enjoy on the smallest of budgets. It is well lived in and loved, we pack in the bed on weekend mornings, snuggle & read while we look out across the bay.  And that is what decorating is all about, setting the stage for the bigger things to happen:).

For more sources and details be sure to check out the Feb issue.

Thank you for having me today. Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

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