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benjamin moore

I receive frequent requests for shared room ideas, and I can understand the dilemma, especially with age and gender differences involved.  Here is one look at a room for a big sister and a baby brother to happily co-exist.

shared bedroom ideas

(1) Quatrefoil Shade; (2) Love Love Me Do Print; (3) Mountains Print; (4) Hot Dogs Poster; (5) Confetti Poster; (6) Vintage Ampersand; (7) Treat Me Nice Print; (8) Reinette Iron Bed; (9) Yellow Campaign Side Table; (10) Ebony Jenny Lind Crib; (11) Zebra Pillows; (12) Aqua Dresser; (13) Yellow Jewel Lamp; (14) Confetti Rug; (15) Empire Rocker; (16) Big Sister Pouf; (17) Mr. Lion Poster

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

I’m so excited for fall, and the cooler air means lots of outside time, and it’s always nice to get a fresh start.  The new TV season will be starting soon, too, and Chip and I are interested in checking out the new Revolution show, a post-apocalyptic story that sort of brings to mind Hunger Games with the skilled archer heroine.  With that around the corner, and the recent release of The Hunger Games to watch, here is a nursery inspired by the outdoors, archery, and courage:

hunger games baby room ideas

(1) Wooden Pendants; (2) Mountain Landscape; (3) Handmade Arrows; (4) Arrowhead Collection; (5) Mockingbird; (6) Berries Botanical Chart; (7) Arizona Landscape; (8) Home Is . . . Print; (9) Be Brave Print; (10) Triangles Pillow; (11) Natural Sparrow Crib; (12) Triangles Print; (13) Triangles Pillow; (14) Vintage Tree Print; (15) Mid-Century Dresser; (16) Gold Lamp; (17) Agate Bookends; (18) Beetle Chart; (19) Souk Rug; (20) Meloni Chair

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

Have you been enjoying the Olympics as much as we have?  With all the exciting events and the corresponding footage/history/details about London and the UK, I can’t help but be inspired.  (And on that note, did you know that the name “London” is now in the top 100 baby names for girls and it’s climbing the charts for boys, too?)  In that spirit, here is a board paying tribute to that fine city.

london baby room ideas

(1) Big Ben; (2) Hammered Gold Pendant; (3) Kings Cross Sign; (4) Love Sign; (5) Vintage London Map; (6) London Photo; (7) Picadilly Tube Print; (8) the Guard; (9) Tea Time; (10) White Sparrow Crib; (11) Gold Branch Lamp; (12) Sweep armchair; (13) Union Jack Dresser; (14) Jubilee Pillow; (15) the Queen Pillow; (16) Navy & Natural Rug; (17) This is London Book; (18) Double Decker Mirror; (19) London Illustration

Go U.S.A.!  ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

We saw Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend, and it was wonderful – a quirky, sweet story with details worth pondering.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with the cozy house at Summer’s End on New Penzance Island, and I only wish they had panned a little slower through all the rooms at the beginning so I could have absorbed more of it.  And how amazing were the scout tents?  I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself for little backyard retreats.  I won’t even get into the fantastic wardrobe used in the movie – there is just too much to mention!  Below are a few movie stills (doesn’t the top left photo look like a Norman Rockwell painting? found here).

moonrise kingdom inspiration

Here is my attempt at recreating the feel of the house into a nursery.  I think the mural in that downstairs room is divine, so I went with wallpaper for the backdrop:

moonrise kingdom baby room ideas

Sources, starting at top left: (1) Vintage Chandelier; (2) Vintage Scout Troop; (3) Sweet Needlepoint; (4) Scouting Songbook; (5) Paint by Number Landscape; (6) Scouting Medal; (7) Paint by Number Seascape; (8) Sailboat painting; (9) Brass Sailboat; (10) Scouts Save the Day; (11) Arrows; (12) Order of the Arrow Patch; (13) Sparrow Crib; (14) Red Metal Lamp; (15) Feather Dress; (16) “Coonskin” Cap for a Baby; (17) Dixie Dresser; (18) Plaid chair cover; (19) Oceana Wallpaper; (20) Braided Rug; (21) Record Player Cabinet; (22) Teepee; (23) Preppy Crib Sheet; (24) Magical Thinking Curtains; (25) Plaid fabric for Pillows

If you find the wallpaper intimidating, or a bit out of price range, this collection would look charming on a neutral (like Benjamin Moore’s Linen White) with a bolder choice for the curtains – something similar to the nautical showstoppers behind Suzy’s window seat above.

~Joni, Lay Baby Lay


Happy Fourth of July!  Today’s inspiration is a bit of a throwback, but I thought it was a fitting classic for today’s holiday.  Here is a little Indiana Jones nursery:

indiana jones baby room ideas(1) Indiana Jones Portrait; (2) Luna Pendant Light; (3) Indy Profile; (4) Indy’s Hat; (5) Vintage map of Asia; (6) Indy’s Whip; (7) Photo of Egypt; (8) Pyramid Photo; (9) Last Crusade Poster; (10) Indiana Jones Vinyl Album; (11) Crib; (12) Kudu Lamp; (13) Vintage Books; (14) Sari Pillows; (15) Oak Dresser; (16) Escape from Atens Tomb; (17) Adana Shaggy Rug; (18) Explosives Crate; (19) Gordon Tufted Chair 

~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

A clean and polished take on a Sherlock Holmes inspired nursery (since the movie just came out for rental!) with campaign chests that remind me of traveling via train.

Sources from upper left: (1) The game’s afoot!; (2) Waldorf Pendant; (3) Eclectic Rhino Bust; (4) Turquoise Books; (5) Magnifying Glass; (6) A La Belle Etoile; (7) Pocket Watches; (8) Sherlock’s Pipe; (9) Vintage London Map; (10) Gold Floor Lamp; (11) Houndstooth Pillows; (12) Century Crib; (13)  Sherlock Quote; (14) The Hound of the Baskervilles; (15) Turquoise Campaign Chests; (16) Gingham Crib Sheet; (17) Fillmore Chair; (18) Plaid Rug; (19) The Queen Pillow; (20) Union Jack Pillow

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