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Osnaburg: The Versatile Look of Linen, for Less



Hi! I’m Julie Blanner, the voice behind lifestyle blog, Coordinately Yours. I share do-it-yourself inspiration for effortless entertaining, home design and thoughtful gift-giving. I’m honored to be Better Homes & Gardens February “Blogger We Love”! Today, I’m sharing one of my everyday essentials – osnaburg fabric! It’s extremely versatile and inexpensive. Osnaburg provides the aesthetic of linen, without the care. These are just a few ways that I’ve incorporated it into my home and entertaining:




A few yards of osnaburg makes a beautiful fuss-free tablecloth and serves as a neutral backdrop. At Thanksgiving, a glass of wine was spilled on it and rather than panicking {as I would with linen}, I simply cut off the area and still had enough to cover my table. Just out of the dryer, it looks like washed linen. Ironed, it is more polished. Use scraps of fabric to create relaxed cocktail and dinner napkins.

For baby #2, I realized I didn’t want to spend a significant amount on baby bedding, but fell in love with a ruffled linen crib bedding set. Fortunately, my friend Lori was up for the challenge and created a set from osnaburg. Beautiful and practical! To coordinate, I lined osnaburg with black out fabric to create drapes.

personalized baby gift

Isn’t the texture gorgeous?

diy crib bedding that looks like linen

a window nook reading bench

I also used osnaburg in our daughter Adalyn’s room to create a little bench for her window nook. Its flexibility made it easy to work with and of course, I already had enough fabric on hand. {Photograph taken by Alea Lovely}

pretty girls bedroom decor

As you can see, I cover just about everything in osnaburg. I love its beautiful, neutral and subtle aesthetic. I covered a craft store pin board with osnaburg to decorate our oldest daughter’s bedroom. It is a beautiful backdrop to mementos, photographs, holiday decor and her artwork and easily transitions with seasons.

What would you like to create with the “new linen”?

Joni Lay

Get the Look: a Touch of Fluff

Trend: Flokati and fluffy textures in the nursery and interiors.

It seems that fluffy textures are popping up everywhere recently.  It can add a great bit of texture and warmth to a room, as well as a bit of playfulness.  

(sources: Girl’s Nursery; Anton and Toby’s room; Viva la Vivi Party; Winter White Kids’ Party)

A shaggy, fluffy rug is also a great option if you have a carpeted room, but want to break up the expanse of carpet (see Henry’s room).  The contrast in textures will make it work, and help define the space a little better.  Fluffy white rugs are also great for taking photos of baby, and he or she will love crawling around on it!  The fluffy pillows and throw versions are also perfect for parties, playrooms, and even holiday decor.  I love what Kristin did with one under her tree!  You can’t beat unbreakable Christmas decor with little ones under foot!  Here are some great options available – I am loving the colored versions as well.

Sources, from top left: Round Flokati Rug, Ombre Fur Pillow, Sheepskin Throw; Pebble Fur Pillow; Souk Rug; Pink Fur Pillow; Faux Throw; Little Faux Sheep Pillow

Hope you are inspired! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Joni Lay

get the look: gold lamps

Trend: Gold lamps in decor.

The gold trend is anything but over, and I’m a huge fan of gold accents in a room, especially when it comes to lighting.  It is subtle, but can make a big difference, and add just the right bit of bright polish. For example, here is a favorite styled in Henry’s nursery.  This room has lots of natural and neutral finishes, but that pop of gold injects a bit of personality and a refreshing textural change:

and in Vivi and Brigette’s shared room:

Here is a roundup of some favorites, with a range of styles to fit any personality or taste.  Which is your favorite?gold lamps

Sources, from top left: (1) Perch Table Lamp; (2) Rodeo Drive Lamp; (3) Lily and Gold Lamp; (4) Gold Rock Lamp; (5) Gold Pear Lamp; (6) Branch Lamp; (7) Brass Bunny Lamp; (8) Ripley Lamp

Enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Joni Lay

get the look: moody floral

Trend: dark backgrounds with bright florals

I was really excited to get to be a part of the BHG style event two weeks ago, and it was a great opportunity to extend the weekend to spend some extra time in NYC.  Chip flew up to meet me, and we walked until we ached, and enjoyed lots of great food and gathered lots of inspiration (and sleep!).  We also went to the Vampire Weekend concert in Brooklyn, and it was awesome.  I loved the backdrop they used – a giant, oversized floral with a huge gold mirror and white columns.  (source) It was really striking, and reminded me a bit of Rifle Paper Co. patterns.  I love this look, and it would be really fun in a nursery.  While some oversized floral wallpaper would be gorgeous, sometimes that can be a bit out of budget, so here is a room where the artwork brings in the same feel (adore those pillows!!).  garden prep baby room ideasSources, from top left: (1) Eclipse Chandelier; (2) Brass Wall Hanging; (3) Watercolor Flowers; (4) Ivy Hooks; (5) Crewelwork Flowers; (6) Citrus Floral; (7) Bouquet; (8) Oh La La; (9) Citrus; (10) Rose Gold Lamps; (11) Century Crib; (12) Lovely Pillows; (13) Crewelwork Blue Flowers; (14) Paris Gray Dresser; (15) Poppies; (16) James Harrison Chair; (17) Elsa Stool; (18) Dorothy Rug; (18) Pintuck Pouf

Enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Joni Lay

get the look: animal print

Trend: Animal print, in fashion and interiors

Touches of animal print seem to be everywhere, and it’s a fun trend to incorporate into a nursery for a sophisticated touch.  Here is a take on a nursery with a few exotic details for a polished yet feminine look.  I really love the prints that  are a little more abstract, like the black and white spots, rather than the literal leopard, although that can be quite fun, too!  Green velvet is a natural pairing with animal print, and would be great for recovering an old chair, or on a pouf or ottoman for an extra luxe room ideasSources, from top left: (1) Flower Drum Shade; (2) Paris; (3) Bunny Watercolor; (4) J is for Jaguar; (5) Little Darlings Bobcat; (6) Paris is Always a Good Idea; (7) New York Map; (8) Little Darlings White Tiger; (9) Vintage containers; (10) Century Crib; (11) Brass Tiger; (12) Black and White Pillows; (13) Hot Pink Dresser; (14) Charcoal Spots Sheet; (15) Green Velvet Chair; (16) Gold Branch Lamps; (17) Yellow and White Rug; (18) Let the Wild Rumpus Start; (19) Basket; (20) Charcoal Dots Fabric; (21) Freestyle Fabric

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Joni Lay

get the look: candy coated cozy

Trend: Pale Pink & Gray

I couldn’t help but be inspired by the lovely palette posted by Kirsten yesterday.  It makes for a great nursery, especially with the special edition caravan crib (which won’t be available for long – it’s just out for the summer!).  Paired with a soft gray, it becomes cozy and inviting as we approach (hopefully) cooler baby nursery inspirationSources, from left to right: (1) Cardigan pendant; (2) Yes, Yes, & Yes; (3) Beauty in the Imperfect; (4) Deer Herd; (5) Let’s Swim to the Moon; (6) Peachy Keen Pillows; (7) Pink Caravan Crib; (8) Kiss Me; (9) Gray Dresser; (10) Bee; (11) Pink Landscape; (12) Cleo Lamp; (13) Graham Glider; (14) Gray Rug; (15) Pink Dipped Pouf

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay