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Organize With This: Autumn Inspired Storage

I know that some of you may already be thinking ahead to the holiday season, but I am just not ready to play that game yet.  The air is just starting to get crisp, the leaves have fallen and crunch underfoot and hot apple cider is constantly flowing.  There is something so magical about the current time of the year, and so much to appreciate and enjoy.  Simple pleasures include curling up in front of the fire with a cozy throw and a favorite book, or baking up a warm fall treat.

Often times, as the seasons shift, so does the interior of our home.  Just as I may add vibrant floral pillows to our sofa in the spring, I also love to add subtle fall textures and finishes during autumn and winter months.  Flannel blankets, faux fur pillows, scented candles and woven baskets all make an appearance within the walls of our home.

This year gold will continue to shine, however, copper will also strive to share the spotlight.  Additional autumn inspired finishes include flannel, felt and wool, worn leather, soft linen, raw wood, mercury glass and aged brass.

Feeling inspired by the textures and finishes that we use to decorate our home this time of the year, I thought I would pull together my favorite autumn inspired storage solutions that will look fabulous year round.

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Tips for Using Nature in Fall Decorating

Michael Wurm, Jr.

From My Home To Your: Fall Home Decor Accessories

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been busy switching things around in my home to welcome autumn. I love the change of seasons as it always gives me an excuse to reassess my spaces, see how things are looking and functioning, and tweak details not only for the season, but to make my home more visually satisfying and user friendly. To me, a room is never complete. I spend a lot of time in my home, so I’m always adjusting and moving things around to achieve an even more beautiful look.

Inspired by Charm Living Room

Last week on my blog, I shared a lot of these changes in my Fall Home Tour. While I didn’t add a great deal of “fall decor,” I pulled in plenty of natural elements, shiny metallics, and warm colors to dress my space for the season. I’ve shared resources on my blog for some of my accessories, and I thought it would be fun to do the same thing here on Style Spotters.

DIY Picture Ledges via Inspired by Charm

As you can see below, I’ve gathered together several key pieces that really helped my space come alive this season. In addition to products, I included a few DIY projects. Part of seasonal decorating is about using the things you already have in a different way – tucking fall leaves in your favorite vase, painting something a different color, etc.

Fall Home Decor Accessories via BHG Style Spotters

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I hope you enjoy this collection and find it helpful in dressing your own space for fall.

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr – Inspired by Charm

Michael Wurm, Jr.

For the Love of Color: Burnt Orange

As much as I dread the shorter days and cooler temperatures, one of my favorite things about fall is the changing colors of the landscape. Here in the mountains of Central PA, we have exquisite color shows when the leaves begin to turn. While it doesn’t last long, it sure is magical.

This past weekend I started adding fall colors to my own home. Red, purples, golds, and oranges instantly remind me of the season. While I love traditional country fall decor, I like to be a bit more subtle in my own space. Just by changing around a few accessories and textures, a room can instantly have a cozier feeling.

Today, inspired by the image above, I’m sharing a few of my favorite burnt orange accessories. Several of these pieces tucked around in your space (and some fresh pumpkins for good measure) will have your home looking “fallified” in no time.

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What non-traditional fall colors do you like to incorporate into your decor this time of year?

Happy Decorating!

Michael Wurm, Jr – Inspired by Charm

Khristian A. Howell

Refreshing for Fall: Easy ways to fall into the season

Fall is on its way and I have to admit this is my favorite season of them all.  I love seeing the leaves change, feeling the crisp air on evening walks, and of course I love pulling out the cute jackets and scarfs.  If you love the fall transition too, here are some easy, fresh ways to make your living space feel as cozy as your new fall boots.


Want a super easy, quick, cheap and chic way to bring some of the festive fall feeling into your home?  Bring the elements in by grabbing a few small branches from your yard to create a dramatic fall centerpiece.  Voila! Instance change of mood for your space!


Can we say enough about the power of pillows?  I just don’t think we can!  Changing up your pillows or even just pillow covers is one of the easiest ways to transform your space for the season.  It is great because the cost is so low and there is no commitment.   For fall it is nice to really go for that cozy feeling by layering and refreshing throw blankets as well.


Craving a rich color change for fall, but not willing to commit to a new wall color just for the season?  Take on a more manageable lower commitment color splash by repainting a great piece of furniture.  Take an old piece of furniture to wow buy painting it in a rich saturated fall hue like this gorgeous navy piece.


Changing out and layering window treatments are great ways to create that warm cozy fall feeling in your home.  Love the drama created by using these drapes at the entry to the room!


Gallery walls are meant to be free flowing, expressive and changed often!  This is a perfect place to refresh your space for fall.  Change out the artwork, frames, or both to reflect warmer tones and any subject matter that give you that warm fall feeling.


Don’t be shy!  Bring the outdoors in! Inviting what is happening outdoors indoors is a sure fire way to get your home into the spirit of the season. Re-purpose treated stumps as end tables, ottomans and more like this fun entryway installation.

Michael Wurm, Jr.

For the Love of Color: Copper

TREND: Copper

If you’ve been following my posts here on Style Spotters for a while (or on my blog Inspired by Charm), then you probably know I have a slight obsession with all things gold. As I’ve begun to get my home ready for fall, I’ve noticed how many gold and brass accents I have. Even though I still love them, I’m always up for trying something different, such as copper.

Over the past year, copper has been gaining in popularity.This fall, however, copper has come out in a big way in everything from light fixtures to flatware to pillows. While this metal is a kitchen classic, as seen in the glimmering pots above, new furnishings and accessories have given us reasons to incorporate copper into other areas of our home as well.

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With its warm orange and pink undertones, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more copper pop up this fall and holiday season. What do you think? Have you always been a fan of copper? Do you plan to add a few copper pieces to your home decor?

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Yarn Jack ‘o Lantern Face

Trend: the no-carve pumpkin. Skip the mess and make a Yarn Jack o’ Lantern Face! I found this idea in the Better Homes and Gardens archives and I needed to give it a try and show all of you how to make this for yourself (little Jack ‘o Lantern face templates included).


- 1 pumpkin (real or foam, your choice)

- pack of 100 gold pin heads

- black acrylic yarn

- painter’s tape

- Jack ‘o Lantern Face Templates (One, Two, Three, Four)


- Print out your Jack ‘o Lantern Face Templates.  Pick out the face size you’d like and cut it out.

- Use little folded painter’s tape squares to arrange and set up the mouth, nose, and eyes.

- Grab your pins and push them into the pumpkin near all the points + corners of the Jack ‘o Lantern face. Don’t push them ALL the way down to the pumpkin skin, keep the pin heads up about 1/4 inch. Next, place pins along some of the main “pumpkin lines” to create the stripey portion of this pumpkin.

- Pick a pin to start with, and tie a double knot onto it. Push the pin all the way into the pumpkin to secure the yarn. Follow the shape of the face, eyes, and mouth and add the stripey lines (wrapping the yarn twice around each pin as you go, then pushing them into the pumpkin to secure). Tie knots along other pins if you need to stop the yarn and start on a new point.

You’re done! Since yarn doesn’t do too well outside, I recommend keeping this Jack ‘o Lantern out of the rain. I used a real pumpkin, but if you use a foam pumpkin you will have this guy to decorate your home next year!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama