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Hi everyone, it’s Liz Lidgett, The Art Hunter. I’m here as a guest on the Style Spotters blog today to talk about thinking outside the box when decorating with art.

As an art advisor, the success of my company relies on me coming up with new ways to display artwork. There are always new trends in the interior design world — it seems like every stylish home has a great gallery wall, for instance. The next trend I’m looking to in decorating with art is going to be hanging artwork anywhere but the walls.

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The above image shows the incredible restaurant Earth at Hidden Pond in Maine. The vintage paintings on the ceiling perfectly highlight the peaked shape and gives visitors a reason to look up. Such an unexpected design that I would love to see replicated in a home.

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The perfectly sized horseshoes are a great addition to this country-chic home. While many would have placed the series along side the staircase on the wall, this placement shows off the collection with a twist.

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While so many would think this photo is all about that amazing chest, I’m focused on the photographs hung to the door. The paint blocking and gallery wall being included over the door gives such a rich and cohesive look to the room. Pro tip: If you attempt this, be sure to use sticky tack on each of the back corners of the frames. This will keep the frame from rattling each time you shut the door!

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Hanging artwork directly on your bookshelves can kill two birds with one stone. It can add high style to your room, all while hiding any unsightly storage. This could be the perfect way to cover any electronics you don’t need to access regularly, like your wifi box. Setting the artwork directly onto one of the bookshelves is also a nice alternative.

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This is something I really want to try in my own home. What a cool idea to hang artwork on a window frame. If you have nosy neighbors, it can pull double duty as a privacy screen and bring big style into the room.

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Finally, speaking of privacy, if you have a tiny space– I’m looking at your NYC apartment dwellers– try hanging artwork from the ceiling to create a room divider. This artwork is a great way to divide living spaces like an office and a den or a bedroom from guest space.

So what do you think about hanging artwork anywhere but the walls? Just by trying one or two of these ideas in your home, you can make a big change using artwork you already own. Low cost + high style is what I am always aiming for!

For more ideas on how to decorate with artwork, check out my new video series The Art Hunter with


My name is Oma, and I am a pencil junkie.

During a recent trip to New York, I made a pilgrimage to the Lower East Side to pay a visit to CW Pencil Enterprise, a tiny shop devoted to nothing but pencils and a few of their accoutrements. (The shop, along with a resurgence in the use of paper datebooks, inspired the Fresh section in our January issue.) It’s a 200-square-foot, highly Instagrammable jewel box dedicated to wood and graphite owned by Caroline Weaver, a 24-year-old pencil pusher whose knowledge and enthusiasm are likely to turn you into a pencil junkie too.

What does your business card list as your title?

Chief Pencil Lady


What do you like most about writing with a pencil?

I love the tactility of writing with a pencil. It’s a really physical experience. 


Where do you fall on the question of having an integrated eraser?

I actually don’t do a lot of erasing, but I like the added weight of the ferrule and eraser, I find it more pleasing to write with that little bit of extra heft.


How many pencils are in the shop right now?

We carry about 300 different types of pencils, including vintage ones. So I’d guess we have something like 20,000–30,000 at any time. We’re running out of room!


What does your desk at home look like?

I have two pencil cups, one for my current rotation of pencils (about 40) and a smaller one for pens. I always have a wooden ruler, a tape dispenser with washi tape in it, a pencil sharpener, and a notepad. On the wall next to my desk is an organizer for my letter writing supplies. 


Anything you wish you’d known before you opened the doors?
I wish someone had warned me about what happens when things take off. I was totally overwhelmed, unprepared and exhausted when we started getting press. I really didn’t think it’d happen so soon. I was quite content just breaking even and working alone for the first few months or a year. 


Are you ever asked to choose a pencil based on the description of someone’s personality, as opposed to the use they have in mind?

I’ve learned that I can get a lot from a person by asking a few simple questions, from there I’m pretty good at guessing exactly what they want. I try not to profile but often it really helps when making recommendations. An old man who does crossword puzzles is going to want something completely different than the girl who happened upon the shop on her way to brunch.


Any particularly interesting or surprising requests?

I had someone ask for an electrically conductive pencil. That tested us a bit, but we came up with something that worked.


I’m assuming you might have a tough time picking a favorite pencil, so how about immediacy: What are you writing with right now?

At home I’m using one of my all-time favorite pencils, the Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW. It has unfinished wood and the eraser is really good.


If you had to describe the shop in one word, what would it be?

I think it would be ‘playful.’

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?



Signature lip color?

My all-time favorite lipstick is Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge. And we actually JUST went to the Bite Lip Lab to make a Pencil Lady custom color to match the red of the Viarco Desenho Pencil.


Paper datebook or smart phone?

“Datebook. I’m addicted to my Smythson agenda; it’s my one stupidly expensive splurge.”


Any secret talents?

“I really like to build with Legos in my spare time. My other talents are embroidery and bookbinding.”


You’ve talked about the pencil shop originally being a retirement idea—what made you go for it now instead?

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. Except I knew I wanted to be an old woman with a pencil shop. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with being a young woman with a pencil shop.

Hello again! I hope the week has treated you all well–I know I’m ready for a nice, long relaxing weekend. Whether you’re going to spend it inside curled up on the couch or out and about, enjoy it! This week I came across a few amazing home photos that I wanted to share. Get ready for some major home envy.


Take a look at this living room makeover from Jones Design Company. I love the neutral color palette with the small splashes of color!




I love being outside, and this lovely fireplace I found on Cocoon Home brings together the best of both worlds. This house brings the outdoors in with these amazing paneled windows.



I am absolutely in love with this red leather couch. This living room from The Inspired Room is everything I’ve ever wanted in my home–dog included.



If you’re more interested in dark and mysterious, check out this boys’ room decor from The Hunted Interior. The window brings in enough natural light to brighten up the room, but the dark paint keeps it closed and cozy.



And I saved my favorite for last. I adore this nursery room on Live The Fancy Life. I think I might need to go find myself one of those whales.



Take care, friends! See you next week.


Hello all! I hope November has introduced itself kindly this year–I know here at least that winter chill turned on like a switch. I love the cold though, so I’m not going to complain–unless it doesn’t snow soon. Then I’ll complain. I’m feeling particularly earthy today, so I thought I’d share some recycled wood projects for the crafts-people out there. Good luck!


First of all, project aside, this puppy is absolutely adorable. Build this fun modern pet bed for your pooch with this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. I love the bright colors and bold pattern, but you can make it blend with your decor just as easily!



Looking for a fresh spin in your living room? Try this recycled barn door coffee table from Cleverly Inspired. Bring a bit of rustic flair inside your home and get a fun hand-crafted piece all in one!



For a more subtle wooden touch, try these pallet wood wall pieces from Craftberry Bush. I like the subtle, washed-out look and the relaxing, brown tones showing through underneath–perfect for adding some calm to your room.



These wooden crate stairs from Funky Junk Interiors are so unique and fun! I absolutely love this idea. Hit a couple antique shops or thrift stores and see if you can find some fun crates to incorporate into your new stairwell!



And lastly, if you’re looking for that missing piece of flair in your bedroom, take a look at this modern headboard design from Fresh American Style. While the completely white look soothes, funky mix-matched colors would add some oomf to your space!



And there you have it. Until next time, Style Spotters! Happy crafting–the trees thank you!



Aaaand…we’re back. Hope the week has been nothing short of fabulous for you all. I’ve just checked in for my flight (Utah, here I come!) and I’m ready to go off the radar for a couple days! This time of year has a way of catching up to you, but it’s all about enjoying the moments you’ve got. This week, I wanted to share fun little things you can do in a weekend or 10 minutes–just things that will, hopefully, put a smile on your face.


I love the simplicity of these painted rocks from Handmade Charlotte. Perfect as table centerpieces, bookshelf knick-knacks or porch step decorations, painted rocks are a cute, easy way to craft with the whole family.



This gilded bowl tutorial on Julip are the perfect way to add some nature to your home. Even better, they’re the perfect go-to gift for all of those upcoming holiday parties.



Need party decoration ideas? Check out these adorable donut stools from Studio DIY. I love the bright, playful spin these put on otherwise overlooked seats–doesn’t get much cuter than that.



I’ve been super into gallery walls lately. Find some inspiration with these DIY art ideas from Poppytalk. I can’t get enough of the colors, the random feel, and the unique pieces used for this wall! I think I’m in love with that pineapple.



And for a more permanent fixture, take a look at this DIY retro diamond focal wall from Vintage Revivals. I’m definitely excited to paint one of these bad boys someday. LOVE IT.



And there you have it. Enjoy your week, Style Spotters! Enjoy the little moments.




Welcome to September! I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color, the days to get chillier, and the return of jackets and leg warmers and mittens! It’s been far too hot for my taste these past several months, and I’m so excited we’re finally in the home stretch. Among many other things, fall is the beginning of the holiday season. Use these clever tips and tricks to get your home ready for all of those holiday visitors!


Entryways are one of the rooms that most often get overlooked. Nalle’s House adds a spunky spin to their entryway with an unconventional design approach! I can’t even tell you how much I love that wallpaper. Guests will be amazed as soon as they step foot into your home!



If you’re impressed with that, take a look at this bathroom revamp by A Beautiful Mess. An easy-to-create geometric stencil, a few paintbrushes and some of your favorite paint colors are all you need to transform any room in your house into a visual hotspot.



I am absolutely amazed by these LED Mason Jar lights I spotted on Sarah Hearts. Add a hand-spun twist to your home with this chandelier that is guaranteed to impress! Imagine how perfect that would look in any high-ceiling entry way–your guests would be rooted to the spot!



Eating a meal with your family and friends is often times one of the most memorable experiences people have together. These fall-themed painted burlap place settings from A Night Owl will be perfect for any upcoming family get-together.



And lastly, I love the delicate homemade feel of these DIY teacup candles from Hey Gorgeous. Whether you take a trip to your local dollar store or use old cups lying around the house, the handmade touch of these cuties will soften any space in your home, just in time for the holidays.



Until next time! Have a wonderful week!


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