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April Issue

Hi everyone, Kit Selzer here! As BHG’s remodeling editor, I’m always on the lookout for products and ideas to help people with their home improvement projects. Anything that makes the process a little easier and more satisfying scores high on my list. That’s why I find the innovative approach of one company particularly exciting.


Bath Simple is a San Francisco-based company that designs baths all over the country. They help you choose everything you need—from the tub to the cabinetry hardware—from their curated collection of products. Then, get this: They ship it all in one big crate to your home. No running from store to store to pick up each item. No stalling your contractor while you wait for that shower head or medicine cabinet to arrive.

When John Crowley, Bath Simple co-founder, visited our Des Moines office to explain his company’s concept, my colleagues and I thought it was a valuable service for people who want a well-designed bath without having to agonize over a multitude of choices. We were eager to share it with readers in a big way, so we worked with Bath Simple to create an inspiring example loaded with ideas. Check out the project below, which appears in the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens.



Here’s some advice from John on making any bath remodeling go smoothly:


1. Choose products that don’t have far to travel. A faucet shipped from Europe could delay your entire project.

2. Stick to the plan. A layout or product change could end up costing you time and money.

3. If you can only change one thing, replace the vanity. It’s easy and affordable, and will make a big impact style-wise.


Good luck with your bath updates!

- Kit Selzer, Senior Home Editor


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