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defining style


Whether you are a design professional, design enthusiast, or design novice we all have a sense of style. For some of us defining that sense of style may come more naturally than for others. Some of us have a very clear sense style that has stayed with us since we were very young. For others style is something that evolves and meanders as we grow and evolve throughout the course of our lives. Whether it is part of your defining essence or simply a representation of you at a moment in time, your style in many ways is your face to the world. More importantly your personal style says something about how you like to live.

defining style


When we take a moment to think about the things that make us happy and ultimately how we like to live we allow ourselves to be our truest selves. Feeling safe, inspired, relaxed, and ultimately your definition of awesome in your clothing, hair, home, etc. is absolutely essential to living our best life.

defining style


So that is the why as I see it – now on to the how. I do not believe any of us are one note creatures. We all have many things that will resonate with us and make us happy. There is just no need to pigeonhole yourself into one word like traditional or modern. You will find more truth in coining your own word or phrase that represents the many different facets of you! For example I define my personal style as simple, clean, fresh and chic. This is a really fun exercise to try. Go ahead, don’t be shy! It is amazing how considering this will make it easier to make design decisions.

defining style


Once you have your personal definition of your style you can use it to view everything through this lens. It will make it easier for you to avoid the sensory overload that happens when you have all those beautiful options in front of you on your next shopping trip. I invite you to consider and come up with your magic words or phrase. Close your eyes and think about your “happy place”. What does it look like? Smell like? What do you hear? What are you wearing? You’ll see the definition of your style will become pretty clear when you just think about what makes you happiest!

defining style


You don’t need a big, beautiful library (like the one shown in the movie, Beauty & The Beast) as a reason to strut a ladder in your home decor. Check out these stylish decorating ideas to see how you can repurpose ladders in more ways than one.



1. Design Sponge shows us how to give any old wooden ladder a chic makeover.



























2. Functional and practical, this Ladder Laundry Rack by Little Lucy Lu is one for the books!



3. Nightstands are overrated anyway! For a more unconventional look, take a peek at Funky Junk Interiors’ unique Stepladder Side Table.



4. If sliding ladders are more your thing, check out The Markerista‘s custom built-in ladder tutorial. Simply Stunning!!



5. Lights, Camera, Action! Spruce up your ladder with lights (no paint necessary)! Alex’s Closet shows us how it’s done.



Happy ladder hunting!



xx Madison


Say goodbye to summer in style by throwing a late-summer soiree. Think about it: One last chance to show off your tan and catch up on some much-needed girl time before the temperature drops and the kids go back to school. Let’s get this party (pardon me, soiree) started, shall we?


First thing’s first. Decor. Decorations are a key component to throwing a successful summer soiree. Summer-inspired centerpieces, floral decor, colorful tabletops and elegant place settings will set your soiree apart from other sunny season extravaganzas. I’ve put together 10 easy decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


1. I’m officially in LOVE with these DIY Oversized Tissue Paper Flowers from A Blissful Nest. They’re beautiful, dramatic and oh-so-chic!



2. Check out Making Home Base‘s  Citrus Stamped Tea Towels for a quick, colorful and cheap update to any white linen.



3. Songbird‘s Easy Summer Arrangement is a refreshing take on a classic centerpiece.



4. How stunning are these DIY String Chandeliers by Ruffled?! With balloons, glue and twine you can make these beauties yourself.



5. Dessert anyone? Let your candy creations shine with a DIY Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop. See Project Nursery for step-by-step instructions.



6. Stylize your dishware with Sugar and Cloth‘s DIY Pineapple Plates tutorial.



7. Instead of flowers, opt for a succulent/cactus centerpiece. Add a burst of color to your table with these DIY Gold Dipped Plant Pots from The Style House.



8. Add instant fragrance to drinks with Petal Ice Cubes courtesy of Express – O.



9. I didn’t know this was possible! DIY Decoupage Palm Frond Balloons ?! Get the deets at Balloon Time.


photos courtesy of Studio DIY


10. Fruit made pretty! 100 Layer Cake does a Spray-Painted Pineapple Centerpiece flawlessly.



Happy Summer!


xx madison

Patterned accessories for entertaining


Summer is in full swing. There are many lovely long summer nights filled with cocktails and good company still ahead. In that spirit these are some of my favorite finds for infusing a little pattern into your summer celebrations. I love these pieces because they can fit so well into your existing accessories. Something as simple as a pretty patterned pitcher like this one found on Waiting On Martha is the perfect way to add a festive feeling to you table while also creating layering, depth and interest. When you are ready to take the party outside and play en plein air (as you should every single minute you can!) this blue and white picnic blanket is the perfect patterned base for creating colorful memories. Bonus – it is waterproof! I just love how simple touches of pattern can really transform the look and feel of your space. Playing with pattern in these small doses with fun accessories is a great way to experiment with low commitment.

Patterned accessories for fall


On the flip side of the coin – maybe your are the planner. For you the Fourth marks the time to start planning for fall! It is hard not to get into the swing of things really with all those yummy cozy fall floor sets are landing at all your favorite furniture retailers. If you are in this camp, here are a few patterned delights to get you inspired for the golden fall days ahead. First of all, can we talk about this lamp? This is just pure sassy chic fun! It would be the cherry on top in a dressing room, or a fun femenine desk. I can see this little charmer moving around the house from vignette to vignette for years to come.

Throw pillow are always the instant go to for changing things up from season to season. Consider thinking this way about rugs as well. They are a fantastic way to infuse great color and pattern into your space especially if you have kept your investment pieces (like your sofa and chairs) neutral. Check out places like Joss and Main,, and Hayneedle to find great options at affordable pricing.

It seems fitting that a post about how to wear florals would happen in the spring. So this week I rounded up some of my favorite flowery looks for you to indulge in this year! Read on to see how you can find the perfect outfit inspiration to have you looking fabulous all season long.


For a bold look, floral pants bring big patterns and bright colors to the table. I love this look I found on Work Outfits–it just goes to show that a little bit of fabulous flower goes a long way!



For a more eye-catching ensemble, this yellow floral dress from Merrick’s Art takes the cake. I love the print, and pairing it with stripes not only pulls the outfit together, it opens up a world of possibilities for you to experiment with!



Statement necklaces and flowery blouses are a match made in heaven. Anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong. I love the look of this eccentric spring outfit from Pop Of Style!



If you appreciate a more subtle approach to spring fashion, this floral embroidered dress from Class Is Internal may be more your speed. Elegant, sophisticated and delicate, this dress is perfect for a day on the town.



And lastly, because I love any outfit that even slightly reminds me of a hippie, take a look at this high-waisted floral beauty from A House In The Hills. What I wouldn’t give to be able to pull of those pants! Those of you with long legs–just know, the rest of us are so very jealous.



And there you have it. If you have any floral photos to share with me, I’d love to see them!


Have a wonderful week, Style Spotters!


Happy Valentine’s Day (a day early)! If you’re like me, you’ve already spent way too much time thinking about what you want to wear for your special night–as well as the thought that red is really not your color. But I’m here to prove you wrong! I’ve rounded up a list of some outstanding outfits that all revolve around bold reds!


Every woman needs a good blazer. Dress up a casual outfit with a bright red blazer like this one on Wendy’s Lookbook for a look that grabs the attention of everyone nearby. Wear along with a cute pair of pumps and some dark skinny jeans and you’ll be looking stunning all night long.



I like the simplicity of this red top I spotted on Lunchpails and Lipstick. This statement shirt is the perfect piece for the women out there who need a little less complication in their lives. Plus side: you’ll look gorgeous.



I love this red skirt on Pink Peonies. Find a matching hue of red lipstick and you’re in business. The best part about this flawless ensemble? It’ll go with almost any top you already have in your closet!



Already have your Valentine’s Day outfit picked out but looking to add a cute twist? These heart elbow patches I found scrolling through A Southern Drawl take this sweater from great to glamorous! And that tulle skirt? Adorable.



And lastly, red and pink are BFFs in the color world. While two bright colors might seem intimidating, don’t be scared off! This cute outfit on Gal Meets Glam takes the best of both worlds and puts them into one fabulous outfit! You’ll look amazing, don’t worry.



Have a happy happy Valentine’s Day, Style Spotters! Whether you’re out with you sweetie or rocking it with your girlfriends for a fun night on the town, look amazing doing it!


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