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Welcome to September! I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color, the days to get chillier, and the return of jackets and leg warmers and mittens! It’s been far too hot for my taste these past several months, and I’m so excited we’re finally in the home stretch. Among many other things, fall is the beginning of the holiday season. Use these clever tips and tricks to get your home ready for all of those holiday visitors!


Entryways are one of the rooms that most often get overlooked. Nalle’s House adds a spunky spin to their entryway with an unconventional design approach! I can’t even tell you how much I love that wallpaper. Guests will be amazed as soon as they step foot into your home!



If you’re impressed with that, take a look at this bathroom revamp by A Beautiful Mess. An easy-to-create geometric stencil, a few paintbrushes and some of your favorite paint colors are all you need to transform any room in your house into a visual hotspot.



I am absolutely amazed by these LED Mason Jar lights I spotted on Sarah Hearts. Add a hand-spun twist to your home with this chandelier that is guaranteed to impress! Imagine how perfect that would look in any high-ceiling entry way–your guests would be rooted to the spot!



Eating a meal with your family and friends is often times one of the most memorable experiences people have together. These fall-themed painted burlap place settings from A Night Owl will be perfect for any upcoming family get-together.



And lastly, I love the delicate homemade feel of these DIY teacup candles from Hey Gorgeous. Whether you take a trip to your local dollar store or use old cups lying around the house, the handmade touch of these cuties will soften any space in your home, just in time for the holidays.



Until next time! Have a wonderful week!



My new apartment was all white when I moved in. It was lovely at first and my bedroom, in particular, had a light, airy feeling. And then it got boring. After the thrill of moving into a new space wore off, I realized that my bedroom was TOO light and had no definition. It didn’t feel grounded and stylish either. It needed some color!


However, rather than paint all the walls, and inspired by some very dark walls I had seen on European blogs, I decided to do something new: go very dark with one bold color behind my bed. I wanted it to be so dark that it would dramatically set off the headboard and calm the room right down. I wanted my bright, soft bed to seem like the center of a cozy nest so that I would draw me to bed (and perhaps I wouldn’t stay up so late). And I would leave the other walls as is.

I tried some swatches of color on the wall over a few weeks and found myself tip toeing into darker and darker tones. If I was going to do this, I didn’t want to do it half way. I finally settled on a deep aubergine color from Farrow & Ball called Brassica. I bought one gallon of it in a matte finish and painted it in three coats. It was dark.

I replaced my headboard, bed and side tables. I made my bed. I turned on the bedside lights and smiled. It was dark, warm, softly dramatic and lovely. For the first time in my life I’d added a really dark color to a wall in my home and it was not scary. It was a thrill.


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