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DIY-ify: Painting with Bleach

Painting with Bleach Lampshade and Napkins DIY //
Last week I decided to try painting with bleach. Instead of adding color with paint, I’m taking it away. I have to say this was a fun experiment. You don’t really know how it’s going to turn out until everything is all washed and dry. It’s inexpensive and you can try it on most cotton fabrics! I painted on napkins and lampshades for my first attempt. Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the directions below.
  • Clorox Bleach Pen
  • old paintbrush
  • solid color cotton fabric napkins and/or a lampshade
  • gloves
  • goggles
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
In a well ventilated area: put on your gloves, goggles, and apron (I did all this outside). Open the Clorox Bleach Pen and squirt some of the bleach into a jar.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
Dip your paintbrush into the bleach and brush a small horizontal line onto the fabric and/or lampshade. You can do little short lines, or long lines. Create a little pattern with the lines. Don’t worry if the design isn’t perfect, freehand painting this project will give it charm. Though, if you’d prefer, you can always use a washable fabric pencil and ruler to mark where you want the lines to go.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
Let the bleach sit on the fabric until you start to see the fabric turning white. Mine sat for about 3 hours.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
Napkins: Wash and dry the napkins (separate from any clothes) before using.
Lampshade: Rinse off the bleach in the sink and let dry completely before using.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
You are done. Feel free to get creative with your designs! You don’t have to brush the bleach on with a paintbrush, instead you can use the tip of the Clorox Bleach brush to make a neat design. Polka dots, lines, and swirls. Maybe some flowers? Words? You can paint with bleach on most cotton items. Blankets, placemats, pillowcases, clothes… etc. Have fun!
- Chelsey, The Paper Mama
P.S. if you try any of my projects, I’d love to know! You can share a photo in the comments below, or tag me in a photo on Instagram. My username is: @thepapermama

Khristian A. Howell

Give Your Rental Some Pattern Love

Living in a rental home has long been a standard of living for many who reside in large metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. More and more people are now increasingly making rental living a way of life.  No matter if you rent or own you home, it is your sanctuary and should be comfortable and a reflection of you.  Adding a little color and pattern to your space will instantly give your dwelling a lift and the jolt of personality it needs. Don’t shy away from picking up a few patterned investment pieces that are specific to your space.  Thankfully there are also many great removable products out there to help transform your space from boring builder grade white to patterned perfection!


You can always make a bold patterned statement with area rugs.  These are actually Flor tiles pictured.  I love using Flor tiles! They are durable and you can always resize and re-purpose them in your next space.


Accessories like fun patterned shower curtains and towels are an instant inexpensive way to give a tired bathroom some personality.


Removable wallcoverings have come a long long way!  There are loads of amazing patterned options out there like this fun zebra print perfect for a kid’s room.


A patterned headboard is always a win  This is an easy project you can do in a weekend and it is 100% customizable!  Just pick a pattern you love and go for it!


Be bold and take your pattern play up a notch by mixing in a great textile for your bedding.  Even if the wall behind the bed were a standard rental white this room would still be high impact.


Removable wallpapers are good for more than just the walls.   Think playing up a drab furniture piece or embellishing closet doors.  There are endless ways to play!


Dots and gold??  Yes, please!  This is such an easy way to give your wall some life in your rental.  Easy to apply and easy to remove – this is an instant patterned face lift for any space.


How fun are these decals for tile?  Good bye terrible back splash.  Hello patterned goodness!


Window treatments are always a good investment.  Find a fabric you love and work with a local seamstress to really finish off your space.  Hint: There are many talented and affordable options on Etsy!

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Jennifer OBrien

15 Fabulous Ideas To Give Your Walls Instant Vintage Charm

Every year come early spring {after a long winter of being cooped up inside} I am so ready to hit any outdoor sale that will yield amazing vintage finds. It is so much fun to comb through years of history to discover a piece or 2 that you fancy & feel connected to. This summer I began bringing my 9 year old with me, who already has a well defined love of history. He has become my little sidekick and it has been incredibly exciting to unearth really cool old things together. The hunt & capture is the fun part, often there is an uncertainty of where to put these treasures when you get them home. The thing I adore about vintage styling is that there are no real rules just ways to find balance. So here are 15 fabulous ideas to incorporate vintage items to your walls that will give them instant charm…..

15 Fabulous ideas to give your walls vintage charm-BHG Style Spotters

1. Mix & match different genres of art with texture

BHG-Adding vintage charm to an office space


2. Use unexpected pieces as a focal point

My Fabulous Life-Vintage Printers Tray & Art


3. Layer vintage maps to add visual interest

Adding Vintage Maps to Give Interest to the Walls-the Inspired Room{via}

4. Use weathered materials to give that one of a kind look

Barn Door Headboard Guest House Photos via Knick of Time


5. Frame large vintage maps or documents

Better Homes & Gardens Geography Lesson-using vintage maps to decorate


6. Layer vintage & traditional forms of art

BHG Vintage Charm


7. Mix vintage with modern art

Casey DeBois's New York City Apartment Tour #theeverygirl


8. Use a variety of vintage items to tell a story

Finding Home Cottage-Walls Layered in Vintage Details{via}

9. Add an instrument & other vintage items to create a unique gallery wall Jeanne Oliver Vintage Hallway Wall Gallery{via}

10. Bring vintage details into to your kitchen shelving & walls

The White Buffalo Styling Co.-Love the vintage details in kitchen


11. Mix a variety of the same genre of art to bring continuity

Vintage Oil Paintings Line the Walls of This Cute Kitchen Nook-BHG{BHG}

12. Use salvaged items to bring character to your walls

BHG add salvaged pieces {BHG}

13. Add simple shelving to display vintage collections

BHG-add rustic shelves & layer vintage details


14. Timeworn photos in a grouping adds a ton of visual curiosity.BHG-add vintage photos


15. Balance your vintage gallery wall with similar frame tones

BHG- adding vintage oil paintings


Happy treasure hunting!

Jen-City Farmhouse

Michael Wurm, Jr.

From My Home To Yours: Chandeliers

When it comes to decorating or redesigning a room in my house, one of my favorite things to choose for the space is the ceiling light. From chandeliers to pendants, I’m constantly searching for gorgeous light fixtures. Each season all of my favorite stores seem to come out with new fixtures, and they are one of the first things I check out when a new line is launched.

I decided to focus on light fixtures today because I’m on the hunt for a fabulous new chandelier for my master bedroom. I’m working on a little redesign project and need the perfect piece to make the room come together. In my opinion, a light fixture can really make or break a space.

After finding lots of beautiful fixtures for other rooms in my home, the pressure is on to come up with something equally wonderful for my bedroom. Here are some of my current favorites. And, if you’re following along with my bedroom makeover, you may just see one of these fixtures show up in my space.

Which of these chandeliers do you love the most? What’s your favorite home decor item to shop for?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 8.1

Wait a minute. I blinked and it was August. WHAT? I hope the summer has been nothing short of spectacular so far! I’ve said several times that I love love LOVE bright colors, so today I thought I’d share with y’all some of the cutest, most colorful stuff I found on the internet this week (a major job perk here at BHG–I so enjoy being able to browse gorgeous blogs and photos every day).


Adding color to your life isn’t as hard as you think. Transform a regular glass vase into a textured, eye-catching centerpiece for family and friends to adore with this beaded candle holder and vase DIY from Homey Oh My!



All it takes is some gold paint and 10 minutes to transform these porcelain spoons from Sarah Hearts into glamorous additions for the kitchen. Sweet tablecloth sold separately.



I’m obsessed with this painted glass tabletop from Design Sponge. What a playful way to perk up a coffee or kitchen table! Plus, succulents are always trendy.



For those of us whose glass table DIY-ing skills aren’t quite up to par, try your luck at making a modern coat rack like this one from Brit + Co. After you build it, you’ll obviously need to go but a new coat or hat to try it out with.



And for the next kids’ party you’re planning, check out these adorable mini cactus piñatas from Oh Happy Day. Definitely wishing I was young enough to still request piñatas for my birthday parties…



Have a great weekend, Style Spotters!



Jen Jones

Organize This: Back To School Teen Study Space

Trend:  Romantic Grunge

It is time to start thinking school-like thoughts again and romantic grunge is popping up everywhere!  Florals, plaids and whimsey prints paired with dark neutrals, worn leather and edgy elements create this fresh back to school look.

With school days lingering in the near future, it is time to design an organized study space to set your teen up for success!  Here are a few simple tips to putting together a dedicated work zone that will keep your teen organized throughout the entire school year.



Consider using a desk that offers enough surface space to double as a vanity for hair and makeup in the morning, and study sessions in the evening.  Add storage that will accommodate both functions separately; such as a cart of drawers below for beauty supplies and drawers and organizers above for office accessories.




Let’s face it, teens don’t always do homework at their desk (sometimes the bed or couch is more appealing), so keep favorite writing supplies and homework tools within portable zippered pouches.  This keeps small items corralled within a backpack at school and ensures your child is ready to do homework no matter where they land.



When it comes to organizing supplies at the desk, shop the home everyday items that can double as free storage.  The kitchen is typically a jackpot of storage solutions, everything from leftover food packaging to muffin tins and mugs can be utilized to corral paperclips, stamps, erasers and pushpins.




Place a memo board nearby to offer your teen a place to pin up important notes, photographs and homework.  The visual reminder will ensure that important details, dates and papers are not missed during busy mornings and sports seasons.




Add decorative hooks near the workspace to hang backpacks, handbags, hats, umbrellas and lunch totes.  Keeping all school related items near the desk will create efficiency during study time and in the morning when heading off to class.




A simple wall pocket is another workspace storage solution that will ease the daily school routine.  Fill the pockets with the items your child uses on a daily basis, such as jewelry, lotions, journals, lip balm, etc…  By keeping favorite daily necessities corralled in a single location it reduces the risk of rummaging through drawers and slowing one down.


Additional quick tips:

  • Assign each class subject a specific color to use for organizing folders/notebooks.
  • Find a good wall calendar or portable planner to keep track of important dates and deadlines for tests and extra curricular activities.
  • Invest in a good task lamp to take care of the eyes during late night study sessions.
  • A good set of headphones works great in reducing noisy distractions.
  • With technology being front and center in our daily lives, take advantage of the different organizational applications available on the market.
  • Attach a USB drive to a keyring or clip it to a backpack to ensure that important data being transferred from school to home is never misplaced.


{ wallpaper / document box / task lamp / accessory box / laptop tray / bicycle / smartphone case / backpack / magazine file / caddy / notebooks / washi tape / label holders / desk / tablet sleeve }