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It’s wintertime and that means it can be hard to get the kids outside to play. This also means a lot more time spent indoors with bored children. Skip the boredom and bring gardening inside by making terrariums! It’s surprisingly easy to do, and your kids will have fun decorating their own mini indoor gardens.

What you will need:

  • something to lay down over your table (kids are messy)
  • a container to serve asthe terrarium (mine are from Michaels)
  • small rocks
  • activated charcoal
  • cactus and succulent soil
  • succulents or cacti
  • any fun decorations your child wants to put in their mini terrarium garden
  • a spoon and/or chopsticks

What to do:

Step 1: Lay down something over your table to make cleanup easier. Kids can get messy and dirt will probably spill.

Step 2: Pour a layer of pebbles onto the bottom of the terrarium. This will act as the drainage layer.

Step 3: Sprinkle a layer of activated charcoal over the pebbles. The charcoal will keep water fresh and prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria.

Step 4: Add a layer of potting soil. I like to use a special soil that’s meant for succulents and cacti. You can find this soil at most gardening stores.

Step 5: Plant the plants in the terrarium! If you have cacti, you might need to help your kiddo so they don’t poke themselves.

Step 6: This is my daughter’s favorite part. It’s time to add decorations! I recommend using chopsticks to put in your decorations so you don’t hurt the plants. I added white rocks with a little spoon. Note: All decorative items should be waterproof (rocks, glass, plastic, etc).

Step 7: You are done! The great thing about succulents and cacti is they require minimal attention. Just keep them in the same spot in your home and water occasionally. Usually your plants will come with watering directions, or you can ask the garden store you bought them from. We bought ours from Pistils, a very cute garden store (and a favorite of mine) here in Portland.

We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

You learn a lot about beauty by practicing, but what’s the next best way to become a cosmetics pro? Reading about beauty. Whether you’re searching for makeup and skincare advice, hairstyle ideas, or just want a good read, check out our favorite beauty books written by professionals.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a makeup mogul, and this book demonstrates her 25+ years of expertise in the world of costmetics. Whether you’re a makeup newbie learning how to apply eyeliner or you’re a professional looking for tips for making a portfolio, Bobbi has answers.

Homemade Beauty by Annie Strole

Add this one to your cookbook collection: Your skin, hair, and body will look (and feel!) beautiful with the help of ingredients found right in your kitchen. All-natural recipes in this beauty book include a strawberry teeth whitener and lemongrass bug repellent.

Make Up by Michelle Phan

YouTube superstar Michelle Phan is known for her extraordinary costume makeup artistry, but her practical makeup advice is on point as well. Michelle has compiled her makeup wisdom with entrepreneurial advice into a book for her fans to enjoy.

The New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith

Whether you’re heading to the grocery store or walking down the aisle, this braid bible has you covered. Everything from fishtails to buns to crown braid hairstyles is taught in this book, and with a little practice you’ll nail each one in no time.

The Makeup of a Confident Woman by Trish McEvoy 

Go beyond step-by-step makeup lessons with a book that shows you how to find beauty from the inside, teaching the importance of self-positivity. This feel-good book will be released in February, so pre-order your copy now!

The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho

If you’re looking to introduce yourself to Korean skincare but don’t know where to start, this book is for you. Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam gives endless tips on Korean-approved skincare techniques, products she can’t live without, and step-by-step tutorials for your best skin ever.

Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese

Red lipstick, blue-black hair dye, a powdered face: Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese has left her mark on the world of fashion and beauty, and we can’t look away. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of eccentric glamour into your everyday life and learn more about Dita’s fashion, beauty, and health advice.

About Face by Scott Barnes

Have you ever wondered how J-Lo gets that beautiful, golden glow? Celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes can be held accountable. This book is brimming with before-and-after makeup transformations thanks to the help of Scott’s talented hand.

Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown

Another Bobbi Brown volume, this eye-focused book demonstrates everything from creating a showstopping eye look to wearing makeup with glasses. The hardcover is pretty enough for your coffee table!

Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur with Marian Cohn

Ayurvedic skincare is the principle that how your skin looks on the outside directly reflects everything that happens on the inside of your body. Pratima isn’t talking about just food, either — she demonstrates that the way we breathe, think, and express emotions has a direct effect on how we look. Pick this one up if you’re looking to find inner harmony.

It’s a new year, and with the holidays behind us now, most of the decor is put away. Everybody has organization on the brain and I’ve started mentally planning out a few projects I want to tackle over the next few months. Sometimes the itch comes along for something new — a new piece of furniture, a new style, or maybe an entirely new house(!). And frankly, that isn’t the best feeling, is it? It’s easy to let discontentment start to simmer when the Internet and bookstores are full of images of perfect spaces. I completely understand the feeling of being tired or uninspired by your current space and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a fresh outlook! So what’s a budget-conscious girl to do? Time to get creative, my friend.


Colorful Christmas tree; white Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

Rearranging is my favorite way to get an entirely new look without spending a dime. Try your existing furniture in different configurations or in different rooms. In our house, I pulled a vintage wing chair into the dining room as a dramatic head-of-the-table focal point, and I love the visual impact it makes. I especially love the idea of breathing new life into unused corners of your home. Make a library out of your never-used dining room or put a desk in the window of your formal living room.



Time to get ruthless with the junk. No less than four bags full of toys and clothes that no longer fit my kiddos went away to Goodwill before Christmas, but it feels like we might need another little purge again soon. Get two trash bags in hand and ruthlessly purge. Trash goes in one bag and donations go into the other. If you lose momentum before you can get those bags of donations dropped off, check in your community to see if any charities offer donation pick-up services. Busy moms will especially appreciate being able to schedule it online.


Hudson Bay Point blanket - Navy blue bedroom at Carlton Landing - lake house master bedroom -

Want a fresh new spin on your current space without a huge financial investment? Paint is your new BFF. Over the holidays, I painted our lake house’s master bedroom a deep, rich navy blue and it immediately felt like a new room without having to change a single piece of furniture. Paint is inexpensive and simple, plus it’s a great way to test out a trend without committing to new upholstery. Sample a few different colors before choosing a hue; try something moody and dark like a masculine hunter green, or go soft and soothing with a pale blush.


Sometimes it’s fun to see how other people would live in your space. Invite a friend whose style you admire over to have coffee and get a fresh pair of eyeballs on your least favorite room. What would he or she do differently? Maybe there’s a solution lurking that you hadn’t yet thought about. I’ve really enjoyed hearing other creative friends’ perspectives on how they would use a room and there’s usually a new idea to take away.

Happy New Year! Hop over and tell me in the comments what you do to give your space a new look on a budget!

As temperatures drop, snow is on the minds of those of us in colder climates. It can decrease visibility, shut down roads, and keep kids home from school. When that happens, they’re inside all day long. But don’t panic! We’ve rounded up a list of snow day crafts and activities to keep them from going stir-crazy and keep you from losing your sanity.

1. Easy Tissue Transfer Art

Easy art doesn’t always equal beautiful art, but this project is definitely an exception. Using just water, canvas, and colored tissue paper, Autumn’s 5-year-old daughter made this art piece all by herself. Your kids can do the same too; see how it’s done over at her blog.

Tissue transfer art is not only gorgeous, it's totally easy enough for kids to make! Fun kid's art project - perfect indoor activity for rainy days.

Image Via: It’s Always Autumn

2. Peg Doll Templates

The creatives behind Mr. Printables have some great FREE templates you can download for your kids. A great (and inexpensive) snow day craft, this cute snowscape comes with templates for people, trees, and critters; you can make it all out of cardboard! After crafting, your children can play with these fun creations or set them in a special place to display.

Image Via: Mr. Printables

3. String Art for Kids

String art has been steadily growing in popularity, but kids with nails and hammers isn’t always the best idea! Blogger mom Sarah came up with an awesome, kid-friendly way to create string art designs. Canvas and thumbtacks work just as well as wood and nails. Help your child align his or her desired shape then let them do the rest!

Image Via: Repeat Crafter Me

4. Ultimate DIY Fort

Building a fort was the stuff of dreams when I was a kid! Alida, the creator of The Realistic Mama, gathered a list of her 15 favorite forts from around the Internet. They all have varying scales of difficulty, so leave the decision up to the ambitions of your children.

Image Via: The Realistic Mama

5. Snowflake Snack

The perfect treat on a snow day? A cinnamon-sugar snowflake! Happy Hooligans blogger Jackie shows us how to make her favorite wintry treat. Your kids will have a blast folding and cutting tortilla shells into beautiful snowflake creations. See the tutorial here!

Image Via: Happy Hooligans

6. Snow Day Movie Marathon

After a sweet treat, settle in for a movie marathon. Reel Mama, Lauren, gathered up a list of her favorite movies to watch with her children when the snow blows outside. She gives a brief description of each movie as well as where you can stream or order it online. Perhaps the kids can watch these from inside their fort!

Image Via: Reel Mama

7. Build a City

This is a great activity for those who have building toys. Simply line the floor with painters tape — you can do it like blogger Amanda did, so that all your streets and blocks are square, or you can create a city with curves and diagonals. Once you’ve lined up your city, let your kids go to work building the entire town. Check out how it’s done here!

Image Via: Dirt and Boogers

8. DIY Sparkle Slime

Amy Mascott pulled out all the stops on finding things for her children to do on a snowy  day. She showed her kids how to make homemade sparkle slime — and they loved it! She has a video, some great pictures, and a tutorial for creating your own snow day slime.

Image Via: Teach Mama

A snow day is a gift to your kids, and, now, you too! What project are you going to tackle? Do you have a favorite thing to do on a snow day? Let me know!

Until then,



Why settle for an overcrowded fridge when you can stylishly show off your kids’ artwork with these cool new ideas? Decorate your walls in modern style, top your coffee table with a curated collection of your little ones’ works, or try one of these other innovative ideas.

Inspired Art Gallery

Kids’ art is usually pretty colorful, so if you’re wanting to create a gallery wall of their creations, consider using a neutral wall color. Then incorporate a few pops of color throughout the room, making sure they coordinate with the pieces displayed.

Via Sawyer | Berson

Curate and Condense 

Photobooks are becoming super popular for family photo albums, but they can also be used as a fun way to curate a collection of your little one’s art. Bonus: photographing artwork means you won’t feel bad about not saving EVERY picture your kid draws (your cabinets can only hold so much)! Plus, you’ll have a cute way to look back at how your child and their art have grown over the years.

Via Paislee Press

Artistic Collaborations

Do you love to make art as much as your child does? Then consider a collaboration! I love the way this mother works with her daughter to create one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase both of their artistic styles.

Via The Mischievous Mommy

Soft Side

Doesn’t every child dream of making his or her artwork come to life? These plush creations based on children’s artwork may not actually be alive, of course, but how awesome would it be to have a beloved drawing become a favorite toy?

Via Child’s Own

Combining Portraiture and Art

If you have some basic Photoshop skills (or have a friend who does) this tutorial is an amazing way to create a beautiful picture of your child adding their artwork to the world in a magical way. I’m obsessed with how the creative spirit of this little girl is captured in such a unique way by combining her portrait with one of her works of art!

Via Ali Brown Studios

There are many innovative ways to display your kids’ artwork, and it is so lovely to add that personal touch to your home. For more fun ideas, look here, here, and here. I dare you to be as creative as the little artists in your life!

I am currently in the midst of a room makeover; we are turning my dining room into a den. I debated about this switch-up quite a bit, but in the end I wanted our home to feel more purposeful throughout the year and not just on special occasions. The design plan for this room was heavily rooted in my desire to use THIS piece. You see, I have had a little crush on midcentury-modern furnishings since finding the console below for just $10 at a thrift store. It was an old stereo from the early 1950s that I turned into a sideboard. I loved the lines, the length, and the structural integrity of it, and for the price I couldn’t pass it up. I think everyone in my family thought I was crazy, with the exception of my husband — he knows me so well. After cleaning it up, taking out the mechanics, and painting it, it turned out to be the best purchase I have ever made for our home.



Since this bargain of the century, I have had a thing for midcentury sideboards. Honestly the length is perfect for any space: the bedroom, family room, nursery, and even bathroom. And its emphasis on simplicity makes it a great piece to mix with other styles. For these reasons and many more, I am obsessed! Here are 10 amazing looks for the midcentury-modern sideboard.

Soft Elegance: This midcentury stunner makes for the prettiest little changing table and gives an edge to this soft and elegance space. The sleek lines and warm caramel hue complements the neutrals tones and patterns quite well.

Lay Baby Lay Nursery & Mid-Century Sideboard


Clean & Simple: Another great use for this versatile piece is a bedroom dresser. Set against crisp white walls, the unique shape becomes a standout. Decorated with a simple but large bamboo mirror, this sideboard makes a beautiful statement without cluttering the walls.

Emily Henderson- Mid-Century Modern Sideboard


Artsy & Collected: Bringing in art to make your sideboard feel complete is always a great option. Art can inspire a color palette and lend interest to your vertical space.

Mid-Century Modern Sideboard Emily Henderson


Cultural Influence: Adding function to your family spaces doesn’t always have to mean incorporating a media center. The sideboard can be a great place to showcase art from your travels and cultural experiences.

Home Polish-Mid-Century Modern Sideboard


Soft & Neutral: Peace and tranquility is often what we hope to achieve in the bedroom. Using cozy textures and neutrals with a midcentury-modern piece creates a beautiful balance that promotes rest and gives a minimalistic sensibility.

Home Polish-Mid-Century Modern Sideboard


Modern Mix: You’ve gotta love a good mix of styles, art, color, shapes and patterns that feels intentional and fresh in a space. Blending modern circular shapes like this gold mirror and vases adds a beautiful contrast with this one-of-a-kind linear piece.

House of Hipsters-Mid-Century Modern Sideboard


Eclectic & Edgy: Mixing art above any bold statement piece makes for a fantastic focal point. Creating a gallery wall is a great use of vertical space and makes a sideboard feel current and on-trend.



Refined Boho: Minimalistic, simple, and so chic. Sometimes less can be more: add a pop of color and pattern on the floor and you have a sensible and stylish space that is livable and gorgeous.

Amber Interiors-Mid-Century Modern Sideboard


Glamour Redefined: And sometimes more is more. Making your space reflect your personal style is key; mixing styles and textures can be a bold move but the payoff is huge.



Relaxed Scandinavian: Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? I could use more of this in my life for sure! Again, blending styles in a minimalist way with an emphasis on texture and neutrals will always be a desired look.



Happy decorating!

Jen-City Farmhouse

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