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Trends are a funny thing; they come and go but sometimes they tend to linger just a bit too long. We saw it happen a few years back with chevron, a classic pattern in its own right. So I thought I’d ask a few of my designer friends what trends they hope will hit the road in 2017 or at least take a break for a few years.


City Farmhouse blogger Jennifer O’Brien suggests that the typography sign trend is probably going to stick around in 2017 but that we’ll see them used more sparingly and in a more urban, intentional way. “Organically weathered with patina? Absolutely,” she said. “But chippy paint is a big no.”


juju hat

The Juju hat with its big, fluffy, and frequently colorful feathers is an African symbol of prosperity and has been a major trend throughout the past few years. They’ve popped up everywhere from entryways to bedrooms, but designer Amanda Gates is ready to bid them adieu. “They’re everywhere in Nashville,” said Amanda Gates. “I want them gone!”

Instead, check out textured prints of bird feathers to bring in the color and texture of the Juju hat but in a new way.


A fun and sometimes functional trend for the past decade, chalkboard paint has now overtaken everything from walls to doors to furniture. I’m ready to see this particular trend fade out for awhile, plus the dust from all that chalk surely won’t be missed.

Oh Happy Day

Instead, why not try a modern acrylic wall calendar? Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day created a chic DIY office calendar.


One thing that all the designers could agree on was the macrame trend. “There are so many things that are better than a macrame plant holder or lampshade,” says Lisa Mende. “As much as I love using plants in home decor, I would be happy to see anything macrame for home decor disappear in 2017.”

Knitted plant holderGrey living room

Instead, natural textures can be used in a myriad of ways, from chunky knit throws to burlap and other natural fabric window treatments.


I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree! And as always, trends linger longer in certain parts of the country. I for one hope we never see the end of vintage furniture being repurposed in new ways as well as anything Palm Beach inspired. Jana Bek agrees: “I will always love brass, lucite and palm trees!” Comment away – what are you sick of? What do you want to hang on to forever?

It has been surfacing on social media for some time now. So why is everyone using chalk paint? Not having to prep or prime your surface (beyond cleaning or smoothing out peeling surfaces) is a major bonus. We’ve gathered a sample of furniture projects and a sweet DIY chalk paint guide for you to see for yourself why the paint is so popular.

1. Chalk Paint Piano

Leigh Anne inherited this piano when she and her husband purchased their family home in 1986. Once her children grew up, it no longer served as much purpose and became a dark spot in her living room. A fun chalk paint update was just the cure! The piano is now a statement piece everyone can gather around during the holidays. See how she did it over at her blog, Your Home Based Mom.


Image Via: Your Home Based Mom

2. Vintage Buffet

Pairing a vintage mirror and buffet table is a fun project in itself, but Beth took it one step further with a quick sanding and an application of chalk paint. In her tutorial, Beth adds the optional step of glazing. If you’re looking to add more dimension to your work, you don’t want to skip this step!

Gray painted buffet

Image Via: Home Stories A to Z

3. Baroque Makeover
This once sun-bleached writing desk achieved new life! Metallic gold accents and fiery red chalk paint work together to master this shiny/matte combination. Clear and dark wax finishes highlight the smooth surface. Stephanie’s review of the Southside Furniture Revival revival is witty and full of helpful hints.

Image Via: Furniture Flippin

4. Perfect Patina

With an original plan for a more nautical look, Nancy was inspired by a metallic furniture challenge and decided on a chalk paint and gold finish look instead. Head over to her blog Artsy Chicks Rule for the full tutorial. She explains how to overcome the struggles of painting with metallics, the process for her patinaed hardware, and the easy nature of painting with turquoise chalk paint.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Angle Shot - #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Image Via: Artsy Chicks Rule

5. Distressed Fridge

There’s a lot of things we like about this fridge. It’s integrated, it delivers ice without opening the door, and it’s distressed with chalk paint. Chalkboard Fridge has an awesome tutorial on how to do this and similar projects. Learn how to make door panels, the distressed paint technique, and tricks for dry brushing.

Distress-Painted Fridge: How to Distress Paint

Image Via: Chalkboard Fridge

6. Custom Velvet Color

This pair of Victorian chairs started out with pale-green velvet. The cushions were in great condition, so rather than reupholstering them, Amy of Maison Decor decided to give the seats a chalk paint update. Tip: Multiple light layers of paint are better than a few heavy ones. Because of velvet’s nap, a light sanding needs to be done between each coat. When all the coats are dry, be sure to finish the project with a light waxing. It will leave the surface feeling like leather and looking like new!

Image Via: Maison Decor

7. Hitchhiking Headboard

Heather picked up this hitchhiking bed frame from the side of the road and got to work on a fun DIY project. She redid the cutout on the headboard and fixed a few other minor repairs. A few coats of green chalk paint, a layer of wax, and a good sanding led to this beautifully distressed bed frame. Check out how she did it here!

DIY chalk paint poster bed makeover from

Image Via: The Heathered Nest

8. Techniques for Carved Surfaces

Paint and Pattern blogger Melanie Royals wrote a fab tutorial on four different ways to chalk paint those fancy carved surfaces on you vintage furniture. She’ll teach you how to dry brush, sandpaper distress, gold leaf, and highlight with metallic creams. Added bonus: Melanie has two pages worth of chalk paint color recipes. Check out Part 1 and Part 2!

Image Via: Paint and Pattern

9. DIY Paint Recipes

If you’ve made it this far in the post, it’s clear you’re interested in chalk paint projects. But perhaps you’re sitting like me thinking, “I’ve already got so much paint at home! Now I have to buy another?” Honest answer? No, you don’t. You can still achieve a similar look with the paint you already have plus a few additional ingredients you might have laying around! Salvaged Inspirations creator Denise gathered the most popular DIY chalk paint recipes and gave them all a try. See her four favorites — and how to make them — here!

Image Via: Salvaged Inspirations

The stylish, matte finish of chalk paint is calling, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s not too late to get in on the hot trend. Do a furniture flip, or even coat small decor items with chalk paint, and let us know some of your favorite finishes.

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It’s the new year, and I’m ready to get organized! Every January I feel the need to clean my home. I dig deep and go through drawers and cupboards, and I definitely go through my closets. In preparation for my January deep-clean, I have found some great ideas to organize bedroom closets. I hope you enjoy these 10 clever closet organizing ideas!

1) Spray painting your hangers different colors is a great way to organize your clothes! Hangers found on Design Love Fest.

Spray paint your hangers different colors to organize your clothes! Hanger found on Design Love Fest.

2) Make mornings easier by planning your outfits for the week and using these free printable daily tags. Find these on Make Life Lovely.

Make mornings easier by planning your outfits for the week and using these free printable daily tags. Find these on Make Life Lovely.

3) Everyone has a few clothing items that REFUSE to stay on a hanger. Create no-slip hangers with pipe cleaners! It’s a colorful and low-cost solution. Found on In My Own Style.

Everyone has a couple of clothing items that REFUSE to stay on a hanger. Create some no slip hangers with some pipe cleaners! It's colorful and low cost. Found on In My Own Style.

4) Did you know you can easily make a double hanger by using a soda can tab to connect two hangers? Found on The Shabby Creek Cottage.

Did you know you can easily make a double hanger by using a soda can tab to connect two hangers. Found on The Shabby Creek Cottage.

5) It’s hard to organize scarves and belts, but this sliding storage will help! Check out the full DIY on View Along the Way.

It's hard to organize scarves and belts, but with this sliding storage will help! Check out the full DIY on View Along the Way.

6) Organize your shoes with this clever cardboard triangle shoe holder! Find out how to make it on A Piece Of Rainbow.

Organize your shoes with this clever cardboard triangle shoe holder! Find out how to make it on A Piece Of Rainbow.

7) If you need to store items in baskets in your closet, you can label them with these free printable labels! Found on In My Own Style.

If you need to store items in baskets in your closet you can label them with these free printable labels! Found on In My Own Style.

8) I love this idea of raising a closet rod! Check out this closet makeover on Urban Acreage.

I love this idea to raise the closet rod! Check out this closet makeover Urban Acreage.

9) Do you live in a house that lacks actual closet space? You can transform a little nook into clothing storage with some copper pipe! Check out this lovely makeover on SF Girl By Bay.

Do you live in a house that lacks actual closet space? Maybe you can transform a little nook into clothing storage with some copper pipe?! Check out this lovely makeover of SF Girl By Bay.

10) I have a drawer full of tights and I can never find what I’m looking for. This clothespin idea is great! Check it out on Lana Red Studio.

I have a drawer full of tights and I can never find what I'm looking for. This clothespin idea is great! Check it out on Lana Red Studio.

We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Something about a new year and a new planner makes me want to tackle everything on my to-do list ASAP. However, without a proper space to get things done, it can be challenging to accomplish anything (and all too easy to throw in the towel).

If you’re looking for an area of your home to create an art studio, a space to write, catch up on work from the office, or do some crafting, here’s how to construct a creative work corner. You don’t need a spare bedroom or lots of square footage; you just need a little creativity and inspiration to make a workspace work for any space.

For Master Crafters

Sometimes a single wall can accomplish all you need for the perfect workspace! Create a crafting haven with a small tabletop and a fun pegboard to stylishly store and display tools and inspiration.

Via A Beautiful Mess

Daring Doers (Who Do it All)

Laundry? Check. Craft supplies? Check. Sewing space? Storage? Computer desk? Check, check, and check. If you have a lot on your plate, consider finding a place to settle in and get everything done.

Via With Heart

The Cozy and Accomplished

Fluffy pillows, furry accents, and sleek modern style make this home office amazing. If your key to getting things done is making sure you’re comfortably situated, this is the way to go. Give yourself space to relax and brainstorm as well as an area to get down to business (while still staying cute and comfy, of course).

Via Miss Kyree Loves

Tucked Away Task-Tackler

A tiny bit of space can go a long way. For example, this little corner is now an amazing mini office. For those who need a little more peace and quiet, try tucking a workspace into an area that’s sitting empty.

Via Chris Loves Julia

The Studio Space

I love this little studio because it looks so homey and authentic. It’s a space where I would love to sit down and be able to just create, fling some paint, and find my happy place.

Via My Blank Paper

Office Overseer

Sometimes it takes multitasking to get things done. That’s why a little nook to work in near the hub of your house can be so useful! Edit photos while keeping an eye on the little ones, plan out your week while you’re preparing dinner, and more.

Via Monika Hibbs

Customize your space to meet your working needs, and keep going strong on your New Year’s resolutions! Your to-do list will be checked off in no time once you have the perfect workspace.

Rolling ladders aren’t just for libraries anymore. What was once considered a classic, the library ladder is making its way back into mainstream design in a big way. Not only is it a functional element but an architectural one as well. It brings purpose to any vertical space along with a nostalgic edge and cool vintage vibe. There is fresh appeal to this timeless piece, and here are a few reasons why.

This look can be used in any room of the house in need of vertical purpose and assistance. From the kitchen to the bathroom and every room in between, this simple concept brings a chic appeal and a willingness to work with just about any style.

The design details of the hardware and installation can be altered to fit your style. If you have more of a traditional feel you can go with ornate fittings or go for a minimalistic approach if you have a more modern sensibility. There is also plenty of flexibility in mixing and matching metals, finishes, and textures.

John Kraemer & Sons Mudroom Ladder


Makerista-Rolling Library Ladder


The main idea with the rolling ladder has always been function. You can make the most of your vertical space by adding the ability to access the taller areas of your home. It also aids in making your open shelving and storage more decorative like a work of art.

Bathroom Rolling Ladder from Flickr


Heather Bullard-Library Ladder


The fact that this architectural element can be a statement piece is just another reason to love this oldie but goodie. Let’s talk finishes: you can opt for a weathered finish, a more modern light stain, a traditional rich stain, or paint the ladder a bold hue. Whichever finish you choose, be sure to add some contrast so it stands out.

Macadameia-Rolling Library Ladder


Rolling Ladder in the Kitchen


There are options out there to suit every budget. If you are thinking of doing this project on a small budget, I would consider using a vintage ladder or a DIY; there are many out there to choose from. You can also buy the hardware and combine it with what you have. If affordability isn’t a requirement, then sky is the limit; you can have the entire system customized.

HLM Interiors-Mudroom Rolling Ladder


Jim Rush Green Builder-Rolling Ladder for Loft


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Jen-City Farmhouse

You’ve probably heard the news by now that Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 is a cheery shade of green called Greenery. Reminiscent of bright palm fronds with a hint of yellow, it’s undoubtedly an optimistic hue and it conjures up images of springtime.

I’ll be honest — it wasn’t the color I would’ve landed on for 2017. I feel like a richer, earthier emerald green would’ve been more of-the-moment. But it’s a classic color nonetheless, and there are so many fun ways to integrate it into your home.

If you’re colorphobic or want to create visual interest, go with something small and inexpensive to bring this hue into your rooms. A throw blanket or a few pillows can be the perfect thing to jazz things up a bit. Or even a bit of velvet ribbon as trim as shown on the bed below — it’s unexpected and it looks so chic.



Don’t feel like you have to go for the exact shade of green at 100% intensity. It can be diluted a bit; just look for the same hue but in a paler version, such as the green fabric on the classic ottoman in this cozy living room.


However, if you’re not afraid of color, then go bold with a brightly painted wall and pops of aqua. White trim feels so fresh and cheerful against all that color and it gives your eyes a place to rest.


Aqua is a Greenery’s BFF undoubtedly!


Another example of “colorful but muted” is this bedroom, which features several different values of the same color green. It creates depth in a monochromatic space.


This living room is unexpected with its interesting pairing of neutral beige tones with bold green walls. Green is naturally an organic hue, and nature, as always, provides the most perfect color schemes from which to be inspired.


I adore this velvet upholstered bed. How sumptuous! Overall the room still feels neutral but sophisticated.


Try color in new ways: painted doors and ceilings are a great way to jazz up a long stretch of hallway and create visual drama.


This bright green grasscloth accent wall has a rich sheen but white accents prevent it from overwhelming the room. Sloping ceilings and a bamboo bed painted in a snowy hue allow the pops of color to be bold and statement-making without going overboard.


Finally, if you’re so crazy in love with this color that you’re willing to commit in a major way, invest in glossy subway tile in this happy hue. I adore the Roman shades that continue the color scheme. It all feels chic and sophisticated thanks to the white cabinets and pops of brass hardware.


What do you think? Are you on board with Greenery for 2017? I’d love to hear if you’re in or out on this particular trend!

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