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I have always been a beach-loving girl. I don’t know if it’s because of the salt in the air or the sand in my hair. But every time I’m there, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquility and relaxation. Unfortunately, a seaside vacay isn’t looking like an option for me this summer. However, I am not going to let this news drag me down (and neither should you)! If you’re like me and the seashore is your “happy place,” then do the next best thing. Experience the coastal vibe that you crave by bringing it to the comfort of your own home.


Take a peek at my top 10 decorating ideas that are certain to bring back some of that beach bliss you long for.


1. DIY Sea Glass Vases

Accessorize any room in the house with sea glass vases. Skip the department store’s hefty fee and make them yourself. The materials you’ll need: clear glass vases, rubbing alcohol, a flat tipped brush and frosty glass paint. Add a personal touch to your project by leaving messages in the bottles.


2. Driftwood Mirror

Bring the wild into your home by using driftwood. You can usually find this unique material washed up along the shore (or you can purchase it at a craft store). All you need is a few pieces of wood and some strong glue to transform a plain mirror into an enchanting statement piece.


3. Driftwood Sea Creature

Create a one-of-a-kind composition of your favorite deep-sea creature with a sheet of heavy-duty cardboard, a pencil, pieces of driftwood, a utility knife and a hot glue gun.




4. Knot Rope Lamp

Rope is a classic material that immediately gives any room a nautical feel. Place a knot rope lamp on the bedroom nightstand and let your dreams set sail.



5. Free Printable Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive. Scientific journal-like prints of seashells are available for free online. You can also make custom prints using Photoshop. For an extra vintage touch, display your prints in distressed frames.



6. Coastal Table Setting

Express your love for the sea by showcasing its different elements. Consider color, texture, size and pattern when styling your dining area.



7. Seashell Letters

Collecting seashells always sound like a good idea, but what do you do with them after your coastal adventure comes to an end? Keep your seashore treasures from collecting dust in the garage by re-purposing them as household decor. Display your favorite findings by gluing shells on to wooden letters.



8. DIY Starfish Salt Dough Garland

Who says that a garland has to be reserved for the winter months? Decorate an empty fireplace mantle or an old-wooden fence with a seaside arrangement that will never go out of style.


9. Clear Glass Lanterns

The great thing about lanterns is that they can be used for practical purposes and for pretty purposes. You can welcome your guests with a lantern lit entryway or you can arrange the lanterns with other nautical accessories as decor in your living room.


10. Large-Scale Photos

Poster size images (when paired together) make an eye-catching display. What better way to reminisce over your trip highlights than with pictures.



Someday, I will live in a house beside the sea, but for now the sea will just have to come to me.

12 Summer Party DIY Ideas

12 Summer Party DIY Ideas

Trend: 12 Summer Party DIY Ideas

The weather is warm and I’m ready to host a summer party. I dream of sitting outside with my closest friends and enjoying some good food, but there is one problem: my husband and I don’t have anything to throw an outdoor party. I mean, we don’t even have an outdoor table. We are not the type to go out and spend a ton of money on pre made items and we’ve been thinking about what we can make for the backyard. We need a patio table, some chairs, decor (like a tablecloth and lighting), and all the fun accessories to make a summer party a party! Below are 12 DIY’s that have inspired me to get started on getting our outdoor space ready for a party.

1. Keep the bugs away from your grub with these DIY color block food domes, on Sugar and Cloth.

Keep the bugs away from your grub with these colorblock food domes, on Sugar and Cloth.

2. Get creative with your cheese serving tray, from A Beautiful Mess.

Get creative with your cheese tray, from A Beautiful Mess.

3. Serve drinks in this fun watermelon keg, from She Knows.

Serve drinks in a watermelon keg, from She Knows.

4. Paint with bleach to add design to some plain cloth napkins, from BHG.

Paint with bleach to add design to some plain cloth napkins, from BHG.

5. Decorate with these fruity tissue honeycomb balls, from The House that Lars Built.

Decorate with these fruity tissue honeycomb balls, from The House that Lars Built.

6. Make these fruit kabobs and use for place markers, on Creative Live made by Brittni Mehlhoff

Fruit Kabob Place Markers/Snacks, on Creative Live made by Brittni Mehlhoff

7. These paper umbrellas are perfect drink stirrers (comes with a free printable), on The Paper Mama.

These paper umbrellas are perfect drink stirrers (comes with a free printable), on The Paper Mama.

8. Turn your boring flatware into something pretty, from A Simple Kind of Life.

Turn boring flatware into something pretty, from A Simple Kind of Life.

9. Create some pretty marquee lighting with some foam core and glitter, on BHG.

Create some pretty marquee lighting with some foam core and glitter, on BHG.

10. Turn a drop cloth into an outdoor tablecloth, from Yellow Brick Home.

Turn a drop cloth into an outdoor tablecloth, from Yellow Brick Home.

11. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on an outdoor table, you can build your own, from Decor and the Dog.

If you don't want to spend a ton of money on an outdoor table, you can build your own, from Decor and the Dog.

12. Give life to your old outdoor chairs with some paint, from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Give life to your old outdoor chairs with some paint, from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Are you ready for your summer party?

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Taking the High Road – High Gloss That Is!

high gloss accents


Oh be still my heart! The shine trend is not reserved for all those metallics we love. High gloss finishes are happening and this color-loving girl could not be happier. I mean, this ceiling? Stop – it’s just too good. But where do I use a high gloss finish? Um, everywhere! The ceiling, interior doors, furniture, the back of your book shelf – incorporate a high gloss finish anywhere and on anything that you want to be a strong focal point in your space. Well placed and used strategically, high gloss finished can work with a range of design styles. This bedroom feels super luxe and also very clean and modern.

high gloss accents


LOVE this pop of color on the interior side of this front door. We spent lots of time making a statement on the outside. Why not turn your attention to the side you actually see a lot more of! This look adds so much energy and personality to the space.

high gloss accents


This is the such a great way to play with the brass trend while keeping the piece from feeling dated. This high gloss pop gives the piece a bit of colorful whimsey

high gloss accents


High gloss black interior doors are popping up everywhere, and it is easy to see why. This looks instantly adds a feeling of luxury to the space. Keeping the walls and trim white adds to the high drama look. This example is done with very ornate decor, but this look would also be amazing in a very modern and minimalist space.

high gloss accents


A high gloss finish would be a great update to any pallet project on your horizon.

high gloss accents


I love the mix of styles working in this space. The butcher block counter tops keep this kitchen feeling grounded, warm and welcoming while the high gloss cabnets are forward and fresh.

high gloss accents


Like to take your trend in small doses? How fun are these? The colors will give your space a sense of play while the black and metallics can work well in a minimal modern space.

Flea Market Chic: Botanicals

Flea Market Chic-Botanicals

If you are looking to follow a fun trend this summer I have just the thing- think botanicals! They seem to be everywhere this season, from natural & rustic to bold & bright. From the earliest of time, plant forms have been documented through simple sketches and paint. This timeless art saw a brave transition in the 1940′s with the iconic banana leaf wallpapers from designers Don Loper and Dorothy Draper. Whether you are seeking to follow this trend with a full on commitment or one on a smaller scale, I have some fantastic ideas that will get you feeling the green.

What a better way to follow this trend than through pillows. By simply adding a few botanical prints here and there you can be a part of this trend with a very small risk. Layering pillows in with your signature style, will no doubt give a high dollar designer look for less.

Homey Oh My-banana leaf pillow


Palm Beach Lately Banana Leaf Pillow


Taking the commitment level up a notch, lets talk upholstery. This may seem like a daring proposition, but if you think small then the options are limitless, such as stools, benches, small chairs and yes, even a headboard. What a huge statement this piece makes, it proves that being bold pays off.

Burlap & Lace Blog-Banana Leaf Headboard DIY



Speaking of bold, how about a botanical wallpaper? I know, this is a FULL on commitment but again, what a statement this banana leaf print makes. Like the idea but a little weary, try a self adhesive version.

Camille Styles Martinique Banana Leaf Wallpaper


Although curtains can be an investment, especially if they are custom it is a great way to bring life into your space. I have always been one to fancy a print on a window, such as this vibrant botanical, it brings high style with a moderate risk. Plus if you make them yourself or find some vintage yardage, you will score on this trend for a lot less.

Coco & Kelley- Banana Leaf Bedroom Curtains


Probably my favorite way to follow any trend is through art. Layering your walls with original, one of a kind vintage finds or reproductions is an easy way to be current and stylish. Whether you choose to go simple or bold, this botanical trend has something for everyone.

Liz Marie Blog-Hand drawn botanical science posters with vintage feel


Mint Love Social Club-Bontanical Bedroom Art


Oliver & Rust Casual Botanical Art Wall


Sarah M. Dorsey Designs-Banana Leaf Prints


Vibeke Design-Botanical Print


I am not sure if it is the time of year or nostalgia kicking in but I am loving this trend! I know what I will be hunting for this summer:).

Have a fantastic week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Building A Dream House: Kitchen Tour, Part 1

They’re finally here: my first actual home tour photos! I took advantage of the decent sunshine we had a few weekends ago (and a freshly cleaned house) to snap a few pictures of our new kitchen. Without further ado (and also, people who take gorgeous pictures of home interiors must know magic!)…

white kitchen subway tile and exposed shelves

We knew from the start that we wanted a white kitchen with some dark accents. When you’re picking out finishes and fixtures for a house, you just have to cross your fingers and hope that everything looks good together, and I think we really lucked out! The shaker-style cabinets are painted with Benjamin Moore White Dove, a gorgeous, creamy white that always manages to look amazing. The floors are porcelain 12×24″ tiles in a running brick pattern. We considered natural slate at one point, but were pretty easily talked out of it because it is hard to install and needs constant maintenance. We love the tile we went with instead. It looks just like slate (A friend of ours who is an architect was just saying yesterday how fantastic it looks!), hides dirt and crumbs, is a breeze to clean, and never needs to be sealed.

white subway tile stainless steel range

Because we do a lot of cooking, we chose a professional-series Blue Star gas range with 8 burners, and its been wonderful so far. We are really happy with the stainless steel finish, and love being able to cook so many things at one time. This particular range has both a grill and a griddle that can be swapped in for two of the burners, but we almost never use those features. Have we used all 8 burners at the same time yet? No, but we bought this baby with canning season in mind, so ask me again at the end of the summer!

white kitchen stainless steel range spice cupboard

Right next to our range is one of my favorite features in our kitchen: the pull-out spice cupboard. As you can see, we have a lot of spices, so many, in fact, that when I see a spice in a recipe and I don’t already have it, I’m shocked. I’m looking at you, Marjoram! In our old kitchen, the spice cupboard was a regular upper cabinet, and it was so deep and narrow and dark that spices were constantly going missing in its vast recesses. You always had to take everything out of the cupboard to find the spice you were looking for. We are all in love with the pull-out spice cupboard in the new kitchen! It has room for all of our spices, and they’re all easy to find and grab. I highly recommend it!

white kitchen subway tile nordic white leathered granite

For a long, long time, we weren’t sure what we were going to put on the kitchen counters in the Dream House. To me, the counters kind of set the stage for the whole kitchen style, and we just didn’t know what surface material would give us the look we wanted AND be durable and easy to care for. We considered marble, quartz, wood, soapstone, concrete, and more. We liked the durability/affordability of granite, but didn’t want the counters loud, colorful, or super glossy. And then we stumbled upon the perfect solution at the home of an acquaintance: leathered granite. I think our fabricator uses the term “antiqued” instead of leathered or honed, but the top is basically roughed up just enough not to be high-gloss. I was worried that it would be uneven or jagged or rough, but the leathering gives our granite a soft, satin finish. And we lucked out and found a granite that was a really neutral gray with just a hint of flecking and movement, and it was on the less expensive end of the spectrum. It’s called Nordic White granite, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

white kitchen maple butcher block island

And that brings us to the center of the kitchen–the island. We considered putting bar stools at the counter, but we wanted to keep the island open and free of clutter, and we wanted everybody to eat together at the kitchen table in the breakfast nook, so we decided not to go the bar stool route. There are cabinets and drawers down the side facing the range, and bookshelves down the back (more on that later!). And other than a very useful prep sink on top, there’s nothing on that counter but 40 square feet of beautiful, uninterrupted maple work space. It doesn’t usually look splotchy, but I decided to oil it right before I took the pictures, and that was a mistake!

I think that’s enough kitchen tour for one day. But don’t worry, there’s more to come–we’re only half way around the kitchen!

Organize With This: Crates!

I always find it thrilling when something quite ordinary can be turned into something extraordinary. And that is no exception when it comes time to find storage solutions for around the home. In previous posts, I have shared a few of my favorite organizing solutions that are always reliable, such as credenzas and bookcases. Today I am adding another to the list; the great wooden crate!

Crate Storage Solutions

Wooden crates are readily available; whether at antique, thrift, craft or home improvement stores. They are typically quite inexpensive, and the storage possibilities are truly endless. The best part is you don’t have to have hardcore DIY skills to be able to make these amazing little gems into something quite incredible. A little stain and paint is all you need to bring these wooden boxes to life. Check out eight examples below of how crates are making a storage difference in a variety of homes and spaces.

Crate Mudroom Storage

Wooden crates make amazing wall storage because when paired together, they can create cubbies and open shelving. SImply anchor the crates to the wall and you have instant mudroom storage for pet supplies, outdoor gear, boots, shoes and even a mail station!

Laundry Room Crate Storage


But don’t stop at the entryway, think about other spaces throughout your home that could benefit from wall cubbies and shelving as well. Like the laundry closet! Crates above the washer and dryer provide easy and convenient access to your daily laundering essentials!

Create wal Office Storage


Wooden crates are the ideal size for holding decorative storage boxes, magazine files and binders, thus making them quite popular in home offices. Above, they are again wall mounted to hold daily paper necessities in a beautiful way. Bonus: They can also be placed on the floor to act as filing storage.

Crate File Boxes



Also in a home office or craft room, crates keep craft supplies on display and ready to use when the crafting mood strikes.

Crate Craft Storage


Many old vintage crates contain built-in dividers. This is always an organizational plus, as they now provide sorting options for smaller bits and pieces.

When looking to store children’s belongings, it is important to select items that will remain durable and can also be used down the road when the youngsters have grown. Once again, crates to the rescue! Adorable, kid friendly and versatile enough to switch gears at any point in time.

Crate Toy Storage


Add casters to the bottom of wooden crates to create “drawers” that pull out from under furniture. This keeps toys and child clutter tucked away between uses, yet provides floor level access at play and pick-up time. Bonus: these roll-out crate drawers also work great on the floor of pantries for storing vegetables, paper products and reusable shopping bags!

Crate Book Storage


Slice a standard craft store crate and half, add a few mounting brackets, and you have quick and easy bookshelves in your playroom or child’s bedroom!

Nursery Crate Caddy


I don’t like to play favorites, but this crate stand is simply genius. Utilizing shelving brackets from a home improvement store created a three tier storage solution that is perfect for any small nook.

Crate Blanket Storage

Lastly, here is a solution that can be used in just about any room in the home! Prop the crate up on a base, anything from a small table to a luggage rack will work well, to create a furniture style catch-all. Placed in a living room or guest room it works to corral extra linens, while in a bathroom this solution could act beautifully as daily toiletry storage. The options truly are endless, yet stylish at the same time.

How do you utilize crates around your home? Are you ready to head to the craft store to whip up some great crate storage?

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