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Hey there, everyone!  I’m Katie from Addicted 2 DIY, and I’m so excited to be featured in June’s “I Did It” section of Better Homes and Gardens magazine! My featured project was this simple planter made from a recycled tire, and it’s a great weekend project that can add a little character to your outdoor space. I love how even a quick project can have a big impact, and I’ve compiled some of my favorite DIY projects that can be completed in a weekend or less. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the DIY pool or you’ve already jumped right in, there’s something in this list for everyone!

1.  Bust boredom for the kids

DIY 4-in-1 Activity Table with Free Plans

This 4-in-1 activity table packs a punch with a flip-top design that will keep the kids occupied for hours.

2.  Display family photos or your favorite plants

Rustic Multi-Purpose Ladder DisplayThis rustic ladder display can hold photos, succulents, craft supplies, or whatever you like. The best part is that this quick and easy DIY project can be completed in as little as an hour.

3.  Hide Fido’s food in plain sight


Keep everything in one place and dog food out of sight with this DIY dog food station. The tote inside holds up to 30 pounds of dog food!

 4.  Bring order to the chaos of bikes and scooters

DIY bike and scooter rack

The never-ending tangle (and tripping hazard) of bikes and scooters on the garage floor gets old quick, but this simple DIY bike rack keeps everything — even the helmets! – neat and in one place.

5.  Get a leg up with a simple step stool

rustic step stool

Add some style and function with this DIY step stool. It’s sturdy enough for adults and kids, plus this entire project is made from one single board!

Confession time.

I love glitter. Metallic, sparkly things draw me in like a moth to a flame. Which, incidentally, is glowy and shiny, too. Having taken a peek into the average backyard, I’ve noticed not enough glitz twinkles around the everyday garden or porch. To create more attention-grabbing detail to your yard, I’ve gathered a list of fun DIY sparkly projects you never knew you needed. Glam up your yard with these shimmery pieces.

1. Hanging Ombre Metallic Pots

Stephanie Shore Fisher gets me. She runs her blog Glitter and Goat Cheese (her two favorite things), and posts neat projects and finds that are often quite shiny. Example A: these pretty, framed DIY ombre hanging planters. She suggests mixing metals and trying a nickle chain, too.

Photo via: Glitter and Goat Cheese

2. Fab Lawn FlaBLINGo

Dream a Little Bigger blogger Allison Murray gifted this DIY bedazzled lawn flamingo to her sister. She shows you in just a few steps what you need to do to create this awesome statement piece that will bling up your yard, flowerbed, or garden. Try a variety of colored gems to create a rainbow flock of flaBLINGos.

Photo via: Dream a Little Bigger

3. Metallic Garden Tower

Create a DIY metallic trellis with brass or copper pipes. Allison shows us with detailed photos how to build this shiny garden trellis over at her blog, 33 Shades of Green. She even reveals the progress of her morning glories and suggests a few other plants to try growing on a trellis.

Photo via: 33 Shades of Green

4. Sparkling Sip ‘n Snack Table

TV personality, designer, and author Mark Montano fashioned this work of art on his personal blog Make Your Mark! His DIY glitter striped table is a sparkle lovers dream. Try creating this table for your deck or patio with his super helpful tutorial, and enjoy an afternoon snack over gold and under sun.

Photo via: Make Your Mark!

5. Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Blogger, crafter, and DIYer Jamie shared this simple tutorial of her family’s marble-filled fence project on her blog C.R.A.F.T., Creating Really Awesome Free Things. Added bonus: if you ask nicely, she’ll tell you how they created the removable fence panel.

Photo via: C.R.A.F.T.’s

6. #GlitterGoals

I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it. Get inspired with images of this DIY glitter croquet set. All you need is some spray paint, glitter, decoupage adhesive, and that old croquet set hiding in the back of the garage. Highlight mallets and balls with the original colors of the game, or choose your own favorites to get some sparkle rolling across your backyard.

Photo via: Mintage Home
7. Lovely Gold Leaf
Mismatch terra-cotta pots laying around? Make them look uniform and beautiful with Kristin Jackson’s quick explanation on how to gold-leaf a pot. In the guide on her blog, The Hunted Interior, Kristin says to be sure to place the leafing helter-skelter to look timeworn and to play along with any damage the elements might bring. Photo via: Hunted Interior

8. Glitzy Gardener

Look glamorous while working in the garden this summer with these DIY-ified glitter yard tools. Anjelika Temple of Brit+Co created this great tutorial on how to beautify around-the-house tools. Don’t be afraid to glitterize more — anything with a handle!

Photo via: Brit+Co

If these projects haven’t inspired you to put a little pizzazz into your outdoor living, I don’t know what will. I’m excited to see you glittery, glitzy projects come to life. Let me know how they go and if this sparkle sparks your creativity in another way!

Until then,


Hosting a gathering and don’t know where to begin? Avoid falling into a shopping frenzy. Stock up on dinnerware, serveware and accessories from Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart ahead of time, so they can be re-used and re-purposed throughout the season.

This month the BHGLiveBetter Blogger Network was challenged with creating inviting entertaining spaces. Read on as they share easy to replicate tips perfectly suited to inform and inspire the execution of your next celebration.

1. Camille Simmons of Planning Pretty shares her secret to styling a brunch table. All it takes is lots of light, a pop of color and a touch of gold—plus one stylish set of Color Dipped Dinnerware that can used in a casual setting or dressed up for a more elegant affair.

2. Add a touch of spring to your home and create comfort for your guests with decorative pillows. Amy Clark of Mom Advice shows you how to style these pillows for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Anna Moseley of Ask Anna sets an outdoor dining area on a budget with bright and affordable items that will make your table spread fun and inviting. Don’t skimp out on the serveware—consider dressing your table with a Melamine Bamboo Bowl that can be used time and time again.


4. Elegance can easily be achieved with a few eye-catching pieces such as the new Matte Swirl Dinnerware Set Chris Nease of Celebrations at Home chose to use for her black and white tabletop presentation.

5. Rustic meets whimsical thanks to Debbie Westbrooks of Refresh Restyle. Grab a set of Melamine Bowls and summer’s most refreshing fruit, and you’ve got yourself a backyard party.

6. Involve your kids in outdoor gardening activities by turning a planter from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart into an enchanting fairy garden. Emily Allison of Decorchick shows just how it’s done.

7. Hop on over to I Don’t Know How She Does It to see how Gloribell Lebron’s seasonal centerpiece informed the design of her tablescape. Consider filling a Glass Lantern (or two) with natural elements for added texture.

8. Gearing up for Father’s Day? Kimberly Sneed of A Night Owl Blog fills a galvanized caddy with backyard BBQ essentials including a stylish and functional Oven Mit for a low cost gift idea for Dad.

9. Small space, small budget – no problem! Monica Benavidez of Monica Wants It shares helpful tips on how to entertain with grand style on a budget. See how she layers classic white dinnerware such as the new Hobnail Collection from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart with a brightly patterned appetizer plate. Amp up the style by accessorizing with fresh blooms and candles.

10. Tight on space? Ditch the over-sized serving platters. Randi Dukes of Dukes and Duchesses finds multiple uses for her Melamine Dinnerware and even turns a regular plate into a temporary cake stand.

11. It’s a vintage affair over at Fox Hollow Cottage. Shannon Fox opted to use Galvanized Serverware to blend in with the antique metal pieces dispersed throughout her outdoor patio.

12. Looking to spruce up your entryway? Stacy Risenmay of Not Just a Housewife creates an inviting entrance for guests by placing sophisticated Bombay Planters full of seasonal annuals on either side of her front door.

13. Drink Dispensers are not just for beverages. Taryn Whiteaker of Design Dining & Diapers proves just how versatile a vessel can be by planting cascading greenery inside a Galvanized Drink Dispenser. Her eclectic grouping of wood, metals and crates provides a balanced and welcoming look for her front patio.

14. Entertain with drink canisters to keep costs down and your beverage offerings simple. Kim Demmon of Today’s Creative Life stacked two Galvanized Square Chalkboard Drink Dispensers on top of one another to create a serve yourself drink station for guests.

15. Turn your outdoor space into a welcoming dinner atmosphere for guests with a simple table top accessory. Jamielyn Nye of I Heart Naptime introduces a floating glass hurricane Candle Holder for an elegant look.

 For all of these products and more, visit

Spring and Summer are on their way, and warmer weather means time enjoying the great outdoors. If you live in a house with a beautifully landscaped backyard, you are probably all set. But everyone, regardless of the size of their yard–even if you have no yard at all!–can create a beautiful outdoor space thanks to the idea of a patio garden. When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a condo with a tiny balcony off the kitchen. We outfitted it with a small bistro table and a pair of chairs, and lots of outdoor plants in pots. It was a lush and lovely way to enjoy being outside.

A picture-perfect patio garden makes it easy to enjoy the great outdoors no matter how small your backyard is.

Setting up a picture-perfect patio garden is simple. First, you need potted plants. If you have a large patio, try to find large-scale plants and appropriately-sized pots to put them in. Even small trees look great in pots on a pretty patio. If the plants you want are really, really big, make sure they can stay outside year-round, or be ready to lug them in when the weather turns cold. And if your patio is smaller, you can fill it up with fun potted plants that are on the more diminutive side. Next, you need some fun seating and a cute table. A big patio can fit a big table with lots of seating, but a smaller patio still has room for a cozy bistro table big enough for two. After that, you just need some fun finishing touches and your patio garden is ready to go. Pretty lighting like candles on the table, or a string of patio lights, and decorative planters or plant stands add to the warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are some of my favorite elements of a picture-perfect patio garden…

No matter the size of your backyard, you can have a picture-perfect patio garden!

1. GRÄSMARÖ Tool Set
2. SOCKER Watering Can
3. ASKHOLMEN Plant Stand
4. JACKFRUKT Herb Scissors
5. ÄPPLARÖ Drop-Leaf Table and Folding Chairs
6. HIMALAYAMIX Potted Plants
7. KRYDDNEJLIKA Gardening Gloves
8. BITTERGURKA Hanging Planter
9. ÄGGPLANTA Planter
10. ÄPPLARÖ Bench with Panel and Shelves
11. JACKFRUKT Pruning Shears
12. INGEFÄRA Plant Pot with Saucer
13. SUCCULENT Potted Plants

Even if you don

For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

I don’t know if there’s anything better than sitting around a bonfire eating toasty marshmallows and listening to crackling wood. My unlucky soul, however, lives in an apartment and can’t enjoy such pleasures unless someone else is throwing a party. I’ll keep dreaming though. Here are just a few inspiring fire pits I can’t keep off my third-floor-living mind.

1) Do you have a unique landscape feature that goes unused? Convert it into a fire pit! Lucy couldn’t keep the fish in her koi pond because of predators. Instead of constantly restocking, she let the water-feature dry out. Now it makes a beautiful addition to her patio.

Image via: Lucy’s Lampshade

2) This DIY brick fire pit saved blogger Jim a pretty penny, costing only $1.35. Most of the materials were leftovers scrapped from project sites. Check out Jim’s step-by-step guide on how to create this unique inground fire pit.

Image via: The Perfect Garden Hose

3) This tabletop fire pit is so neat. Karen shows us the detailed steps for making this portable fire pit on her blog, The Art of Doing Stuff. She goes as far as creating the glass enclosure and teaching us a cool trick with a spaghetti noodle.

Image via: The Art of Doing Stuff

4) If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, this project is for you. From Man Made, a postmodern male’s hands-on creativity blog, Chris shows readers how to create a concrete fire pit from scratch. Those who take on this project will really enjoy Chris’s detailed explanations and images.

Image via: Man Made

5) Morgan Satterfield of the Brick House needed to replace a failed attempt at a DIY cinder block fire pit. Testing out a new skill she picked up from friends, Morgan explains a basic welding project to create this sleek, square fire pit.

Image via: The Brick House

6) This artistic DIY mosaic fire pit is perfect for the bold-color lover. Kristy O, of 3 Peppers, provides detailed steps of laying the pavers, creating the pit, and choosing the mosaic tiles for her Florida backyard project.

Image via: 3 Peppers

7) Giving old items new purpose is an art form. Sarah, creator of House and Fig, has that art mastered. She shows us in just seven steps how to turn a washing machine drum into a DIY fire pit. Talk about an upcycle.


Image via: House and Fig

8) Making a fire pit multipurpose isn’t something you’ll hear too often. Robin and Mike from All Things Heart and Home had a stellar idea to use their fire pit for not one, not two, but three purposes! Check out the how-to on this fire pit/tabletop/game board.


Image via: All Things Heart and Homes

Greet the heat and get started on building these DIY fire pits so you can enjoy their flames all summer long and well into the fall. Have a marshmallow or two for me!

Until next time,


Just as the first signs of spring appear, I can be found getting my patio ready for the upcoming months of relaxing and entertaining. This is the best time of the year to prep your outdoor space to ensure it can be utilized to its fullest potential during the warm days ahead. IKEA offers affordable outdoor pieces that are key to livening up any space, while also being mindful of practicality and space saving options. Check out these tips for personalizing the space that sees the most action during the spring, summer and fall months.

IKEA Balcony

  • Create zones! A lot of activities happen outdoors; everything from roasting marshmallows to relaxing with a book to grilling up a meal for friends and family. Outdoor rugs and patio tiles are a great way to visually add warmth and to divide the spaces by function.
  • Set the mood! Sprinkle table-top lanterns around your surfaces, patio and yard. Lanterns paired with decorative string lighting overhead are the perfect combination for a romantic dinner for two or an entire yard full of friends and family.

IKEA Balcony

  • Create the ultimate outdoor kitchen by combining your grill with storage carts and cabinets. The cabinets are ideal for on the spot entertaining; keep them stocked with all of your favorite outdoor dining pieces, textiles and servingware. By setting up a secondary kitchen outdoors, the chef can continue to be in on the entertaining action.
  • Utilize caddies to easily tote items from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor cooking station.

IKEA Personalized Outdoor Setting

  • Add privacy and life with greenery. A combination of planters, trellises and tabletop green houses are a fantastic way to add earthy character while also providing fresh vegetables and herbs to add to your nightly meals.
  • Select smart seating options. Weather can change at a moments notice; one day it might be hot and humid and the next it could be raining cats and dogs. Outdoor furniture should be able to withstand the changing moods of the sky, yet should also be comfortable enough that you want to use it every day. Not only do outdoor cushions provide comfort, they come in a variety of patterns and colors to add a splash of personality to any seating area. A throw blanket or two is always a nice touch for chillier evenings.

IKEA Personalized Outdoor Setting

  • Another fun way to add color is through your tabletop settings. Don’t be afraid to select runners, trays and dinnerware from different sets and product lines, to add character and color through mixing and matching patterns and finishes. Another way to amp the table display is to transfer beverages to glass carafes and foods to serving dishes and even decorative jars.

IKEA Balcony

  • Nothing warms up a space better than a nice, toasty fire. Bring in a portable fire pit to be sure everyone at the party has a blazin’ good time.

IKEA Personalized Outdoor Setting

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For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

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