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Currently I am smitten with the Parsons table. What type you say, any kind, from kids tables, side tables, desks, coffee tables to dining tables. Recently I added 2 Parsons pieces to my home, a teak outdoor table & a large rustic coffee table and couldn’t be happier with both decisions. These pieces add a softness to the each space with its simplistic nature and gives an authentic, modern look. This contemporary style is also known for having its legs be the same width as the top. Fancying this style so much, it is hard not to want a piece(s) in every room. Here are my top 5 reasons to love this furniture form…

City Farmhouse-Rustic Parsons Table


Did you know interesting origin behind this design? It is said to come from a class taught by Jean-Michel Frank back in the 1930′s at the Parsons in Paris. His class was given an assignment to create a piece that would be so simple that it would be easily adaptable with different finishes. The first example was showcased and displayed at a student show. This is a pretty cool story, isn’t it?

Sarah Richardson-Design Master Bedroom Office- Parsons Table


You have heard the saying “less is more.” The lines of the Parsons table are so rudimentary that it makes it stand out in the crowd. That may seem contradictory but the simplicity of the piece give a strength and boldness to any space.

Modern Beach House by Grooves & Co-Beautiful Parsons Table in Entry


The uncomplicated contour lends itself to limitless versatility when it comes to style. It works with traditional, modern, preppy, casual design aesthetics.

BHG-beautiful modern mix in attice playroom/office featuring Parsons Desk


This piece was made for mixing and matching. Because of its simple nature, it plays well with others. Meaning, it will compliment basically any piece it is put with, from modern, rustic to traditional depending on the finish.

BHG Modern Parsons Dining Table Paired With Traditional Chairs

BHG-Parsons Dining Table With Tradtional High Back Chairs


Speaking of finishes. The Parsons table is available in pretty much any finish out there, wood, veneer, lacquer, Lucite, grass cloth and even animal prints, yikes! Depending on the finish you choose you can layer in pieces that give diversity & originality to the space.

Julie Edwards-editor from Rue Magazine Shares Her Stunning Office With Parsons Desk


BHG-Parsons Desk Table in Faux Animal Print


Grass Cloth Parsons Table-Etsy

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Jen-City Farmhouse

I feel like Fall has descended on us quite suddenly, almost as if by magic. Our kids finally went back to school last week, and I had to take the red, white, and blue star-shaped wreath off the front door so it wouldn’t mar their first-day-of-school pictures. The evenings have been chilly, and the mornings have had the decency lately to be misty, which makes everything seem quite cozy. We’ve even started to notice leaves changing colors, and pumpkins in the garden are starting to go from cool green to fiery orange. The hanging flower baskets on our front porch are looking spent and past their prime, despite getting plenty of water. It seems to be time to give everything–the front door, the hanging baskets, the planters–a quick, Fall refresh.

I have two big, lovely containers flanking my front door. I bought them at a summer sale at our local nursery in July, and they still look amazing. They have a few empty spots where flowers have bloomed and faded, and I was thinking the other day that I might just plop a pumpkin in the middle of each and call it a day. This gorgeous urn with a pumpkin plunked in the center makes me think it’ll look stunning!

A pumpkin in the middle of a planter gives the container a great Fall look.
[photo from The Graceful Gardener]

Probably my favorite plants that start to show up in Fall landscapes are the decorative cabbages and kales. They have such gorgeous colors and amazing shapes. When we first moved to Oregon, there was a house we drove by all the time that had the most gorgeous landscaping, and it was full of native grasses and ornamental cabbages!

Purples and greens look beautiful in Fall landscaping!
[photo from Dirt Simple]

I am a sucker for lots of things, and this gorgeous seasonal window box is like an all-in-one for me. I love the purple and green ornamental cabbages. I love the orangey mums. And I’m completely in love with the creeping jenny spilling down the front. I need to get some window boxes for my house just so I can copy this look!

Ornamental cabbages, mums, and creeping jenny make up a delightful Fall window box.
[photo from Moon Garden Designs]

Guys, I just can’t resist the ornamental veggies! This container is like something out of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, and I mean that in the best possible way. That creeping jenny spilling down the front of the urn is just amazing, and the cabbages and kales and grasses and mums push it right over the top!

A gorgeous container garden with ornamental cabbages and creeping jenny--perfect for Fall!
[photo from The Enchanted Home]

This color combination of black, green, and purple is so stunning–an unexpected but striking look for a Fall front porch. Again with the cabbages, I know, but look how pretty and sculptural they are.

Silvery greens, blacks, and purples are a luxe Fall color combination.
[photo from Three Dogs in a Garden]

Are you planning to update your front porch or landscaping for Fall? What are your go-to plants, tips, or color schemes for an Autumn landscaping or decor refresh?

Are you looking for the perfect way to ask your friend to be in your bridal party? Are you and your partner trying to announce a new bundle of joy? Can’t find the perfect tumbler to encourage you to drink more water on the daily? Or do you simply have boring glassware and are looking for the perfect quick-and-easy DIY project? You’ve come to the right place! Check out these 10 stellar projects that change boring beverage holders into gifts, announcements, inspirations, and the downright coolest drinkware around.

1. Copper Cups

As Delia says over at her blog, once you’ve made these unique tea cups and saucers, you’ll want to paint ALL your dishes. This porcelain paint comes in small tubs or as a paint pen so you can paint large sections at a time, or create fine details. These paints are dishwasher safe, and Delia says a little paint goes a long way — enough for all these pieces and her dinner plates!

Image Via: Delia Creates

2. Easy Etched Glass

There’s something especially classy about etched glass. Brit + Co writer Lee Schellenberger shows us how to totally personalize any glass cup, tumbler, or flute with the help of vinyl tape and etching cream. Follow the steps for her DIY lines, patterns, and monograms, or create your own. Don’t host your next dinner party without these!

Image Via: Brit + Co

3. Ombre Glitter Cold Tumbler

It’s not a DIY project until there’s glitter and spray paint! Rachel Teodoro warns that you’ll need time on your side for this project. Patience is your friend while waiting for these ombre glitter tumblers to dry between coats of spray paint. You can also have fun with vinyl adhesive, peeling the sticker off once the paint is dry.

Image Via: Rachel Teodoro

4. Alcohol Ink Watercolor Cups

Babble contributor Lucy Akins has a fun and funky way to add watercolor to your water cups, coffee mugs, and wine glasses. If you’ve never used alcohol ink before, you’re in for a fun surprise. Generally used on nonporous materials — such as this dollar store porcelain mug — the solid-base dye comes in an array of colors and can achieve a watercolor paint effect by diluting them with rubbing alcohol. Look here to see more on how she achieved this look.

Dollar Store Hack: Beautiful Alcohol Ink Glasses

Image Via: Babble

5. Chalk Paint Martini Glasses

Do you use (or try to use) those drink markers and charms at parties, trying to distinguish your glass from your friends’ and family members’? Then do you forget which charm you had to begin with? Here’s the more helpful — and DIY-able — way to mark your cup. Something Turquoise creator Jen will show you how to make these chalkboard martini glasses, though you could do this with any type of glass or porcelain drinkware. Bonus: Once the paint has cured, these beauties are dishwasher safe!

Image Via: Something Turquoise

6. Glitter Dipped Coffee Mug

Another case of surprisingly dishwasher safe drinkware: the glitter mug. Mom and blogger Ann Marie wanted a mug that was fancy, glittery, and would make her coffee extra magical. She got what she asked for. The mug will take nearly a month to be considered fully dishwasher safe (based on decoupage manufacturer instructions), but a years later update from Ann Marie proves that the glitter really will last! Here’s her how-to guide from her blog White House Black Shutters. She’s even got a separate page for what NOT to do when glitterizing.

LOVE this DIY glitter dipped coffee mug! it's easy to make and dishwasher safe too

Image Via: White House Black Shutters

7. DIY Marbled Glassware

Though a drink doesn’t change taste by the look of the cup it’s poured into, it can be more fun to see an electric, marbled design after bottoms-up! Erica made this super fun DIY marbled shot glass set with just a few simple supplies. Pick colors to your choosing, but her selection of neon nail polish colors definitely did the trick here. Simply tape, pour, mix, dip, dry, finish, and peel. Got it? Good.

Image Via: HonestlyWTF

8. DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler

Travel back to the ’90s with this hot cold cup. Kelly Mindell, main mind behind Studio DIY, was brought back to her childhood with thoughts of floating glitter, so she thought, why not craft with it? And the floating glitter tumbler was born. But not just any tumbler will do. You’ll need the clear photo insert style tumbler (and there are travel mug styles, too, for you hot drink lovers!), water, and a variety of glitter, sequins, and metallic confetti.

Image Via: Studio DIY

9. Pastel Dipped Glassware

This easy-peasy project won’t even take you all afternoon! Erin, of Earnest Home co., wanted a semi-opaque colored glasses, and she found the perfect way to make them. Mixing acrylic paint with a clear sealer kept the paint bright and glossy without it coming across as seaglass. Dip your cups in the one-to-one paint/sealer mix, let dry, and bake in the oven. They’ll be top-rack dishwasher safe with the proper heating and cooling process. Note: though non-toxic, acrylic paint shouldn’t be consumed — be sure to leave an inch or two between the paint and the mouthpiece.

Image Via: Earnest Home Co.

10. The Sharpie Treatment

Trendier than any design style on the internet, the DIY draw-whatever-/write-whatever-you-want permanent marker mug can be everything you ever wanted — if you know how to sustain the ink. Cool Crafts contributor Liz Nieman compiled a list of 50 DIY Sharpie mug ideas. They’re all awesome, but don’t forget to use an oil-base permanent marker. It’s this type of ink that will actually remain permanent.

Image Via: Cool Crafts

For dishwasher-friendly designs on most projects, be sure to bake your cup. Though all projects vary, most instructions suggest placing the designed mug, cup, or glass in the oven while it preheats to 350 degrees. Bake for at least 30 minutes (depending on the medium used, longer oven exposure may dull colors), then let the item cool.

Give these projects a try, and let me know how they go! If you need me, I’ll be making some of these in anticipation for Christmas gifts.

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Fall may be creeping upon us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your summer florals just yet. Follow these hacks on how to pull off floral pieces during the colder months.

Layer It Up

Not ready to part with summertime favorites? Try wearing a turtleneck under a floral dress or dark tights under a summer skirt or pair of shorts. Not only will you be kept warm, but you’ll look edgy doing it.

Via Marzipan

Keep It Moody

Try and stick with dark-colored florals this fall. Dark brown, navy, burgundy, black — even mustard yellow works! Not ready to fully commit to the dark side? Pair a dark-toned dress with a light-colored sweater or blazer.

Via BreAna Thomas

Let the Accessories Do the Talking

Floral print isn’t just for summer sundresses. Accessorize floral style by pairing a blooming scarf with a sweater or, if you’re feeling bold, tote a flower-printed purse.

Via Meagan’s Moda

Limit Yourself

Avoid head-to-toe florals when planning your fall outfits; we want to do our best not to overwhelm. Combining a floral dress with dark-toned accessories such as a leather jacket or dark boots will bring a warmer feel to your look.

Via Just a Pretty Style

Smaller is Better

Let’s save the large, loud prints for the spring and summer. Small floral prints are versatile and easy to work with in the fall and tend to agree with neutral colors.

Via Chic Style

Knit is the Word

Nothing says fall like knit sweaters, blankets, scarves and socks. Throw on a chunky knit sweater over your floral dress or skirt to achieve a comfy look that can still be rocked on cool summer nights.

Via French-Voguettes

There’s just something about built-in bookshelves for some major architectural appeal, not to mention all the amazing storage potential. Big empty walls can be intimidating to fill, but a little creativity and vision can create an interesting focal point and major style points for your room. Wall to wall shelving can work in practically any room in the house. You can create an entire library, home office, or ample space for display depending on your needs.

Three things you might consider for your wall to wall shelving:

  1. Display more than just books. Bring in found objects, mirrors, frames, etc. Get creative!
  2. Edit edit edit – good shelf styling means giving your stuff room to breathe so it doesn’t feel cluttered.
  3. Consider lighting for that last little extra polish.

Ok, let’s check out some gorgeous inspiration shots!

This built-in library features two desks with shelves highlighted on either side thanks to their emerald green interiors. Lighting overhead delineates the individual spaces while drawers and cabinets below hide away files and boxy printers.

Amie Corley

Amie Corley Interiors

I had custom shelves built for our lake house in a weird little nook off of the kitchen. Previously I had a desk stuck in there, but it seemed like a better use of the space to have something custom made. After measuring the nook and considering the overall height/scale of the room, I went with five floating shelves, leaving plenty of room at the bottom for baskets, shoes, etc. It feels bright and airy and adds more value to that little nook.

shelves styled carlton landing

This beautiful home tour at Apartment Therapy features wall to wall shelving complete with a rolling ladder.By varying the sizes of the different shelves, it allows for display of other objects and artwork. Keep less-used items on the upper shelves and alternate the arrangement of books and frames for visual interest.

apartment therapy mod trad

Apartment Therapy

Built-in shelves around a window bring polish and intentionality to a small space, not to mention maximum storage potential. A small cushion and pillows provide extra seating too. And that seafoam green color is so much fun!

bhg built in window

Visually this living room’s shelves feel serene and recessed thanks to the monochromatic color scheme. bhg built ins

I love that they displayed big framed artwork in the top of these built-ins. It’s a great way to fill a large space and create continuity to the overall room design.

bhg calm neutral

Check out this incredible DIY library wall by Bliss at Home blogger Kristin. Built entirely out of Ikea Billy bookcases and some extra trim, she created a gorgeous budget-friendly focal point for her home. The addition of the brass lights at the top add that last bit of polish to it. So gorgeous!

bhg diy library

This home office features wall to wall cubbies with a perpendicular desk to allow easy access to supplies. This could be another great IKEA DIY if you want to get the look on a budget.

bhg home office square

If your taste runs a little more contemporary, consider cantilevering the dividers between your shelves. Experiment with placement of your items, and use repetition of objects like the gourd shape of the pottery in these shelves below.

domaine darius rucker built ins


Emily Henderson’s white built-ins are maybe my absolute favorite thanks to their architecturally-interesting A-frame and sleek Parsons feel to the overall design. Bonus points for the enclosed storage on the bottom with lovely gold pulls.

emily henderson

Emily Henderson

Jenny Komenda’s home library is the stuff a bookworm’s dreams are made of. Complete with rolling library ladder, these dramatic shelves rise up to meet the A-framed ceiling. She arranged their books according to color which adds so much visual punch to a neutral room.

jenny komenda library straight

Little Green Notebook

Finally, experiment with wallpaper to bring more texture to a neutral expanse of shelves. This grasscloth provides a calm contrast to the bold white of the woodwork. The gold light fixtures warm up the room and draw attention to the beautiful artwork and finds on the shelves.

sita montgomery shelves greige

Sita Montgomery

Do you have built-in shelves in your home? What are your biggest design conundrums when it comes to filling them? Share in the comments!

Halloween costumes, fuzzy blankets, and pumpkin lattes can be found everywhere you look this time of year. It’s time to don tights, boots, and your favorite fall jacket. But as you snuggle into a cable-knit sweater, shouldn’t your home be able to cozy up how it looks too? These rich, saturated paint trends do just that and more.

Better than Basic Black and Blue 

1. Navy: the surprising neutral. If it’s dark enough, or muted enough, navy can make for the best wall color, no matter the decor. This Brit+Co jewel-tone round up includes a beautiful pale navy bedroom. The tone is neutral enough for a deep navy headboard, black wood work, and white, royal blue, teal, and purple accents.

Bedroom with side table and window seat

Image Via: Brit+Co

2. SFGirlByBay blogger and photographer Victoria Smith visited fellow blogger Anna Dorfman at her home in New York. Victoria was all about her friends taste in saturated colors. This black wall was one of many in Anna’s 1891 home. Though black is usually used as the accent color, here, it does a lovely job of taking the lead as the main backdrop, just speckled with white and wood throughout.

Image Via: SFGirlByBay

New Neutrals: Gray or Gray?

3. Who says your neutrals have to belong to the white family? For this library, a warm-gray paint color is infused with a hint of purple. It’s the perfect color for pairing with velvet reading chairs, an old book, and a cup of hot chocolate.

Image Via: To the Studs

4. That isn’t the only gray you need to consider, either. Jessica from Freshome makes a case for any gray on every wall. This toasty charcoal pairs well with cream walls and ceiling. Bits of tan and brown become the color pop throughout the room, rather than the accent wall.

grey bold

Image Via: Freshome

Greens with Envy

5. Prairie Days Design creator Kaleigh is smitten with green rooms. We aren’t talking about Christmas green here — think rich forest greens that have a way of melting your heart and making metallics pop. Gold, silver, and copper sit happily as mixed metals with the help of this botanical-inspired green wall.

Image Via: Prairie Days Design

6. A mix of green, blue, and gray come together to create this velvety dark-green wall. Keeping the decor in the room on the monochromatic side makes this den all the cozier. Design Shuffle rounded up nine of their favorite green rooms. This one is our fave; what’s yours?

Image Via: Design Shuffle

Walls that Won’t Stop Blushing 

7. Another fan of the monochromatic room is Bianca Hall, the mind behind French for Pineapple. Whether pink, navy, green or gold, she’s all over it if the room colors match. This pink-hued marsala wall is enveloping with it’s twinning-color sofa and ottoman. Let’s grab a wool throw blanket and snuggle up there!

8. Quartz is expected in the kitchen. At least the countertop material is. This color — rose quartz — on the other hand is quite unexpected in the working space. The pale pink has been a favorite in fashion, design, and of course paint. We’re loving it and hope it lasts a long time.

Image Via: Bloesem Design

These rich, saturated colors are so hot right now, it would be silly to pass up the opportunity to have them in your home before the cold months are upon us. As we enter this fall season, be prepared with your flannel, fleece, and a room richly colored enough to keep you cozy.

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