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10 Clever Ways to Use Vintage Baskets

10 Clever Ways To Use Vintage Baskets

If you were to ask me, what is the one decorating item I can’t live without, it would be hands down, baskets. As a busy mom, with 2 young boys they are a storage must. On those occasions when I get that last minute phone call, “we will be there in 10,” they are a life saver. The best part, my boys like to help clean up because it is easy and they know where everything goes, probably better than I do. For functionality purposes they are perfect, but if I am being honest, the savvy shopper in me loves them from a budget perspective. You can find vintage baskets just about everywhere these days and sometimes for less than $1. I have found them at the thrift store and even yard sales for a steal. And from a design stand point I fancy them because of the texture and patina they add to a space. Any way you slice it, they are a win, win in my book. Here are 10 clever ways to use them in your home….

1. Bathroom Vanity Storage- What a great idea to add a variety of vintage baskets and carry ons to an open bathroom vanity. Not only does it give you plenty of places to tuck those bathroom essentials away but it adds a vintage touch to a modern look.

BHG-Cold-rolled steel bars with cedar planks make an awesome vanity! And the vintage baskets give plenty of storage


2. Container For Household Essentials-Who would have thought a lint brush could look so good! When household items are organized in a small counter basket, such as this galvanized beauty, not only do these essentials become appealing but provide a valid function.

Catch Clutter-use a vintage basket to hold essential, everyday items


3. Bathroom Basics-Who would have thought toilet paper could be an attractive accessory. Why not use wire baskets to hold such bathroom basics.

Clever bathroom storage-use a basket to hold everyday items, such as tiolet paper


4. Coffee Table Storage- One of my favorite uses for a large woven basket is a coffee table. It serves as functional storage and also gives a layered look with its warm patina. You can store blankets, games or even toys, the options are endless.

Double-Duty Basket - A woven trunk that looks like an oversize picnic basket adds hidden storage to this living room and doubles as a coffee table.


5. Laundry Hamper-Any large basket you find can serve as a hamper, whether it is woven or cloth, just add some casters to the bottom to make it mobile and you are all set.

Laundry Room Design Basics-Great Use of a Vintage Rolling Basket


6. Picnic Trays-Organize your seasonal picnic by using various baskets of sizes and shapes to set the mood and create a pretty presentation your guests will love.

Sophisticated Picnic Fare-use baskets to organize your outdoor excursion.


7. Organize Your Blankets- We all love our cozy bedroom blankets and pillows so why not put them on display when they are not being used. This vintage fruit box set on 2 luggage bases makes for ideal bedroom storage for such well used items. Not only are they pretty to look at when not in use but the placement is perfect, right at the foot of the bed for convenience.

An antique fruit crate adds style and storage.


8. Firewood & Kindling Storage-With fall just around the corner, this is a winner of an idea! Use a basket to store your fire essentials, not only is this idea practical but it’s also a great seasonal accessory.

Store your kindling in this flea-market find


9. Mounted to the Wall- The best way to maximize your space is to go vertical. I can’t tell you enough, how much I love this clever idea. It can be used in a mudroom, boy or girl’s room, a bathroom or playroom. The variety of items it can hold is limitless, from books to balls, to mittens and scarves, this idea will be sure to keep things organized.

Use vintage milk crates as budget-friendly storage!


10. Bar Cart Storage- Whether in wired baskets, wood or woven ones, using any vintage container to hold drinks for bar storage is a fantastic idea. It gives visual separation to a large area and brings purpose by organizing beverages and kitchenware. Wire baskets add character and smart storage to this vintage beverage cart.


Have a beautiful week and happy thrifting!

Jen-City Farmhouse

Building a Dream House: Navy Throw Pillows

navy throw pillows for a master bedroom makeover

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’ve decided to decorate the master bedroom–something we haven’t ever done in our entire decade of marriage! We have dark wood furniture that we plan on keeping, and we still love the gray paint we chose for the walls. We’re planning on going with white bedding and accenting with navy blue, a look we’ve seen all over the internet lately and really loved. I have a really hard time making decorating decisions, but an easy place to start is throw pillows! They’re fairly inexpensive and can be changed out whenever you want, so they’re the perfect place to begin decorating a room if you’re a little indecisive like me.

I’ve been hunting down my favorite inky blue throw pillows from around the web. Some I’ve already purchased, some are on my wish list, and some are just really cute. Which are you favorites?

naby blue throw pillows master bedroom makeover

1. Oluwa and Juma pillows made from African mudcloth, from Mae Woven on Etsy (I bought these!! They should be here any day now, and I cannot wait to see them in person!)

2. Threshold Bandana Print pillow from Target (I bought this one too. I didn’t know it was supposed to be a bandana print until I was researching it!)

3. Division pillow from CB2

4. navy pillows from Nena & Co.

5. Azure pillow from CB2

6. Embellished Monogrammable pillow from Pottery Barn

7. Ikat Dot embroidered pillow from PBTeen

8. Handwoven Mayan pillow from Schoolhouse Electric

9. Rose Twist pillow from PBTeen

10. Silvia embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn

11. Leigia embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn

12. DL Rhein Etoile embroidered pillow from Lulu & Georgia

13. Pom Pom organic pillow from PBTeen

14. Market pillow from Lulu & Georgia

15. Dearsley embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn

16. Trina Turk Maze embroidered pillow from Lulu & Georgia

17. Tessa embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn

18. Pinwheel pillow from Lulu & Georgia

19. Elsie pillow from Lulu & Georgia

20. Star Diamond pillow from Lulu & Georgia

21. Geo Repeat decorative pillow from Pottery Barn Kids

22. Josie Ikat embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn

5 Must-Know Thrifting Tips + A Book Giveaway

Hi, everyone! Eddie Ross here, the East Coast Editor of Better Homes & Gardens. Even if everything else in a room comes together beautifully, it’s that final layer of accessories that’s often the most daunting. Pulling together parties that feel fresh and inviting isn’t always easy either. In my new book Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds, I share secrets to discovering things that will infuse every bit of you into your home without spending a fortune.

Flea markets are goldmines for scoring one-of-a-kind finds, but thrift shops give me the fix I need when there isn’t one in town. You never know what you’ll see, so I go as often as I can. Plus, it always feels good to help a good cause. I once found an entire shopping cart of treasures after a single spin through a Goodwill in Connecticut. Here are five tips to getting your thrift on.


Visit stores in nicer neighborhoods and surrounding towns. Disposable income often generates disposable high-end merchandise. A trio of Lladró swans I plucked from an upscale thrift shop swim across a sea of wrapping paper, their backs billowing with lilacs.


If you don’t see a complete set of glasses or dishware, make sure you check the shelves above and below—strays have a way of wandering off. One of these zebras had a mind of its own before I spotted it three shelves down.


Look past unsightly finishes, fabric and hardware on vintage furniture. That’s the stuff you can fix. If a piece is sturdy with good lines, buy it. I loved the upholstered legs and slim silhouette of these barrel back chairs from a thrift store. Even the look of the original fabric was cool—it just needed an update. Bonus: Look for single bolts of fabric donated after decorating projects. Sometimes it’s enough to cover an entire chair!


People clean out their houses and make donations as the seasons change. Another time to shop is after the first of the year, when people make room for holiday purchases. The faux malachite obelisk on my mantle is one of a pair I found at a thrift shop in High Point, North Carolina during spring market.


Finally, donate your own unwanted things from time to time—it keeps the cycle going for everyone. Every time I drop off a box to my favorite stores, I can’t help but go back for more!


Thrifting is a way of life that fuels the modern mix. Soon you’ll need your fix, too.



Bonus: We’re giving away five copies of my new book, Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds.


Enter for a chance to win by telling us your favorite flea market find that you’ve discovered in the comments!


You can also enter to win by following @BHG on Twitter and tweeting with #ModernMixSweepstakes. The giveaway closes August 20th, 2015 and you can find the official rules here.

Organize With This: Pull-Out Storage Solutions

When it comes to storage and organization, space saving solutions is the name of the game. Of course the first step to any organizational project is to declutter and say goodbye to unused items, but the next step is determining how to creatively store what is left. “Go To” solutions typically include utilizing vertical space, maximizing overlooked nooks and taking advantage of the backs of cabinets and doors. But one more solution should always be considered during space planning, and that is pull-out storage.

Pull Out Bathroom Drawer

Utilizing drawers and gliders to pull items out from cabinets, nooks and crannies, will make day-to-day living so much simpler. Pull out storage solutions allow you to maximize your given space, prevents items from becoming lost in a dark hole and saves your body from awkward reaching positions. Most importantly, getting creative with pull-out storage solutions can make the most of the smallest and tightest of areas.

Below you will find a plethora of pull-out storage solutions for areas all around the home.

Pull Out Shoe Storage

In the mudroom or entryway, placing shoes on shelf that slides out of a cabinet allows them to be stacked a few rows deep.

Pull Out Locker

By adding pegboard inside of a pull out cabinet, you can create a storage packed in-home gym locker.

Under Stairs Storage


How to make the most of an area under the stairs is always a conundrum, but the opportunities for this awkward space are truly endless. Special thanks to pull out cabinets, an entire mudroom can be created where there once was none.

Pull Out Pantry Drawers

In the kitchen, one of the most common ways to maximize deep cabinets is by adding pull-out drawers.

Pull Out Pantry

But how about an entire pantry that pulls out? This solution makes the most of a narrow space between cabinets and the fridge.

Pull Out Cutting Board Storage

Narrow cabinets are also ideal for narrow kitchen supplies. Cutting boards, baking sheets, spices and linens are all the perfect candidates for these hard working cupboards.

Pull Out Towel Storage

Pull Out Appliance Garage

It is always nice when you can save on counter space by storing your kitchen appliances behind cabinet doors. However, keep them easy to access and use by placing them on slide-out drawers.

Pull Out Trash

Pull out drawers allow you to stack trash and recycling bins two deep. They also keep the contents (and smells) hidden under a sink or in a special cabinet away from curious pets and kids.

Pull Out Toe Kick Dog Bowls

Speaking of pets, the space below cabinets is probably one of the least utilized spaces, yet offers so much potential. A pull out drawer with inset puppy bowls allows you to easily stow away their dishes between feedings.

Pull Out Toe Kick Storage

These secret storage spots are also great for tucking away craft supplies, baking sheets, lids for pots and pans and extra linens.

Pull Out Counter Work Space

When kitchen surface area is at a premium, it is always amazing when you can find ways to double the work area. This slide out island counter creates an ideal location to bake the day away.

Pull Out Cutting Board


A slide out cutting board has a similar impact! More work surface and a place to chop up a salad or slice up a side of bread.

Storage Bench

Seating above, storage below! Benches are a prime location for adding baskets and drawers in kitchens, dining rooms, entryways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Pull Out Drawer Bench

The goal with pull-out storage is to keep everything easy-to-access and easy to put things away. That is especially important with children to encourage them to be helpers at pick-up time.

Drawers for Kid


Adding casters or drawer glides to bins is a toy-friendly option, and making the most of unused wall cavities? That is simply genius.

Pull Out Game Storage


Once again, storage on glides allows you to make the most of the back of a cabinet. These games stack two to three deep on each drawer and they also prevent the need to remove seven boxes to retrieve the one on the bottom. I just added this to my “must do” list.

Pull Out Laundry Hamper

Although laundry is done daily or weekly, we don’t want to think about it all the time. Pull out storage solutions for the win again! Toss your dirty clothes in a concealed cabinet hamper.

Pull Out Drying Rack

Dry your clothing on a rack that can be pulled out and adjusted based on how much you need, and then retract when not in use.

Pull Out Iron Board

Although it looks like a drawer… Surprise! It is actually an ironing board concealed behind a drawer. What closet or laundry room couldn’t benefit with that superstar storage solution?

How have you utilized drawers, glides and casters to make the most of the storage around your home?

Get the Look: Decorating with Lucite

bhg lucite

I’m all about a little touch of glam in a home, and lucite can be the perfect way to accomplish this. And due to its naturally transparent qualities (wink, wink), it’s also perfect for small spaces where you don’t want a lot of visual clutter. But the key to adding this to your home without going overboard is little touches here and there – just enough to add a subtle hint of modern glamour.

This banquette above from BHG is one of my favorites. Overall the room is based in traditional design but it gets extra interesting with the contrast offered by modern touches. The Saarinen table with those funky lucite chairs is what makes this space so memorable.

By the way, have you ever wondered what the difference is between acrylic and lucite? As it would turn out, there’s no difference at all and it’s merely marketed under different names. (Plexi-Craft has a good FAQ on lucite, including care tips.)

bhg lucite


The twin lucite pendants in this kitchen above offer extra glamour with the addition of their brass accents to mirror the hardware on the cabinetry. The openness of the framework keeps it all feeling light and airy, which is perfect contrast to balance out the heaviness of the dark island and wood floors.

bhg lucite


Another way to get just a hint of lucite or to test out the look is with these chic curtain rods. And would you believe it? These were a DIY project by Grace at A Storied Style.

bhg lucite


Floating acrylic frames offer a hint of modernity and can bring attention to your artwork. Framed scarves, vintage maps, or even wallpaper cuttings can instantly pop when sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic. Find kits on Etsy or DIY it!

bhg lucite


I don’t see lucite legs in bathrooms much, and this vignette caught my eye instantly. I especially like the way this particular bathroom also feels beachy or more casual with the tongue-and-groove boards all the way around. But it’s definitely got a glamorous masculinity to it with all that shiny chrome and black too.

bhg lucite


One of the easiest ways to introduce lucite furniture is with a ghost chair. Readily available at a variety of price points, they’re fun and quirky little accents that can add a ton of personality into a space. And due to its origins in traditional design due to its shape, it can work in practically any interior. Got a super traditional space? Test one of these out – you might be surprised at the

bhg lucite


And in the go big or go home category, this entryway packs a powerful style punch in a small space. It screams personality and glamour with the nearly-invisible lucite console and funky accents (that lamp!). Definitely play around with pairing lucite with metallics – it’s a winner almost every time.

As for me, I’m personally stalking eBay and First Dibs for some lucite chairs I stumbled on in an antique shop a few months ago. With curved lucite legs and canary yellow velvet upholstery, I initially balked at the price tag for the pair. But once I went back to the shop, they were already gone. They were definitely the ones that got away!

Create an Under-the-Stairs Playhouse

Hey all, I am Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches, and I have a serious problem. I cannot  leave well enough alone. Have you ever started a seemingly simple afternoon project only to end up to your elbows in sawdust three days later? Well, I do often! My kids play space was no exception.

When moving into our home, there was a decent size closet under the stairs that presumably was intended as a storage closet. I absolutely intended to use it for storage! I planned for it to contain every single toy, book, action figure, car, and lego! Although it did solve the problem of where the toys would be stored, it still begged the question, “What about when they are in use?”

Thus, the playroom under the stairs. I knew full well that there was not nearly enough space for the kids to play and store their toys, but with some careful planning, anything is possible!

Luckily, in my adolescence my dad was a contractor and my mom was an artistic DIYer. In no time, I was wielding power tools and paintbrushes. In fact, my shop is my favorite room in the house! So instead of making do with the stair space, I decided to create more! I built a platform that would make it a split-level play area.

I had a general idea of the layout, but I was still a little  foggy on the overall appearance.  My sons happen to be infatuated with all things firefighting. So much so that  when I asked  my oldest son what he wanted for Christmas, he responded, “A fire alarm!” Yes, he wanted a fire alarm! “Are you sure you don’t want a drum, or an electric guitar?” I wondered. Coincidentally, a few weeks later I was at a garage sale and happened upon an old school alarm bell! How could I pass it up? I am so glad I snagged it because it became the inspiration for the entire playroom.

The “upstairs” has a fairly  open play area, but it also had a small nook.  It was the perfect space for lockers for the kids’ turnout gear and all of the necessary firefighting gear!

A fire station would not be complete without a pole! There is a pole and a ladder that serves as access to both upper and lower floors. The lower level contains most of the toys. I used our original storage bins and built a table top that would prevent the bins from toppling as well as provide a sturdy play surface. 

My husband and I also discovered some additional dead space under the stairs that was not being utilized. So we utilized it! I created a door frame, put up drywall, and laid down carpet. This space was shaped a little awkward, but it was PERFECT for laying down and watching a movie! I mounted a television above the door frame, so the kids could lay back and easily see the television without fearing they would knock it over.

There was only one small area of dead space remaining.  It wasn’t very big, but it was perfect size for a firetruck dashboard! As often as the kids pretended to respond to 911 calls, a “firetruck” seemed necessary.  I do have more detailed plans showing how I made the fire truck dashboard.

Overall, I walked away from this project feeling like I successfully utilized and maximized every square inch of space. Once it was complete, I put it to the ultimate test … my kids. The verdict? They love it! They spend hours in there, the toys stay contained, and it is set up in a way that is easy for them to keep it clean! A win-win-win.

This entire project was so much fun, and having the great folks from Better Homes and Gardens come out and do a photo shoot was a total dream come true! I can’t say it enough, it was one of the funnest experiences ever! See the entire tour of the play area here!

Thanks so much for reading! If you are interested in seeing more of my projects please stop by my blog, or you can connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!


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