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DIY-ify: 12 Entryway Organization DIY Ideas

Trend: 12 Entryway Organization DIY Ideas

I know we have “Spring cleaning”, but I also love a good Fall organization. There’s a lot that happens this time of year: school starts, the weather is changing, and the big holidays are right around the corner. This makes it the perfect time to organize the important zones in your home, like the entryway. This space is used everyday and it tends to store a lot of stuff in there: coats, umbrellas, keys, shoes, and a bunch of other random things. It’s time to get that space organized. Check out these inspiring entryway organization DIY ideas below.


1. Create this simple wall shoe organizer to keep the shoe clutter off the floor.

(Emily Henderson)

2. Turn almost any bookcase into an entryway organization station!

(Better Homes and Gardens)


3. Make your own coat tree for under $10.

(Ana White)


4. Make a bench to sit on.

(Home Depot)

5. Use buckets to organize items for each family member in the entrance! There are also free labels to print out.

(Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Painted screwdriver rack to hold your scarves and coats.

(HomeMade Modern)

7. Floral bucket turned umbrella stand.

(I Heart Organizing)

8. Organize your keys with this lovely key holder DIY.

(Shanty 2 Chic)

 9. Turn an Ikea Bookshelf on it’s side, add a cushion, and you have an entryway storage bench!

(from Better Homes and Gardens)

10. Paint a bunch of wood crates and install them on the wall in your entryway.

(Thea’s Mania)

11. Print out these free blank labels and use them to mark baskets for entryway storage.

(Better Homes and Gardens)

12. Create an entryway organizer.

(Curate This Space)

Is your entryway organized? As of right now, mine is not. Wish me luck!


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. the photos from the first image are from Emily HendersonBetter Homes and GardensBetter Homes and GardensAna White, and Thea’s Mania.

Khristian A. Howell

Refreshing for Fall: Easy ways to fall into the season

Fall is on its way and I have to admit this is my favorite season of them all.  I love seeing the leaves change, feeling the crisp air on evening walks, and of course I love pulling out the cute jackets and scarfs.  If you love the fall transition too, here are some easy, fresh ways to make your living space feel as cozy as your new fall boots.


Want a super easy, quick, cheap and chic way to bring some of the festive fall feeling into your home?  Bring the elements in by grabbing a few small branches from your yard to create a dramatic fall centerpiece.  Voila! Instance change of mood for your space!


Can we say enough about the power of pillows?  I just don’t think we can!  Changing up your pillows or even just pillow covers is one of the easiest ways to transform your space for the season.  It is great because the cost is so low and there is no commitment.   For fall it is nice to really go for that cozy feeling by layering and refreshing throw blankets as well.


Craving a rich color change for fall, but not willing to commit to a new wall color just for the season?  Take on a more manageable lower commitment color splash by repainting a great piece of furniture.  Take an old piece of furniture to wow buy painting it in a rich saturated fall hue like this gorgeous navy piece.


Changing out and layering window treatments are great ways to create that warm cozy fall feeling in your home.  Love the drama created by using these drapes at the entry to the room!


Gallery walls are meant to be free flowing, expressive and changed often!  This is a perfect place to refresh your space for fall.  Change out the artwork, frames, or both to reflect warmer tones and any subject matter that give you that warm fall feeling.


Don’t be shy!  Bring the outdoors in! Inviting what is happening outdoors indoors is a sure fire way to get your home into the spirit of the season. Re-purpose treated stumps as end tables, ottomans and more like this fun entryway installation.

Jennifer OBrien

Reclaimed Wood — A Hot Trend & 15 Fabulous Ideas For Using It

Reclaimed wood has quickly become a hot trend in home décor that I am fully embracing. The worn layers, tones and textures can bring a pleasing rustic aesthetic to any design style. There is just something warm & lovely about each piece and each has its own distinct story. I have a little crush on reclaimed wood myself and started a collection about a year ago. I live 25 minutes from the country {North Fork } where there is an abundance of farms, farm stands, wineries, beautiful beaches, historic towns & homes and plenty of reclaimed wood. Living so close I have become well versed at scoring the best deals on wood but recently found another source that was unexpected-the Habitat for Humanity Restore. If you haven’t been go and check it out, hint-their prices are amazing! There are so many original & creative ideas out there for using salvaged or reclaimed wood but here are 15 of my favorites……

15 Fabulous Ideas for using Reclaimed Wood-BHG

1. LightingBHG Dreamy Whites-Recliamed Wood Mason Jar Light


2. HeadboardBHG Five O Eight-Reclaimed Wood Headboard


3. FloorsBHG Gather & Build Reclaimed Wood Floor


4. FramesBHG My Sweet Savannah Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames {via}

5. Wall Art-ArrowBHG recalimed wood arrows Natalme


6. Sliding Barn DoorBHG Bob Vila-Reclaimed Wood Sliding Interior Barn Doors


7. Ceiling BeamsBHG Recalimed Wood Ceiling Beams {BHG}

8. MantleBHG Recalimed Wood Mantle


9. MirrorsBHG Recalimed Wood Mirror Frames{BHG}

10. Farmhouse TableBHG Recalimed Wood Table


11. Planked WallBHG Recalimed Wood Wall {BHG}

12. Console TableBHG Reclaimed Wood Console Table


13. Rustic SignBHG Rooms For Rent-Reclaimed Wood Sign {via}

14. ShelvingDezeen Folklore Recalimed Wood Floating Shelves


15. Planter BoxBHG My Sweet Savannah Reclaimed Wood Planter Box


Amazing ideas right?!

Keep your eyes open to the possibility & have a beautiful day,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Michael Wurm, Jr.

For the Love of Color: Copper

TREND: Copper

If you’ve been following my posts here on Style Spotters for a while (or on my blog Inspired by Charm), then you probably know I have a slight obsession with all things gold. As I’ve begun to get my home ready for fall, I’ve noticed how many gold and brass accents I have. Even though I still love them, I’m always up for trying something different, such as copper.

Over the past year, copper has been gaining in popularity.This fall, however, copper has come out in a big way in everything from light fixtures to flatware to pillows. While this metal is a kitchen classic, as seen in the glimmering pots above, new furnishings and accessories have given us reasons to incorporate copper into other areas of our home as well.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

With its warm orange and pink undertones, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more copper pop up this fall and holiday season. What do you think? Have you always been a fan of copper? Do you plan to add a few copper pieces to your home decor?

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 8.29

Good morning all! With all of the activities that create our crazy lives, it’s hard to find time to do things just for the fun of it. These quick and simple DIY’s will treat you to a little me-time, and great pieces to show for it.


I’ve never been much of a carpenter, but even I could make this amazingly simple Leather Handled Cutting Board from Almost Makes Perfect. What starts out as a plain piece of wood turns into a gorgeous testament to your inner craftsman.



Another in-kitchen idea: decorated tea towels. I know, I know, how overdone…But these Confetti Trail Tea Towels on For The Makers were too cute to pass up. What an easy way to add some color and fun to your kitchen!



I love mirrors–the crazier the better. These amazingly easy Salvaged Yard Mirrors by Killer B. Designs put a creative new (or old?) twist on your framing options. Who says all that junk in your garage is useless?



I still really can’t get enough of terrariums and air plant vases. Pile on some color with this super simple Paint-Dip Planters tutorial from Vintage Revivals. I especially love how she hung them on her wall–SO ADORABLE.



And lastly, I love the look of this coffee table serving tray and drawer from The Design Confidential.  A little more demanding than the others, after you channel your inner craftsman one last time, you’ll have it finished and ready to impress in no time.



Happy creating! Have a wonderful week!


Jen Jones

Organize This: Boots!

Trend:  Fall Boots are BACK!



Summer days are winding down and fall is coming at us in full force.  Time to pull out those cozy throws, soft sweaters and tall boots to prepare for the chilly months around the corner.

Whether it is a rain boot, a riding boot or a trendy knee high boot, storing your favorite footwear can be a little tricky.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to make the most of your space while keeping those boots looking chic all season long.



First and most importantly, the way the boot is stored will ultimately impact the shape and the boot’s total lifespan.  To maintain a proper form, there are many inserts on the market made specifically for boot storage.  I highly recommend using one of these forms, or getting creative with objects around the home to create a form to tuck inside.  Everything from wine bottles to foam pool noodles to rolled magazines, all make great alternative boot forms.




What makes storing boots so difficult, is dealing with their bulkiness and height.  Whether in an entryway or a closet, there are many  wonderful shoe and boot organizers designed to accommodate awkward sizes.  One way to battle the height issue, is to invest in a closet system containing adjustable shelving.  Stand alone bookshelves also work perfectly for this as they offer adjustable shelving as well, and are versatile enough to be used in almost any room of the home.




If you are looking to store your boots outdoors, consider purchasing or building a solid wooden rack, which can store the boots inverted.  This will allow them to remain dry no matter what the weather brings.




If you find that storing boots indoors is more convenient, there are many ways to get creative with your entry space.  I really love the idea of recycling old crates to offer flexible winter gear storage.



Or utilizing a tall console table as a drop zone with a boot tray tucked below.  A good rug and boot tray will protect the flooring from all of those outdoor elements that typically come in on our feet.



Consider adding a bench to your entryway, which doubles as seating and ample shoe organization.  Building in a second shelf doubles the storage capacity and offers space for foot gear of all shapes and sizes.  Quick tip: Toss small baking soda pods or dryer sheets into the bench to absorb any foot odor that may get locked in.




Limited on floor space?  Just like any good organizing project, think vertically!  Oversized binder clips attached to the wall will provide creative and space saving boot storage.  And as great as this is, consider adding a small strip of felt inside each prong of the clip to protect the boot’s material while they hang.




Just as clips rock in the entryway, they also work wonders in a closet.  Hangers typically designed for pants and skirts also double as an amazingly creative way to stash away your trendy fall footwear.



And just as much as maintaining the boot’s form is crucial, caring for the boots finish is equally as important to extending the boot’s life expectancy.  Taking a few minutes to put together a shoe care kit will ensure your boots hug your feet for more than a single season.  A few items you may want to add to your kit are saddle soap, leather conditioner, weatherproofing protector, shoe brush and soft cotton rags.


Shoe Shelving Tower / Under Bed Boot Bin / Shoe Care Kit / Boot & Shoe Organizer / Boot Tray / Boot Hooks / Bench / Boot Forms

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