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Playing with Pattern at the Table

Playing with Pattern at the table


It’s officially here. The holiday season is really upon us. What a perfect time to play with a little pattern! (If you are like me, you didn’t really need an excuse!) It is likely that you will be creating lots of lovely interest on your tables in the coming weeks by layering a variety of textiles and accessories. Adding pattern to the mix will help to create even more depth, texture, and color. As always you can elect to go big and bold and make the pretty patterned accessories the star. A large scale patterned tablecloth or serveware with a painterly pattern will do the trick. Or, you can use small touches for just a little pop and personality.

Playing with Pattern at the table


Playing with Pattern at the table


Playing with Pattern at the table


Mixing patterns on a table is so fun because everything is in such close proximity that you can really see how the patterns compliment and play together. Because the eye will be taking in so much in such a small space remember to vary the scale of your patterns to keep your eye moving from piece to piece. It is also a good idea to interject a few moments of negative space or breathing room for the eye. You can do this be mixing in some solid color items or accessories that are a little less heavy on pattern and perhaps instead have an interesting texture.

Playing with Pattern at the table


If you are new to working with pattern, test the waters with some fun place cards or play with two color patterns. Keep your palette fairly minimal or play within a tight spectrum of colors like burgundy, merlot, a spicy orange and a mustard yellow. Ground your palette with a neutral tone like a warm gray or sand. Becoming a pattern mixing pro is a lot about trial and error. Just keep in mind that the optimal word here is play!

Playing with Pattern at the table


Flea Market Chic-Farmhouse Tables

BHG Flea Market Chic-Farmhouse Tables

It is hard to believe we are about to embark on the holiday season, it seems like those carefree summer days were just yesterday, doesn’t it? I happen to like the change of seasons, there is something about hunkering down and enjoying quiet time inside. And of course, lets not forget the holidays, where family and friends gather in our homes to share and create lasting memories. When I think back to my childhood & all the festivities, I can’t help but think about our dining room table. I have vivid memories of my mother and I setting the table the night before, cooking all day & then finally bringing the food out for everyone to enjoy, there was just a contentment about all of us being together. The dining room table has always been that place everyone gathers, laughs, shares moments, makes connections and of course where we all eat way too much. We have seen this trend towards getting back to the basics when it comes to hospitality and enjoying the simplicity of it. Just people gathered around a table sharing time, with that has been a lean towards rustic, farmhouse tables. There is just something so idyllic about a big table with the ones you love joined together. Here are a few of my favorite farmhouse table inspirations, as well as some tips if you are hoping to make a change yourself by introducing one to your home this season…

Farmhouse tables come in all shapes and sizes but if you host sit down dinners or large gatherings often, then you may need one that is extra long and can seat at least 3 people on each side. The great thing about these tables is you can create one that is custom for your space. You can either DIY one yourself using reclaimed wood or have a local carpenter make one for you. If you have any local farmhouse shops in your area, ask them, chances are they have someone they can recommend. You can also find them pre-made at those same local shops or flea markets.

Perfectly Imperfect Recliamed Wood Table


Nest of Bliss-Farmhouse Table


If you are looking to use reclaimed wood for your farmhouse table be sure to shop around. Ask your local shops to see if they know of anyone who sells it, check salvaged shops and look in the classifieds. I found that the more I knew about pricing, the less I paid.

BHG Farmhouse Table

The organic, natural look is what draws people to these tables. Whether you have authentic barnwood or creating your own using a layering of stains, you should protect your table and its beautiful patina. Sealing the wood with a non-tinted wax will maintain the rustic look & tone but will prevent stains. Testing a small hidden area beforehand is a good idea, even if just to test the amount to use. This is also especially helpful if you intend to use your table outside as well.

Home Remedies-Farmhouse Table


Liz Marie Farmhouse Table


West Elm Harvest Table


If you are looking for a little bit of a challenge then why not build one yourself. You can use a plan from Ana White with either your reclaimed wood or your DIY wood. I have many friends who have used this source & have LOVED it!! If you don’t have all the tools, ask your local hardware store to see if they will rent them, usually they will.

Dear Lillie-Our Updated Dining Room with a New Farmhouse Table


Rooms For Rent-Outside Farmhouse Dining


I saved the best for last-styling! Oh how I love a good, authentically styled farmhouse table, don’t you? The simplicity of the table allows for a bit of styling freedom. You can mix and match chairs or add a bench or 2. You can see how bringing a table outside for an event can also add ambiance by allowing the natural landscape to set the mood. Blankets, throws and pillows add a coziness to the space while organic objects & flowers give way to store bought accessories. And a farmhouse table set for an occasion wouldn’t be quite perfect without an abundance of candles.

Brit & Co. Harvest Table


Jeanne Oliver-outside dining


Southern California Bride-Harvest-Inspired Engagement Party Shoot - Tiffany Amber Photography


Waiting on Martha Harvest Table


Thank you for stopping by!

Jen-City Farmhouse

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Building a Dream House: Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

navy and white master bedroom with a sunburst mirror

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we are done with our master bedroom makeover! At least the first part of it. That’s how it goes with home projects around here: we celebrate the small victories. When we decided to redo our master bedroom decor a few months ago, I did something a little different from what I usually do: I actually started buying new things. Usually, I spend months and months and months planning before I actually do anything. I like to have everything firmly planned out in my mind and on paper before I make purchases. But I think what worked for us this time and helped us get this makeover finished quickly was that I just started buying things–new bed linens, throw pillows, a mirror–as I found them. I didn’t wait for the whole room to be planned out. And instead of taking longer, the room came together really quickly. I think this might be a new winning strategy for me!

A few weeks after we decided to redo our bed linens in white and navy, I spotted this cute and really inexpensive quilt and matching shams in a catalog at my in-laws’ house. The navy print on a white background is reminiscent of traditional Hawaiian quilts, which I love. We knew we wanted to bring some blue into the foot of the bed with a quilt folded across the area, and both the color and low cost of this quilt made it a perfect candidate. So instead of thinking about it for a month, I went ahead and ordered it that day. All we really needed was a starting point, and the rest of the makeover was a cinch.

navy and white quilt and matching shams

We’ve never had cute throw pillows on our bed before, but with this makeover, I was determined to find some good ones. I met Hannah, the owner of Mae Woven and maker of beautiful African mud cloth pillows over the summer. She is just as cute and stylish as you would imagine. A pair of indigo pillow covers was next on our list of purchases. I also found and fell in love with a pillow from Schoolhouse Electric when I was researching navy throw pillows for a Style Spotters post a few months ago, and bought it on a recent trip to their Portland, OR flagship store.

indigo african mudcloth throw pillow from mae woven

navy mayan throw pillow from schoolhouse electric

We knew we wanted a simple white quilt and shams to balance out all that navy, and found this understated set at Pottery Barn. After having lower quality bed linens for a long time, we were ready for something significantly nicer, something that would last and look great for years. We love the quality of this quilt, and thanks to a 20% off coupon, were able to get it for less than full price.

white pick-stitch quilt from pottery barn

Having done lots of research on navy rooms over the past few months, I’ve noticed an accessory that nearly every navy room has: a gold sunburst mirror. The gold looks so beautiful and warm paired with the deep blue, and the shape is eye-catching. I’ve seen really cheap-looking ones that are affordable and really spectacular ones that cost substantially more. I spotted a lovely one on social media at the beginning of September, but was discouraged by the nearly $500 price tag. And then out of the blue, Domino Magazine posted a picture of this one on Instagram as their featured sale item, and I jumped right on my computer and bought it for less than half the price of the more expensive mirror. We were so excited to hang it up last weekend. It really pulled the whole room together and gave it quite a spectacular focal point.

gold sun flair mirror from domino magazine

So, is our master bedroom completely finished? Not really. We have two enormous dressers in there right now that provide surprisingly little storage for their gigantic sizes, and we’d love to find some smarter, sleeker storage solutions. And I already have a gallery wall taking shape in my mind whenever we get the storage situation sorted out. But for now, the room looks great, and we are so happy we finally jumped in and gave our room a much-needed facelift. It’s actually a room we enjoy spending time in now, and with the master bedroom on the main floor right off the family room, it’s nice to be able to leave teh door open and be confident that if guests wander that direction, they’ll see a beautiful, thoughtfully decorated room.

Organize This: The Garage!

With winter right around the corner, we are planning to spend the upcoming weekend organizing and cleaning out our garage. Once the weather becomes frigid, we won’t be as inclined to work on maintaining and cleaning our garage, so we like to get it organized and prepped this during this time of the year.

Our garage currently serves a few primary purposes; it is used for parking our vehicles, for working on home DIY projects, and for storing seasonal items. When determining proper garage storage solutions, it is important to consider the actual environment. Many interior organizers are not adequate for a garage spaces due to climate and dust, therefore, it is important to select pieces that are both durable and easy-to-clean. Today I am sharing my top ten tips for packing an abundance of storage punch in the garage.

1. Shelving

Garage Organization

Utilize open shelving for bins and items that you reach for frequently. Select shelving that is sturdy, rugged and capable of holding multiple heavy objects in a variety of sizes. Be sure that the bins stored on the shelving are partnered with lids to prevent the contents from becoming dusty. Shelving can span wall-to-wall, offering an abundance of narrow and vertical storage.

2. Labels

Garage Labels

Labeling is the key to success in any organizational project. Labels keep the entire family on the same page while searching for items and when putting things back after use. When it comes to labeling items in the garage, the labels should be protected inside of laminated pouches or created from wipeable surfaces. This will prevent the labels from peeling, curling and even allow them to be wiped clean without the need create new labels season after season.

3. Recycling

Garage Recycling

Most cities have specific recycling requirements, and it is important to keep different types of products seperated/sorted accordingly. Utilize stacking bins that are easy to access and promote the important act of recycling. The recycling bins should also be labeled with large graphics and lettering to ensure the contents of each bin are easily identified.

4. Just Roll With It!

Garage Cart

Most likely there are a few items that you utilize in your garage that will be better off on casters. The wheels allow for small carts, tools and workbenches to easily move to the center of the garage during use, and then to be quickly and neatly tucked away when a project is complete.

5. Garden Supply Storage

Garden Station

There is always yardwork to be done, therefore, there are always garden and yard tools to store. Create a small area in the corner of the garage for yard specific chores. Add a galvanized bucket for soil, hooks for hand tools and if space permits, a counter for planting.

6. Play Corner

Garage Toy Storage

While the adults work with tools and garden supplies, the kiddos will want to play, play, play! Flexible rubber bins are ideal for outdoor toy storage as they can be easily transported to the car or yard by little hands. They are also easy to spray clean with the hose after a day playing at the park, beach or in the backyard sandbox.

7. Rack It Up!

Bike Storage

Bikes can be some of the bulkiest, most awkwardly shaped items that require storage in the garage. Lucky for us, there are a lot of great bike racks on the market today that free up valuable garage floor space. Some utilize the vertical space on the wall, which is great for families with younger children, while other systems suspend the bikes from the ceiling in-between uses.

9. Tool Time

Tool Peg Storage

Whether you only dabble in smaller home maintenance tasks, or take on an abudance of large DIY projects, you are likely to have a handful of tools that you utilize on a frequent basis. Pegboard is a long time favorite for keeping everything at reach and visible, while also taking advantage of that valuable wall space. For larger yard tools, industrial strength rack and rail systems offer endless flexibility to accomodate an array of shapes and sizes.

Tool Rack

10. Work Happy

Garage Radio

{image source}

I think one important garage necessity that is often overlooked, is a source of music! With all of the hours spent in the garage working on the car, building that perfect piece of furniture and planting those fall mums, turn on some tunes or the baseball game to keep you whistling while you work.

Do you have any favorite garage storage products or organizational tips?

Get the Look: Decorating with Pumpkin Orange

fall mantel decoration with pumpkins - Pencil Shavings Studio - Colorful - Painted white brick mantel - lucite chairs -

With November officially here, the countdown to the holidays is upon us. But before we get to Christmas and all the glittery trimmings, I love these last few days before Thanksgiving when it’s still all about pumpkin spice and all things fall. One of my favorite colors is pumpkin orange – that perfectly cheery hue right between yellow and red that can add an unexpectedly chic spin to a room. It’s happy, warm, inviting, and energizing, and I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ways to incorporate it into your home.

Hermes is famous for their beautifully detailed silk scarves, but they’re equally known for those iconic orange boxes. I’ve been eBay-stalking some (empty) Hermes boxes to do a display in my entryway (as well as a big square scarf to frame in lucite!). If you don’t adore orange, this is an easy way to get the accent of fall color without committing to a complete makeover. Look for fun boxes at Target or the Container Store to get this look for a fraction of the cost.



And these orange lampshades perfectly echo the boxes and complimentary pumpkin-hued pillow. Remember – repetition is key to design in any form. It makes it all feel pulled together and intentional.



These fun little side tables reflect the flame-inspired hues of the dhurrie rug below them. This could also be another easy and inexpensive DIY with some Ikea LACK tables and spray paint.


Tons of other colors work really well with orange. Test it out with blue in almost any shade; blue is the natural complimentary match to orange as it sits opposite the color wheel from it and is the perfect cool to orange’s warmth. Try it with navy for an uber-preppy pop or with a pale icy blue for a more modern spin (could be so cute for a nursery). And of course it’s bright and beachy with hot pink too. For neutrals, brown is an easy match for orange as it shares its warmth. But what about a nice bold black? Here’s a kitchen that proves that black and orange together doesn’t automatically equal Halloween upon first glance. By balancing it with an ample dose of white, it feels fresh and unexpected.



But if orange is the color of happiness and energy, then what better place to try it out than in your entryway? I’m partial to the warm ivory against the orangey-red with the brass hardware. So rich.


But my absolute favorite image right now is this all-out lacquered entryway – it’s super glamorous and dramatic, especially with that fretwork. I’d fill it with gold accents and a Chinoiserie-inspired rug.

Orange Lacquer entryway

This room below is a modern reinterpretation of the classic 1970s color palette of orange, creams, and browns, with a perfectly pumpkin accent wall. This could be easily DIY’d in an afternoon with a quick coat of paint. Mix and match some funky patterned pillows for an eclectic aesthetic – and don’t forget the natural wood accents as it’s key to the earthy vibe.


Speaking of natural elements, this shiplap wall that’s been left unpainted is gorgeous and another great interpretation of the classic 70s color scheme.


And of course, I couldn’t talk about orange without showing a few fab wallpaper options. One of my most favorite shots below (remember it from the previous post on dining rooms?) as it’s chic, eclectic, and loaded with personality.



Happy November! Now go snap up some orange (and I’m off to stalk eBay for my boxes).

It’s time to take a few tips from your grandmother because the art (and appreciation!) of calligraphy is back and here to stay! The pages of wedding invitations, signs, wrapping paper, chalkboards and cakes are overflowing with delicate handwritten notes. Whether you’re a newcomer to typography or a regular attendee, it’s time incorporate stunning script into your home’s decor.


Take a peek at Oh So Beautiful Paper‘s elegant DIY Balloon Engagement Cocktail Party Invitation. The gold metallic lettering shines brightest over a muted hue.



Go big or go home! Style Me Pretty‘s DIY “Cheers” Sign takes cursive (and sparkle!) to a whole new level.



Who says that script needs to be two-dimensional? Put on your 3D glasses because Oh Happy Day‘s Calligraphy Cake Topper opens up a dimension of an entirely different magnitude.



Put your favorite song lyrics to paper with Paper & Stitch‘s Large Scale Hand Lettered Artwork Tutorial. It’s simple, it’s easy, and did I mention that it can be done in less than an hour?



Whether it be custom wrapping paper for the holidays or a personalized bouquet that carries a message on its sleeve, Julep‘s DIY Personalized Flower Wrap adds an extra dose of thoughtfulness to any gesture.


It doesn’t matter what your handwriting looks like, beautiful script comes in all shapes and sizes. You just have to give it a shot!


Happy Friday!


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