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Whether you have more tats than you can count or you’ve never been inked at all, tattooed walls are a trend that I’d recommend to anyone. From subtle and elegant to spectacular and over-the-top, tattooed walls are an incredible and original accent to your home. And thankfully, these tattoos don’t require any needles: just a paint pen and creativity.

Tattoos You (Yes, You) Can Totally Do

Are you thinking that even your best stick figure drawings have no place on the wall? Don’t worry, there are simple designs you can easily create. Try using a stencil for less stress and a wall that will still totally impress all your guests.

Isn’t this scalloped wall incredible? The best part: the pattern is made using a steamer pot lid! Practical and pretty, this is a DIY that anyone can totally accomplish.

Via Classy Clutter

OK, so if you’ve read my last post, you know that lately I’ve been a little obsessed with hand lettering. Naturally, I’m totally drawn to this wall covered with beautiful writing. It adds a pretty texture, and there’s so many different words that could be written. What encouraging message would you want to wake up to?

Via A Beautiful Mess

Small Tats, Big Impact

You know what they say for your first ink: it’s best to start small. If tattooing an entire wall is a little intimidating, try taking this trend on a smaller scale. I love the way this gallery wall is incorporated!


Geometric Designs for Modern Hearts

This is the most gorgeous teenage boy’s room I’ve ever seen. The accent wall’s geometric and metallic design (and that edgy black ceiling) makes this room worthy of a rock star.

Via Two Thirty-Five Designs

Call for Artists

Are you in tune with your inner artist? If so, grab a paint pen and tackle that boring blank wall that’s been staring at you since you moved into your home. Large scale graphic florals are a major upgrade for this previously plain-Jane wall.

Via Cheryl Heap

Temporary Tattoos

Are you super excited about these looks, but aren’t quite ready to commit to lasting results? Vinyl is a fun way to replicate the look, and you’ll be able to change or remove the pattern anytime. Nowadays, there are actually some pretty awesome vinyl patterns that look surprisingly chic.

I love the minimal geometry of this vinyl wall decoration. It gives a three-dimensional look without taking up any extra space in the room.

Via WallumsWallDecals on Etsy

Polka dots are always a major YES in my book. These dots add the perfect amount of pattern to this wall.

Via Project Nursery

So go ahead. Let loose the little kid inside you that longs to draw all over the walls. Trust us, no one will be trying to scrub this ink off.


5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa

There is such a trend right now to blend and mix styles, to layer old with new and to bend the boundaries of cohesiveness. We are seeing more traditional pieces used in modern spaces, modern in farmhouse and vice versa. There is a wave of “make it your own” and defy the rules of matchy, matchy. Open any issue of BHG and you will see designers & homeowners pushing the envelope by merging styles. Lately I am seeing a classic bit of furniture history-The Chesterfield Sofa make its way back into mainstream design and crossing over those lines. Even though it has a rich history of elegance & class, this traditional piece can work any style, here are my top 5 that rock this regal beauty….

With it’s distinguished look the Chesterfield sofa fits right at home with any traditional look. It’s comfortable yet sophisticated style was originally crafted to give a gentleman a relaxed, upright sit without wrinkling their garments. The 4th Earl of Chesterfield commissioned this piece to be made sometime before 1773, hence the name. Initially created in leather it works well with any material and hue.

5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-Ralph Lauren


5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-high fashion home


5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-one kindesign


5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-emily-henderson


Did you also know the chesterfield sofa can work well within a farmhouse aesthetic? By keeping pieces neutral, using crisp whites, vintage finds and organic details, this once sophisticated piece can have a new life in a rustic setting.

5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-Love Grows Wild


5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-Binti Home


Giving it clean arms and industrial legs makes this timeless piece feel more modern and right at home in a contemporary space. The tufted seat & back maintain its original form but otherwise gives a style versatility perfect to be paired with any furnishings.

5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-West Elm


Another style that can work the chesterfield sofa quite well is a transitional one. This aesthetic can be described as classic with a modern twist. As you can see it brings a strong focal point, pulls the look together and grounds the space.

5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-timothy oulton


One of my favorite styles that is hard to pull off, in my opinion, the bohemian look. By adding layers of worn textures, vintage linens and soft mixing of patterns this once elegant piece is transformed.

5 styles that can work the chesterfield sofa-Thoughts From Alice


Thank you for stopping by. Happy designing!

Jen-City Farmhouse

While I was away from home on business for a couple of weeks, my kids took on the task of decorating the house for Fall. I came home to every Fall and Halloween decoration we’ve ever owned lovingly displayed on mantels, shelves, and tables throughout the house. All of our Fall decorations are in the classic color scheme of oranges, blacks, and browns, but I’ve really been loving the non-traditional Fall colors I’ve seen on the internet this season. Bonus: decorating with some of these non-traditional Fall color schemes allows you to leave your decor up longer!


I’m always a sucker for white decor. It makes every season look clean, crisp, and clutter-free. You can leave white all by itself or pair it with other colors for a fresh take on Fall decor. White looks great paired with neutral, natural elements and colors: soft, woodsy greens, rustic woods, and natural fibers. You can also pair it with metallics or fun pops of color.

Decorate with white this Fall for a crisp, clean look.
[photo from Liz Marie]

Decorate with white this Fall for a crisp, clean look.
[photo from Craftberry Bush]

Decorate with white this Fall for a crisp, clean look.
[photo from Love Grows Wild]


Green isn’t exactly a non-traditional Fall color, but the greens I usually see at this time of year are either really bright and Halloween-y or just whatever foliage or leaves happen to be attached to pumpkins, mums, and other on-purpose decor. But soft, silvery greens can give Fall decor a rustic, natural look. Sculptural plants that have lots of great texture, like ornamental kales and cabbages, come in lots of shades of cool green, as do unique pumpkins and gourds.

Soft, silvery greens lend a rustic, natural look to your Fall decor.
[photo from Mustard Seed Interiors]

Soft, silvery greens lend a rustic, natural look to your Fall decor.
[photo from Rooms for Rent]

Soft, silvery greens lend a rustic, natural look to your Fall decor.
[photo from Dear Lillie]


If you want your Fall decor to lean more towards the playful and fun end of the spectrum while still looking modern, use some bright pops of unexpected colors like pink, yellow, and teal. I am clearly drawn to the pinks!

Pinks, Yellows, and other bright colors had a fun, playful touch to Fall decor.
[photo from Paper & Stitch]

Pinks, Yellows, and other bright colors had a fun, playful touch to Fall decor.
[photo from Cloudy Day Gray]

Pinks, Yellows, and other bright colors had a fun, playful touch to Fall decor.
[photo from Chatelaine]

Are there any non-traditional Fall decor trends that you’re loving this season?

Hi all! I’m Jill Rose from the Rozy Home (Rose + Cozy = Rozy!) and I have been blogging about my home remodel for the past six years. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been lots of do-overs — especially in my kitchen. The kitchen was the first thing I knew I had to change, but it wasn’t until the third or fourth try that I got it right.

Somewhere throughout the kitchen remodel process, I decided to create what has to be my favorite project — a faux bronze range hood. Who knew that with a little bit of plywood, trim, and metallic paint, I could create something that would have me featured in the “I Did It!” section in Better Homes and Garden magazine! Look for it in the November issue. It was a simple project that encompasses my design style — a high-end look on a DIY budget.

Creating a range hood I loved was just the beginning of my final kitchen remodel. Below are more projects that helped me create the kitchen of my dreams that I hope will inspire you too!

Painted Cabinets

Hands down, one of the easiest ways to give an old kitchen new life is painting the cabinets. With the right tools, the right paint, a little prep and a bit of patience, painting your cabinets can be a quick and easy way to create a showstopping kitchen.


Add A Pop Of Color

Adding a pop of color to the inside of your cabinets is a great way to give your cabinets a custom look. I always recommend picking an accent color that ties to a favorite place or memory. I created the color above based on a gate I saw in Paris and instantly fell in love with. Every time I grab a plate or bowl out of the cabinet, it reminds me of my trip.

DIY Herringbone Counters

Tired of granite and quartz? Want something that is inexpensive but incredibly durable? Look no further than wood! I created a herringbone pattern on my kitchen island out of 2-inch white oak and finished it off with a paint treatment to give it an aged look. Over the past two years they’ve only gotten prettier with additional age and use.

Trim It Out

Trim is an inexpensive way to make a statement in your kitchen. Building up your kitchen’s crown molding gives standard cabinets a truly custom look, while adding trim to the bottom of your cabinets gives it a finished look, and adding trim to flat-front drawer panels creates a more cohesive feel.

Create Your Own Light Fixture

What do you do when on-trend light fixtures cost a small fortune? You make your own! I found a plug-in light on sale, picked up a canopy kit, and created my own hanging light for a fraction of the price.

Abercrombie & Fitch has been on the backburner for quite some time. Some of my most precious memories from junior high were taking day trips to the mall (even though my mom would get what she called “mall fever”) and heading straight for Abercrombie. I don’t particularly know what I found so enthralling about this hazy cave of a store, where the scent of cologne hits you like a truck upon entering and the walls are flourished with beautiful, tan models in black and white filters.

Recently, A&F’s management had a facelift and the entire franchise redefined its brand. New advertisements feature looser styling and a more optimistic mood to appeal to a broader, beyond-teen audience. Their most recent campaign hints at big changes coming as it distinguishes itself from little sibling Hollister and repositions itself as a laid-back luxury brand for millennials. Here are some pieces from their new line that are getting me pumped for winter.

Outerwear & Jackets

Still looking for a winter jacket? The Heritage Wool Parka is not only made of wool, but is internally lined with quilted fabric to ensure optimal warmth this winter. Available in black, oatmeal, navy, and red.


Dresses can sometimes be hard to pull off in the winter, but this dress hits the nail right on the head. The long sleeves and dark floral pattern make it a perfect match for winter, and shoulder slits gives this dress a playful vibe. Try pairing with black tights and boots for your holiday get-togethers!


A&F carries dozens of knit sweaters, and their box-fit cable turtleneck is my favorite. A cozy knit turtleneck is a winter staple and this one comes in grey, cream, olive, and burgundy.


When seasons transition, one thing you can always count on is a good pair of jeans. Burgundy-colored jeans are perfect for any season — especially fall and winter. A&F’s velvet-made skinny jeans stand out because of their unique, soft material and work well with neutral-colored top.


With the arrival of winter comes chillier weather, and with chilly weather comes one of my favorite winter accessories — scarves. A&F’s winter line features an array of scarves, hats, mittens, and more. Add this super soft, fringed plaid scarf to your collection.


Two words: fleece onesie. How comfy does that sound? Throw on this cozy garment while drinking a cup of hot cocoa and watching the snow fall.

I’m in the midst of decorating my mantel for fall and then eventually for the holidays as time goes on. I love to refresh it seasonally and it’s a great place to play with trends and accessories without committing a huge chunk of change. I did a little Pinterest hunting and gathering to show you some gorgeous inspiration shots to help you get the look in your own living room.

This living room makeover by Emily Henderson is quite similar in the aesthetic and layout of my own living room and I think she nailed the entire fireplace in the all-white color scheme. Crisp, clean, modern and minimalistic, this could work with almost any style of decor.

White modern living room with simple fireplace and blue accents by Emily Henderson

I fell down dead at this dramatic and uber-chic living room. The color of the walls is so rich and cozy and I love that the fireplace pops against it. I’d spend all winter long curled up on the sofa with a good book or twelve!


But if your style runs a little more casual, you’ll love the relaxed feel of this all-white living room. Easy on the eyes, the brick fireplace extends up to the exposed rafters. Interestingly enough there’s nothing hanging over the fireplace which was a bold choice – it allows the architecture to be the primary focus.


Another all-white living room but with a pop of texture thanks to the stacked firewood, exposed rustic mantel, and natural jute rug.


Check out the texture in this bedroom thanks to the wallpaper set into the panels around the fireplace. It’s beautifully chic and sophisticated and provides a visual warmth to the entire space. Those velvet chairs are the perfect match to the grasscloth wallpaper.


This is a one of a kind fireplace for sure! It doubles as a room divider between the bedroom and living room thanks to the see-through fireplace, but it packs a major visual punch with the raw metallic exterior. It’s in high contrast to the farmhouse design elements (planked ceiling, floors, and walls).


A beautiful traditional living room with natural wood accents still feels light and airy with chalky white walls and simple accessories.


This beautiful stone fireplace feels Parisian-chic with a vintage-inspired mirror overhead and pretty powder blue chaise nearby. An eclectic gallery wall spices it up with a mix of artwork styles. Love the addition of the crystal chandelier overhead.


This modern slate-surrounded fireplace is clean and crisp. The bench below does double duty as firewood storage.bhg-mobile-home-fireplace

This unusual living room features a pair of windows flanking the fireplace. The long rustic wood mantel ties it all together visually. And did you notice the two little hutches on either side for firewood storage? With so many different design elements, this could have felt overwhelming and busy, but the simple color scheme helps it to fade away.

Remove wrought iron bracket to right of fireplace screen, drop in fire from 147 and window view from 178 (i moved the camera btween main shots and 178). Remove draw string from curtain on right.

Finally, one last beautiful mantel to add to your Pinterest boards. Simple sconces placed on either side of the raw wood mantel add character and practicality to this simply styled living room with loads of cottage charm. Throw blankets placed over the arms of the chairs and accents of fall color have me ready for fall! bhg-white-living-room-rustic-mantel

Do you have a fireplace where you live? I’m definitely ready to fire ours up once the temperature drops!

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