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Every good gardener struggles with it: how to keep the deer from eating their garden before it even gets established! We planted an orchard with 30 young fruit trees at the beginning of the year, and they were totally fine. Until one night, just after they started sprouting leaves, when some deer found them and stripped the sour cherries almost clean of foliage. They’ve bounced back now, thank goodness, because we got a deer fence put up right away. Right now, the fence is a mix of temporary and permanent. We hired professionals to sink pressure-treated 4×6 posts into concrete. Someday, we’ll use those posts as the starting point for a beautiful deer fence. In the meantime, we strung a few rolls of 8′ heavy-duty black plastic field fence from post to post and attached it using a staple gun. It’s by no means beautiful, but it actually looks really good, is barely visible, and best of all, it will keep the deer out of our garden until we can build something lovely and permanent.

We don’t usually think of deer fences as beautiful. But just because they aren’t often nice-looking doesn’t mean they can’t be! I’ve scoured the internet looking for deer fence inspiration, and here are just a few examples of beautiful, functional fences that keep those pesky deer out of the garden while managing to look good!

beautiful deer fence garden inspiration

photo via houzz


deer fence inspiration
photo via houzz

Deer fences need to be around 8 feet tall (or shorter and wide) to be effective at keeping deer out of the garden These first two fences use the two layer method: the bottom half of the fence uses metal paneling, while the top half uses tension cables. I love this look because it is pretty without being really dense. It blends in to the landscape decently well and doesn’t obstruct views.

deer fence inspiration
photo via willamettevalleylawncare
deer fence inspiration
photo via perjoy

These next two fences also employ the two-layer method, but instead of tension cables on the top half of the fence, they have a narrow pergola. This look is really pretty and structural (especially in that first photo!), but maybe not practical for a large garden.

deer fence inspiration

photo via houzz

This fence uses two layers of wood-framed metal paneling on top of each other. Not super artistic, but attractive enough, and probably really effective at keeping deer out.

deer fence inspiration
photo via gardenimagedesign

I can’t tell if this fence is tall enough to keep deer out, but I love those tall wooden pillars in the center of the garden. It looks like they have some trellises between them and spots for garden tools to hang up. Genius! And the fence, if a little too short, is really pretty. I love the wood!
deer fence inspiration
photo via valeaston

This deer fence is super smart! Deer can jump high, but they can’t jump high AND wide. This fence is a little shorter than a typical deer fence, but the boulders and landscaping in front add width, so it’s still effective. And the curved iron pieces on top are beautiful, interesting, and unique.

deer fence inspiration
photo via remodelista

Our last beautiful deer fence is truly one-of-a-kind! It’s almost too pretty to be a deer fence; it looks like an art installation. You can’t tell from this photo, but the bottom of the fence has some kind of chicken wire or small metal paneling to keep little garden pests out, and the height is perfect for deterring deer.

Do you have a favorite? If you had to build a beautiful deer fence, which inspiration photo would you use?

Hi BHG readers!  My name is Lauren Liess and I’m a decorator from Northern Virginia with a blog called Pure Style HomeI couldn’t have been more thrilled when the BHG team called and asked me if I’d like to decorate the 2015 BHG Innovation Home!  (The big reveal will be shared in this October’s issue of the magazine.)  My firm began the decorating plans this past Winter and I’m so excited to walk you through our thought process, step-by-step, as we get closer to the big reveal in October!


When I began the decorating plans for the BHG Innovation Home, I decided to start with an overall palette for the house that could be carried throughout.  Developing a general palette for a home aids in creating flow and consistency so that walking from one room to the next makes sense and feels authentic.  To keep things interesting, I like to vary up accent colors, rather than shocking visitors with a new palette in every room.


We know that BHG readers love color, and I, myself, am nature-obsessed, so I was hoping to relate the color palette of the home to the breathtaking Wisconsin land just outside its door- the big wide open blue skies and fields of green and gold.  A favorite chintz pillow of mine had just the right combination of colors- blues, greens, gold/mustard and earth tones – so I used it as a launching point for the palette and then added in some purer blues and fresh accents to cheer it up a little.

{My starting point chintz for the color palette…  The fabric isn’t actually used anywhere in the house.}


Texture also played a key role in establishing our palette as I wanted to make sure that there was a sense of nature woven throughout the home.  We included a mix of natural textures and materials- woven grasses, textural wallcoverings, nubby linens, and various wood tones that are both warm and coo- and these earthier elements help ground the color scheme, giving it depth and keeping it from feeling too “sweet.”


Once I’d established a palette, we moved onto determining the style and vibe of the house, which I’ll share next time.  I hope you enjoyed this peek into the design process!


{A look at some of the color, textiles & textures we’re incorporating throughout the home}





Organize This: Dining Outdoors!

‘Tis the season for grilling, picnicking and eating outdoors! The evenings are warm and it really is the best time of the year for outdoor entertaining and family gatherings. The goal is to enjoy your company, not to spend hours preparing, cooking and cleaning up. Here are a few tips to keep you prepared for dining outdoors anytime the mood strikes!

Outdoor Dining Organization

If you cook outdoors frequently, it may be beneficial to create a secondary outdoor kitchen to prevent frequent trips inside. Whether you build something custom or utilize a nearby potting bench, consider adding a few hooks for hand towels and grilling tools, as well as shelving to corral outdoor dining supplies. An often forgotten treasure is an outdoor trash can for quick cleanups. These units provide storage below and work surface above, making the most of both space and time.

Organized Grill cart

If a larger work surface is not an option, think about adding a smaller bar cart to act as a hot spot for storing frequently used dining and grilling supplies, while also providing serving surface. Select a piece that can hold up to outdoor weather conditions, wood and steel tend to be the best options. Plastic lidded bins will keep dishes and linens protected from moisture as well.

Utensil Holder


A little lattice goes a long way in the storage department with this DIY utensil holder. Although compact, the organizer packs a lot of punch with hooks holding frequently used grilling tools and a shelf for holding a grilling basket and condiments.

DIY Utensil Condiment Caddy


Create a portable caddy that can hold cups of flatware, dishes and your favorite condiments. This will keep it super simple to transfer your indoor dining to the great outdoors.

Too Box Caddy

An upcycled tool box also has the ability to become handy and organized dining storage.

Picnic Basket


If you love to take last minute trips to the park, keep your picnic basket pre-packed and stocked with outdoor dishes, flatware, linens and a cutting board. Lidded jars work great for transporting side dishes while wax paper, baking liners and treat bags work wonderful for dried goods.

Organized Picnic


Stash a picnic-ready blanket in your vehicle for impromtu outdoor dining; an easy solution is to roll an oversized quilt and tie it up with ribbon.

Picnic Blanket


Outdoor Dining Product Picks

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Get the look: Matte Black

Sarah Winchester

(source: Sarah Winchester

Are you a fan of black interiors? Dramatic, moody, uber-glam, masculine, stylish – these descriptives conjure up some pretty amazing spaces much like the stunning living room above. Black is a serious style statement, especially for those who choose to go big or go home with floor to ceiling black paint. Much like one would paint an entire room all white to make the walls recede, black can also offer the same effect.

Black works as a neutral. Any place you might use dark brown or navy could easily be swapped out for black. It plays well with colors but also shines strongly against white or ivory. Just remember: black is about making a style statement, no matter how far you choose to take it. But it’s the kind of trend that can work in practically any corner of your home – even the exterior. So here’s my guide to wading into this hot trend.

Worried about overcommitting? Start small. This simple vessel sink (via this site) makes a statement without going too crazy. Understated and chic, it’s modern but feels approachable thanks to the contrast with the wooden countertops.

Matte black sink

Remember when black appliances were everywhere before stainless steel? They’re baaaaack – but they’re chicer than ever, especially this gorgeous Smeg. This fridge would be stunning in any kitchen. Side note: to keep black from feeling cold, try gold or bronze accents to warm it up.

Matte black Smeg fridge

Architectural features can be the perfect place to accent your home with black. I immediately thought of our trip to Rosemary Beach a couple of years ago where I shot this photo of the gorgeous coffee shop in neighboring Alys Beach. The black gate and trellis feels coolly chic against the crisp white walls which is exactly what you need in the extreme heat of a southern Florida summer. The red umbrellas provide the perfect punch of color. Can’t you imagine black and white striped cushions on all those chairs?

Alys Beach Florida

White woodwork and window casings make this children’s play room feel polished and grown up. I’ve been noticing a ton of unisex nurseries in this color palette lately, particularly in Europe (thanks, Instagram and late-night feedings with the baby!). The natural wood accents keep it lighter and approachable.

Matte black children


Matte Black stripes add fun graphic interest to this accent wall below and can be achieved without a ton of time commitment.Stripe accent wall (source)

Matte black shutters and a traditional front door pop on the stone exterior of this townhouse below. White window casings and trim provide just that extra pop of contrast to crisp up the entire look.

black exterior accents


Finally, for those who are definitely not afraid to commit, this floor to ceiling matte black bedroom and bathroom feels like the perfect place to get some serious shut-eye. The walls practically fade away, proving that an all black space doesn’t have to feel cave-like.

All black everywhere


DIY Patio Makeover

Hello! I’m Corey from TinySidekick, and I’m excited to show you how I transformed our patio into an amazing outdoor living space that has become our favorite “room” in the house (or should I say “out” of the house.)

You may have seen a peek of this space in the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens, but I want to take you on a complete tour and give you the inside scoop on exactly how I took this space from regular old patio to a true outdoor living area.

I wanted this outdoor space to be a true extension of our home. I thought a lot about the elements of an indoor room that make it feel cozy, complete, and finished and brought a few of those elements into this outdoor space to give it the same feel.

With budget in mind, we tackled this space one DIY project at a time. So come on in, and take a look around. Hopefully you will leave feeling inspired to take on your own patio.

DIY Patio Makeover | BHG June 2015

Below is what our back patio looked like before our DIY makeoverAs you can see, it was a mish-mash of toys, and beyond the dining table there was really no place to sit. It was in need of a clean-up for sure.

The other problem is that in the late afternoon, when we are most likely to use this space, the sun comes barreling onto the patio. This was a problem we had to fix to make it a place we would actually want to be in.

DIY Outdoor Patio Makeover before photo from

And this is what it looks like now! A true outdoor living space complete with an outdoor living room and dining room set up perfectly for just hanging out or entertaining.

Let’s take a closer look at the projects that went into making it feel inviting.

DIY Patio Makeover at

Creating an Outdoor Living Room

Because we spend so much time outside, we knew that a comfortable place to sit and relax was a must. So we invested in outdoor furniture to create our “living room.” We love it because it looks like wood but is actually metal, which makes it really easy to maintain and clean.

Outdoor Living Room Makeover at

We also bought a few extra chairs to sit by the fire or move into the living room area when we have more guests.
Outdoor Living Room Makeover at

But nobody was going to want to sit and chat if the sun was in their eyes. So we came up with an easy and budget-friendly solution with these DIY outdoor curtains that I made from drop cloths.

Not only can they be pulled to block the sun in the late afternoon (problem solved), but they also add a pop of color and define the living room space to make it feel cozy.

You are probably wondering how they are hung. Well, we needed them to function on at least one side, so we created an outdoor curtain rod using conduit.

DIY Patio Makeover at

Creating an Outdoor Dining Room

On warm evenings, you will find my family enjoying dinner outside. We live in a climate where this can happen year-round, so creating an outdoor dining room was a must.

DIY Outdoor Living room at

We already had a dining table, but when I thought about what made my indoor dining room feel like a dining room, it was the chandelier. So to define this space, I pulled out an old chandelier I had been storing and created this candle chandelier in a really fun color.

electric to candle chandelier

And to give it that same cozy feeling of being in an outdoor room, I added curtains on the side closest to the neighbors as well. This pulls for a little extra privacy, which is great when we have friends and family over.

DIY Projects for an Outdoor Living Room at

Speaking of entertaining, we needed a spot to serve drinks!  My first thought was to build a small sideboard, but when I saw this changing table at a garage sale for only $5, I knew I had to reinvent it, and it became our outdoor drink station!

DIY Bar Cart for an Outdoor Patio at

The final touch that I added to create our outdoor room was this really simple outdoor art.  It was another one of those indoor elements that I brought outside to finish the space.

outdoor art for my DIY Patio Makeover at

Here in Southern California, we are able to enjoy our outdoor space all year round, and this outdoor living room that we have created gets so much use. It really has added square footage to our home and is the perfect spot to hang with my kiddos, chat with the hubs after the kids are in bed, and enjoy time with family and friends.

I  hope that this tour has inspired you to take a few elements that you love from inside your home and bring them outside to create your own vacation right in your own backyard.


I have always been a beach-loving girl. I don’t know if it’s because of the salt in the air or the sand in my hair. But every time I’m there, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquility and relaxation. Unfortunately, a seaside vacay isn’t looking like an option for me this summer. However, I am not going to let this news drag me down (and neither should you)! If you’re like me and the seashore is your “happy place,” then do the next best thing. Experience the coastal vibe that you crave by bringing it to the comfort of your own home.


Take a peek at my top 10 decorating ideas that are certain to bring back some of that beach bliss you long for.


1. DIY Sea Glass Vases

Accessorize any room in the house with sea glass vases. Skip the department store’s hefty fee and make them yourself. The materials you’ll need: clear glass vases, rubbing alcohol, a flat tipped brush and frosty glass paint. Add a personal touch to your project by leaving messages in the bottles.


2. Driftwood Mirror

Bring the wild into your home by using driftwood. You can usually find this unique material washed up along the shore (or you can purchase it at a craft store). All you need is a few pieces of wood and some strong glue to transform a plain mirror into an enchanting statement piece.


3. Driftwood Sea Creature

Create a one-of-a-kind composition of your favorite deep-sea creature with a sheet of heavy-duty cardboard, a pencil, pieces of driftwood, a utility knife and a hot glue gun.




4. Knot Rope Lamp

Rope is a classic material that immediately gives any room a nautical feel. Place a knot rope lamp on the bedroom nightstand and let your dreams set sail.



5. Free Printable Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive. Scientific journal-like prints of seashells are available for free online. You can also make custom prints using Photoshop. For an extra vintage touch, display your prints in distressed frames.



6. Coastal Table Setting

Express your love for the sea by showcasing its different elements. Consider color, texture, size and pattern when styling your dining area.



7. Seashell Letters

Collecting seashells always sound like a good idea, but what do you do with them after your coastal adventure comes to an end? Keep your seashore treasures from collecting dust in the garage by re-purposing them as household decor. Display your favorite findings by gluing shells on to wooden letters.



8. DIY Starfish Salt Dough Garland

Who says that a garland has to be reserved for the winter months? Decorate an empty fireplace mantle or an old-wooden fence with a seaside arrangement that will never go out of style.


9. Clear Glass Lanterns

The great thing about lanterns is that they can be used for practical purposes and for pretty purposes. You can welcome your guests with a lantern lit entryway or you can arrange the lanterns with other nautical accessories as decor in your living room.


10. Large-Scale Photos

Poster size images (when paired together) make an eye-catching display. What better way to reminisce over your trip highlights than with pictures.



Someday, I will live in a house beside the sea, but for now the sea will just have to come to me.

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