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Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 2.13

Happy Valentine’s Day (a day early)! If you’re like me, you’ve already spent way too much time thinking about what you want to wear for your special night–as well as the thought that red is really not your color. But I’m here to prove you wrong! I’ve rounded up a list of some outstanding outfits that all revolve around bold reds!


Every woman needs a good blazer. Dress up a casual outfit with a bright red blazer like this one on Wendy’s Lookbook for a look that grabs the attention of everyone nearby. Wear along with a cute pair of pumps and some dark skinny jeans and you’ll be looking stunning all night long.



I like the simplicity of this red top I spotted on Lunchpails and Lipstick. This statement shirt is the perfect piece for the women out there who need a little less complication in their lives. Plus side: you’ll look gorgeous.



I love this red skirt on Pink Peonies. Find a matching hue of red lipstick and you’re in business. The best part about this flawless ensemble? It’ll go with almost any top you already have in your closet!



Already have your Valentine’s Day outfit picked out but looking to add a cute twist? These heart elbow patches I found scrolling through A Southern Drawl take this sweater from great to glamorous! And that tulle skirt? Adorable.



And lastly, red and pink are BFFs in the color world. While two bright colors might seem intimidating, don’t be scared off! This cute outfit on Gal Meets Glam takes the best of both worlds and puts them into one fabulous outfit! You’ll look amazing, don’t worry.



Have a happy happy Valentine’s Day, Style Spotters! Whether you’re out with you sweetie or rocking it with your girlfriends for a fun night on the town, look amazing doing it!


Jen Jones

Organize With This: DIY Storage!

I have always been a bit of a storage “junkie” as one would say.  Not only do I love the process of organizing, I love beautiful and stylish containers.  What I don’t love is the impact that storage can have on my wallet.  Therefore, whenever I take on an organizing project, my first step is to brainstorm ways to create my own storage using materials I typically have on hand.  Most often times, a little creative thinking and resourcefulness allows me to DIY beautiful solutions on a budget.  And I am always up for the crafty challenge!

I have DIY’d a lot of storage over the years, and I typically find myself reaching for many of the same items over and over again.


Cardboard Boxes:

Boxes come in many shapes and sizes; the boxes I find myself using most frequently are shoe boxes and cereal boxes.  Pair the boxes with paint, decorative paper or fabric, and you have a high end look on a crafty budget.


The boxes above were given a few coats of paint and the edges were gilded with gold.  Below, boxes were covered in fabric to create a canvas effect.


Food Packaging:

Don’t throw away those oatmeal canisters, cereal boxes or soup cans!  They all can be upcycled as storage throughout the home.

{ soup can storage via }

{ cereal box drawer dividers via }



Mason jar storage has gone viral over the years.  They can be used to corral anything itty bitty.  However, if you don’t have any mason jars on hand, head to the recycling bin and use any glass jar.  With a little paint, they can be crafted to look like storage purchased at your favorite home good store.  And they work great for holding anything from cotton in the bathroom to nuts and bolts in the garage.




Maybe I typed too soon.  Mason jars and pegboard may have to battle it out for title of Most Versatile Storage Solution.  I love using pegboard all over our home to keep commonly used items within arm’s reach.  Pegboard in the laundry room organizes sewing supplies, in the craft room it organizes gift wrapping and crafting tools, while in the garage it organizes utility items.


Picture Frames:

Pictures frames work wonders for displaying your favorite memories, but their functionality doesn’t have to stop there.  If you have a few extras on hand, or pick some up at your local thrift store, they can be used to hold pegboard, decorative sheet metal and even canvas pockets to create stylish and practical wall storage solutions.

Simple hardware can also be added to a common photo frame to create a beautiful, decorative tray!



Unfinished wood crates can be purchased extremely inexpensively at local home improvement and craft stores, and with a little paint and/or hardware, you can put them to work all around your abode.  Add casters to create pull out shoe storage, or cut them in half to create slim wall organizers!


Magazine Files:

Say farewell to paper clutter!  Magazine files organize magazines, mail, school papers, books, newspapers and stationery.  Because they are slim, they can also slide into pantries and linen closets to organize awkwardly shaped items in a sleek and stylish way.



Thicker rope paired with thread or hot glue can be used to create baskets, while softer rope is perfect for embellishing containers and for creating storage bin handles.




Fabric can be sewn into organizational pouches, pockets and baskets.  It is also the key to making recycled boxes, food containers and jars look top notch.


Decorative Paper:

Just as I utilize beautiful fabrics for covering boxes, paper can do the same.  I also love to use decorative wallpaper, gift wrap and scrapbook paper to line bookcases, drawers and trays.

Storage does not have to be expensive to be beautiful.  Using common household items as storage is not only easy on the pocketbook, it also promotes recycling.  All you need is a little glue along with some lovely fabric or paper and you are well on your way to high end storage on a shoe string budget.

Khristian A. Howell

Bedroom Bliss: Refresh Where You Recharge


Just in time for the big LOVE day, here are three looks to get you inspired to refresh the space where you recharge.  Remember you can take baby steps that have big impact!  Just changing your bedding alone can make you feel fresh!  Think about what makes you take that deep, relaxing sigh at the end of the day.  Fill your space with objects, textures and colors that facilitate this feeling.  Pour your favorite night cap or cup of tea and enjoy!



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Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 2.6

February! It’s that time of year again, folks. Amid all the flowers, fancy dinner dates, candy hearts and cards, it’s easy to get lost in the formalities of Valentine’s Day–and forget that the best way to spend it is loving on all those special people in your life. To help you celebrate, I found some awesome DIY ideas to make this year’s day of love the sweetest one yet.


As a hopeless romantic, I actually love reading through all of the cheesy Hallmark cards. Even so, I can never seem to find the perfect one. This year, stop worrying about finding a card that encapsulates all you want to say to your special someone–make your own instead. Look at these cute DIY card ideas from Delightfully, Kristi for some inspiration!



If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body (let’s face it, most of us don’t), look no further. These adorable Valentine’s Day card downloads from Camille Styles will do the trick!



If you want to spruce up your space this Valentine’s Day, take a look at this gorgeous star burst wall art from Lia Griffith. Super easy, super chic, and pretty enough to keep up all year if you want, this bright addition is sure to surprise your sweetie!



I know we’re six days into February, but it’s not too late to make this adorable ombré heart calendar from Me And My DIY. If you’ve got an extra hour or two this weekend, give it a try!



And finally, finding the perfect gift for your special someone is only half the battle–add a whole new “WOW” factor with these DIY gift wrap tutorials I found on The House That Lars Built. Love, love, love it!



Enjoy the week! If you try any of these cuties, I’d love to hear how they turn out!


Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: 10 DIY Bedroom Makeovers to Update Your Room

DIY-ify: 10 DIY Bedroom Makeovers to Update Your Room

You really don’t have to buy a bunch of of new items for a room to update it. My husband and I love to find a good buy at our local thrift shops. With some paint and love these plain and older items can be perfect for any bedroom. Some updated bedding, a painted headboard, and even using sheets to make a ruffle duvet cover. There’s so much you can do. Check out all of these awesome ideas below.


I love this pom pom throw makeover, from Sugar and Cloth.  

Make your own clothing rack, from Smitten Studio.

Some paint and stencils can makeover an old headboard, from Craftaholics Anonymous.

Adding triangles to plain curtains can really add color to a room, from BHG.

An old outdated lamp could turn into a modern bedroom light, from DIY Show Off.

Turn a couple of sheets into a lovely duvet cover, from Kiki and Company.

Give a plain full size mirror a makeover, from Lilikoi Joy.

Transform a beat up $10 nightstand into a lovely piece of furniture, from Spoonflower.

Make this wonderful bedside bench, from A Beautiful Mess.

Add a fun pop of color with this dresser makeover, from Knack.

Are you ready to update your bedroom?

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. The images in the first photo are from: A Beautiful MessSmitten StudioBHGSugar and Cloth, and Knack

Jennifer OBrien

Flea Market Chic-Dining Room Ideas

Every year like clock work come January I have this incredible urge to simplify & change things up in my home, I guess it is the whole “fresh start-new beginnings” idea that gets me {in trouble} every time. We all know change is good but it can also cost a small fortune to redecorate. My solution to these winter time decorating blues is start small & have fun. The colder weather is an ideal time to score some great deals at tag sales, indoor flea markets, thrift stores and local antique shops. So grab a friend or 2, some coffees to go and make a day of it. Look for items that either gel with your style, color palette or just make you happy. I find that once I score that perfect piece {or pieces} it sets the whole design in motion. Currently I have my eyes set on reinventing my dining room, I found a ton of Flea Market Chic inspiration, here are a few of my favorite ideas…

Flea Market Chic Dining Room Ideas BHG Style Spotters

Mixing & Matching Chairs

It is still a hot trend to mix & match your seating. We all know shopping flea markets & thrift stores can often yield incomplete sets of anything, why not use it to your advantage. You can incorporate different styles or colors and make it fun.

BHG Flea Market Chic

Open Shelving

Another hot home trend is open shelving, I just love how it looks to have dishes and kitchenware on display in an organized way. Using baskets and varying sizes of storage boxes can also be a functional and pleasing look in the dining room.

BHG Open Shelving

Mixing Old & New

When making the choice to shop vintage you can also mix your treasures with new pieces. This dining room layers so many touches beautifully, from the worn elements to the batten board & chalkboard wall, all with the more traditional dining set.

BHG Rustic & Refined

Using Collections

This wall of vintage oil landscapes in the same warm, earthy tones is stunning. Taking a collection you love that has cohesiveness and displaying it vertically, horizontally or in open shelving is a great way to add depth and character to your space.

BHG Vintage Art

Re-inventing the Buffet

The possibilities for buffets in a dining room when it comes to vintage are endless. This table is the perfect size & height to make a wine bar or drink station complete. You could also use a dresser, rolling cart, hutch, console or stereo cabinet, look for the size, shape, color & purpose that fit your room.

BHG Vintage Buffet

Vintage Storage

Any kind of storage that has doors & a good patina is a never pass up in my book. With small children & busy household anytime I can tuck away daily must haves is a win win.

BHG Vintage Hutch

Adding a Chandelier

Often times you can score a great deal on vintage lighting. Whether you need to rewire it or turn it into a candle fixture, it is great option to give a little drama to your dining space.

BHG Vintage Lighting


Rattan has made a huge come back & I am loving it!!! I only wish I held on to my grandmothers set when I had the chance, of course I was only 20 at the time but who would have thought it would become such a hot trend. It fits with any style and the color choices are limitless.

BHG-Giving new life to vintage chairs

Mixing Styles

Need I say more? The warm wood tones and soft palette ground the space making the layering of styles seem effortless and seamless. An absolutely stunning space!

Dream Book Design-Rustic Modern Dining RoomVIA

Sticking With Neutrals

Blending warm & worn wood tones with neutrals always makes for a happy & unified dining space. The chalkboard detail is a perfect focal point for this room and adds a neutral, rustic texture.

Living With Kids Kat HertzlerVIA

Happy treasure hunting!

Jen-City Farmhouse