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Jen Jones

Organize This: Boots!

Trend:  Fall Boots are BACK!



Summer days are winding down and fall is coming at us in full force.  Time to pull out those cozy throws, soft sweaters and tall boots to prepare for the chilly months around the corner.

Whether it is a rain boot, a riding boot or a trendy knee high boot, storing your favorite footwear can be a little tricky.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to make the most of your space while keeping those boots looking chic all season long.



First and most importantly, the way the boot is stored will ultimately impact the shape and the boot’s total lifespan.  To maintain a proper form, there are many inserts on the market made specifically for boot storage.  I highly recommend using one of these forms, or getting creative with objects around the home to create a form to tuck inside.  Everything from wine bottles to foam pool noodles to rolled magazines, all make great alternative boot forms.




What makes storing boots so difficult, is dealing with their bulkiness and height.  Whether in an entryway or a closet, there are many  wonderful shoe and boot organizers designed to accommodate awkward sizes.  One way to battle the height issue, is to invest in a closet system containing adjustable shelving.  Stand alone bookshelves also work perfectly for this as they offer adjustable shelving as well, and are versatile enough to be used in almost any room of the home.




If you are looking to store your boots outdoors, consider purchasing or building a solid wooden rack, which can store the boots inverted.  This will allow them to remain dry no matter what the weather brings.




If you find that storing boots indoors is more convenient, there are many ways to get creative with your entry space.  I really love the idea of recycling old crates to offer flexible winter gear storage.



Or utilizing a tall console table as a drop zone with a boot tray tucked below.  A good rug and boot tray will protect the flooring from all of those outdoor elements that typically come in on our feet.



Consider adding a bench to your entryway, which doubles as seating and ample shoe organization.  Building in a second shelf doubles the storage capacity and offers space for foot gear of all shapes and sizes.  Quick tip: Toss small baking soda pods or dryer sheets into the bench to absorb any foot odor that may get locked in.




Limited on floor space?  Just like any good organizing project, think vertically!  Oversized binder clips attached to the wall will provide creative and space saving boot storage.  And as great as this is, consider adding a small strip of felt inside each prong of the clip to protect the boot’s material while they hang.




Just as clips rock in the entryway, they also work wonders in a closet.  Hangers typically designed for pants and skirts also double as an amazingly creative way to stash away your trendy fall footwear.



And just as much as maintaining the boot’s form is crucial, caring for the boots finish is equally as important to extending the boot’s life expectancy.  Taking a few minutes to put together a shoe care kit will ensure your boots hug your feet for more than a single season.  A few items you may want to add to your kit are saddle soap, leather conditioner, weatherproofing protector, shoe brush and soft cotton rags.


Shoe Shelving Tower / Under Bed Boot Bin / Shoe Care Kit / Boot & Shoe Organizer / Boot Tray / Boot Hooks / Bench / Boot Forms

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Melissa Bahen

Building a Dream House: Looking Very Trim

Hi! I’m Melissa. I write about food, family, and farm life at Lulu the Baker. My family and I are about to fulfill one of those good, old-fashioned life-long dreams: we’re building our Dream House.

gray interior wall paint door trim

It’s been a whopping six weeks since my last Dream House post went live, and we’re at a really crazy busy stage of building. So, as usual (only more so), it’s been fun to go back through my photos and see just how much progress has been made since I last wrote! My last post ended with the entire house, inside and out, waiting to be painted. And now it’s been painted for weeks; I don’t even notice the paint anymore! We ended up going with a really beautiful shade of gray for the walls, with a lighter tint of that same color for the ceilings. Most of the trim has been installed as well, and while it is pre-primed, it hasn’t been caulked, filled, and painted yet. But it will end up white, just a different white than it is right now. The trim is taking a looooong time. I was told that it would, but that hasn’t made it less agonizing! This house has lots of doors and windows, and every single one has to be trimmed. The ones that are already done look beautiful; I’m excited to have them all finished so we can move on to another stage!

house construction pitched roof five-panel door

As soon as the interior paint was finished, the kitchen cabinets and back stairs were installed. We hit one small snag with the kitchen cabinets (that is now being remedied): the alcove for the microwave was too high for either me or my husband to reach easily. And forget about our kids ever being able to use it without a tall ladder! You would think we would have noticed that detail on the drawings (which we went over with a fine-toothed comb and approved), but it really is impossible to catch everything. Somethings you just have to see in person. They’ve since pulled that section of the cabinetry back out and are moving everything down 6-8 inches. That’s not the only “Uh-oh” moment we’ve had: there’s a light switch that is in the wrong spot and cannot stay where it is, and we noticed that the central vac hook-up for the master bedroom will end up right smack in the middle of our very large, very heavy dresser. We’re still trying to puzzle that one out!

laundry room stairs farmhouse style

Other notables this month include the deck off the back of the family room being installed and the stained cedar beams going up on the barrel vault outside the front door! Neither I nor my children have set foot on that back deck because up to this point, it has basically consisted of sheets of plywood laid over a few beams–not nailed in place, mind you! There’s still no railing up, but at least it’s pretty to look at! We just picked railings out last week, so those should be going in at some point, right? We also have four beautiful black carriage lanterns ready to hang along the bead board ceiling. The electrician (aka, my Father in-law) is installing all of the outlets and light switches, and then we’ll finally get to see some fixtures installed! The little barrel vault on the front porch needs to be trimmed out and the surrounding area painted, then a carriage light can be installed there as well.

family room deck

stained cedar barrel vault porch

The single most exciting thing that has happened in the Dream House this month has been the installation of the front stairs. We had a little bit of a hard time deciding exactly what we wanted those stairs to look like. I had pinned lots of images of pretty stairs and banisters, but nothing screamed, “Yes!” Then an acquaintance posted a picture on Instagram of one of her kids sitting on their stairs, and it was the most breath-taking, gorgeous set of stairs I’d ever seen! I took a screen-cap, printed out a copy, and sent it to the carpenter that very day, and now, after weeks and weeks of work, the stairs are installed! They’re really beautiful, even without the paint and stain that will be coming along shortly. And it’s really comforting to have banisters back up; there weren’t any railings for a long time, and I wouldn’t allow anyone to go upstairs for fear they’d fall off the edge of the floor! The plan with the stairs is to have the handrails, treads, and toe-kicks stained to match the wood floor in the entry way, and to have the rails and posts painted white to match the rest of the trim in the house. I think it will be striking–fingers crossed!

front stairs banister craftsman stained toe-kicks

And now my favorite part: what comes next? As I mentioned, we’re still on the trim stage. There’s kind of an intricate dance that goes on from here on out with the timing of everything. The carpet goes in after the trim has been painted, but the hardwood and tile have to go in before the baseboards in those rooms can go on. When the trim gets painted, the kitchen cabinets get painted too, then the counters and wall tile can be installed, then the kitchen appliances. Stonework, both interior and exterior, fits in there somewhere too, and I actually think that’s happening soon, but who knows! I basically just try to roll with it and be pleasantly surprised on each visit. See you in September, hopefully ever so much closer to a finished Dream House!

white exterior paint farmhouse

Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 8.22

Happy Friday! Summer is officially winding down–kids are back in school, the heat is slowly taking all the color out of grass and gardens, and busy lives reconvene. The Pumpkin Spice Latté is almost back. To mark the end of a wonderful summer, I pulled some gorgeous room decor photos to help inspire us to keep our indoors bright while the days get shorter and chillier (hopefully)!


This beautiful fall centerpiece from Hello Natural is perfect for welcoming back autumn! Long-lasting and fragrant, this eye-catching ensemble will wow for months.



Some of you may have children heading off the college this year–send them with some dorm decor ideas that will let their style show. These 12 Affordable Ways to Add Personality to Dorm Rooms by The White Buffalo Styling Co. are easy, stylish, and budget friendly!



Always wanted a barn door, but never knew how to install one? Worry no more. East Coast Creative shows us how it’s done with their Upcycled Barn Door.



Shelving can sometimes be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re end-goal is. I love the open and light look of these DIY Iron Display Shelves from A Storied Style.



And if you’re looking to add some spunk to a plain wall–look no further. This brick wall tutorial from AKA Design adds a playful touch to their small space!



Have a great week, Style Spotters! Until next time!



Khristian A. Howell

Playing with Pattern: Fresh Florals

I admit it.  I’ve been in my own personal heaven for the past several seasons.  Florals have been everywhere and I love it!  Trust me, these are not your grandmothers florals.  Current floral patterns are fresh and bold and make for exciting accents to any space.  It’s true, you don’t have to be super girly to get excited about this look.  You will even be able to add them into your space without too much protest from the boys in your life. How you say?  Add in small doses with a pillow or a piece of art worked into a gallery wall.  A floral pattern can be worked into most any style from traditional even to industrial.  The higher the contrast the more interesting the juxtaposition in the space.  A little accent with a fresh wallpaper here or striking head chairs in the dining room there, and you have instantly added a bit of organic movement and softness into your space.  What is your favorite way to make your space sing with florals?



Just a little floral pop adds a punch of color and a feeling of a bit of organic movement to this sophisticated neutral sitting room.


This floral rug is sure to win over the girls and boys in your life.  This is the perfect transitional floral that can work with a variety of styles.


Love this little touch of floral energy on these chairs.  A little bit can go a long way.

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Jennifer OBrien

Vintage Bar Carts-A Timeless Trend

Lets talk bar carts- it seems they are an essential must have for every home these days. It’s a timeless trend that is incredibly versatile for entertaining year round. With the holiday season swiftly approaching {did I just say that?}, it is a perfect time to have your eyes peeled at flea markets, yard & estate sales for some vintage bar cart contenders. I have desperately longed for one for a while-they are functional, pretty, super chic & have limitless styling appeal. Recently on a thrifting trip with my oldest son, we found a mid-century modern tv cart in desperate need of some TLC. Immediately I knew it had potential, the sides where reminiscent of Jonathan Adler, it had big casters and the best part, it was only 5 bucks! I used a high gloss white paint, replaced shelving, primed and painted all of the hardware gold & layered in some chic and fun details, perfect for a summer soiree. My reveal is below, along with some stunning vintage bar cart eye candy that is sure to inspire you to see the potential beyond a little rust, a few cob webs & some well worn wood on your next flea market outing…..

Vintage Bar Carts-A Timeless Trend

tv cart makeover part2 043


100 Layer Cake Vintage Bar Cart{via}

AKA Designs Vintage Styling


BHG Vintage Bar Cart Styling


Dream Green DIY Vintage Bar Cart


French Larkspur Vintage Bar Cart


Jennifer Boles Bar Cart-Emily Henderson


Jennifer Margolin Bar Cart Makeover


May Richer Be Fuller Vintage Bar Cart


Style Me Pretty House Tour From Hey Gorgeous-Incredible Vintage Bar


The Everygirl-Tiffany Leigh's Home


Waiting on Martha-Beautiful Vinateg Bar Cart Styling-Pom Poms


Gal Meets Glam



Happy treasure hunting!

Jen-City Farmhouse

Michael Wurm, Jr.

For the Love of Color: Mint Green

Today is all about mint green. I was so inspired when I saw this bedroom with bright mint walls that I began searching for everything mint green. I’m not a stranger to the color. I have a feature wall in my office / living room that is painted a shade of mint. Something about the color instantly calms me. I’m pretty sure everyone can benefit from a splash of it here and there.

What I also love about mint green is that while it’s certainly trending now, in some ways, it’s a classic. It has come back time and time again. Remember the mint green kitchen items of the 1950s?

In case you’re hesitant to wrap a room in mint, I have found some fun accessories that will allow you to try the color in smaller doses. From chairs to sumo wrestler statues (Yes, I went there.), you’ll be loving this soothing hue in no time.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Happy Decorating!
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