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Erin Menardi

Finding Fall Home Tour

BHG is excited to be a part of Finding Home’s Finding Fall Home Tours again this year! Take a look at the tour from the beginning here!


Whether your style is more classic and traditional or modern and chic, take a look at these gorgeous fall homes!




Welcome friends and family into your home with personalized pumpkins. Pair with gourds and a rustic wheelbarrow or crate for flawless fall style.



Finding a fall color palette is as simple as going to the produce aisle at the grocery store. Soft greens, warm oranges, and robust reds make the amazing curb appeal of this home.



Long, ornamental grasses are perfect for creating handmade hanging pieces like this “Welcome Home” wreath.



Add a fresh twist to the traditional fall pumpkin by adding flowers and leaves to create a gorgeous display for all to see.



Bring nature indoors by adding the color of changing leaves to a neutral room. Whether you place them on a table, mantel, or shelf, they’re sure to be the eye-catching focal point of any room.



We absolutely love this eclectic living room! Natural building materials like wood and stone create a comfortable and earthy space.



Fall is the perfect time to pair bold colors and prints. Deep orange and pale blue blend together to create a cozy feel for this room.





Who knew miniature pumpkins and candlesticks would go together so perfectly? Elegant and fun, these cute additions are perfect for any room.



Decorating for fall can be as simple as placing a few gourds on a table in your entryway–we love the no-fuss approach to this fall style.



Wood tones, white and orange create a unique look that screams fall in this modern kitchen.



Decorative corn is a sure way to add a little fall into your home this season. Use them as a centerpiece, wall hanging or just placed here-and-there for a quick, simple fall fix.



Changing leaves are a fall staple decoration. We absolutely adore these brilliant colors.



Bold patterns and colors create a look that transitions from season to season. Paired with gourds, this look is perfect for fall.



We love the elegant look of this dining area–especially those adorable pumpkin placeholders!



Vibrant blue vases pop against the dull orange in this fall ensemble.



This dark bathroom uses pops of bright yellow to create a balanced look. Adding a shelf with knick-knacks brings even more personality to an often overlooked space.



This rustic table set stands out in this dining area. Plenty of natural light, neutral color, and small pops of color make this a relaxing space.



Mantels are often a visual crowd-pleaser–delight guests using eccentric mirrors, gold figurines, pinecones and strings of pearls!



Fall is the perfect season for deep red–we love the bold look of these walls.



Rustic and homey, this dining set brings the perfect balance of light and dark wood to this small space.



Bring fall to the bedroom with bright prints and colors. We love this DIY headboard idea.



Wooden beams, panelling and tall posts on the bed frame make this room feel like a nature-filled haven in the comfort of your own home! We love the easy, aesthetic feel created by the natural elements in this bedroom.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jennifer OBrien

Boho Chic – A Bold Organic Take on Vintage Living

Boho Chic has recently made a huge comeback in home design. With its bold and organic aesthetic, what’s not to love? A huge part of the look is vintage inspired, so it is a great way to infuse color and pattern into what you already have. This is a very doable look to achieve, whether you want to dive right in or make a few simple changes. My home furnishings are mostly neutral with vintage details, so I added some simple touches for fall that were inspired by this trend: cozy throws, colorful woven pillows, and a variety of rustic, natural accessories. To get this look, keep it earthy and use lots of texture, worn elements, wood, color, pattern, and leather. Here are a few ideas to get you started….

Boho Chic-A Bold & Organic Take on Vintage Living

BHG Tapestry Headboard-Boho Chic BHG

Emily Henderson Boho Chic Bedroomvia

Jennifer Rizzo Modern Boho Chic via

Justina Blakeney Living Roomvia

SF Girl By Bay Boho Chic LRvia

Smile & Wave House Tour Boho Chicvia

The Marion House Book Boho LRvia

Thoughts From Aloce Boho Chic Patio via

White Buffalo Styling Co Boho Chic Kitchenvia

Justina Blakenelyvia

There is no right or wrong way to achieve this look, so have fun with it!

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse


Michael Wurm, Jr.

For the Love of Color: Burnt Orange

As much as I dread the shorter days and cooler temperatures, one of my favorite things about fall is the changing colors of the landscape. Here in the mountains of Central PA, we have exquisite color shows when the leaves begin to turn. While it doesn’t last long, it sure is magical.

This past weekend I started adding fall colors to my own home. Red, purples, golds, and oranges instantly remind me of the season. While I love traditional country fall decor, I like to be a bit more subtle in my own space. Just by changing around a few accessories and textures, a room can instantly have a cozier feeling.

Today, inspired by the image above, I’m sharing a few of my favorite burnt orange accessories. Several of these pieces tucked around in your space (and some fresh pumpkins for good measure) will have your home looking “fallified” in no time.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

What non-traditional fall colors do you like to incorporate into your decor this time of year?

Happy Decorating!

Michael Wurm, Jr – Inspired by Charm

Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 9.12

Happy Friday all! This week, since it’s finally starting to feel like the fall we all know and love, I decided to share some decoration inspiration to help prepare your home for the season ahead!


Fall means football (whether that makes you groan or cheer is totally up to you). For your next tailgate, revamp an old aluminum chair with this easy DIY makeover from A Beautiful Mess to make a statement out of your seat! Team colors optional.


I love this painted geometric cube porch from Little Green Notebook. It brings just the right amount of style and flair to the most inviting part of your home!



Always wondered how to dry flowers and never knew quite how? Take a look at this tutorial from Cedar Hill Farmhouse and learn not only how to dry them the right way, but how to use them for decoration as well.



Nature and fall go hand in hand. DIY Enthusiasts pulled together a list of nature-inspired fall decorations, and I spotted this awesome idea while I was browsing. Such a simple and cute way to add some visual appeal to any empty space in the house!



Lastly, need inspiration for your tabletop this fall? Look at Aunt Peaches easy ways to spruce up your house with these “golden” tips and tricks.



Enjoy the week!


Jen Jones

Organize This: Baking Supplies!

Trend:  Fall Baking

There is something so wonderful about celebrating the arrival of fall with a trip to your favorite orchard, then heading home to bake up some delicious treats.  Warm baked goods make perfect fall comfort foods and the smells create a coziness within the home.

Although I am not personally a solid baker, I do like to dabble with new recipes from time to time.  So when the time comes to pull out the mixer and baking dishes, it is always a “treat” to have my items organized and ready to go.


My first tip for organizing baking supplies is to create a specific zone within the kitchen for everything baking related.  This could be a small spot in the pantry, a rolling island / cart or an entire armoire filled to the brim with supplies.  By keeping everything with a common theme stored together, it prevents searching every last drawer and cabinet for the special spatula or cookie cutter.



There are a few fail-proof ways to create these baking storage zones, and one of my favorites is with simple industrial shelving.  These shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some even on casters, and promise to lend quick access to the items you use most.  Everything from cookbooks to mixers to spice jars filled with sprinkles, these shelves pack a lot of storage punch.


Another option for storing a bulky mixer, is to install a mixer shelf riser inside of a kitchen cabinet.  Mixers can be very heavy and bulky and the designated shelf provides instant access when the baking mood strikes, then tucks back away in-between uses and frees up valuable counter space.



To maximize cabinet storage, add hooks to the backs of doors for mixer attachments and measuring spoons / cups.



Another way to make the most of a cabinet is with risers that allow you to double your shelving space.  Small spice jars are great for storing candles, embellishments and sprinkles.



Many baking supplies look beautiful on display while also allowing you to store the most frequently used items right within arm’s reach.  Open shelves or vintage crates are a really great solution for keeping those goodies up off of the counter.



Another beautiful yet functional way to display and store baking essentials is with a pegboard system.  Being one of my favorite and most versatile storage solutions; there really isn’t anything that glorious pegboard cannot handle.


Baking trays and dishes are awkwardly shaped and can pose a few storage challenges.  Stacking them will result in difficulty retrieving items on the bottom, therefore, storing them on their sides is typically a smarter option.  Whenever possible, storing baking pans near the stove will gain you a few bonus baking points.



Another way to make the most of your available space is to store smaller baking supplies such as cookie cutters and frosting nozzles, within larger baking items such as batter bowls and storage canisters.


A similar method works wonders inside of your baking drawer as well.  Measuring cups can corral muffin liners while appetizer trays are great for measuring spoons.


If creating a specific zone is not convenient and items must be stored away from your primary baking location, create a portable caddy that will allow you to easily transport basic items during your baking sessions.


Baking recipes are usually collected over time from family members, cookbooks, catalogs and printed from online websites.  Keep them all neatly corralled and protected within a three-ring binder.  Pair it with a cookbook stand and the recipe will be simple to read yet off of the counter and safe from batter splatters.


 Recipe Box / Wall Shelf / Mixer Shelf / Hooks / Canister Labels / Shelving Unit / Baking Sheet Rack / Clear Canisters / Drawer Dividers / Flour Canister / Cookbook Holder

BHG Guest Blogger

Mariam Naficy: Favorite Finds from Minted

Hi, I’m Mariam Naficy, founder of the art and design marketplace site Minted. It was so exciting to share my go-to entertaining tips with you in the September issue, and today I’m writing about a few of my favorite finds from Minted this fall.

1. This is the dayplanner I carry – I chose the very slim monthly planner version of this to plan and keep track of my monthly goals and I keep it with me at the office:

2. Here at Minted we’re already thinking about the holidays! Of the 4,103 number of holiday cards submitted in Minted’s sixth annual holiday card challenge, ‘Painted Triangles’ by Waldo Press was a personal favorite.  I love how the subtleness of the watercolor contrasts with the angles of the triangles.

3. I love how this Woodland Wreath ornament card by Kristie Kern for Minted doubles as a gift tag – write a note to your recipient on the back, and you have a holiday card and gift tag in one! It comes with ribbon included.

4. For the first time this holiday season, we’re offering styled recipient address printing and it’s free! The recipient’s name on this design almost looks like calligraphy and the pine branch is a nice, whimsical touch.

5. Minted recently launched foil-pressed stationery (my favorite product on the entire site) and these are the two designs (Arrow Head by Fig and Cotton Paperie and Wanderlust by Grace Cobb) by I’ve personally been sending out.

6. My daughter loves fairies and asked for a fairy-themed seventh birthday. We used these lovely Very Fairy invitations by Olivia Kanaley.