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Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 1.30

I’ve always been useless when it came to quick sewing fixes for my overflowing closet–I can sew sloppy, haphazard stitches and that’s about it. With winter transitioning into spring in the next few months, I pulled together some cute spring sewing tutorials to help you look fabulous–and keep some money in your pocket doing it.


I am absolutely in love with this adorable color block tank dress on Sweet Verbena. Worn by itself, or paired with a cute cardigan and some strappy heels, this cute outfit will turn heads wherever you go!



I never really understood why people put buttons on the backs of shirts–but I still can’t get enough of the look! Learn how to make your own buttoned boxy top on Cotton and Curls for this classic look.



Remember that cardigan I mentioned earlier? Take a look at this sequin cardi DIY I found on Me Sew Crazy. If you visit the blog often, you know I have an affinity for anything sparkly. The best part? You can pair this jazzy jacket with jeans, dresses and everything in between.



Let’s face it–leggings are in the for the long haul. Give your legs some extra love with this grown-up legging tutorial on I Still Love You. While horizontal stripes look good on a select few, the rest of us can experiment with whatever neutral or crazy patterns we please!



And lastly, look at this sophisticated peplum mini on Mimi G. Style. Dress up a pair of jeans (or those leggings you just learned how to make) with this chic look!



Good luck and happy sewing!


Jen Jones

Organize This: Personal Glam Goods!

When bathroom space is limited, it becomes important to make the most of every nook and cranny.  That is not always easy when personal care products are involved.  Hair tools and sprays, night creams and lotions, oral and nail care… How can you make the most of a bathroom with limited counter and storage space?  I would love to just hire myself a daily glam squad to come in and take care of it all for me, but alas, I am no celebrity so it is up to me to be selective about how much I really need and use.  Of course, the first step is to check dates and purge items that are old, duplicated or haven’t been used for an extended period of time.  Once that is done, the fun begins!  Here are a few of my favorite tips for organizing daily beauty supplies.


Hot hair tools seem to be the most challenge items to tuck away due to the heat they put off and their awkward sizes.  Consider adding heat-safe canisters inside of a cupboard, drawer or basket, to safely hold the hot end of the tool and to prevent the cords from taking over the counter.  Bonus tip: Claw hair clips are great for quickly keeping cords under control.


If drawer space is too tight for an upright canister, a decorative heat-safe tray tends to work equally as well.  It also looks pretty whether it is left out or tucked away on a shelf.


Speaking of trays, did you know they can actually function really well as drawers?  Especially when you add in a few drawer organizers to corral smaller items such as nail care and makeup.  I love that each tray can serve a different function, and that many also stack to save on space.


I love shopping the kitchen for alternative bathroom storage  solutions.  In fact, spice racks tend to be an answer to most toiletry dilemmas.  Many are narrow enough to be hung inside of a cabinet or on a wall, yet still offer enough surface space to hold multiple jars and canisters of personal care products.


A few other kitchen finds include decorative platters, cups and dishes.  Pieces on pedestals offer layers of storage for smaller items such as jewelry and nail polishes.  Mugs work their magic holding makeup brushes, egg crates are perfect for sorting earrings, and small bowls can store anything from bobby pins to Q-tips.


Utensil caddies are another kitchen item that I am a cheerleader for.  They work brilliantly for items that tend to be transported from room to room, and for assembling kits relating to specific personal care tasks.


Just like in the kitchen, drawer dividers are crucial in keeping a tidy makeup drawer. With the force of opening and shutting a drawer, items tend to shift and become jumbled.  Drawer organizers keep everything nicely divided and ensure that there is no frantic rummaging while getting ready for work.


Office supply stores are another uncommon place to look for bathroom storage.  Many of the products designed for organizing desktops also work beautifully for organizing personal care items in the bathroom.  Desktop organizers can hold both tall bottles and small hair ties while pencil pouches can double as toiletry travel bags.


While we are on the subject of travel, I always recommend having a toiletry bag pre-stocked and waiting in a nearby basket, drawer or suitcase.


Most of us are not lucky enough to have our own personal bathroom, and storage needs to be considered for two or more daily users.  Keep products for each member of the family neatly tucked away in durable labeled bins.  This prevents any confusion and prevents cross contamination of bacteria and common germs.


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Khristian A. Howell

Playing With Pattern: Unexpected Pop

A space is just not complete in my eyes without a touch of pattern.  You can add a little pop of pattern with accessories like throw pillows and artwork or go bold with wallcoverings and area rugs.  Pattern is showing up in some innovative places lately.  Here are some ways to play with pattern by adding an unexpected pop to your space.


Stencil it!  I love the look of these stenciled floors.  This is such a fun and bold way to add a little pattern to your space. Find out how to DIY it here.



How fun is this?!  Add a little pattern to any door with this nailhead detail.  This could even be done with a little metallic contact paper or decals.  This is just brilliant and a great weekend project with high impact!


Never forget the fifth wall! Try adding pattern to your ceiling with a wallpaper or again a stencil for a surprising lift to a room.  I love this look as you can go classic and architectural as pictured or bold and adventurous for a big statement.


We’ve seen bold stairs executed with bright saturated color.  Why not a little pattern??

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Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 1.23

It’s that time of year again when all of the fashion aficionados declare the season’s newest styles. Some are gorgeously flattering. Others are a little…out there. This week I’m going to share with you some of the more doable fashion trends for spring 2015! Follow these flawless styles and the streets will turn into your very own winding catwalk.


The biggest new trend I spotted was white lace. YUM. I could fill this whole post up with nothing but lace, but I’ll spare you. Nothing says sophistication, elegance and class like this perfect lace dress on Fashionista. I, for one, hope this trend sticks around.



On the opposite side of the spectrum, dark denim is in again, and whoever said you can’t put denim on denim was dead wrong. I love the casual, comfy look of this light and dark wash ensemble on Little Blonde Book. Paired with gladiator shoes (which are resurfacing this season again as well) you’ve got the perfect look for a day out on the town.



If you’re a regular reader, you know that I love the outdoors, recycling and sustainable living. All that said, it should be no surprise that I’m absolutely stoked for the return of the bohemian look. And if Vogue says that Boho is back, it has to be true. Now I’ll finally fit in again, right?



I personally have never jumped on the Gingham train, but with an outfit like this one that I found on Style, I could be tempted. It’s one of those styles you have to grab by the horns though–not for the faint of heart. But it’s doable! Checkered patterns don’t always have to remind you of your grandma. Or a picnic table.



I’m not really sure if yellow ever went out of style, but if it did, it’s back with a vengeance. Spring fashion this year mandates yellow in all its vibrant, glossy hues–and Elle Apparel proves that a fabulous yellow skirt is all you need to take an outfit from gorgeous to glamorous!




We couldn’t have said it any better, Margherita.

See you next week!


Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Organizing The Kitchen On A Budget

Trend: Organizing The Kitchen On A Budget

Every time we hit the New Year, I have this crazy obsession with organizing everything in my home. I feel like the best place to start this year is the kichen. We spend a lot of time in there and it can get messy fast. Below you’ll find 10 great ideas to get your kitchen cleaned up and organized for the New Year.


Storing food in clear jars and containers looks so much nicer than a bunch of boxes, from The Paper Mama for Home Depot.

With some small pieces of wood and a bit of glue, you can easily create an organized drawer, from Lapsus Humanus.

Use a pegboard to organize your most used kitchen items, A Beautiful Mess.

Make and attach a spice  rack to the back of a pantry door, Shanty 2 Chic.

A tabletop paper towel stand could be use for cookie cutter organization, from BHG.

Meal Plan Board DIY, The Paper Mama for HP Create.

Tension rods are the perfect solution to prop up those awkward trays and cookie sheets, BHG.

Take advantage of that unused space above the refrigerator with a DIY cubby, from Shanty 2 Chic.

Under the cupboard recipe book/tablet holder DIY! It folds right up under the cupboard when you’re done, from Sawdust and Embryos.

Get the fruit off the counter with this DIY hanging fruit basket, from Living Simply.

Happy Thursday!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Jennifer OBrien

Flea Market Chic-Bedroom Ideas

Making our master bedroom feel like a restful retreat is something we all desire. We also want it to be functional, comfortable, affordable & stylish all at the same time because a lot of life moments happen here. In my last article for Style Spotters I shared my Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Reveal, which is also being featured in the Feb issue of BHG and it got me thinking about the style I am consistently drawn to & take much inspiration from when beginning a room-Flea Market Chic. I like to mix old with new and reinvent ways of using vintage, found or salvaged items. There is such freedom in finding your own interpretation within this style and that is one of the many things I love about it. Shopping flea markets, yard, tag and estate sales are great ways to stretch your budget, give you an opportunity to incorporate unique, one of a kind elements that no one else has and use them in unexpected ways. Here are some of my favorite bedroom ideas, inspired by Flea Market Chic Style…

Flea Market Chic Bedroom IdeasUsing free & found items is a great way to create a focal point. This is my master bedroom & the mirror is my favorite décor detail in the room. These pieces of driftwood were found with my boys at the beach after a storm. Most of them were pickets from the dune fences they put up to protect the coastline from erosion. I love the idea of incorporating something found{ & free} and reinventing it into a rustic & glamorous focal point.

City Farmhouse DIY Headboard & Herringbone WallMixing a few statement pieces into the design is sometimes all you need to make the space feel complete. The simple aesthetic of this room is perfectly complimented by the lighting choice and framed vintage canvas over the bed. BHG Cottage Retreat {add unexpected art & vintage DIY lighting}Layering lighting & patterns gives an eclectic feel to this traditional space. A great way to incorporate patterns and give that Flea Market Chic look is by finding & using vintage fabrics, throws, saris and embroidery throughout the room.

BHG Cottage Style Bedroom-vintage lightingPops of color in your side tables not only makes a huge statement but gives it an enormous amount of personal style. Gen Sohr gives this space a restful, fun & cohesive look by layering color, tones and subtle patterns. You can see more of her BHG feature HERE.

BHG Jen Sohr Master Bedroom-make a staement with colorful side tables}A ladder can be multipurpose. I love this idea of taking something worn & used and reinventing its purpose. This vintage ladder makes the room feel complete. And the best part, when you need to change a light bulb or the fire alarm batteries it comes in real handy, especially in the middle of the night:).

BHG love the use of eth ladder for the side tableCreating a small office space next to your bed, genius. This vintage desk is purposeful and is a huge space saver. The layering of rustic and traditional elements makes this room feel balanced and super stylish.

BHG why not use a desk as a side table-multipurposefulThis salvaged mantle has been completely reinvented as a rustic chic headboard and the gold letters finish this one of a kind focal point. By mixing pattern, textures and lots of worn details this bedroom design has hit a home run.

BHG-Using a mantle for a headboardHow many times have you overlooked that wicker headboard while thrifting? Well, I bet you wont any longer, talk about giving something a new life, wow, I absolutely love how the dark navy draws your eye in and makes the room feel unified. You can see more of Mandi Gubler’s space HERE.

BHG-Vintage Revivals what a statement piece the headboard makes.Using salvaged pieces in unexpected ways is a great way to give your space an authenticity all its own. The soft touches in this bedroom are complimented by the rustic nature of the weathered doors above the bed. The white color palette makes vintage details stand out & feel cohesive.

Dreamy Whites {use salvaged door as a headboard} Layering new with old has been perfectly mastered in this stunning master bedroom retreat. Vintage details are mingled in through the room and feel balanced through the color palette. The chandelier works in perfect harmony with the tufted headboard and is highlighted by the graphite wall color.

Life in Grace BedroomI hope these rooms have inspired you to see the endless possibilities in Flea Market Chic.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse