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Get the Look: Stylish Boy Bedrooms

Serena & Lily bedroom -


As a mom of two boys (an eight year old and a 10-month old), I’m always on the lookout for beautifully-designed boys’ rooms that have loads of style, especially for my oldest since he’s starting to outgrow his “big boy room” post-nursery (sob!). And much like boys’ fashion leaves a lot to be desired, so can interiors. So I’ve rounded up some favorite inspiration shots of some pretty spectacularly-styled spaces that will hopefully grow with the boy it’s designed for.

I’m not particularly fond of themed rooms, and the one thing all of these spaces have in common is their eclectic, lived-in look. All these rooms are pretty different, but they do share some common elements.

First, nothing is too matchy-matchy. You’re probably not going to see an entire suite of furniture (i.e., matching bed, nightstand, and dresser). Instead, look for interesting contrast with your accessories. Maybe an interesting hairpin-leg side table or a vintage dresser you’ve repurposed from a garage sale.



These rooms also all share a graphic sensibility, whether it’s through an accent wall papered in a simple print or through textiles like striped rugs or bedding. Mix and match your patterns for something unexpected. Classic prints like seersucker, gingham, oxford striping, HBC point blankets, chevron, and colorblocks can all play well together when unified with a consistent color palette.





This gallery wall of found paintings and ephemera is such a fun way to lend a traditional feel to this space. I love how they mix and matched patterns in the bedding, and then threw in that side table for a funky modern spin.







I’m always on the hunt for furniture for my kids that looks like something I would want even it I didn’t have kids. The mark of great design is something that appeals to all age groups without being pigeonholed (much like really great kids’ books that can also hold a parent’s attention!).



Keep an eye out for fun artwork on sites like Etsy, Minted, Serena & Lily, and local art fairs. I’m a huge fan of overscale prints as well as vintage advertisements. Or you could wallpaper an entire space with a world map like Jordan Ferney did below in her boys’ shared room.


And of course, a giant chalkboard wall means that artwork is always being switched up for something new.





And as always, a gorgeous chandelier doesn’t hurt, either. Hello beautiful sputnik!



Got any great tips for boys’ rooms? Share them in the comments!

9 Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Season

Are you tired of wearing heavy-duty winter coats that look like you’re about to go shovel away snow from your front driveway? I am. Luckily, there are other outerwear options available. One of which is faux fur–arguably the most popular trend for this season. Whether it be a clutch, coat, or vest, faux fur makes a great addition to any winter ensemble. If you’re not sure how you want to wear faux fur, then take a peek at these looks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll gather a bit of inspiration!


1. Clutch

How stunning is this faux fur clutch? I am in LOVE with its brilliant eggplant hue.

photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide



2. Earmuffs

Keep your ears out of the cold with faux fur earmuffs. Find a bohemian-inspired pair like this one or a more classic version here.

photo courtesy of Free People



3. Pull Over

Isn’t this faux fur pull over sensational? Plus it makes a great in between seasons staple.

photo courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific



4. Infinity Scarf

Nothing says “fall” like a good scarf. Take your look up a notch and opt for one that’s faux fur!

photo courtesy of Vanilla Extract



5. Statement Coat

Jewel tones were flooding the runways this fall. Incorporate NYFW’s latest craze with a brilliant dose of emerald.

photo courtesy of Style Carrot



6. Russian Hat

Possibly one of my favorite pieces–the faux fur hat. If you’re looking to make a statement, this Russian hat brings a dazzling dose of drama.

photo courtesy of Fashionsy



7. Vest

This faux fur demonstrates how color doesn’t have to take over. The subtle pink hue of the vest sweetly complements the neutral outfit.

photo courtesy of Sirma Markova



8. Cheetah Print Jacket

If animal print is your thing, then this cheetah print jacket is the perfect faux fur for you! Keep cheetah print from becoming overwhelming by pairing it with traditional cuts and simple hues.

photo courtesy of Sortra



9. Colorful Coat

Snap. Crackle. Pop! This vibrant coat does just that. If you’ve got this whole faux fur thing in the bag, then go a step further and mix it with pattern and color!

photo courtesy of Style Carrot


If faux fur seems a little daunting at first glance, then try to incorporate small amounts into your daily ensemble–perhaps ear muffs or a clutch? I guarantee after a few days you’ll feel like a regular.


Happy Friday!


DIY-ify: Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

DIY-ify: Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

Trend: Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

It’s time to decorate for the holidays and I’m so excited. I’ve been making so many Christmas crafts and this one is a new favorite! My honeycomb berry wreath looks so lovely hanging in my house and it’s easy to craft. Check out the tutorial below to make this for your holiday home.

Supplies needed:


Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

Step 1: Secure one end of the crepe paper to the back of the foam wreath with a t-pin. Continue to wrap the crepe paper around the whole wreath. When you’ve reached the end, secure the end piece with another t-pin.

Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

Step 2: Grab the pipe cleaner and secure a loop around the wreath (so you can hang the wreath). Secure the pipe cleaner with a t-pin to keep it from moving around.

Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

Step 3: Let’s start to add the “leaves”, a.k.a. the honeycombs. I suggest cutting some honeycombs in half, to add variety to the wreath. Push the t-pin through the cardboard portion of the honeycomb, then push the pin and honeycomb into the wreath. Tip: don’t open up all the honeycombs at once. Do it as you go along (you might want more cut in half).

Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

Step 4: Continue to add more honeycombs around the wreath until the whole this is covered. Tip: You don’t have to cover the sides and back of the wreath. Just the portion of the wreath you can see in the front.

DIY-ify: Honeycomb Berry Wreath DIY

Step 5: Glue the red pom poms randomly around the wreath.

You’re done! Hang this pretty wreath indoors (it won’t last outdoors) and enjoy the holiday! If you need some more wreath inspiration, check out my Unexpected Wreath DIY Ideas right here.

If you create this wreath, I’d love to see it! You can share a link in the comments below, or tag me in Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Playing with Pattern at the Table

Playing with Pattern at the table


It’s officially here. The holiday season is really upon us. What a perfect time to play with a little pattern! (If you are like me, you didn’t really need an excuse!) It is likely that you will be creating lots of lovely interest on your tables in the coming weeks by layering a variety of textiles and accessories. Adding pattern to the mix will help to create even more depth, texture, and color. As always you can elect to go big and bold and make the pretty patterned accessories the star. A large scale patterned tablecloth or serveware with a painterly pattern will do the trick. Or, you can use small touches for just a little pop and personality.

Playing with Pattern at the table


Playing with Pattern at the table


Playing with Pattern at the table


Mixing patterns on a table is so fun because everything is in such close proximity that you can really see how the patterns compliment and play together. Because the eye will be taking in so much in such a small space remember to vary the scale of your patterns to keep your eye moving from piece to piece. It is also a good idea to interject a few moments of negative space or breathing room for the eye. You can do this be mixing in some solid color items or accessories that are a little less heavy on pattern and perhaps instead have an interesting texture.

Playing with Pattern at the table


If you are new to working with pattern, test the waters with some fun place cards or play with two color patterns. Keep your palette fairly minimal or play within a tight spectrum of colors like burgundy, merlot, a spicy orange and a mustard yellow. Ground your palette with a neutral tone like a warm gray or sand. Becoming a pattern mixing pro is a lot about trial and error. Just keep in mind that the optimal word here is play!

Playing with Pattern at the table


Building a Dream House: Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

navy and white master bedroom with a sunburst mirror

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we are done with our master bedroom makeover! At least the first part of it. That’s how it goes with home projects around here: we celebrate the small victories. When we decided to redo our master bedroom decor a few months ago, I did something a little different from what I usually do: I actually started buying new things. Usually, I spend months and months and months planning before I actually do anything. I like to have everything firmly planned out in my mind and on paper before I make purchases. But I think what worked for us this time and helped us get this makeover finished quickly was that I just started buying things–new bed linens, throw pillows, a mirror–as I found them. I didn’t wait for the whole room to be planned out. And instead of taking longer, the room came together really quickly. I think this might be a new winning strategy for me!

A few weeks after we decided to redo our bed linens in white and navy, I spotted this cute and really inexpensive quilt and matching shams in a catalog at my in-laws’ house. The navy print on a white background is reminiscent of traditional Hawaiian quilts, which I love. We knew we wanted to bring some blue into the foot of the bed with a quilt folded across the area, and both the color and low cost of this quilt made it a perfect candidate. So instead of thinking about it for a month, I went ahead and ordered it that day. All we really needed was a starting point, and the rest of the makeover was a cinch.

navy and white quilt and matching shams

We’ve never had cute throw pillows on our bed before, but with this makeover, I was determined to find some good ones. I met Hannah, the owner of Mae Woven and maker of beautiful African mud cloth pillows over the summer. She is just as cute and stylish as you would imagine. A pair of indigo pillow covers was next on our list of purchases. I also found and fell in love with a pillow from Schoolhouse Electric when I was researching navy throw pillows for a Style Spotters post a few months ago, and bought it on a recent trip to their Portland, OR flagship store.

indigo african mudcloth throw pillow from mae woven

navy mayan throw pillow from schoolhouse electric

We knew we wanted a simple white quilt and shams to balance out all that navy, and found this understated set at Pottery Barn. After having lower quality bed linens for a long time, we were ready for something significantly nicer, something that would last and look great for years. We love the quality of this quilt, and thanks to a 20% off coupon, were able to get it for less than full price.

white pick-stitch quilt from pottery barn

Having done lots of research on navy rooms over the past few months, I’ve noticed an accessory that nearly every navy room has: a gold sunburst mirror. The gold looks so beautiful and warm paired with the deep blue, and the shape is eye-catching. I’ve seen really cheap-looking ones that are affordable and really spectacular ones that cost substantially more. I spotted a lovely one on social media at the beginning of September, but was discouraged by the nearly $500 price tag. And then out of the blue, Domino Magazine posted a picture of this one on Instagram as their featured sale item, and I jumped right on my computer and bought it for less than half the price of the more expensive mirror. We were so excited to hang it up last weekend. It really pulled the whole room together and gave it quite a spectacular focal point.

gold sun flair mirror from domino magazine

So, is our master bedroom completely finished? Not really. We have two enormous dressers in there right now that provide surprisingly little storage for their gigantic sizes, and we’d love to find some smarter, sleeker storage solutions. And I already have a gallery wall taking shape in my mind whenever we get the storage situation sorted out. But for now, the room looks great, and we are so happy we finally jumped in and gave our room a much-needed facelift. It’s actually a room we enjoy spending time in now, and with the master bedroom on the main floor right off the family room, it’s nice to be able to leave teh door open and be confident that if guests wander that direction, they’ll see a beautiful, thoughtfully decorated room.

It’s time to take a few tips from your grandmother because the art (and appreciation!) of calligraphy is back and here to stay! The pages of wedding invitations, signs, wrapping paper, chalkboards and cakes are overflowing with delicate handwritten notes. Whether you’re a newcomer to typography or a regular attendee, it’s time incorporate stunning script into your home’s decor.


Take a peek at Oh So Beautiful Paper‘s elegant DIY Balloon Engagement Cocktail Party Invitation. The gold metallic lettering shines brightest over a muted hue.



Go big or go home! Style Me Pretty‘s DIY “Cheers” Sign takes cursive (and sparkle!) to a whole new level.



Who says that script needs to be two-dimensional? Put on your 3D glasses because Oh Happy Day‘s Calligraphy Cake Topper opens up a dimension of an entirely different magnitude.



Put your favorite song lyrics to paper with Paper & Stitch‘s Large Scale Hand Lettered Artwork Tutorial. It’s simple, it’s easy, and did I mention that it can be done in less than an hour?



Whether it be custom wrapping paper for the holidays or a personalized bouquet that carries a message on its sleeve, Julep‘s DIY Personalized Flower Wrap adds an extra dose of thoughtfulness to any gesture.


It doesn’t matter what your handwriting looks like, beautiful script comes in all shapes and sizes. You just have to give it a shot!


Happy Friday!


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