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5 Easy Ways To Work Your Walls

Decorating your walls can be scary, I should know, I am a big time procrastinator when it comes to putting together a gallery wall. I am a visual person but also someone who likes to be sure before I dive into a project. There are so many ideas out there to curating your walls & it can be a bit overwhelming. Not sure why putting a nail hole in the wall for the first time seems frightening, but it does. Lucky for us there are some easy ways to get creative and work your walls. Whether you are someone who likes continuity and balance or someone who prefers to mix and match your wall space, this post has something for everyone.

1. Get Personal. You will never regret crafting a wall that tells a story of your family with memories. This does take time but it is well worth any effort put into this project. Black and white photos are a beautiful way to display these treasured pieces, plus it makes it easy to blend with the decor in any room. Mix and match frames sizes and colors for a stylish compilation.

Work Your Walls By Adding Memories-BHG

Emily A. Clark

Work Your Walls By Adding Memories-Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia

2. Add Dimension. Think outside the box when it comes to your walls. Adding dimension to your vertical space can give interest and character plus it is playful and & a bit unexpected. Be on the look out for items that aren’t necessarily meant for walls, anything with a shortish depth can be hung. You can use dimensional art alone or to compliment your existing pieces.

Work Your Walls By Adding Dimension-Habitation Co

Habitation Co

Work Your Walls By Adding Dimension-Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

3. Layer in Vintage. There was so many cool ideas for adding vintage details to your walls, from old maps & blueprints to oil painting, signage and photographs. You can add vintage with new or go strictly with items that have an aged history. Either way they give an authentic texture unlike anything you can buy new and of course each piece is embedded with a story.

Work Your Walls By Adding Vintage Photos-Farmhouse Touches

Farmhouse Touches

Work Your Walls By Layering in Vintage Art and Photography-Jeanne Oliver

Jeanne Oliver

Work Your Walls By Layering in Vintage Art and Photography-Lark & Linen

Lark & Linen

3. Create Function. No matter how much space we do or don’t have, making the most of your wall space is key. We can easily forget that the vertical space is just as important and bring added function to any space. Displaying jewelry, hats, scarves and bags can make for a beautiful and purposeful art installation. You can also hang cutting boards, crates for storage, boxes with herbs and/or a grouping of mirrors, just to name a few.

Lauren Nelson's New York City Bedroom Tour #theeverygirl

The Everygirl

Work Your Walls By Adding Function-Kindred Vintage

Kindred Vintage Co

5. Make it Yourself. In a day in age where 3 little letters can be found spoken in just about every household, it surely does makes the idea of DIY less frightening. Plus, you can find the directions to make anything online. Whether it is a simple sign, a palette clock, an abstract painting or faux taxidermy it can all be done, so why not try it. Adding pieces you made or maybe your children made can only enhance your walls and give them an added bit of sparkle.

Work Your Walls By Adding Your Own Art-Little House Of Four

Little House of Four

Work Your Walls By Adding Your Own Art-West Elm

West Elm

Have a fantastic week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Even though we’ve lived in our house for 18 months now, I still love looking through home decor and architecture magazines and blogs and finding beautiful images of homes, especially farmhouses. Here are some of my very favorite design elements that go well with farmhouse style (and no, we didn’t put all of them in our house!)…

1. Sliding Barn Doors
Sliding Barn Doors have become super trendy, but that’s not a bad thing. They really look cool, and I can tell you that out of all the things in our house, our barn doors get the most compliments. I kid you not,just today someone said, “Wow! Those sliding barn doors are really cool! Whose idea were they?” You can find them in all kinds of styles: weathered, reclaimed barnwood, painted, stained, rustic, modern, basically whatever style you want. And here’s the good thing about a cool decor element becoming trendy: they are so much easier to find and so much less expensive than they were a few years ago. I was at a really popular, totally normal hardware store the other day, and they had a really nice looking sliding barn door with the mounting hardware for under $500. Guys, that’s a steal!!!

Sliding barn doors look great in a modern farmhouse.
[photo from BHG]

Sliding barn doors look great in a modern farmhouse.
[photo from BHG]

2. Plank Walls
Is there anybody out there who doesn’t appreciate a good plank wall? We used tongue and groove boards on the plank wall in our mudroom because we had lots of them left over from another project, but shiplap is another kind of board you can use, and one that’s really popular these days. Either way, you get the same effect: Crisp, clean, white walls that are anything but boring!

Plank walls look great in a modern farmhouse.
[photo from BHG]

Plank walls look great in a modern farmhouse.
[photo from BHG]

3. Hex Tile
I love how timeless hex tiles look on a bathroom floor. Ceramic hex tiles have been used in bathrooms in America for over 100 years (yes, I looked it up!), so you know 10 years from now, no one will be thinking how your floor looks so 2016. And they can be as plain or as fancy as you want them to be. We went with plain white ceramic tile and love the clean look, but I’ve seen lots of amazing hex tile patterns too, and the marble hex tile is pretty gorgeous as well.

Hex tile flooring looks great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.
[photo from BHG]

Hex tile looks great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.
[photo from Studio McGee]

4. Black-Framed Windows
This is the one that keeps me up at night. Literally weeks after we had our windows installed, I thought, “Shoot! We should have gone with black frames!” It’s such a striking look, especially on a white farmhouse. The contrast between the white walls and the black windows is just so dreamy. My only comfort is that when I was visiting my sister in Connecticut last Fall, we drove past a new house that was really similar in style to ours, and I thought the black window frames made the covered porch look too dark. But 99% of me still wishes we’d gone with black-framed windows. Sigh.

Black window frames look great on a modern farmhouse.
[photo from Home Bunch]

Black window frames look great on a modern farmhouse.
[photo from FGY Architects]

5. Metal Roofs
I really don’t have too many things I’d change about our house, I promise, but I am curious how just our front porch would look with a metal roof instead of the shingles that match the rest of the house. Metal roofs are another design element that I admire whenever I see them on someone else’s house. It takes the farmhouse look and gives it a sleek, modern, industrial edge.

A metal roof looks great on a modern farmhouse.
[photo from BHG]

A metal roof looks great on a modern farmhouse.
[photo from Home Bunch]

Do you have any favorite farmhouse features?

In the era of limitless screen time and central air-conditioning, getting outside for more than the daily commute can be a challenge. Lucky for us, these women are in their right mind. They set down their controllers and turned off their tablets to inspire us with their outdoor gaming instead. With their guidance, I’ve compiled a list of my top seven outdoor games to get us off the couch and into the yard this year.

1. Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY engages my inner child with her DIY giant lawn matching game. Her step-by-step guide to creating the game uses durable 12×12-inch cork tiles, but she mentions opting for less expensive cardstock or cardboard if you only plan on playing the game once or twice.

DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

Photo via: Studio DIY

2. This fun game by Kimbo, creator of A Girl and a Glue Gun, is the best for cooling off while having a blast. Kimbo’s Frozen T-Shirt Race has you place damp shirts in the freezer, then race to see who can put theirs on the fastest after it’s frozen. Let the struggle commence!

Frozen t-shirt race

Photo via:  A Girl and a Glue Gun

3. In an Olympic year, there’s no reason not to take a stab at the Backyard Olympic Games. Mom Leana — creator of A Small Snippet — planned her son’s birthday party around the summer games, complete with DIY Olympic snacks; DIY hurdles, javelin throw, and shot put competitions; and personalized “uniform” party-favor T-shirts for each competitor.

Photo via: A Small Snippet

4. DIY these neat giant yard games with just a few supplies, and, bonus, learn how to play Cooties. Megan Harney, mom and blogger from Wit and Wander, shows us how to create giant, reusable yard game pieces and graciously supplies us with a free printable game to play with your new yard-size dice.

DIY Yard Games - Wit & Wander 1

Photo via: Wit and Wander

5. Some of the best games include no equipment at all. She Knows blogger Whitney Coy compiled a list of play-anywhere taglike games including a new one to me. Octopus Tag – a sort of cross between red rover and freeze-tag – involves tagging, freezing, fish, crabs, and the ocean, with lots of opportunity for fun.

Photo via: She Knows

6. How could I leave everyone’s favorite warm-weather game off the list? Anything involving a water balloon is sure to ignite a great party. Thanks to Heather, founder and designer of the Chickabug shop and blog, we’ve got this totally awesome list of water balloon games for you to try this year. You can’t go wrong with No. 9 (trust me!).

Photo via: Making Merry Memories

7. Play to your kids’ (or kids’-at-heart) competitive natures, and try Sophie’s clean-up game from Sophie’s World. Those water balloons you just played with are going to create a mess, but Balloon Scrap Pick Up turns clean up into a game. Compete individually or in teams to collect the most scrap pieces in one minute. Play as many rounds as it takes to get the yard clean again.

Photo via: Sophie’s World

So get outside and give these games a shot with your friends and family. As summer rolls in, let me know how they go, or tell me what other games are great for the backyard!

Until then,



It is always my goal to bust the myth that “organizing is expensive”. Technically speaking, the act of organizing is free. You may even find yourself earning money during the process. It is the storage needed to complete the organizing projects that is typically costly. However, beautiful storage does not have to cause monetary pain. All you need is Craigslist or a thrift store paired with a little creativity and you can create some fairly inexpensive solutions to everyday storage problems. Let’s take a look at a few examples of fantastic furniture makeovers that didn’t break the bank, yet are excitingly unique.

Filing Cabinet Makeover

Let’s begin with one of my favorite transformations right away. Old metal filing cabinets are a dime a dozen at general thrift stores, but do you see what some spray paint and a remnant piece of stone can do? Not only is the filing system unique; it also boasts four total drawers while doubling as the perfect drop zone location.

Beautiful Jar Storage DIY


Another hot item that can be found in just about every kitchen is a canning jar. Now we all know that canning jars are darling and can be used for endless storage purposes, but take a look at what the addition of some paint and hardware can do. These sweet jars look like they came straight from the shelves of the beautiful neighborhood boutique.

Bookcase Bathroom DIY

Bookcases and hutches typically land at the top of my favorite storage furniture list. They can easily be utilized in any room of the house; their versatility truly knows no bounds. Above, a dated hutch is now acting as a makeshift linen closet thanks to the help of some paint and blingy hardware.

Bookcase Craft Storage DIY

While this bookcase shows that a few minor modifications will create an entirely different storage purpose. Dowels really took this bookcase to new organizational heights for a variety of craft and gift wrapping supplies.

Frame Dowel DIY


If space is a concern, dowels continue to work as inexpensive craft organization when paired with everyday photo frames. Let’s all vow to never pay full price for a decorative frame again; typically the older they are, the better their style!

Bookcase Island DIY

How about combining two console tables with four casters to create a mobile kitchen island? Extra work surface, added storage and mobility? It’s a kitchen trifecta!

Dresser to Desk DIY

Sure, paint is an instant game changer for most furniture makeovers. However, hardware can also do wonders for everyday pieces. Above, the addition of some simple hinges turned a common dresser into a one-of-a- kind desk!

Cabinet to Child


Let’s not forget our younger pals, the craft desk above was created by modifying a standard kitchen cabinet!

Entryway Media Center Coat Storage DIY

Another make-you-smile spot for the kids can be created in your home’s entryway with the help of a repurposed media cabinet.

Garden Center DIY

Finally, think outside of your home’s walls. There are many wonderful exterior paints and polyurathanes on the market that allow furniture to function big out on your patio or front porch. Pair a variety of hooks and organizers with an old cabinet and your gardening routine just became even more lively.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to search Craigslist and thrift stores for all of your storage needs?

It’s one of the places we spend the most time, yet sometimes our bed can look a little left out of the decorating process. Hodgepodge sheets and blankets, lumpy pillows, and a bed that may or may not be comfortable, but certainly doesn’t look inviting. I believe a bed should be both– beautiful and comfortable. It can both set the tone for the room, and be something you can’t wait to sink into each night. I give you all the contents for making a bed that’s beautiful and comfortable.


1. Start with a good foundation. Choosing a mattress is a personal decision, so I say test a bunch out.

2. Top it off. The number one thing that made my bed more comfortable was adding a mattress topper. Again, choosing the right one takes some trying it out in person, but I highly suggest one. Why do you think the Princess and the Pea loved layers so much? Ultimate comfort.

mattress topper

3. Good sheets can really make a difference when getting a good night’s sleep. Thread count is usually your first indicator of a quality sheet and the SOMNIG is really impressive for the price point.

4. Dressing the bed. Now that we’ve got some good foundation pieces taken care of, let’s talk about my favorite part– making the bed pretty. For a versatile duvet that can easily translate from season to season, try the HAXORT. It’s a classic look that can be paired with multiple design styles. For a punch of pattern, the EMMIE RUTA duvet’s beautiful checkered design is so fun and yet timeless.

5. Add in some style. For a bed that’s perfectly styled, I think it needs some throw pillows. Make that layers of pillows. A colorful cushion is a perfect opportunity to add personality and pattern. Check out the SOMMAR for just the right amount of interest.

6. Pattern rules. When choosing the right pillow combination, think in terms of thirds. One pillow a solid, one pillow a large-scale pattern, and one pattern a small-scale pattern.


Add a textured throw blanket at the foot of the bed like the OFELIA and you’ve got a perfectly made bed that is not only beautiful, but comfortable too.

For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Home with Free Printable Sorting Signs

Trend: Decluttering and Organizing Your Home with Free Printable Sorting Signs

It’s time to Spring clean and maybe get ready for a much needed garage sale. I know just the thought of organizing the whole home sounds exhausting, but decluttering doesn’t have to be stressful. Start the process with a plan and don’t worry about finishing it all at once! Where do you begin? I like to start with a room that we use most often and then I set up a little organizing station so I can easily organize the stuff I’m going through while I’m cleaning. I always have a trash bag, donate box, consignment box, and a keep box (anything that goes in the keep box gets put away right after I’m done organizing). I also like to tackle one room at a time, but if I don’t have much time to clean I’ll just work on one section of a room, like the closet.

When you’re going through stuff at home there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Does this clothing item still fit me? If it doesn’t, get rid of it.
  2. Have I worn this clothing item in the last year? If no, donate or sell.
  3. Do I use this item? If no, figure out if there is somewhere you can use it, or get rid of it.
  4. Is this item broken? If it is, is it worth fixing?
  5. If I’m ready to get rid of this item do I donate it, or try to sell it? I like to bring some of my clothing items to a local consignment shop. If we are getting rid of larger home items sometimes we will try to sell it online. If you don’t have time to do that in the next month, donate.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Home with Free Printable Sorting Signs

If you want to keep on top of organizing throughout the whole year, set up labeled baskets (using my free printable sorting signs) in your home so you can easily toss items you no longer need into these organized categories. I always have a donate and consignment basket ready to go in my laundry room. Click here to download my “keep, trash, consign, and donate” signs and click here to download my “garage sale, sell online, too big, and too small” signs. I printed my signs onto card stock, cut them out, and used some string to hang the sign from the baskets. If you want the sign to last longer, laminate it.

Sorting Signs

If you ARE getting ready for a garage sale, I’ve also made some printable “SALE” arrows for you to use. Print the out onto card stock, then cut them out.

Printable Sale Signs

Are you ready to Spring clean and get ready for summer with an organized home? I hope my tips helped!

We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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