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With spring right around the corner, what better way to get ready than by planning your outdoor decor? Whether you live in freezing temperatures or a hot climate, bring outdoor style to your home!

This month the BHGLiveBetter Blogger Network was challenged to get creative with outdoor furniture and decor to makeover a space, whether indoors or outside.

1. With limited outdoor space, small-space solutions are key as Anna Moseley of Ask Anna knows. We’re dreaming of sipping a cup of tea at the Camrose Farmhouse Mosaic Tile Top Table.

2. When winter chill is still in the air, bring the outdoors inside. Marie Chorak of Blooming Homestead styles an Outdoor Serving Cart with Porcelain Round Bowls, Square Bowls, and Acacia Wood-Top Jars for movie night!

3. Let your home reflect the changing seasons. Taryn Whiteaker of Design, Dining and Diapers gives her living room a rustic and earthy feel with Nautical Iron Lanterns!

4. Don’t worry about the time! Shannon Fox of Fox Hollow Cottage leaves her Galvanized Wall Clock inside and uses Small Galvanized Bins to organize before guests arrive.

5. Beautify your front porch and make a dazzling first impression! Beth Hunter of Home Stories A to Z dressed hers up with a blue Damask Indoor/Outdoor Rug.

6. A go-to table setting for everything from family brunch to girls night is essential! Gloribell Lebron of I Don’t Know How She Does It sets the Farmhouse Mix and Match Steel Dining Table with Teal Medallion Bowls and the Ashmoor Dinnerware Set.

7. A few pops of color go a long way to brighten up a space! Kelli Mullins of Lolly Jane spices up her outdoor area with a Medallion Outdoor Toss Pillow, a Bird Outdoor Toss Pillow and a Native Outdoor Toss Pillow.

8. Jen Migonis of Migonis Home brings outdoor pizazz inside with this navy and white Woven Fringe Throw.

9. Talk about comfort AND style! Monica Benavidez of Monica Wants It spruces up her patio with these fun Deep Seat Pillow Backs and a Leaf Outdoor Toss Pillow.

10. How would YOU use a Galvanized 2-Tier Organizer? Stacy Risenmay of Not Just a Housewife shows off how she keeps her office supplies neat.

11. Get ready for outdoor get-togethers by using cute decor to serve food! Amy Bell of Positively Splendid uses the Galvanized 2-Tier Round Stand  to hold chips and show off the adorable Melamine Medallion Berry Bowls! To top it off, she uses a Small Round Stand/Bucket to hold a 2-Gal Mason Dispenser for fresh-squeezed lemonade.

12. What better way to decorate your porch than by adding some neutral tones? Debbie Westbrooks of Refresh Restyle placed a Medallion Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug on her porch to set the tone and used the Garden Outdoor Toss Pillow to add some pattern to her Camrose Farmhouse Industrial Chairs.

13. We can’t get over how cute Kierste Wade of Simply Kierste‘s winter porch looks! Add some light to your evenings with the 20-Count Clear Glass Globe String Lights and Crossbar Metal Outdoor Lanterns. She even uses an 18″ Faux Wicker Planter to hold firewood for cold nights.

14. Bring the outdoors inside like Kim Demmon of Today’s Creative Life! Use Flameless LED Pillar Candles to light these Galvanized Lantern Candle Holders with Rope!

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Novels, picture books, dictionaries, biographies, chapter books: they can be found sitting on coffee tables, tossed on end tables, strewn on sofa cushions, and hiding under desks, and they can totally overwhelm your living space. The addition of a bookshelf can tame your book piles and provide more space in your home. We’ve gathered a sample of stylish bookcases you can make yourself. Which one will you try?

 1. DIY Pipes and Planks Shelving

If you’re ready to house all your books in one place, this is the DIY project for you! Tina and her husband built this 13-by-10-foot bookshelf to fill the blank space in their living room and to serve as a gathering space for all their reading materials. You can adjust the size and supplies to fit your space as needed. Check out the full tutorial at her blog, Dusty Coyote.

Image Via: Dusty Coyote

2. Easy DIY Rope Shelf

Perhaps a bookshelf that spans an entire room is more than you had in mind. If that’s the case, then this DIY hanging rope shelf is just the ticket! It’s perfect for any room in your home. Build one in the kitchen for cookbooks, in the bedroom for nighttime reading, or in the living room for guests to peruse. Caroline has an awesome tutorial over at her blog, Burkatron.

Image Via: Burkatron

3. Concrete Block Bookshelf

Another  simple bookcase comes from The Crazy Craft Lady, Aimee. When all the books, papers, and law school supplies pushed her to her breaking point, Aimee built the perfect landing zone to keep everything organized. This project mostly consists of staining and stacking. Gather some pine boards and stone pavers of your choice, and you’re halfway done!

Image Via: The Crazy Craft Lady

4. Mounted Shelving Units

Molly made these mounted shelving units to flank either side of her wood-burning fireplace. The shelves were completely custom so Molly and her boyfriend took care to create a look exactly to their liking. Because everything is bracket-mounted, it can be changed with any new decor placed in the room. See their planning process here!

Image Via: Almost Makes Perfect

5. Multipurpose Crate Bookshelf

Not able to build a permanent bookshelf solution? Jamie’s got the perfect project for you instead! Head over to her blog, C.R.A.F.T., and see this awesome guide on how to style crates as shelving — four different ways! Place it, customize it, move it, add to it; the options are endless. Here is our favorite version. Which is yours?

How to make a bookshelf out of crates!

Image Via: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

6. DIY Industrial Bookcase

This Pottery Barn-inspired bookcase cost just under $300—a steal compared to the retail price of $1,900! Jamison and his wife Jamie worked together to create an industrial-chic bookshelf to dress up their new living room. Jamison’s plans are so detailed you don’t need to have any previous woodworking experience to build a shelf just like this one. See for yourself; head over to his blog Rogue Engineer.


Image Via: Rogue Engineer

7. DIY Tree Bookshelf

Patrick, contributor to the build-and-share website Instructables, DIYed his way to this trendy tree bookshelf. His instructions will help you breeze through the priming, painting, and construction of the project, but if you do get confused, he included a handy video tutorial of the entire process. The project cost around $150, and the whole thing can be completed in one weekend.

Image Via: Instructables

8. DIY Floating Bookshelves

If you’re looking for a subtler book storage statement, Mandi from Vintage Revivals has a fabulous tutorial on how to build your own floating shelves. A bit modern while still industrial, these magical shelves are ideal for any blank wall in your home. Stack them like Mandi did, or place them staggered along a larger wall to fill the space.

How To Build Shelves

Image Via: Vintage Revivals

All books need a loving home. Do yours have one?

Happy reading! Until next time,


When I think of double staircases, I picture mansions. I imagine a famous actress descending the steps in stilettos, the train of a red carpet gown trailing behind her. Cue a handsome co-star in admiration of her opulence.

Okay, back to reality. Although double staircases can still be a statement of prosperity, they don’t have to be only for the rich and famous! Lately I’ve been inspired by how these staircases can be integrated into everyday homes.

Rustic Touch

How gorgeous is this simple double staircase? I love the clean lines, neutral colors, and the rustic statement created by positioning an old door between the two sets of stairs.

Via Cote Maison

Back Stair Perks

Originally constructed in older homes for housekeeping, a second set of stairs can also provide modern function. Imagine you walk downstairs in the morning with pajamas and messy hair, and the only way to get back to your bedroom is through the foyer, where an unexpected guest has just arrived. You’d save yourself an awkward encounter if there was a little staircase like this connected to the kitchen; you could quickly run upstairs to make yourself presentable.

Via MRIS homes

Meet Me in the Middle

What better way to have the grandeur of a double staircase and the space-saving attributes of a traditional staircase at the same time? At the junction of these two staircases is an ascending staircase, and a descending staircase is positioned below. For a multi-floor home, this solution is so chic and smart!

Via Morgante Wilson Architects

Never Too Tiny for Two

If you’re thinking to yourself, there’s no way a double staircase could ever fit in my home, think again. If this tiny home can incorporate a cute little double-sided staircase, your home can accommodate one, too!

Via Tiny Heirloom

Take a Look Outside

Double staircases don’t have to stay indoors—and they don’t have to be twins, either! Simple concrete steps complement rather than compete with the beauty of the iron spiral staircase leading to the second story.

Via The Iron Shop

So go ahead, add a double staircase and have your movie star moment!

Awkward spaces can often result in dead space, or worse, clutter collections (I see you, stacks of paper and dirty clothes). Instead of letting valuable real estate go to waste, take control. Start by looking at an obvious offender: the space beneath your stairs. Take cues from these incredible homes and transform this area into a space at which you can’t stop staring.

Making Your Space Work

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a spare room for your home office, it can be quite difficult to find a work space that flows with your home’s layout. The space under your stairs just might be the perfect solution! Because the area is sectioned off, you’ll have a set space to tackle your to-do list.

Via Neville Johnson

Raising the Bar (Wine Not?)

Whether you prefer a personal wet bar or your own wine cellar, both look amazing under a staircase.

Via Cortney Bishop

Via Brandon Architects

Reading and Relaxation

Curling up with a good book and a cup of hot tea has to be one of most relaxing things ever, and it’s essential to have a go-to place to unwind.  I often end up taking a quick cat nap as well, and I love the idea of the space beneath a staircase fulfilling that role!

Via JWT Associates

Room to Play and Grow

I love that this little nook is perfect for kids to play in when they’re little, but it would also be so easy to update when they’re older! Add a few pillows and a soft throw blanket, and you’ve transformed the space into a cozy getaway that kids of any age will love.

Via CplusC

This is another functional stair space I absolutely love. Right now it’s a playroom, but it could just as easily be a cozy family room or a lovely living area.

Via Lay Baby Lay

And (of course) … Storage!

This space is commonly used for storage, but that doesn’t mean your storage has to be standard stacked boxes coated in dust. This tiny home totally gets it right with smart storage options that keep essentials organized. Plus, the little space to tuck in a few novels is a beautiful detail.

Via Wind River Tiny Homes

There are so many innovative ways to make the space beneath your stairs incredible. Take a look under your staircase, and if you’re not impressed, don’t be afraid to change things up!

Sometimes you fall in love with a piece of furniture or artwork only to realize that it will just add more clutter to your home. Instead of choosing purposeless pieces, select items with secret storage or ones that can cleverly display everyday objects.

1. Side Table with Sweet Storage
Believe it or not, the storage secret to this midcentury side table comes in the form of a cake pan. Crazy, right?

Via Sugar & Cloth

2. Horses with Purpose

Animal decor has a natural appeal to me, but oftentimes those sculptural pieces just stand around and collect dust. That’s why I’m in love with the display this blogger found at the store Sugar Boo and Co. Rustic with a modern touch, these horses are super cute and provide a place to proudly display lots of pretty scarves.

Via In Honor of Design

3. Rustic Decor to Disguise Dirty Laundry

Whether you’re sorting clothes or quickly hiding your dirty laundry from last-minute guests, this piece of furniture is as stylish as it is useful. Add extra style to this sleek piece by displaying items on top that are simple, stylish, and minimal.

Via AnnaBaileying on Etsy

4. Dress Form To Transform Your Jewelry Collection

I’ve always loved the look of dress forms, but I hadn’t really considered their storage potential. However, after seeing the way this dress form prettily displays a collection of jewelry and brooches, I’m convinced!

Via The Decorologist

5. Branch Out

You can also create a beautiful jewelry display by using branches. I love the rustic, boho-chic vibes of this display.

Via Curiographer on Etsy

6. Show Off Your Shoes

Don’t let your cute heels hide in your closet! This simple grid is the perfect solution for creating a work of art out of your shoes. Bonus: It’ll also mean extra closet space.

Via burkatron.

 7. Kitchen Shelves: Saving Space & Making Major Impact

If your pantry is anything like mine, it’s usually a question of how to contain the mess not create a work of art. However, that might change after seeing this clever display! Dry goods are displayed in neat rows of glass jars, which are perfectly complemented by a series of botanical prints.

8. The Art of Coffee

Coffee mugs + cute DIY house-shaped shelf = practical and pretty decor. Extra cupboard space and easy access to my favorite mugs? Yes, please.

Via A Beautiful Mess

Decor doesn’t always have to be functional, but it’s all the better when it is! When selecting pieces for your home, consider new ways that you can store more with your decor.

A stunning floor plan is often all it takes to make guests impressed with your home. Big windows, architectural details, fireplaces, hardwood floors, you know the appeal of those features. Have you ever thought of adding your stairs to the list of focal pieces? Check out how these bloggers did just that!

1. Ombre Steps

Kara’s design eye saw a potential work of art while looking at her bare and basic steps. Choosing a favorite shade of teal paint, she got to work painting the first stair riser. Adding just a bit of white paint –and a bit more each time — to each riser. She has the full tutorial over at her blog, A Kailo Chic Life.

Image Via: A Kailo Chic Life

2. Before, Whoops, and After

There’s nothing better than an honest blogger. Ashley Phipps and her husband had a few mishaps while remodeling their staircase; think three-five attempts at staining and sanding. Her six-part tutorial on the carpet-to-hardwood process is funny, detailed, and totally honest.

Image Via: Simply Designing

3. Remodeled “Runner”

An old and trodden staircase got a heck-of-a facelift. The Heathered Nest creator, Heather sets her husband, her kids, and herself on a mission to refinish the stairs. The DIY painted runner crosses the landing perfectly and continues to the bottom floor of their home. See how she did it here!

INCREDIBLE stair makeover with PAINT! SO much cheaper than stain or new stairs!! Great painted stairs DIY tutorial. If you can hold a paintbrush, you can easily learn how to paint stairs!! from

Image Via: The Heathered Nest

4. Baluster Beauty

Boring wood becomes beautiful metal in Kelly’s home. The View Along the Way creator shows us how to (and not to) install intricate iron balusters in place of basic wood. She has a separate post in the article about how to stain the railings, and the final product is to die for!

Image Via: View Along the Way

5. Vintage Inspired Risers

Your grandmother’s (or great-grandmother’s) stairs might still look like this. That means she’s in luck, because textured wallpaper stair risers are on trend right now. Amassing Cents blogger Kristen knows this well. Her home’s stairway — 20 hours and $30 later — has a special extra detail that’s not too bold, and definitely not bland.

Image Via: Amassing Cents

6. Tear Down, Build Up

Once a boring half wall in her home, blogger Diana was determined to bring more interest to her staircase. After adding trim and a newel post, she still wasn’t satisfied. The ultimate satisfaction came from tearing down the wall completely, and putting in her own balusters and railing. The space finally felt more open and far more interesting.

Image Via: Vintage Home Love

7. DIY Stairwell Sophistication

Kate’s outdated and plain blond oak staircase wasn’t sitting well with her. Finding inspiration from other bloggers and in old classic movies, she came up with a far more sophisticated look. On her blog, Centsational Girl, she covers how the railings were stained, how the wainscoting was put up, how the carpets were removed and how new trim and tread was installed. Happy reading!

Image Via: Centsational Girl

8. No Wasted Space

Without a storage room under his stairs, Michael did the next, most logical thing with that empty space: give his dog, Kenji, his own room. The attractive alternative to kenneling your dogs while you’re away, Kenji’s under-the-stairs doghouse has LED lighting, a comfy bed, plenty of room for toys, and a camera for Michael to check in with. See how he did it here!

Image Via: Lost at E Minor

No matter your stair situation, there’s something you can do to make them more interesting. Step by step, make your staircase the highlight of your home. Do you have other great ideas for your stairs? Let me know about them!

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