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Hi everyone! Maria Charbonneaux of Real-Life Kitchens & Baths, here. When we produce a product story the whole team is involved. The process includes identifying trends, scouring the marketplace for just the right items, and compiling our finds until we have just the right mix of styles, product categories, and price points.


Lately, we’ve been obsessed with the idea of Simple Geometry. Pick up the Winter 2012 issue on newsstands (or get the digital version on Zinio) now to see our complete roundup. We love that the geometric trend can be incorporated into so many kitchen and bath styles–from ultra-contemporary to traditional to eclectic. Want to bring the look home? Here are five geometric-print towel picks–all available online now.




1. Chief Joseph Towels, Pendleton, $12–$38

2. Techno Stripe 3-Piece Towel Set, Target, $31.99

3. Gardner Street Towels, kate spade new york, $8–$20

4. Vice Versa Dot Towels, JCP, $7–$13

5. Rimmed Geometry Towels, Anthropologie, $8–$36


—Maria Charbonneaux, Real-Life Kitchens & Baths




Being an editor for the kitchen and bath group here at BHG, I’ve found it’s impossible for me to pick just one style. I adore sleek modern fixtures, but I love the cozy feel of warm, worn woods, and then there’s the glamour of marble…

So many options.

Luckily, I think I’m one step closer to finding the ideal bath—and it includes all those things! Part environmental awareness and part design trend, we’re seeing more designers incorporating salvaged and reclaimed woods into every style, from traditional to contemporary. The success is in the mix of materials.

This traditional bath plays heavily on the rustic vibe with many natural elements: large, warm wood frames, concrete vanity countertop and pebble flooring. The square vessel sinks and wall mount faucets add an unexpected contemporary twist.


Weathered grey finishes set the subtle palette for this transitional bath. A classic marble brick floor complements the wooden vanity and mirror frame, while the hardworking look of an industrial light fixture balances a more whimsical window treatment. The rounded vessel sink pairs with an angular faucet to marry the modern and traditional styles.

Rough-hewn woods have a place in contemporary baths, too. A thick-cut vanity top keeps this bath from feeling too cold. In an otherwise black-and-white space, the wood’s natural colorways and grooves create a dramatic accent to the stone floors and textured wall tiles. Topping the piece with minimalist sinks, faucets, and mirrors keep the room steeped in modern style.


We’re calling it refined, or redefined, rustic. I’m calling it perfect. Well, until I change my mind again.

-Kristina McGuirk, Kitchen and Bath Ideas


Hi everyone, Storage Magazine’s Samantha Thorpe here with tips for keeping toys neat and orderly! I love my kids. I don’t love their stuff all over our living room floor. It feels like the clean-up game is never ending between my 5- and 1-year-old. But we just put together a story with professional organizer Kathy Jenkins from Come to Order about finding containers for your kids’ gear that can grow with them.


Here are a few of Kathy’s tips:


1) Select soft-sided, smaller-scale containers with handles that are easy for kids to carry and soft enough that if they’re pulled off a shelf or tabletop they won’t cause an injury. One of my favorite container systems is this snazzy orange one from Neat Freak;


2) For younger kids like mine make sure you store the containers on the floor or a bookshelf so they are easy for tots to access.  “If you want little kids to put things away, access has to be easy-easy,” Jenkins says


3) Label your containers. Write a label but also include a picture or photo for non-readers of the item that goes into each bin so everyone knows where to put things. For more fun labeling ideas, check out


4) Start teaching little ones early that clean up is everyone’s job. Make sure you show them how you pick up your things and put them away so they will mimic you. Then turn picking up their things into a fun game by seeing how many times you can sing their favorite song while you put things away, or play a sorting game with your older kids: “Who can put the trucks away the fastest? Who can put the books away the fastest?”


You can buy the neatKids Mega Sorter (pictured above) at Macy’s,, and The Land of Nod. Also, if you’re looking for a kid storage planning guide to help you stay on top of your kids’ stuff, see  These have been a life safer in my house. Now that we have streamlined our pickup time, we have more fun to play. And who doesn’t like that!


-Samantha Thorpe, Storage Magazine


Hi everyone, Kelly Eagle here! As an editor for I get the chance to see beautiful homes and stunning design every single day, and when I go home at the end of the day, what do I do? Read design blogs and troll Pinterest looking for fabulous style. In either my day job or nightly search for inspiration, I’ve noticed a very colorful shift in how people decorate their homes.

Painting your front door to add color and personality to your home is nothing new, but the bold front door colors that have been popping up on the blogosphere and Pinterest are!

I love seeing a switch from the traditional deep red front door to more lively colors like lime green, orange, and even purple. At the moment, I even have a few bright yellow paint swatches taped to my front door!

To refresh your memory, here is the front door color we were used to seeing.

Now, look at these 5 front doors below.
I’m sure you’ll be inspired (like I was!) with these sassy color choices.

This traditional bungalow from gets a pop of lime green.

Bold orange door via Apartment Therapy

How great is this teal door? via In Between Laundry

Bright yellow front door via Young House Love

Or try this updated shade of red from

It’s easy to be intimidated by bright colors, but if you don’t like how your front door transformation turns out, you’re only another coat of paint away from a fix.


 - Kelly Eagle,

I covet gallery-style art displays–do you? They look so casual cool and say so much about a person. In my head, a woman with pretty botanical and floral prints on her wall is slightly traditional, feminine, maybe a little scientific, and definitely up on trends because nothing could be hotter right now.

Here are 10 sources for botanical and floral art I’ve been browsing (and loving) lately.

1: Flowers V by Helen Covensky
2: Leaves print by Leah Duncan
3: Going Where the Wind Blows by Budi Satria Kwan
4: Reindeer by Frances Ooi
5: Morning Frost Meadow By Anna Emilia Laitinen
6: Dandelion print by Double Merrick
7: Flowers for Gabriella by Lulie Wallace
8: Green Poppy Pods by LupenGrainne
9: Autumn Fern by unitedthread
10: Wild Fennel by Jean Lurssen

– Joanna Linberg, Associate Editor

April, BHG attended the opening of the VISION HOUSE in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot in Walt Disney World. The exhibit is part of a series of residential homes sponsored by Green Builder Media, each showcasing green building practices and sustainable products for homes.


Since our trip, we haven’t stopped talking about the innovative products that not only make the VISION House eco-friendly but also a “smart” home—a combination of digital and wireless technologies known as home automation.


The house functions around the Nexia Home Intelligence System, which connects with products from Schlage and Trane to monitor and control your home’s security, temperature and more.



Linked In: At the heart of the system is the Bridge, connecting the home’s various Nexia products to the intelligence system through wireless technology and corralling that info for easy access on the web.




Grand Entrance: Schlage and Nexia Home Intelligence work together in this keypad + electronic lock system. Providing the option for keyless entry, the Nexia system also lets you access your front door remotely: you can check to make sure the house is locked up when your son left for soccer practice, or remotely unlock the house—great for letting in contractors or early house guests! You can also receive alerts so that you know when your home as been opened



Keeping Cool: The ComfortLink II smart control from Trane not only monitors indoor and outdoor temperatures, it has energy-efficient temperature settings, controls for every room of the home, and tells you when to change the filter or schedule routine maintenance. Plus you can access it from your Internet enabled device so you can keep tabs on settings while you’re away from home.



There are many more home automation products on the market and in development. Soon you’ll be able to start your dryer, pre-heat your oven, and check your refrigerator contents all from your phone, tablet, or computer!


-Kristina McGuirk, Kitchen and Bath Ideas

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