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Hello, everyone! I’m Krys Melo, the blogger behind Melodrama. You might recognize me from the “I Did It!” feature in the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The article highlights my IKEA hack, seen above, in which I turned a VITTSJO coffee table into an upholstered and tufted cocktail ottoman. I couldn’t find what I desired in stores, but with an IKEA foundation and a little spray paint, foam, fabric, and buttons, I was able to create the perfect addition to my living room.

We all know IKEA is a great place to find inexpensive furniture for all of life’s stages, but the simple style can sometimes be too minimalist. This is why I tend to take IKEA pieces as merely suggestions. Now I’m no stranger to IKEA hacks. In fact, some of my most popular posts on Melodrama are low-cost and simple but highly effective ways to customize IKEA items.

The first IKEA hack I ever did was turn a EXPEDIT (now KALLAX) bookcase on its side to create a banquette seat for my dining room. I originally thought to use it as a bench seat but decided on adding an upholstered backboard for added comfort. This easy change created a lovely statement piece and added plenty of extra seating in my room.

Another simple way to transform items is with paint. IKEA’s DALFRED bar stools had the modern look I wanted but not the gold-dipped metallic finish I sought. I simply used a highly metallic paint to create the look.

But enough about me! Let’s take a look at some other every day staples from IKEA that can be transformed into useful decor with very minimal effort.

You wouldn’t believe that this copper side table from Poppy Talk was actually made out of a spray-painted IKEA serving tray and an ÄPPLARÖ outdoor folding stool! Think of all the color varieties!

The LACK coffee table is one of the most popular and inexpensive items from IKEA. Triple Max Tons took away the boxy legs and replaced them with retro-style tapered legs to create a much more stylish look.

This one really blows my mind. Erin from Style Me Pretty completely transformed a LOCKSTA chair with gold spray paint and leather fabric. Now it looks straight out of a trendy high-end furniture store.

Did you know you can decoupage with fabric? That’s just what Little Green Notebook did with this $20 SNILLE office chair. A touch of gold spray paint pulls together the rest of the transformation.

We can’t forget the outdoors! This simple project from Brady Bunch Remodel brings a little midcentury modern style to your plants. They were made by glueing together two Kardemumma pots base-to-base and filling with plants.

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box when it comes to shopping for home decor. With a little imagination even the smallest budgets can achieve big style. Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone, it’s Liz Lidgett, The Art Hunter. I’m here as a guest on the Style Spotters blog today to talk about thinking outside the box when decorating with art.

As an art advisor, the success of my company relies on me coming up with new ways to display artwork. There are always new trends in the interior design world — it seems like every stylish home has a great gallery wall, for instance. The next trend I’m looking to in decorating with art is going to be hanging artwork anywhere but the walls.

Image via

The above image shows the incredible restaurant Earth at Hidden Pond in Maine. The vintage paintings on the ceiling perfectly highlight the peaked shape and gives visitors a reason to look up. Such an unexpected design that I would love to see replicated in a home.

Image via

The perfectly sized horseshoes are a great addition to this country-chic home. While many would have placed the series along side the staircase on the wall, this placement shows off the collection with a twist.

Image via

While so many would think this photo is all about that amazing chest, I’m focused on the photographs hung to the door. The paint blocking and gallery wall being included over the door gives such a rich and cohesive look to the room. Pro tip: If you attempt this, be sure to use sticky tack on each of the back corners of the frames. This will keep the frame from rattling each time you shut the door!

Image via

Hanging artwork directly on your bookshelves can kill two birds with one stone. It can add high style to your room, all while hiding any unsightly storage. This could be the perfect way to cover any electronics you don’t need to access regularly, like your wifi box. Setting the artwork directly onto one of the bookshelves is also a nice alternative.

Image via

This is something I really want to try in my own home. What a cool idea to hang artwork on a window frame. If you have nosy neighbors, it can pull double duty as a privacy screen and bring big style into the room.

Image via

Finally, speaking of privacy, if you have a tiny space– I’m looking at your NYC apartment dwellers– try hanging artwork from the ceiling to create a room divider. This artwork is a great way to divide living spaces like an office and a den or a bedroom from guest space.

So what do you think about hanging artwork anywhere but the walls? Just by trying one or two of these ideas in your home, you can make a big change using artwork you already own. Low cost + high style is what I am always aiming for!

For more ideas on how to decorate with artwork, check out my new video series The Art Hunter with


Hi there! I’m Ashley, the author behind the blog Cherished Bliss. I’m so excited be here with you today sharing a little about our mini mudroom that’s been all decked out for Christmas. When we first moved into our house about 2 years ago, I knew one of our top priorities would be to create a space for our winter gear. The one thing this house lacked was a mudroom, but there was quite a bit of space and storage so I was pretty confident we could make it work. And when Better Homes and Gardens wanted to come out and photograph our little space for the “I Did It” section in the magazine, well I was as excited as one can be and then some!

This bench is extremely easy to build and a great beginner project if you would like to dip your toes into the world of woodworking! It mainly consists of pocket holes (which are a lot easier than they sound) and finishing nails. You can get the building plan here.


After building the bench, I wanted to make sure it was still a stylish space because it does technically reside in our living room. I had already built a chalkboard that I was using in my dining room, but I’m known to move things around constantly so the chalkboard found its new home right above our new farmhouse bench. Get the plan for the chalkboard here. I get a lot of questions about the color of stain I used. I actually used a homemade wood stain so that I could complete this step in my basement without breathing in toxic fumes! So let’s talk about getting this little space ready for the holidays.

3 Ways to Update a Mini Mudroom for Christmas

Add Labels
The amazing stylist Char came out and helped stage the area for the photo shoot, and she was absolutely amazing! We added some little wooden tags to the metal bins to label what each one was to be used for. This is great for the kids so they can remember what goes where!

Bring Nature Inside
Next we added a live evergreen wreath to the chalkboard. This chalkboard is my absolute favorite place to hang wreaths. It provides the perfect background for our mini mudroom! I also adore how this space welcomes in guests and provides a place for them to drop their purses or diaper bags. It’s very convenient to have right inside the living room, and with the fresh wreath, guests are immediately greeted by the smells of Christmas!

Add Warmth
Last but not least, the accessories. We added some colorful Christmas pillows to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere at our entrance. Char then drew some beautiful chalkboard art, which unfortunately I was not able to duplicate (but you can see above) being that I have the art skills of a one-year-old! But it really adds a bit of holiday cheer!

If you are interested in seeing this space outside of the holidays, you can see that here.

It was seriously a once in a lifetime experience to have Better Homes and Gardens photograph our mini mudroom for the December 2015 issue! I had so much fun with both the stylist and the photographer. They were so down to earth and an absolute joy to work with!

I would love to have you follow along with the journey as we turn our house into a home, so please feel free to stop by my blog and say hi! For behind-the-scenes pictures and sneak peeks, you can follow us on Instagram!

Hello! We are Jon and Wendy Cooley, DIYers who love taking on new projects! We enjoy coming up with ideas and creating one-of-a-kind, rustic-modern spaces. We try to utilize reclaimed materials for as many projects as possible, as well as repurpose anything we can.

We recently purchased a 1943 bungalow and did an extensive remodel. We removed a wall, which included a buried chimney, and built a fireplace feature wall that incorporates a cedar plank tongue-and-groove surround, a 100-year-old salty fir mantel, and an eco-friendly ethanol-burning fireplace. I submitted our project to Better Homes and Gardens, and we were photographed and featured in November’s issue in the “I Did It” section!

We were able to build this fireplace wall on a budget by using excess reclaimed wood from Jon’s work projects, and because we built it ourselves, there were no labor costs! The cost of this project was about $600, which includes the ethanol fireplace insert ($400 from Ignis) and the 2-x-4 and plywood frame construction ($200).

We truly love the space and how it turned out! Get the free fireplace wall plan here.

We decided that we would try a blog to showcase our projects and pictures. Feel free to visit us at Cooley Style!

Hi, I am Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co.  I am so excited to be here today talking about our simple cottage exterior renovation. My husband and I are dreamers and renovators, so when looking for a home, we were hoping for a project that we could make our own. When we first moved into this little downtown cottage, we saw major potential. The outside needed some TLC, but we knew that with a few simple updates we could turn this outdated little place into a cute showstopper.

Our plan was to revamp the entry, add a window on the left side, and remove the large window beside the porch. With a little hard work and a small budget, we had the cottage we’d been hoping for.

The new wood front door really serves as a focal point for the new design. We removed the old iron posts and framed the door with Craftsman-style beams. A little board and batten treatment above the entry plays up the cottage vibe.

We built simple barn-style shutters and painted them a cheerful blue. Staying true to my Southern roots, we painted the beaded-board ceiling of the small stoop a lovely pale blue that is a shade lighter than the shutters.

I wanted a light fixture that would make a statement, but it had to be small as well as reasonably priced to fit our budget. There isn’t a lot of clearance between the portico ceiling and the doorway. A thrift store lantern updated with copper spray paint was the perfect fit! It’s small enough to fit the space, plus the copper tone pops nicely against the blue.

The best part about this exterior renovation is being able to change it for the seasons. I love changing out the doormat, pots, and plants to really give the space some personality.

A little creativity went a long way with this exterior makeover, and now we love pulling into our driveway at the end of the day. This place welcomes us home.

Hey all, I am Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches, and I have a serious problem. I cannot  leave well enough alone. Have you ever started a seemingly simple afternoon project only to end up to your elbows in sawdust three days later? Well, I do often! My kids play space was no exception.

When moving into our home, there was a decent size closet under the stairs that presumably was intended as a storage closet. I absolutely intended to use it for storage! I planned for it to contain every single toy, book, action figure, car, and lego! Although it did solve the problem of where the toys would be stored, it still begged the question, “What about when they are in use?”

Thus, the playroom under the stairs. I knew full well that there was not nearly enough space for the kids to play and store their toys, but with some careful planning, anything is possible!

Luckily, in my adolescence my dad was a contractor and my mom was an artistic DIYer. In no time, I was wielding power tools and paintbrushes. In fact, my shop is my favorite room in the house! So instead of making do with the stair space, I decided to create more! I built a platform that would make it a split-level play area.

I had a general idea of the layout, but I was still a little  foggy on the overall appearance.  My sons happen to be infatuated with all things firefighting. So much so that  when I asked  my oldest son what he wanted for Christmas, he responded, “A fire alarm!” Yes, he wanted a fire alarm! “Are you sure you don’t want a drum, or an electric guitar?” I wondered. Coincidentally, a few weeks later I was at a garage sale and happened upon an old school alarm bell! How could I pass it up? I am so glad I snagged it because it became the inspiration for the entire playroom.

The “upstairs” has a fairly  open play area, but it also had a small nook.  It was the perfect space for lockers for the kids’ turnout gear and all of the necessary firefighting gear!

A fire station would not be complete without a pole! There is a pole and a ladder that serves as access to both upper and lower floors. The lower level contains most of the toys. I used our original storage bins and built a table top that would prevent the bins from toppling as well as provide a sturdy play surface. 

My husband and I also discovered some additional dead space under the stairs that was not being utilized. So we utilized it! I created a door frame, put up drywall, and laid down carpet. This space was shaped a little awkward, but it was PERFECT for laying down and watching a movie! I mounted a television above the door frame, so the kids could lay back and easily see the television without fearing they would knock it over.

There was only one small area of dead space remaining.  It wasn’t very big, but it was perfect size for a firetruck dashboard! As often as the kids pretended to respond to 911 calls, a “firetruck” seemed necessary.  I do have more detailed plans showing how I made the fire truck dashboard.

Overall, I walked away from this project feeling like I successfully utilized and maximized every square inch of space. Once it was complete, I put it to the ultimate test … my kids. The verdict? They love it! They spend hours in there, the toys stay contained, and it is set up in a way that is easy for them to keep it clean! A win-win-win.

This entire project was so much fun, and having the great folks from Better Homes and Gardens come out and do a photo shoot was a total dream come true! I can’t say it enough, it was one of the funnest experiences ever! See the entire tour of the play area here!

Thanks so much for reading! If you are interested in seeing more of my projects please stop by my blog, or you can connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!


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