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Get the look: kitchens with open shelving

Open shelving in kitchens has been a super hot trend now for a few years and one that isn’t restricted to only one style of kitchen, which can be a difficult feat for a trend to pull off! You’ll see it in anything from super traditional to uber-contemporary thanks to the choice of materials and styling of the shelves.

Over the long fall break weekend here, we spent time at our lake house and got to peek in on a friend’s adorable vacation cottage above (did you see this living room?). I love her use of materials, and the way she styled the shelves. Her pantry is around the corner and still remains accessible but keeps those less-than-camera-ready items we all need carefully tucked away.

But don’t run out and pull your kitchen cabinet doors right off yet. This is a look that requires some serious planning and intention. To keep it from looking cluttered and unpolished, think of these shelves as the place to have your pretties on display.  Functional items like coffee cups and everyday dishes can definitely have a place as long as the shelves aren’t overflowing with items.

Check out some of these inspirational picks from BHG’s Pinterest boards and see how these homeowners styled their shelves:

Decorative – and functional – olive oil bottles have a place positioned nearby this stunning Wolf range. The homeowner can easily reach necessary items while whipping up something delicious for dinner.  Plus the natural texture of the wood is a nice contrast with all the gleaming stainless steel and white.

These white floating shelves feel bright and airy with the pops of color provide from the everyday dishes on display. Consider how your colors will look against the wall or tile you’ve chosen.

Carefully edit your open shelves. Remember that similar items look great when positioned together in sets of 3 or 5, such as these small plants and glass jars above.

Colorful pottery, dishes, cookbooks, and vases add loads of personality to a kitchen. Maybe you have a collection of something like vintage mason jars or cake stands – consider how these would be best on display to get maximum enjoyment of them more often than just a single occasion.

Remember: repetition can often be key to keeping your shelves purposefully styled as opposed to randomly cluttered. Groupings of mugs, plates, stemware, etc. can be both easily accessible and pretty to look at.

I’d love to hear how you feel about open shelves. Is it a trend you’re willing to try?


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Flea Market Chic: Antler Decor

Nothing says fall like cozy blankets, flannels, pumpkin spice lattes, big warm sweaters and antlers. Yes, antlers, they have become a hot trend in home décor & I for one am loving it! They add a natural rustic element that infuses seamlessly with any design style and gives that textured vintage look. Since most antlered animals shed their rack organically in the fall they are somewhat easy to spot in the woods, you can also find them at local flea markets, antique & salvaged shops. The best part- the styling options are endless, here are 12 fabulous ideas for using this trend in your home….

Flea Market Chic Antler Decor

Antlers=The Nesting Place {via}

BHG Antler ChandlierBHG

BHG Antler StylingBHG

THoughts of Alice-Antler Decor{via}

BHG Antler StyleBHG

Faded Charm-Antlers {via}

Liz Marie Blog Antler Wreath {via}

Magnolia Mom Framed Antlers{via}Oliver & Rust Antlers {via}

The Graphics Fairy-Antler Decor on Mantle{via}

The Nesting Place-Antlers Balove Mantle {via}Rosa Beltran Designs{via}

I hope this has inspired your inner cabin self.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

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Get the look: organized and stylish home offices

As a freelance designer, I’ve worked from home for nearly my entire career, which is stacking up to be over ten years. I won’t lie – it’s taken me a long time to get in my groove of working in the same space we live in while still being productive and not just taking over the dining room table or, erm, the sofa(although it’s tempting). There was one year at Christmas when the entire living room, dining room, and kitchen were consumed with all the holiday orders I was shipping out for my shop and I thought we were all going to go bonkers. By the time January rolled around, my husband and I agreed: the office had to have its own space.

I’ve finally carved out the perfect office space that meets all my needs – clean, colorful, plenty of light, and away from the main part of our living space. In our house, this is our upstairs bonus room. I’ve combined a play space for my son with a work space for me so we can be together (when he’s not in school) because I didn’t want to feel completely isolated and I wanted him to also feel like he was a part of it.  We’re over a year into this particular arrangement,  and it’s worked out beautifully. I’m able to stay focused on the work that needs to be accomplished, but I’m also able to include my child and still keep some sense of order in the other primary living spaces of the house.

When I was imagining how this space would turn out, I turned to my favorite place for inspiration: Pinterest!  And I realized from the overall collection that I needed a room that was grounded in white (white walls, white furniture) but with pops of color. I know myself – I get bored quickly and need to change things up. So by adding color through accessories, it’s a low-risk and low-cost way to try out a new look. I also needed a big huge desk space so I could spread out with my computer and a sketchbook. Bookshelves and drawer units were also a must.  And to be honest, Ikea was the perfect place to find some key pieces that fit the budget, overall look, and function that I needed.

If you’re creating your home office, think about what your specific needs will be. Do you need to store inventory, or books, or maybe lots of files? Will technology such as computers and printers need to be handy? What’s the mood you want to set for the space: calm and serene or energetic and inspiring?  Look for cute storage bins and boxes and even unconventional items such as coffee mugs to hold things like pens and pencils.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come all together immediately; it takes time to create a system that works for you and your family. In the meantime, get some inspiration from some of my current faves –



Playing with Pattern: Dots for Grown Ups

It’s not secret how much I love dots. I mean, borderline obsession here friends.  They are graphic, play well with many pattern friends, and add a touch of whimsey to any design.  Dots do not have to be reserved for sweet nurseries or the craft room.  You can easily work dots into the most sophisticated of decor. The trick is to expand the possibilities of what you would traditionally think of as a dot pattern.  Dots that are perfectly round, and evenly spaced may have a more juvenile feeling to them.  However when they have a bit of texture or a not-so-perfect shape they instantly jump up the grown up ladder.  There is not so much of an in between place for me on working them into a room.  Dots are great for those go big or go home moments, and they are equally nice when added for just a little hint of pattern.  No matter your approach your dotted touch will add a bit of movement and play to your space.

Products with polka dots1/2/3/4/5/6/7


The stunning color of this room screams sophistication and glamour.  This “dot” rug says I’m fun and don’t take myself too seriously.  What a wonderful juxtaposition!


A touch of a dot give this room just the hit of pattern it needs to give it a little lift.


Wall decals are big right now and so easy to work with.  Remember to think outside of your traditional dot box to create a fresh unique look.




Flea Market Chic-Velvet Crush

I have a tiny confession to make, I have a crazy crush on velvet lately. With the change of seasons & longing to make my home once again warm & cozy I find myself drawn to this classic choice. Whether vintage, slightly used or new I love it all. Mixing it with what you already have is a fun & whimsical way to get the look for less. For Fall I mixed velvet pillows with my white slipcovered sectional & vintage furnishings and instantly it changed the look of my room. Adding velvet touches through accessories, pillows, poufs and small upholstered pieces can allow you to follow this trend without changing the entire design aesthetic of your space.

Here are a few of my favorite velvet inspirations….

Velvet Crush-12 Stylish + Inspiring Spaces

Emily Henderson-Vintage Velvet Green Sofa{via}

BHG adding vintage velvet to the office{BHG}

BHG Orange velvet sofa{BHG}

BHG Decorating with velvet{BHG}

Vintage Velvet Sofa-Remodelista{via}

BHG Velvet in teh family room{BHG}

BHG-Vintage Velvet Sofa from the Ruffled Peacock{via}

Thrift store gallery wall Living Room Makeover @ Vintage Revivals[2]{via}

PInk Velvet Sofa-Harriet Anstruther Studio{via}

Vintage Chaise{via}

Design Sponge-Karen Barlow{via} 

Pink Velvet-Mi Casa {via}

Makes you feel warm & cozy inside doesn’t it?

HERE is my home with a few velvet touches for Fall….

Cozy bench layered with wool throw & soft textured pillows

Rustic Fall Family RoomAre you inspired you to add a little velvet to your life?

Have a beautiful week,


Get the Look: Stylish Entryways

In the beginning of my design career, I designed custom invitations primarily for brides. My favorite thing about beautifully designed paper goods is that they set the tone for the event to come. A gorgeous invitation gives you an idea of what to expect. Will it be fun? Funky? Formal? Colorful? Elegant?  And in the same way,  main entryway of your home tells the same story. It’s like the perfect space to set the tone for what the rest of your house will reveal.
But entryways need to be more than just a pretty space; more often than not they have to do double duty as functioning storage/landing pad. It’s the first place you see when you come home and the last place you see when you leave. Odds are you’re taking a bag (or two), keys, sunglasses, a phone, and a litany of other items. And that’s just for you – other members of the family might need sports supplies, weather-appropriate gear, boots, etc.
My other favorite thing about our entryway is that it also provides the perfect spot for holiday decorating.  I love using our entryway as a place to display Christmas cards and  decor for all seasons.  Pumpkins at Halloween, a glitter putz village at Christmas, and hot pink hearts at Valentine’s have all made a starring appearance in our entryway.  The possibilities are absolutely endless so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it.
Here are a few of my favorite tips for designing your entryway:
1. Go with a big mirror perfectly placed over the entry table. It provides the perfect chance to make sure every thing is in place before you dash out the door.
2. Get creative with storage and don’t forget to think seasonally. Winter items such as scarves, mittens, hats, etc., can all happily cohabit in an easily accessible tote. Find a cool tray to put snowy or rain-ridden boots.
3. Your entryway table could be anything from a cool desk to a Parsons-style sofa table. For smaller spaces, a glass top or lucite sofa table can be perfect to keep the eye from getting overwhelmed.   Add layers and personality to your space with a rug, mirror, artwork, wall treatments such as paint or wallpaper, and other decor. And don’t forget – functional hooks can be pretty too!
What are your favorite tips for creating functional but pretty entryways? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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