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Maybe it was all the sparkle and glitz of the holiday season, but I’m having a moment right now with jewel tones. Not as gawky or juvenile as a primary color, these deliciously rich tones are positively sumptuous when used in a variety of materials. Think velvet upholstery and lacquered walls for maximum drama. And ohhh how fabulous it is when paired with metallics of any kind.

Case in point: this utterly stunning emerald velvet Chesterfield sofa I saw in our OKC Anthropologie a few weeks back. My head started spinning a million different directions with how this sofa could be used. The depth of the color makes it absolutely unforgettable and  I could envision layering it with tons of gold pillows in a library setting. And no library would be complete without a rolling ladder, would it?  A girl can dream!

But jewel tones aren’t just limited to ruby and emerald, so I pulled together a few favorite images to get my ideas flowing, plus a few actual gemstone images to round out the color palette.


Marsala was named the Pantone color of the year for 2015, and it fits perfectly into the jewel tone trend. It’s rich and sumptuous in this dining room below – and the glossy finish only adds to the drama. It reminds me of the deep red of the velvet ring box shown above (swoon – can I have one of each?).


If I could give a standing ovation to this homeowner below, I would – who else has the courage to layer a gorgeously bright emerald green room next to a hot pink entryway? And it totally works by keeping both shades equally bright. Plus I love the jewel tone accessories like the orange lampshade and bright blue table.


Vibrant turquoise plays perfectly with the dazzling persimmon wallpaper of this room.  Plus those tassels on the buffet offer the perfect little attention to detail – almost like jewelry itself.


But if you’re too nervous to commit to an entire room of persimmon, how about just a single element? The color of the sofa below creates the ultimate focal point in this quirky living room.



The cool hued gemstone rings pictured above immediately came to mind when I stumbled on this aqua paneled living room below.  Again, notice the theme with the velvet sofa too — rich rich rich!


Monochromatic jewel tone rooms are perfectly balanced with white trim and ceiling details, not to mention crisp linens on the bed. The emerald green color skews sophisticated – don’t go too muddy on this color as it tends to turn more of a hunter shade and looks dated.



Are you inspired yet? I’d love to hear how you would use these gorgeous gemstone hues in your home!

A friend recently moved into a new house they just built and she showed me the most stunning double trough sink in her boys’ bathroom, a completely stylish and unexpected addition to the space. “Where did you get THAT?” I squealed. With a soft spot for anything remotely industrial, I was instantly in love. And since then, I’ve seen the same sink pop up in a few other houses, such as in this fun guest bathroom (above) on a holiday house tour I attended over the weekend. In this particular bathroom, there’s actually a pair of these sinks, each directly across from each other, completely framed out with custom cabinetry.

Initially I assumed these were vintage finds (lucky ducks!). But after a little sleuthing I discovered that they’re manufactured by Kohler in the Brockway series. Available in either a 3-foot or 5-foot version, they’re constructed of cast iron with an enamel finish. The soap dish and matching faucets are separate. If you choose to go the 5-foot route, the sink offers 3 faucets.

Obviously these sinks aren’t going to be for every space given their large size. But I’m loving the possibilities. Beyond being perfect for a large utility room, they are also great for shared kids’ bathrooms.  The lack of counter space means zero clutter – which could be good or bad depending on your needs. I liked how the homeowner designed a built-in cabinet around the original photo at the top, offering room for necessary items like toothbrushes, hand soap, etc.  Additionally, you may notice that the sink often appears in different colors on the underbelly of the basin. While it originally comes in solid black, you can have it painted to practically any color, instantly changing the overall vibe of the bathroom.

Here are some of my favorite images to get you inspired for your own space.


I’m loving the serenity of this all-white bathroom below. It’s all about the contrast of materials from the unfinished feel of the wood mirrors to the polish of the nautical light fixtures.



Here’s a smart little ledge to keep items close at hand. The sconces add a little more polish to the room.





What do you think? Are you digging the industrial look of the Kohler sink? I’d love to hear your spin on it in the comments!

In a few weeks we’ll be heading down to our lake house at Carlton Landing (remember this post?) and prepping for the local holiday house tour. I couldn’t be more excited to decorate our cute little green cottage in time for the holidays. But there’s a few considerations to make since (1) it’s not our main home and (2) I’m 8 months pregnant (read: I can’t go overboard decorating because what goes up must come down!). So I’m on the hunt to make a maximum visual bang for my proverbial buck. I also want to put my own distinctive spin on the theme of “holidays-by-the-lake.”
First thing’s first: we absolutely must have a Christmas tree of some kind, don’t you think? And in our all-white space, nothing would be prettier than a small potted Christmas tree. We have faux white Christmas trees in our year round house, but for the lake going more natural seems to make the most sense.  And of course it will need a fun container of some kind too.
I’m also bringing some of my favorite knit stockings and designing a few throw pillows for the rocking chairs on the front porch. And while I normally resist the idea of an uber-traditional red and green color scheme, somehow I’m feeling more inspired by it this year than in the past.  It feels fresh especially against the crisp white walls in the house.

I’ve been pinning images like crazy to help me get my overall look together. Here are a few of my favorites:

I’m more inspired than ever to pull it all together. Here are some of my top picks to help you get the look for your holiday home!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Whether you are searching Pinterest or just popping into the grocery store, that time of year is here. My quaint little east coast town has already been draped in lights & fresh greenery. There is just something magical about the holidays, with the cookie making, Christmas music, tree trimming festivities, the aromas of fresh pine & spruce, hot cocoa, comfort food, those sappy feel good movies {which I am such a sucker for} and of course decorating & styling your home for family and friends to enjoy. My list could go on & on, it really is my favorite time of the year! I begin by sorting through & listing all of the decorations I have, because I always forget all of the goodies I have stashed away. Then I sketch it out, moving things around, trying to get a visual of what & where. Once I have decided the direction or theme then I break out the magazines for inspiration. This may not seem like fun but it so is!! The best part is mixing & layering my old family pieces with some new things and all of my DIY project’s. Mixing vintage items in with your décor is a great way to create an original holiday home that is full of character & sentiment. Here are some of my favorite ideas for styling using time worn pieces….

Vintage Christmas 12 Fabulous + Festive Styling Ideas1. Think outside the box. I love how these old weathered shutters creates a porch screen for privacy and how some authentic finds are used to set a cheerful mood.

Celebrating Home-Jennifer Carroll Love those vintage shutterssource

2. Use vintage pieces as is to create a rustic & fun vignette. I found a pair of beautifully worn wood ski’s & thought they would be a festive addition to my mudroom.


3. Use ephemera to add charm to your Christmas décor. These music sheets make perfect neutral placemats and will no doubt spark dinner conversation.

Domestic Fashionista-Vintage Sheet Music Placematssource

4. Keeping things simple & organic can create a warm & inviting space. These weathered vintage finds stand out & are appreciated in this rustic holiday setting.

Dreamy Whitessource

5. Adding an unexpected touch by repurposing can create a fun focal point. I love the use of these antique stocking stretchers on the mantle.

Eclectically Vintage Mantlesource

6. Adding sentimental details to your porch is a great way to create a connection for family & friends as they are welcomed into your home. Using once worn ice skates &  sleigh are a perfect addition to this beautiful entrance.

Electically Vintage Front Door-Vintage Skates Wreathsource

7. Vintage books can add charm & instant character. You can use them for pops of holiday color or to give height to your décor.

Ella Claire Christmas Tour-using Vintage bookssource

8. Recycle, repurpose, reuse. These stag figures were found at a thrift stores & up-cycled into these adorable ornaments.

My Sweet Savannah-Upcycling Vintage Elementssource

9. Using chalkboards has become a staple in home décor lately especially during the holidays. Take a vintage frame, add a piece of MDF and roll on some chalk paint to create a beautiful focal point.

The Golden Sycamore-Upcycling an old frame into a festive chalkboardsource

10. Repurposing something vintage to hold greenery. I love this original idea of using these worn skis, painting them & adding spruce & berries for a festive feel.

The Lily Pad Cottage Vintage Skissource

11. Layer bookshelves & built ins with vintage collectables & holiday touches. By adding a few seasonal accents you can create a vignette full of personality.

The Rusty Hinge-Bookcases Layered in Festive Vintage Detailssource

12. Infusing worn whites with creams can give a peaceful feel. This mantle blends textures seamlessly & the vintage yard stick star is a stunning  focal point.

Thoughts From Alice-Vintage Mantle, Bottle Brush Treessource

Happy Holidays to you & your family!

Have a beautiful week,


City Farmhouse

Last year we did a light makeover on our combined kitchen/family room which involved painting everything a glorious white and bringing in color through furniture and accessories. Our bright little breakfast nook in particular is one of my favorite corners of our home and the space we primarily eat in as a family. It’s the place where I tap away on my laptop in a pinch, and where my son does homework right after school. We’ve colored, crafted, and cooked all over this little corner and I have so many happy memories here.  We went with a vintage Saarinen-inspired tulip table which comfortably seats our four Tolix chairs. But there’s definitely still room for more seating, which is one of the best perks of a round table. There’s always room for someone else!  Which got me to thinking – what about doing a banquette against the window to offer more seating and a dash of drama to the room?

And inevitably I fell down the rabbit hole over on Pinterest


While most people seem to go the built-in route, we probably wouldn’t be able to do a built-in due to the arrangement of the kitchen and the air conditioner vents. And to be honest, I’d prefer something a little more flexible (read: less permanent) like a long bench or upholstered piece of some kind.  In fact, this photo just below from BHG was one of my inspiration pics when I was designing the space. I LOVE that freestanding banquette!

How fun is this pair of whimsically upholstered banquettes in a clean, modern space?


I think we definitely have the room to do something somewhat substantial, moreso than just a backless bench. I envision something cozy because despite how much I love the look of our red Tolix chairs, they do sit a little bit cold, especially in the dead of winter when you’re trying to wake up over that first cup of coffee.  I envision something cozy but practical. And fabric choice is obviously a huge consideration as we have little ones and would need it to be ultra durable – maybe a Sunbrella option would be best?

Overstock seems to have a lot of good options but with minimal fabric choices, and Ballard Designs has several different fabric options but is maybe a little more formal than I’d like to try.

Here are some of my top picks for what I’d put in the space. I really love the whimsy of that striped option.

one // two // three // four (easiest to clean?)

I’d love some input on this. What are your thoughts? Upholstery? No upholstery? Arms? No arms? The sky’s the limit, isn’t it?


Vintage-Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

When it comes to designing a space, lighting is one of those essential details that should never be overlooked. I have a bit of a fascination with this design element. A year ago while browsing my favorite shop on Long Island I found this beautiful rewired vintage schoolhouse pendant. I had no idea where I would put it, as we already had all of our permanent lighting in place but I just knew it would be perfect somewhere. My family room was always in need of more illumination so I hung it over our desk area & wouldn’t you know it, that it is the first thing people see & ask about as they walk in. A great light fixture can set a mood, create conversation and give that aesthetic you are looking for. Repurposing something old and worn into lighting is an affordable way to express your signature style & achieve a custom look in your home. Here are some of my favorites…

BHG cottage style kitchen with vintage chandelier

It can be as simple as rewiring an old fixture with a beautiful patina. The aged texture gives a warmth to this bright & cheerful kitchen.

A clam basket has been transformed into a visual masterpiece. This modern and updated kitchen has blended new with old seamlessly. No doubt this generates fun conversation.  This perfectly aged basket has made for a living room showpiece. The aged texture brings the whole space together and makes it feel unified.


Original vintage pendants have been redesigned together for one unified piece and is attached with an aged piece of reclaimed wood. This creative, one of a kind DIY gives an authentic farmhouse feel.


Another fabulous idea using reclaimed wood and vintage blue mason jars. This fixture anchors the space and brings a warmth with the original wood tones.


Transforming this brass bowl into a kitchen pendant is a brilliant idea. All of the textures and tones work seamlessly in this kitchen to give a unique and one of a kind look that is classic & stylish.


Even a trash can makes for a showstopper of a fixture. The modern look, geometric design and warm finish blends nicely in this hip family room.


Repurposing materials can also yield a great result. Who would have thought chicken wire could look so chic. Combining this texture with the warmth of the embroidery hoop gives a true farmhouse aesthetic.

I hope these inspired you to look twice at some cast away items at your local thrift store or flea market, I know it did for me.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

House Tour: Antique Farmhouse

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