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Never buy the wrong shade of lipstick again!

I love a good drugstore beauty find (check out page 120 in the August issue for some of my favorites), but—it must be said—it’s a serious drawback that you can’t try before you buy. L’Oreal Paris is working to change that with Makeup Genius, a free app that’s available for download right now on the iTunes store. The app transforms the front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad into a virtual mirror, allowing you to test out individual shades and full-on runway looks in 3D. Love what you see? Tweet me a screenshot at @EllenMillerBty.

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Ellen Miller

Five Award-Winning Beauty Products That Are Really (Truly!) Worth It

On Friday afternoon, I was honored to be a presenter on behalf of Better Homes and Gardens and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) at the 20th annual Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards. Industry experts recognized 39 products for innovation among the more than 750 entries. Head to for a full list of winners, but here are a few favorites that have already made it into my beauty regimen. Give them a try, and let me know what you think!


Category: Sun product

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid ($29.99;

This SPF feels light and liquid-y (not heavy and creamy), which makes it the perfect year-round protector to apply pre-makeup.


Category: Anti-Aging, Mass

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur ($24.99;

This clear gel is like an Instagram filter for your face. To use, apply your moisturizer, let it sink in for at least a minute, then slather this on top—and watch pores, redness, and lines practically disappear.


Category: Bath and Body, Mass

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture ($6.62;

Sure, I know you’re supposed to apply a layer of body lotion daily, but who’s got the time? Application only take seconds with this first-ever aerosol version. Now I keep an extra at my desk just in case my legs look dry on dress days.


Category: Face Product, Mass

Sonia Kashuk for Target Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo ($12.99;

To fake a sun-kissed glow, use a fluffy brush to dust bronzer in the shape of the number “3″ across your forehead, onto each cheekbone, and down your jawline. Finish with a pop of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks only. The luminizing particles in this formula look extra-pretty in photos.


Category: Face Product, Prestige

bareMinerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Palette ($49.99;

Clutches, slim backpacks, and smaller cross-body bags are replacing giant, heavy totes as the purse du jour. I’ve streamlined my daily makeup bag with this product, which packs foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, and concealer into one tiny palette.


Ellen Miller

Ditch Dark Circles with One Simple Swap

It’s true: Dark circles are a serious drag. These pesky imperfections are notoriously hard to treat, but (thankfully!) astonishingly easy to cover up. The secret, says Eric Holt, a makeup artist for NARS Cosmetics, is having two concealers in your makeup bag. The first—the concealer you’ll use on your dark circles—should be slightly peachy. “It’s basic color theory,” says Holt. “The orange-y tones will help counteract any blueness underneath the eyes.” The second should match your foundation or tinted moisturizer exactly. Dot this one on top of pimples, broken capillaries or any other blemishes you’d like to blend away. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealers in Honey and Vanilla ($29 each; are my go-to formulas, but Holt’s advice holds true no matter what product range you pick.


BHG Guest Blogger

DIY Gem Statement Necklace




Add a finishing touch to your outfit with a gorgeous statement necklace. See how to create your own in six simple steps.










What you need:
Jewelry Pliers
Lobster Clasp
E6000 glue
Plastic square

Get a kit with all the supplies here!

What to do:
Cut two pieces of chain and lay them down so there is crescent shaped gap between the two pieces.
Next cut the plastic sheet to fit the gap.
Glue the chain to the top of the crescent, then start glueing your gems on the plastic.
Once you have your gem pattern in place, glue the longer piece of chain to the bottom of the plastic.
Reinforce the necklace by glueing together the chain on both sides of your necklace. Let glue dry.
Add jumprings and lobster clasp using your jewelry pliers.
Ready to wear!


Growing up in Wisconsin, Jenni Radosevich was always creating her own style. If she saw something in a magazine that she couldn’t find in her local department store, she would make it herself. Now living in New York, her affinity to “spot style you love, and do-it-yourself” has manifested itself into a website: and book, I Spy DIY Style, which has been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Rachel Ray Show,, The Today Show, Wall Street Journal and InStyle magazine.

Ellen Miller

Friday Finds: Herb-Infused Olive Oils & Soaps

Hi my name is Ellen, and I’m a terrible, awful, no good cook. (Don’t worry, I’m just the beauty guru here at Better Homes and Gardens and, for good reason, have absolutely nothing to do with the amazing recipes in the magazine.) I’m working on learning the basics, though, with the help of the new edition of the red plaid cookbook and Senior Deputy Editor Nancy Wall Hopkins, who is always super nice to me when I beg her to help me troubleshoot one of my (frequent!) kitchen mishaps.  One of the very first things I learned from Nancy — though I’m sure it’s not news to all you experts out there — is that you must stock your pantry with high-quality basics like olive oil. A friend who knows about my quest to become semi-competent in the kitchen gifted me some herb-infused oils from Nudo ($13-15 each), which come in insanely attractive tins.


In the happiest of coincidences, the lovely olive oil-based soaps from the same company landed on my desk that week, and now I’m addicted to both. The generously sized sudsers ($9.49 each) make hands so soft you may not even need hand cream. And, they make the world’s prettiest display in a guest bathroom, a great hostess gift, or a nice treat for yourself. Check out to score both products.

Ellen Miller

Easy hair—that can make you look younger!

Sometimes you learn a hair trick so revolutionary that it would be a crime to keep it to yourself. Over the weekend I got a post-color blowout from Stephen Thomas at the Oscar Blandi salon (@OscarBlandi) in New York City. Stephen’s my go-to blow-out guru because he’s figured out how to give my seaweed-on-a-rock straight hair a bit of texture and volume—that actually lasts for a day or two! (And, as we reported on page 117 of the October issue, adding a bit of curl to straight hair can actually make you look younger!) Unfortunately, I’ve never ever been able to recreate his in-salon magic—until now!

Me, at an event this morning, (Better Homes and Gardens nametag and all!) sporting new, slightly messy waves.


The secret to effortlessly pretty waves, surprisingly, is a bit of imperfection. If curls look too uniform you’ll end up looking like you tried a little too hard. Holding a 1” inch curling iron vertically, curl the front pieces back and away from your face. As you go around the rest of your head—and here’s the real revelation—alternate the direction you twirl the hair around the iron. Curl one piece towards your face, then one piece away. Afterwards, instead of hairspray, spray your entire head with a texturizing spray like Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray ($11; and break up the curls with your fingers. See the finished look above—I got so many compliments (from other beauty editors!) that I had to share!


Want to try this look? Instagram a photo of the finished product, use the hashtag #BHGbeauty, and be sure to tag me @EllenMillerBty, so I can check it out. Run into problems or have any questions? Tweet me at @EllenMillerBty and I’ll ask Stephen myself and get you an answer pronto!