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If you’re anything like me, you’re a little late with the Halloween decor. So late, in fact, you’re worried about being able to put out any curbside or porch indicator telling costume-clad kids they’re totally welcome to ring your doorbell on the 31st. The clearest sign for the little monsters, Avengers, pirates, witches, and Minions is a cool or creepy jack-o’-lantern shacking up on the front stoop. No time for carving? Me neither. Let’s shoot for one of these pretty, no-carve pumpkin styles instead.

1. Metallic Mod Pumpkins

Taryn has the chic candy-giver in mind. For these dripping, shimmery metallic pumpkins, she explains that no design skills are really necessary. Just some paint! She used faux pumpkins, but the process will work on regular pumpkins, too. Pop over to her blog Design, Dining and Diapers to see how she did it (and some pumpkin styling ideas from some other great blogs).

Modern Painted Pumpkins

Image Via: Design, Dining and Diapers

2. Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Definitely nix the standard orange-and-black theme this halloween, and try this splattery rainbow effect on your pumpkins. Allison contributed this idea — melting crayons over a white pumpkin — to the blog Mom Spark. Special tip: glue down the crayons before you start. This helps avoid burnt fingers between the wax and the hair dryer!

The kids are going to love making these melted crayon pumpkins. So fun!

Image Via: Mom Spark

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins

Why have I never thought of replacing the candle inside the pumpkin with textured light on the outside? Glow-in-the-dark puff paint for the win! Alisa Burke has this tutorial on her blog, as well as a dozen other no-carve, painted pumpkin ideas. For the best glow, prime your pumpkins with a base coat of paint first!

Image Via: Alisa Burke

4. Office-Supply Pumpkins

This is truly the simplest no-carve pumpkin idea ever. If you check out the tutorial on A Subtle Revelry, creator Victoria Hudgins will show you a couple cute designs for decorating pumpkins with colorful push-pins and brads. Older kids can help you with this one (the kids that won’t put point objects in their mouths) and you’ll be done in 30 minutes or less.

DIY confetti pumpkin with colorful brads

Image Via: A Subtle Revelry

5. Spooky Splatter-Paint Pumpkins

Another child-friendly project — you prime, and they splatter — Homey Oh My creator Amy spray painted some craft pumpkins before going to town with some contrasting colors. The result? A look that’s creepy enough for your porch but sophisticated enough for a tablescape centerpiece. Check out how she made these splatter-paint pumpkins here!

Image Via: Homey Oh My

6. Woodland Creatures Paper Pumpkins

Dress up your pumpkins in a family-friendly format this Halloween! Rebecca and her daughters made a series of cute, woodland creature no-carve pumpkins this fall. They used faux pumpkins, paint, cardstock, and felt to make fox, owl, and racoon pumpkins. Feel free to use real pumpkins instead! Instructions — found here at Simple As That — are the same either way.

Cute fox woodland no-carve pumpkin.

Image Via: Simple As That

7. Studs-and-Spikes Pumpkins

This edgy craft come to us from blogger Julia, creator of Cuckoo 4 Design. Covering the pumpkins with some fun-color chalk paint is the perfect first step to creating these gold, pointy decorations. The matte colors make the metallic tips shine that much brighter! Some rub and buff gold powder on the stems and a bit of twisted gold wire are the perfect accents to complete the look. Check out Julia’s studded chalk-paint pumpkins here!

Annie Sloan chalk paint pumpkins by cuckoo4design

Image Via: Cuckoo 4 Design

8. DIY Watercolor Pumpkin

After a few trial-and-error projects, Rachel landed on this to-die-for watercolor pumpkin design. She started by spray-painting her pumpkins white, then used a wet sponge to spread and dilute the colors she placed on the pumpkins. As the paints dry, use a paper towel to spread the color around as you see fit. Be sure to finish with a sealant!

DIY watercolor pumpkins @linesacross

Image Via: Lines Across

All of these projects can use real or faux pumpkins, so choose whichever is more convenient for you to find! Paint projects will do best with a coat of matte-finish paint as a base, but experiment on any of these projects to find a look that suits your needs. They are all simple and pretty and are so much more easier and faster than carving! Even I have time to get one of these done. Be sure to let me know what no-carve pumpkin ideas brought the wizards, princesses, and Jedi to your door.

Until then,



While my taste for glitter, sparkle, and shine never wanes, my particular taste in metallics seems to eb and flow with the seasons. Back in the spring, I couldn’t get enough brass. All summer long I embraced champagne gold, and now that autumn is upon us, I can’t help but drool over anything with copper leaf! These bloggers have my taste in mind. Check out their projects, and shine up your home with some DIY metallic decor.

1. DIY Gold Trim Agate Coasters

Just the tiniest bit of glitz really makes these coasters pop. Jamie Harrington, creator of Totally the Bomb, DIYed her way to these lovely Anthropologie knock-off coasters. Rather than spend $100 on a set, she created her own with some cheap agate slabs and a smidge of gold liquid leaf. Check out how she did it over at her blog.

Image Via: Totally the Bomb

2. Metallic-Paper Boxes

Kristi Murphy contributed this fun mixed metallics project to Brit + Co. These gold and copper contact-paper-covered boxes are ideal for your office space. They hold all your stationary odds and ends without being an eyesore. Paint accents, add decals, or create labels to make these boxes even more stylish and efficient.

Image Via: Brit + Co

3. Copper Cap Container

This is the easiest project you’ve ever done. Promise. I Spy DIY creator Jenni’s copper addiction began when she purchased plain copper plumbing caps from her local hardware store. One look told her they were meant to be lovely copper succulent containers. Plant your succulent in the copper cap, cover with gravel, and enjoy!

Image Via: I Spy DIY

4. Champagne-Glitter Champagne Bottle

For the glitter lovers of the world (like me) this is the perfect way to stylize any bottled beverage, whether gifting or keepsake decor! Jen, the founder of Something Turquoise, loved the look of glitterized bottles, but hated the mess they left behind. Instead of cutting her losses, she found a new way to keep glitter on the bottle — even in the fridge or from condensation! Check out how she does it over at her blog. Choose your favorite glitter, or mixed metallics as Jen does here: rose gold, silver, gold, and champagne!

Image Via: Something Turquoise

5. Rose Gold Polish Frame

This sassy, rose gold gilded frame was painted — with nail polish! The Style Guide expert Sera McDaid took a cheap white plastic frame and upcycled it to something much classier and flashier. The two coats of polish on the outer frame create a lovely rose gold finish while chunky gold glitter over the inner frame gives an extra pop.

Image Via: The Style Guide Blog

6. Silver Leaf Furniture

Racha Moussa – creator

The metallic crafter’s day is never complete until leaf has been involved; and in this case, A LOT of leaf. Racha Moussa wanted to update a worn dresser and decided silver leaf was the way to go. Rather than accenting the top or the drawer faces, Racha went all out and leafed the entire dresser. Check out her great tips for applying, burnishing, and sealing metallic leaf over at her blog My Champagne Taste.

Image Via: My Champagne Taste

7. Pink and Copper Lampshade

German blogger Antonia added the perfect subtle dose of copper to her home. Originally stark white, she painted the outside a pale pink, then toned down the frilly color by coating the interior with a couple coats of copper spray paint. Be sure to translate her blog to English! Otherwise the pictures do a good job of showing the steps for this DIY pink and copper lampshade.

Image Via: Craftifair

8. DIY Golden Globe

Another Anthropologie inspiration, Classic in Gray’s Jessica wanted her own gold accent globe — just without the hefty price tag. For this project you’ll need a globe (she found hers for $13 at a department store) and a variety of paints. First, paint the stand your favorite metallic color (if it isn’t already). Then, use acrylic paints to cover the bodies of water, the continents, and the latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Use the same metallic you used for your stand to write out geographical locations in big, loopy lettering.

Image Via: Classic In Gray

9. Copper Plate Floating Shelves

These copper floating shelves are to die for. Vintage Revivals founder Mandi wanted to add a bit of greenery to her entry and thought copper would be the perfect accent. Check out how to build the shelves and how to case them in copper plating! She’ll give you all the tips you need (and a few quirky mistakes to avoid along the way).

DIY Copper Floating Shelves vintagerevivals

Image Via: Vintage Revivals

10. Gold Leaf Embellished Curtains

Who knew DIY could be so stylish? I guess Brynne Delerson did. Over at her blog The Gathered home, she shows us how she uses spray adhesive and gold leaf to create these awesome gold and gray curtains. Followed up with a spray sealant, these window coverings will be shining for quite some time!

Image Via: The Gathered Home

Maybe as the months turn colder and darker I’ll fall for something a little more bright. Rose gold, perhaps? In the meantime — as always — I’ll embrace the mix of metallics and enjoy that my favorite color (sparkles) is trending.

Until next time,


Fall decor is everywhere you turn this time of year. Some tried-and-true decor, while traditional and seasonal, can slip past the eye unnoticed in the been-there-done-that way. Not in your home though! Instead, you’ll break from the usual gourds, pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones and DIY your way to some unexpected and chic fall garlands. Around your front door, over your mantel, or even up your banister, these decorative fall garlands will catch eyes and inspire style for you and your guests.

 1. Copper and Burlap

This unexpected combo comes from the mind of Melissa, a blogger friend of One Krieger Chick, Ariean. When she pulled apart the pieces of an outdated artificial wreath, she realized she could use more than just the wreath’s frame. Setting aside all but the faux leaves for this project, Melissa also brought out leaf-shaped burlap and copper paint for this simple and stylish copper and burlap garland. Secured to twine with mini clothespins, these leaves are the perfect combination of fall and chic.

Image Via: One Krieger Chick

2. DIY Book Page Garland

Rather than spend $40 on the book-page garland she found at the market, Duchess of York blogger Brittany decided she could make her own on the cheap. And by cheap, we mean free. She already had all the supplies at home, and chances are good you do, too! If you don’t have old books to disassemble, just pop down to a flea market or used books store and pick a couple up for a dollar or two. Once you’ve done that, check out the steps for Brittany’s DIY book page garland.

Image Via: Duchess of York

3. Crepe Paper Leaf Garland

Another Brittany in the blogosphere has her own take on fall garlands. She created this ombre fall garland out of crepe paper over at her blog The House that Lars Built. Be inspired by her beautiful photos, follow the step-by-step tutorial, or watch the how-to video. The options are endless!

Image Via: The House that Lars Built

4. Tribal Leaf Garland

You need only four supplies for this cute and crafty garland. String, leaves, glue, and a paint marker. Heather and her husband made this variegated leaf garland after an inspiring family road trip. The Twin Dragonfly Design blogger gathered up some leaves from their trip and painted them with funky tribal designs. Evenly spaced and glued to the twine, this is a decoration that will grab guests’ attention.

Image Via: Twin Dragonfly Designs

5. Glittery Paper Feather Garland

These glitter-dipped feathers are made from paper. Hard to believe, I know, but this garland is so simple to make. Lia Griffith used this paper and glitter feather garland on her Christmas tree, but it is lovely enough, not only for the holiday season, but for fall as well! She provides a simple step-by-step guide and downloadable feather templates.

Image Via: Lia Griffith

6.DIY Eucalyptus Garland

Amy thinks the best way to bring the fall feeling into your home is to incorporate greens and flowers into your decor. The surprising, beautiful hint of green she incorporated is a branch of Eucalyptus, turned garland. After cutting the branch into tinier sections, Amy attaches each small branch section to the string with bits of wire, overlapping each branch for a continuous look. Check out her detailed process at her blog Homey Oh My!

Image Via: Homey Oh My!

7. Washi Tape Leaf Garland

Crafting this Washi Tape garland was a walk in the park for crafter and blogger Angie. The farmhouse-flair wife and mother chronicles how to decorate, cut, seal, hole-punch, and hang this stylish garland over at Crafts Unleashed. She used tape to imbue a rustic theme, but feel free to make the design match any decorative themes in your home.

Image Via: Crafts Unleashed

Fall decor can be trendy and chic, and these bloggers show us how to do it. Give one (or more!) of these projects a shot this weekend, and let me know how they turn out. What will you decorate? Your mantel, the front door? I’ve got a spiral staircase just asking to be decorated.

Until next time,



A furniture makeover doesn’t need to be costly. In fact, you may already own all you need to give your dresser, nightstand, vanity, or cupboard drawers a stylish revamp. Take a look at some of our favorite DIY drawer pulls, and see how these bloggers thrifted, upcycled, painted, molded, and tied their way to fresh-looking furniture.

1. DIY Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls

Upcycled furniture is the way to go this year. Katie, creator of Mountain Modern Life, is totally on board with this trend. She completely revamped this dresser with a good sanding, a healthy coat of paint, new and shiny legs, and let’s not forget the classy DIY copper pipe drawer pulls. Follow the furniture flip here!

Image Via: Mountain Modern Life

2. DIY Crystal Drawer Knobs

Not satisfied with the drawer knob alternatives found in stores, Julie opted to make her own. To refresh her space, she found a number of large crystals of similar shape and size — though she does mention the option to mix-and-match. By simply epoxying the crystals to bolts, she completely revamped the look of her dresser. Julie says if you’re ever bored of your new drawer pulls, simply remove them and repeat the process with another small treasure!

DIY Drawer Pulls

Image Via: Free People Blog

3. Jewelry Box Makeover

Ever wondered what to do with all of Grandma’s old brooches? Easily turn your jewelry box into a statement piece with blinged-out drawer-pulls; Simply remove the backs of the pins with pliers and get to work with your glue gun. No hand-me-downs from Grandma yet? Creative Carmella picked these beauties up at a local thrift shop.

Image Via: Creative Carmella

4. Gold Clay Knobs

For her master bedroom update, Amy wanted to spend as little money as possible. A great place for her to cut corners was with the update of her dressers’ and nightstands’ drawer pulls. Because she already owned the knobs and spray paint, the Delineate Your Dwelling blogger spent only $4.50 on a tub of air-dry clay (she approximated she only used $0.15 of clay per knob). Check out the tutorial for how to make inexpensive clay knobs.

Simple Inexpensive Clay Knobs,

Image Via: Delineate Your Dwelling

5. Rope and Hex Nut Drawer Pulls

For son Dawson’s bedroom, MarKay knew she wanted most everything to be DIY; down to the drawer pulls! For these rope-and-hex nut drawer handles, MarKay used rope, hex nuts, duct tape, and superglue. On her blog, Aqua Lane Design, she’ll show you how she styled, glued, and knotted the ropes to become the perfect drawer pull for Dawson’s room.

Image Via: Aqua Lane Design

6. DIY Acrylic Drawer Pulls

In another case of why-buy-it-when-you-can-just-make-it, handy-girl Sandra made these beautiful acrylic drawer pulls. She spent just fraction of what her local hardware store was asking for similar handles ($3.40/handle vs. $330) and saved over $8,000 on her drawer-pull replacements! Follow Sandra and her thrifty ways over at her blog Sawdust Girl.

DIY acrylic drawer pull -

Image Via: Sawdust Girl

7. DIY Knobs from Faucet Handles

Amanda also nearly fell victim to overpriced drawer pulls, until she came across these old faucet handles. For her bathroom vanity remodel, all she needed to do way spray-paint the handles and add the hardware. The quick-and-easy project (and her Anthropologie self-restraint) saved Amanda some big bucks and gave her bathroom the perfect look.

repurposed faucet handle knobs

Image Via: Wit and Whistle

Your next bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen update may not be the costly hassle you thought. Take a leaf out of these bloggers’ books and try the simple touch of updating your drawer pulls. Which ones are your favorites? Have you tried something like this before? Let me know how it went!

Until then,





It’s that time of year again; School. The time for you, the kids, your spouse, maybe even the puppy to get to classes and activities on time — and keeping everyone’s schedule in order isn’t the simplest task. We’re here for you. We’ve compiled an awesome group of entry family command centers that will help you stay organized. Materially and mentally.

1. Family Command Center

This mom-turned-nursing student bargained her way to this lovely DIY command center. Discount and dollar store items helped the SweetAprils creator build a place for her and her husband to see where everyone was going to be each day. Not only that, she made it match by painting the frame, filing unit, and backpack hanger the same color as the inspirational board.

Image Via: SweetAprils

2. All the Essentials

Mom of two, Abby Lawson knew she’d need a new project to keep organized when her first child was starting kindergarten. She put together this cute and efficient command center right by her front door so she would remember all the little things. She curated a great list over at her blog, listing the essentials you’ll need for any command center. Anything you’ll need is just at an arm’s reach.

Command Center Sources |

Image Via: Just a Girl and Her Blog

3. Updated Family Command Center

Have a couple cork boards and a calendar near the front door? Does it look crazy cluttered? So did Shannon’s. She updated her outdated unorganized entry, and you can too! Check out the changes she made at her blog AKA Design. It will make life much easier on your way out the door.

family command center

Image Via: AKA Design

 4. Mission Control

Megan’s take on a family command center, is bright, bubbly, and oh is it organized! Right by the family entrance to the house, she created a series of DIY projects to make this drop zone for mail, keys, wallets, and more. The fun color scheme and pattern paper bring the look together as the center crosses two walls. Bonus: the happiness reminders are sure to put you in a good mood as you head out!

Image Via: The Homes I Have Made

5. Small Space Command Center

Lindsay needed more room than her kitchen counter provided. Bags, keys, and leashes don’t belong on the counter, anyway. But with no room in the entry for a table, she was limited in her drop zone space, until it occurred to her to use the wall space as a tiny command center. She purchased a series of metal items with clean lines that were easily hung on the entry wall, filled them with the counter clutter, and the rest is history!

Image Via: Crazy Organized

 6. Mudroom Command Center

This kid-capable command center is just what Megan was looking for! All the family members have a cubby for shoes — even the dog has his own spot for toys, leashes, and bones. There’s a spot for unsorted mail, files for the sorted variety, and of course a large chalkboard for calendars and activities. Megan also loves the adult- and kid-height coat hangers — check out her blog, Our Scribbled Walls, to see them!

Image Via: Our Scribbled Walls

The family command center is about staying organized and on schedule. When everything has its own place, it is so easy to get ready as you’re rushing out the door! What tricks do you use in your entry? Will you implement any of these in your home? Let me know what you think!

Until then,



Looking for your next weekend project? You won’t believe how easy these terra-cotta pot upgrades are.  The only challenging part will be keeping the plants alive! Paint, build, dip, or hang your pots to become the coolest planter on the block before Monday.

1. Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Yes, these really are terra-cotta pots — complete with saucers as a matter of fact! Roeshel created this lovely planter with a thrifted chandelier, pots, outdoor spray paint, and a few miscellaneous craft items. If your chandelier has electrical wiring, you will need some wire cutters to remove  it. But it’s OK. Her tutorial shows you how to do that too!

Image Via: DIY Show Off

2. Copper Leaf Planters

Like Heather, you may feel like your moon cacti needs something a little more special than a plain terra-cotta pot. Check out how she painted and copper-leafed her pots to make a beautiful statement. She’ll even show you how to redo your leafing when you use the wrong kind of tape.

Image Via: Woods of Bell Trees

3. Dip Dye Succulent Pots

Succulents need a home that has a bit of edge. At least that’s what Jenni from I Spy DIY thinks. She used water and dye to create this dip-dye effect. This project is so quick, you’ll spend more time setting up and tearing down!

Image Via: I Spy DIY

4. Gold Foil Lettering and Glitter

Add a touch of class to your containers by adhering golden accents. Kellie created these planters (and a cute garden gnome) by doing just that over at her blog, Nest of Posies. She used dollar-store pots, paint, decoupage medium and glitter or gold foil printable paper to create these classy — and comical — containers for her plants.

Image Via: Nest of Posies

5. DIY Color Block Terra-Cotta Pot

Who knew a wooden spoon project could inspire such a lovely group of planters? Amanda saw a shellac technique used on some cooking utensils and thought the process could be replicated via terra-cotta. How right she was! Follow how she did it at her blog, Wit and Whistle.

Image Via: Wit and Whistle

6. Ombre Terra-Cotta Pots

The hardest part of creating these pretty DIY ombre pots will be waiting for the paint to dry. Sarah Jane took two terra-cotta pots and four colors of spray paint to make this fun project. Simply spray, flip, and repeat, alternating colors. See the whole process here!

Image Via: Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog

7. Dripped Watercolor Terra-Cotta Pot

This pretty painting technique is so simple to do! At her blog, Grow Creative, Elise will walk you through all the steps to help you achieve the drippy, watercolor look you’re hoping for. Plant flowers with a bold color for big impact.

Image Via: Grow Creative

8. DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots

Simple and lovely, Chelsea — creator of Lovely Indeed — will show you the perfect way to paint and hang these metallic, color-blocked beauties. She adds a separate tutorial for potting plants and another for the macrame hanger. Mount to the ceiling and hang; lovely, indeed!

Image Via: Lovely Indeed

9. DIY: Marbled Terra-Cotta Pots

Marble nail treatments were all-the-rage a few years ago, but now it marbled plates, bowls, mugs, and yes, even planters. Alana Jones-Mann warns that this project, while beautiful, is VERY messy. Plan to have a dropcloth and maybe even disposable gloves. Use any combination of colors, and be sure to finish with a varnish!

Image Via: Alana Jones-Mann

When painting and dyeing terra-cotta, it’s good to remember it’s an absorbent material. You may need more supplies than you anticipated or may need to start with a neutral base coat before getting into any fun colors you intend to use. With that in mind, it’ll be beyond easy to complete these quick projects this weekend. Now just pick one!

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