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It’s time to take a few tips from your grandmother because the art (and appreciation!) of calligraphy is back and here to stay! The pages of wedding invitations, signs, wrapping paper, chalkboards and cakes are overflowing with delicate handwritten notes. Whether you’re a newcomer to typography or a regular attendee, it’s time incorporate stunning script into your home’s decor.


Take a peek at Oh So Beautiful Paper‘s elegant DIY Balloon Engagement Cocktail Party Invitation. The gold metallic lettering shines brightest over a muted hue.



Go big or go home! Style Me Pretty‘s DIY “Cheers” Sign takes cursive (and sparkle!) to a whole new level.



Who says that script needs to be two-dimensional? Put on your 3D glasses because Oh Happy Day‘s Calligraphy Cake Topper opens up a dimension of an entirely different magnitude.



Put your favorite song lyrics to paper with Paper & Stitch‘s Large Scale Hand Lettered Artwork Tutorial. It’s simple, it’s easy, and did I mention that it can be done in less than an hour?



Whether it be custom wrapping paper for the holidays or a personalized bouquet that carries a message on its sleeve, Julep‘s DIY Personalized Flower Wrap adds an extra dose of thoughtfulness to any gesture.


It doesn’t matter what your handwriting looks like, beautiful script comes in all shapes and sizes. You just have to give it a shot!


Happy Friday!


Have you ever been jealous of the mom who seems to be good at just about everything–including sewing? I have. No matter how hard I try, I’m just not a natural seamstress. The farthest my sewing skills take me is putting a button back on.

However, I’ve recently found a new passion that I’ve begun to enjoy very much–weaving. I’m constantly amazed at the countless things you can make and the vast variety of materials you can choose to work with. If you’re like me and you aren’t loving the whole needle and thread thing (or even if you do), then take a peek at these 5 trendy woven projects. Who knows? You might just discover a hidden talent!


Isn’t this Woven Circle Mat by A Beautiful Mess stunning? I’ll take 20 please!



Dress up a plain lawn chair with Henhouse‘s Woven Chair Tutorial. The new transformation is sure to be the talk of the block.



Okay, yes there isn’t a lot of weaving involved here, but for those who want something simple (and inexpensive) to spruce up a blank wall then check out I Spy DIY‘s Wall Hanging. It’s colorful. It’s fun. It’s bright. And I can’t think of a reason NOT to love it!



If you’re looking for something a little more natural, then call off the search because you’ve stumbled upon Free People‘s secret to DIY Branch Weaving.



Say Yes’ DIY Woven Necklace makes a stunning homemade birthday gift.


Give weaving a whirl! You never know, it could become your latest obsession.

Happy Friday!



DIY-ify: Floral Coffee Mug DIY

Floral Coffee Mug DIY

Floral Coffee Mug DIY

Floral Coffee Mug DIY

Trend: Floral Coffee Mug DIY

It’s really no secret that I love coffee mugs, and I might have too many… The thing is that I want my coffee to sit in a cute vessel, not something plain and boring. That’s why I makeover plain coffee mugs! You can easily find a plain white mug at most stores, or I suggest wandering to a local thrift shop to buy a mug for cheap (there’s always a ton of mugs that need some love). For these projects I typically use paint or a paint pen, but for this Coffee Mug DIY I tried something new. I have discovered that Mod Podge now makes a dishwasher safe gloss! That opens up my mug creativity to adding fabric, glitter, and even paper. For my first time using this gloss, I made 3 floral printables to dress up those plain mugs. I have shared them below so you can make your own!



Floral Coffee Mug DIY


Print out the flower printable you want to use on your mug. Cut out the flowers, leaving a small white border around the shape.


In a well ventilated space, preferably outdoors while wearing a mask and eye protection, spray a light layer of clear acrylic sealer spray onto the cut out flowers. Let dry completely. The spray will keep the ink from smearing when applying the Mod Podge.

Floral Coffee Mug DIY


Wipe down the mug with the rubbing alcohol to clean it, then let dry.

Floral Coffee Mug DIY


Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the back of the paper flower, and apply a layer of Mod Podge on the mug. Attach the flower onto the mug. Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles under the paper. Repeat this step for all the flower pieces.


Let the paper flowers dry for about an hour. Apply a layer of Mod Podge over the paper flowers. Let that layer dry for 2 – 3 hours. Apply 1 – 2 more layers (allowing dry time in between each layer).


This step is important. Before using this mug the glue needs to set for 28 days. I know this seems like forever… but the time will fly by. I promise. After the wait time is up, you can wash this cute mug on the top dishwasher rack!

Floral Coffee Mug DIY

You still have plenty of time to get these mugs made for Christmas gifts!

If you create any of these mugs, I’d love to see it! You can share a link in the comments below, or tag me in Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. Just a reminder: all of my free printables are for personal use only.

5 Ways to Bring Gold Glamour to Your Desktop

Work. Work. Work.


Think about it…You probably spend 8 hours a day working at the office. So why shouldn’t your work space be as welcoming as your home? If you’re ready to upgrade your desktop, then take a peek at these 5 quick and easy ways to brighten up your space.


1. Maybe it’s time to take the kids’ toys out of storage! Repurpose old animal figurines as desktop decor! All you need is a bit of gold spray paint, super glue and a few glass jars.

Photo Courtesy of The Office Stylist



2. Transform drab desktop supplies into fab accessories. Another Glorious Day‘s DIY Desktop Items are oh-so-chic!



3. You really can have it all! My Fabuless Life‘s Mini Command Center organizes and simplifies life in style.



4. See your favorite Kate Spade pattern every day at the office with 204 Park‘s easy DIY Kate Spade Inspired Magazine Holders tutorial.



5. Don’t you just NEED Just A Girl‘s DIY Acrylic Tray in your life?! So cute!



Try adding a little shimmer to your desktop! You might be surprised how much it brightens up your work space.


Happy Friday!



5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Ladders

You don’t need a big, beautiful library (like the one shown in the movie, Beauty & The Beast) as a reason to strut a ladder in your home decor. Check out these stylish decorating ideas to see how you can repurpose ladders in more ways than one.



1. Design Sponge shows us how to give any old wooden ladder a chic makeover.



























2. Functional and practical, this Ladder Laundry Rack by Little Lucy Lu is one for the books!



3. Nightstands are overrated anyway! For a more unconventional look, take a peek at Funky Junk Interiors’ unique Stepladder Side Table.



4. If sliding ladders are more your thing, check out The Markerista‘s custom built-in ladder tutorial. Simply Stunning!!



5. Lights, Camera, Action! Spruce up your ladder with lights (no paint necessary)! Alex’s Closet shows us how it’s done.



Happy ladder hunting!



xx Madison


10 Easy Decor Ideas for a Late-Summer Soiree

Say goodbye to summer in style by throwing a late-summer soiree. Think about it: One last chance to show off your tan and catch up on some much-needed girl time before the temperature drops and the kids go back to school. Let’s get this party (pardon me, soiree) started, shall we?


First thing’s first. Decor. Decorations are a key component to throwing a successful summer soiree. Summer-inspired centerpieces, floral decor, colorful tabletops and elegant place settings will set your soiree apart from other sunny season extravaganzas. I’ve put together 10 easy decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


1. I’m officially in LOVE with these DIY Oversized Tissue Paper Flowers from A Blissful Nest. They’re beautiful, dramatic and oh-so-chic!



2. Check out Making Home Base‘s  Citrus Stamped Tea Towels for a quick, colorful and cheap update to any white linen.



3. Songbird‘s Easy Summer Arrangement is a refreshing take on a classic centerpiece.



4. How stunning are these DIY String Chandeliers by Ruffled?! With balloons, glue and twine you can make these beauties yourself.



5. Dessert anyone? Let your candy creations shine with a DIY Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop. See Project Nursery for step-by-step instructions.



6. Stylize your dishware with Sugar and Cloth‘s DIY Pineapple Plates tutorial.



7. Instead of flowers, opt for a succulent/cactus centerpiece. Add a burst of color to your table with these DIY Gold Dipped Plant Pots from The Style House.



8. Add instant fragrance to drinks with Petal Ice Cubes courtesy of Express – O.



9. I didn’t know this was possible! DIY Decoupage Palm Frond Balloons ?! Get the deets at Balloon Time.


photos courtesy of Studio DIY


10. Fruit made pretty! 100 Layer Cake does a Spray-Painted Pineapple Centerpiece flawlessly.



Happy Summer!


xx madison

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