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Looking for your next weekend project? You won’t believe how easy these terra-cotta pot upgrades are.  The only challenging part will be keeping the plants alive! Paint, build, dip, or hang your pots to become the coolest planter on the block before Monday.

1. Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Yes, these really are terra-cotta pots — complete with saucers as a matter of fact! Roeshel created this lovely planter with a thrifted chandelier, pots, outdoor spray paint, and a few miscellaneous craft items. If your chandelier has electrical wiring, you will need some wire cutters to remove  it. But it’s OK. Her tutorial shows you how to do that too!

Image Via: DIY Show Off

2. Copper Leaf Planters

Like Heather, you may feel like your moon cacti needs something a little more special than a plain terra-cotta pot. Check out how she painted and copper-leafed her pots to make a beautiful statement. She’ll even show you how to redo your leafing when you use the wrong kind of tape.

Image Via: Woods of Bell Trees

3. Dip Dye Succulent Pots

Succulents need a home that has a bit of edge. At least that’s what Jenni from I Spy DIY thinks. She used water and dye to create this dip-dye effect. This project is so quick, you’ll spend more time setting up and tearing down!

Image Via: I Spy DIY

4. Gold Foil Lettering and Glitter

Add a touch of class to your containers by adhering golden accents. Kellie created these planters (and a cute garden gnome) by doing just that over at her blog, Nest of Posies. She used dollar-store pots, paint, decoupage medium and glitter or gold foil printable paper to create these classy — and comical — containers for her plants.

Image Via: Nest of Posies

5. DIY Color Block Terra-Cotta Pot

Who knew a wooden spoon project could inspire such a lovely group of planters? Amanda saw a shellac technique used on some cooking utensils and thought the process could be replicated via terra-cotta. How right she was! Follow how she did it at her blog, Wit and Whistle.

Image Via: Wit and Whistle

6. Ombre Terra-Cotta Pots

The hardest part of creating these pretty DIY ombre pots will be waiting for the paint to dry. Sarah Jane took two terra-cotta pots and four colors of spray paint to make this fun project. Simply spray, flip, and repeat, alternating colors. See the whole process here!

Image Via: Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog

7. Dripped Watercolor Terra-Cotta Pot

This pretty painting technique is so simple to do! At her blog, Grow Creative, Elise will walk you through all the steps to help you achieve the drippy, watercolor look you’re hoping for. Plant flowers with a bold color for big impact.

Image Via: Grow Creative

8. DIY Painted Terra-Cotta Pots

Simple and lovely, Chelsea — creator of Lovely Indeed — will show you the perfect way to paint and hang these metallic, color-blocked beauties. She adds a separate tutorial for potting plants and another for the macrame hanger. Mount to the ceiling and hang; lovely, indeed!

Image Via: Lovely Indeed

9. DIY: Marbled Terra-Cotta Pots

Marble nail treatments were all-the-rage a few years ago, but now it marbled plates, bowls, mugs, and yes, even planters. Alana Jones-Mann warns that this project, while beautiful, is VERY messy. Plan to have a dropcloth and maybe even disposable gloves. Use any combination of colors, and be sure to finish with a varnish!

Image Via: Alana Jones-Mann

When painting and dyeing terra-cotta, it’s good to remember it’s an absorbent material. You may need more supplies than you anticipated or may need to start with a neutral base coat before getting into any fun colors you intend to use. With that in mind, it’ll be beyond easy to complete these quick projects this weekend. Now just pick one!

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Rediscover the good old days of playing pirates, super spies, and damsels in distress. The imagination, motor-skills, and teamwork that’s developed when playing make-believe in a treehouse is really what childhood is all about. So go ahead. Reminisce with your long departed imaginary friends, and show your kids what having a tree-fort is all about — or maybe just build one for yourself.

1) Building How-To

Makendo, a contributor to Instructables, built (and rebuilt) this classic take on a treehouse for his children. His very detailed how-to guide will tell you everything you need to know about constructing a treehouse and what to do to maintain the structure once the trees have grown too much.

Image Via: Instructables

 2) Family Farm Treehouse

Ruth and husband Paul built an awesome treehouse for their five children. Making it up as she went along, Ruth’s take on tree fort structure is all about paying attention to and using the surrounding area. Her tutorial on her blog, Family Farm Experience, will show you all the details, down to decorating, how to hang a swing, and building a sandbox.

Image Via: Family Farm Experience

3) Simple and Sturdy

If you’re feeling over your head on the building side, you may want to try this simplistic version of a tree house. Kristen Duke shared her family’s backyard treehouse and how she and her husband constructed it. Rather than relying on the support of trees for construction, the Duke’s opted to build around a tree, using rocks and concrete to hold down the structure.

Image Via: Kristen Duke Photography

4) Tree Stump-House

Did you lose a tree to disease or storm and now have an ugly stump taking up a corner of your yard? Do what Alli did, and build a treehouse right on top! Hope over to her blog Made with Happy to see her design and the separate tutorials for the frame, floor, roof, and walls.

Image Via: Made with Happy

 5) Treehouse Fun (Or Exercise?)

The Wellness Mama, Katie, knows the importance of her children’s physical development. She invented an amazing treehouse for them to use for fun without realizing they were exercising. Added bonus? The structure is strong enough for adults to play too! Be sure to check out the video of the whole treehouse at the end of her blog.

How to Build a Treehouse for exercise and fun

Image Via: Wellness Mama

 6) Playhouses are Cool, Too!

Tiny trees or no trees at all in your yard? No problem. Your kids can get the same imaginative wonder out of a grounded fort. Vintage Revivals creator Mandi built this adorable outdoor hideaway with her husband, Courtney. Jump over to her blog and see how they designed, built, and decorated the backyard staple.

Image Via: Vintage Revivals

7) This One’s for You

Maybe you remember the simple pleasures of building forts and climbing trees; maybe you never had a clubhouse at all. It doesn’t mean you can’t have one now that you’re grown. Just ask these friends who built a lifesize tree house on an old campground — complete with electricity and two lofted bedrooms — in honor of a late parent. Childhood dreams coming true in adulthood!

Image Via: The Lettered Cottage

There is so much to think about when deciding whether or not to build a treehouse. Where would it go? How big can it be? Is my tree strong enough? All good questions — all good things to decide. One question you’ll never need to ask, though, is, “Will my kid like it?” Well, answer yourself this. Wouldn’t You?

Until next time,


Pool noodles. Really, I swear. Who ever thought such lovely projects could be made from $1 floaties? Not this girl. See for yourself how to create these lovely decor pieces that doesn’t look cheap at all (but totally are).

1. Pool Noodle Nautical Pilings

Create some really lovely mantel decor with swim noodles, paper, rope, and glue. Miss Kopy Kat shows two versions. One with natural looking wood and one painted lighter to match her brick wall. Added bonus, it looks more like driftwood that way too.

Image Via: Miss Kopy Kat

2. Starfish Pool Noodle Wreath

Meatloaf and Melodrama creator Dee had this beautiful idea to create this simple starfish wreath from pool noodle. Start by choosing a beachy color ribbon — if you’re using a pattern one, consider opting for one that’s easy to line up. Once the noodle is cut, formed, and taped, wrap and glue the ribbon and decorate as desired.

Image Via: Meatloaf and Melodrama

3. DIY Coffee Filter Letters

Construct each letter here — or any word — with coffee filters, cardboard, glue, and swim noodles. Sarah, one of the minds behind Boxwood Clippings, says you’ll need about half a noodle per letter. Follow the how-to guide here, then hang your project, and enjoy the feeling of your fat pocketbook after spending just $12.

Coffee Filter Letters Tutorial on { } Such a fun way to display your favorite word!

Image Via: Boxwood Clippings

4. Pool Noodle Footstool

On their list of pool noodle projects, mother-daughter team Steph and Vicki have this awesome pool noodle footstool. Can’t find an ottoman to go along with your furniture set? Choose any fabric you want, and wrap it around batting covered swim noodles! Build out from the center or construct in rows, this footstool has 19 noodles, but feel free to use more for greater area coverage.

Image Via: Mother Daughter Projects

5. DIY Rope Lamp

Kelly has a neat trick to update her son’s bedroom. Head over to her blog, The Lily Pad Cottage to see how she uses a pool noodle and rope to nauticalize his bedroom lamp. A tip? Buy more rope than you think you need! Because you will need it.

Image Via: The Lily Pad Cottage

6. Stone (Pool Noodle) Decorative Column

How would you fill the space in an awkward corner of your bedroom? A carved stone column ought to do it! Oh, except I’m on a budget. Rather than carving out stone for hundreds of dollars, try creating this ditty for just over $20. That’s a bit more reasonable, and you can see how Jen did it over at her blog Epbot.

Image Via: Epbot

7. Bolster Pillow with Contrast Button Ends

Head over to Designs by Donna Atlanta to learn how to create this adorable bolster pillow with assistance from a pool noodle. The purpose (other than shape) is to help create the dimple at the end of the gathered fabric. Her how-to guide is full of info and helpful tips.

Class up your living spaces with one of these pool noodle projects! That’s a handful of words I never thought I’d say together, but these bloggers have proven it’s true. Have you found other pool noodle decor that has surprised you? Let me know what the project is or how these ones turn out for you.

Until then!


Have you been considering a remodeling project but aren’t sure how to upgrade your room? To class up any room, just add a built-in unit. Unsure about the process? These 8 bloggers have you covered! Check out this compilation of built-ins for every room in the house and details on how to get the job done.

1. Front Room Built-In Bookcase

In need of a makeover for her out-of-date 2008 design, Stephanie used the odd shape of the room off her home’s entryway to her advantage. This DIY built-in bookcase was created by cutting and melding stock IKEA shelves. Give guests a great first impression by following Stephanie’s design process for her built-in, and be sure to check out the full makeover at her blog, Studio 36 Interiors.


Image Via: Studio 36 Interiors

2. Kitchenette Storage Banquette Seat

You can never have enough storage, and — thanks to Kristi of Addicted to Decorating — now you can have more in your kitchenette. The best news? This DIY built-in storage bench is easy to build. At least that’s what Kristi says. See if she’s right, here!

Image Via: Addicted 2 Decorating

3. Office Desk Built-In

Laura and Dana configured this easy DIY built-in desk for their farmhouse office space. Though it may look complicated, the husband-and-wife team say it’s simply the outcome of building a few basic boxes, using a couple stock cabinets, and topping it with plywood. A little more than that goes into the project, and you can see for yourself at their blog Finding Home Farms.

Image Via: Finding Home Farms

4. Living Room Built-in

This built-in unit started as nothing more than a fireplace on a jutted partial wall. Nate and Michelle worked together to create a seamless shelving unit for their living room, complete with a classic molding. See how they did it – and find more cute pictures of their dog, Ike — over at their blog, Decor and the Dog.

Image Via: Decor and the Dog

5. Kids’ Room Bunk Bed Built-In

This blogger and mom of five opted for the logical approach to housing all her children. Extreme bunk beds. She really does go all out. Not only are the beds and stairs built-in, she went as far as giving each bed its own built-in shelving. Head over to the August Fields blog page and see this awesome process in four parts. Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Image Via: August Fields

6. Bathroom Storage Built-In

Ever have a bathroom with no storage? So did Angela — the creator of Unexpected Elegance — until she DIYed her own built-in solution. A “seriously easy” project, she claims, though you will need a space of wall between studs and a tool that can easily cut into drywall. You can find her tutorial on this diy built-in bathroom shelving at her blog.

Image Via: Unexpected Elegance

7. Bedroom Bookshelf Built-In

Take your reading nook to the next level. Try a built-in bedroom bookshelf headboard (say that ten times, fast). Our Humble Abode creator Amanda and husband Bed converted a dimly lit, dark wood room to an inviting, cozy space. They brought new life to an old bookshelf and look good doing it.

Image Via: Our Humble Abode

8. DIY Built-In Closet

Sawdust Girl Sandra admits that this project isn’t for the inexperienced, but she has a lot of tips to help you along the way, just in case. In her guide to plan and design a built-in closet, she’ll walk you through how to assess your closeting needs, measure a room, create a plan, and execute a design. You’ll have a beautiful DIY master closet in no-time!

Image Via: Sawdust Girl

As you prepare for your next remodel, keep these built-in ideas in mind, or even take a stab at executing one of them. You may be surprised in what you can accomplish. Show me your projects when they’re done!

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So the tread on your car tires is worn down. Time to replace them and send them off to the junkyard? Think again. Well, definitely replace them, but don’t just toss the old ones; turn them into something new! You won’t believe how cute these DIY tire upcycles will look indoors and out.

1. DIY Tire Flower Planter

Paint, plant, hang. That’s all you need to do to make this pretty DIY Flower Planter. Roeshel has a great tutorial over at her blog DIY Show Off. Hang in the home or from a tree out in the yard — she did both!


Image Via: DIY Show Off

2. Tire Climbing Tower

Check out Blessings Overflowing for this awesome guide to your own Tire Climbing Tower. Jackie has all the tools and steps you need for this fun backyard edition. Build as a stand alone tower or attach to your clubhouse or swing set.

Image Via: Blessings Overflowing

3. DIY Recycled Tire Dog Bed

How adorable is this dog?! Oh — and of course her DIY recycled tire dog bed! You can create this comfy spot for your four-legged friend, too, with a little help from Practically Functional’s step-by-step guide. Blog creator Jessi says it’s perfect for pooch Fawkes to curl up in.

Image Via: Practically Functional

4. DIY Tire Pond

Joan A., a blogger for Home Talk, worked with her husband to create this beautiful pond from an old tractor tire (which she picked up for free from a local agricultural equipment supplier). Check out the detailed photos from her post to see how it’s done. She’ll even show you how to incorporate a DIY fountain.

Image Via: Home Talk

5. DIY Toy Shelf from a Used Tire

Upcycle your used tire by creating a fun piece of children’s storage. Layne Quintanilla’s DIY toy shelf is the perfect addition for her boys’ backyard toys. With just a pine board, some screws, spray paint, and, of course. a used tire, she shows you how you can create this project. Check it out over at her blog Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Image Via: Spaceships and Laser Beams

6. Upcycled Tractor Tire Sandbox

Blogger Emily wrote this neat guest piece for I Heart Naptime. She and her son turned a tractor tire into a sandbox for under $25. Another great find from a tractor supply company, Emily got her choice of tire for free. See her process on how to clean, cut, paint, and prepare this fun DIY sandbox from an old tire here.

Image Via: I Heart Naptime

7. Upcycled Tire Table and Ottomans

Shazni was inspired to put husbands old tires to use. She went above and beyond buy creating several upcycled tire furniture pieces. Head over to her post on Instructables to see how she created a lovely furniture set that doesn’t look like a set of tires at all!

Image Via: Instructables

8. DIY Recycled Tire Swing

OK, so maybe you have thought of this one before. But it never hurts to see how to assemble one of these bad boys. Plus, Stately Kitsch creator Heidi researched a ton of options in her detailed post about the best way to hang a tire swing without damaging her tree.

Image Via: Stately Kitsch

Did one of these projects peak your interest? Give it a try! Who knew that tires could be used for decor, storage, sitting, and family fun?

Until next time,


Though it’s been several years, I’ve always really enjoyed a good camping trip. Sure, I’ve got an issue with bees, spiders, and *shivers* freaky centipedes, but, really, how many of us like those critters anyway? But camping can truly be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations you can take. Now that the trend toward glamping — that’s “glamorous camping” for you non-Pinteresty types — is reaching new heights, anyone heading out to be one with nature is trying to do so in the coolest, easiest, chicest, most hackable way possible. We’re here to help. Check out these 10 camping tips and tricks sure to exceed the usual camping standards.

1. #Adulting

The first issue you’ll face when choosing to camp for the first time in your adult life is, well, everything. What tools do I need? What food should I bring? How do you build a fire? How do you pitch a tent? Where do you even put the tent? Trail Sherpa was kind enough to compile a list of tips from their bloggers that answers these questions and many more. If you were unsure about shaking hands with Mother Nature, you won’t be after you read through the advice.

Image via: Trail Sherpa

2. Sip and Set

With the shortage of coffee tables you’ll have in the woods, you’ll need to be prepared with a place to set your beverage. Blogger Megan has the DIY solution for you. Her tutorial for this outdoor drink holder is a quick, fun project you can personalize. Use a different pattern for each member in your camping party.

Image via: Positively Splendid

3. Bright Bottles

Worried about tripping over your guylines and tent stakes while carrying the roasting sticks? Me too. Mike from Instructables relaxes our fears with these DIY tent stake markers. If you’re not interested in an adult beverage, glass soda bottles will do the same trick!

Image via: Instructables

4. Floor Foam

Ever make it through the night in a tent with your air mattress still full in the morning? If you have, you’re one of the few. Prevent the pain of might-as-well-have-slept-in-the-dirt bed-deflate with this clever idea from Tiffany’s blog, A Little Campy. She lines the floor of her tent with huge, interlocking foam tiles. This gives support beneath the mattress pad and also lets you walk around your tent barefoot without worrying what might be beneath the canvas.

Image via: A Little Campy

5. Fashion-Forward Hiking

Hiking just got easier — and more beautiful. Spend time with friends or the kids making an afternoon craft for the next morning’s hike. Christine shows us how she created these DIY painted walking sticks with her daughter over at her blog The DIY Dreamer. Be sure to give these beauties a decoupage finish to ensure a lasting paint job.

Image via: The DIY Dreamer

6. Prepared and Planned

Meal prep at it’s finest, Mean Mommy Academy creator Sarah has a plan for your meal plan. You can download a template for free at her blogspot. Print one for each day of the trip; it will help you figure out not only what ingredients you’ll need per meal, but also what groceries to buy, what tools to pack, and even reminders for the day’s activities and what fun things you’ll need to bring for those as well.

Image via: Mean Mommy Academy

7. Portable Kitchen Cabinet

Keep your campsite kitchen in order with a rolling drawer set. All of Melissa’s favorite camping cookwear fits neatly into these four drawers and moves easily from car to campfire. See how she and her husband made this rolling cart chuck box over at her blog, Finally-Forever.

Image via: Finally-Forever

8. All Within Reach

Hanging shoe racks have become one of the most multipurpose items in home goods. Lifehacker Alan Henry put his to good use with this DIY camping kitchen organizer. Alan picked the plastic variety for it’s durability and water resistance. Hang from bungee cords on an awning or as a personal items organizer inside the tent.

Image via: LifeHacker

9. With all these hacks, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge for a bit during your glamping experience. Take a peek at how the gals from Spell Designs created this beautiful boho glamping site. Most items were from around the house and easy for two people to set up.

Image via: Spell Designs

10. Northstory creator Alex made these cute magnetic invites for her daughter’s birthday party. As you plan your next camping trip, send these cute invites out to your friends. You can all connect with nature together.

Image via: northstory

Now that you’re ready to get your glamp on, what project are you going to do first? Do you have any other great camping tips and tricks? Let me know all about it!

Until then,



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