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Novels, picture books, dictionaries, biographies, chapter books: they can be found sitting on coffee tables, tossed on end tables, strewn on sofa cushions, and hiding under desks, and they can totally overwhelm your living space. The addition of a bookshelf can tame your book piles and provide more space in your home. We’ve gathered a sample of stylish bookcases you can make yourself. Which one will you try?

 1. DIY Pipes and Planks Shelving

If you’re ready to house all your books in one place, this is the DIY project for you! Tina and her husband built this 13-by-10-foot bookshelf to fill the blank space in their living room and to serve as a gathering space for all their reading materials. You can adjust the size and supplies to fit your space as needed. Check out the full tutorial at her blog, Dusty Coyote.

Image Via: Dusty Coyote

2. Easy DIY Rope Shelf

Perhaps a bookshelf that spans an entire room is more than you had in mind. If that’s the case, then this DIY hanging rope shelf is just the ticket! It’s perfect for any room in your home. Build one in the kitchen for cookbooks, in the bedroom for nighttime reading, or in the living room for guests to peruse. Caroline has an awesome tutorial over at her blog, Burkatron.

Image Via: Burkatron

3. Concrete Block Bookshelf

Another  simple bookcase comes from The Crazy Craft Lady, Aimee. When all the books, papers, and law school supplies pushed her to her breaking point, Aimee built the perfect landing zone to keep everything organized. This project mostly consists of staining and stacking. Gather some pine boards and stone pavers of your choice, and you’re halfway done!

Image Via: The Crazy Craft Lady

4. Mounted Shelving Units

Molly made these mounted shelving units to flank either side of her wood-burning fireplace. The shelves were completely custom so Molly and her boyfriend took care to create a look exactly to their liking. Because everything is bracket-mounted, it can be changed with any new decor placed in the room. See their planning process here!

Image Via: Almost Makes Perfect

5. Multipurpose Crate Bookshelf

Not able to build a permanent bookshelf solution? Jamie’s got the perfect project for you instead! Head over to her blog, C.R.A.F.T., and see this awesome guide on how to style crates as shelving — four different ways! Place it, customize it, move it, add to it; the options are endless. Here is our favorite version. Which is yours?

How to make a bookshelf out of crates!

Image Via: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

6. DIY Industrial Bookcase

This Pottery Barn-inspired bookcase cost just under $300—a steal compared to the retail price of $1,900! Jamison and his wife Jamie worked together to create an industrial-chic bookshelf to dress up their new living room. Jamison’s plans are so detailed you don’t need to have any previous woodworking experience to build a shelf just like this one. See for yourself; head over to his blog Rogue Engineer.


Image Via: Rogue Engineer

7. DIY Tree Bookshelf

Patrick, contributor to the build-and-share website Instructables, DIYed his way to this trendy tree bookshelf. His instructions will help you breeze through the priming, painting, and construction of the project, but if you do get confused, he included a handy video tutorial of the entire process. The project cost around $150, and the whole thing can be completed in one weekend.

Image Via: Instructables

8. DIY Floating Bookshelves

If you’re looking for a subtler book storage statement, Mandi from Vintage Revivals has a fabulous tutorial on how to build your own floating shelves. A bit modern while still industrial, these magical shelves are ideal for any blank wall in your home. Stack them like Mandi did, or place them staggered along a larger wall to fill the space.

How To Build Shelves

Image Via: Vintage Revivals

All books need a loving home. Do yours have one?

Happy reading! Until next time,


It’s easy for small rooms to feel cluttered and less inviting in your home. But while limited space can be a challenge when trying to make your home stylish and welcoming, tight spaces don’t have to be a restriction. This season, Better Homes and Gardens has great solutions for maximizing cramped quarters with a wide variety of storage and organizational products sold exclusively at Walmart.

This month, the BHG Live Better Network of Bloggers were challenged to use versatile décor to maximize a small space and make tight rooms come to life. Read on to learn more:

1.  Ashley Phipps of Simply Designing gave her kids’ bathroom a refresh. The Waffle Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain gives the bathroom some character and a mature style! If working in a small bathroom, consider a curved rod to maximize usable space.

2. Cassity of Remodelaholic transformed her mudroom to give her family more storage solutions. These Large Galvanized Silver Bins fit perfectly under a coffee table or bench, and are as stylish as they are functional.

3. Add some decorative storage pieces to your laundry closet like Chelsea of Making Home Base. She used the Gray Fabric Round Basket and the Woven Fringe Throw to give her laundry some style!

4. Welcome your guests with an inviting entryway. Liz of Hoosier Homemade added the Galvanized Wall Clock to her foyer to add to the Farmhouse Chic aesthetic in her home.

5. In need of a closet clean out? Not only is her space the definition of #ClosetInspiration, Heidi of Honeybear Lane uses the Hand- Woven Willow Laundry Hamper to easily organize laundry and separate darks and lights.

6. Stephanie of Casa Watkins transformed her daughter’s room from infant to toddler with just a few new accent pieces. The Turned Accent Lamp with White Pleated Table Lamp Shade add a pop of color to any room—and are super kid-friendly!

7. All shoes need a home! Bethany of Whoa Wait Walmart uses the Fabric Shoe Rack to keep all of her shoes near and orderly.

8. Your laundry room can be stylish and efficient just like Ashley of Cherished Bliss! She uses the Large Acacia Wood-Top Jars to hold laundry essentials and the Wicker Basket to keep her space organized.

9. Curtains always need some TLC! Brooke of All Things Thrifty uses the Clear Knob Curtain Rod Set to add a small twinkle to her daughters’ bedroom.

10. Replace a simple entryway table with functional furniture like Rebecca of the Crafted Sparrow!—She uses the 8-Cube Organizer as a cute storage solution.

11. We all need some inspiration, especially when working from our in-home offices. Ashley of Domestic Imperfection uses the Rustic Wood Picture Frames to showcase some motivating quotes.

12. Ursula of Homemade By Carmona helped make her daughter’s bedroom pretty and functional. In place of traditional pillow cases, she uses the Solid Quilted Pillow Shams to add a touch of personality.

13. When entertaining, you should utilize all available space. Destiny of Just Destiny Mag, helped her friend use the Crossmill Buffet to store extra dinner and glassware, and created interesting decor using extra serveware that can be used once party guests arrive.

14. Your family room can quickly become disorganized! Jennifer of Tatertots & Jello uses the Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes and the Medium Wire Baskets with Chalkboards to keep track of her family’s tech supplies.

15. With so many small products, bathrooms can become the ultimate place for clutter! Angie from The Country Chic Cottage uses the Galleon Covered Bronze Jars to keep all of her tiny essentials organized.

For all of these products and more, visit 

Have you been considering a remodeling project but aren’t sure how to upgrade your room? To class up any room, just add a built-in unit. Unsure about the process? These 8 bloggers have you covered! Check out this compilation of built-ins for every room in the house and details on how to get the job done.

1. Front Room Built-In Bookcase

In need of a makeover for her out-of-date 2008 design, Stephanie used the odd shape of the room off her home’s entryway to her advantage. This DIY built-in bookcase was created by cutting and melding stock IKEA shelves. Give guests a great first impression by following Stephanie’s design process for her built-in, and be sure to check out the full makeover at her blog, Studio 36 Interiors.

Image Via: Studio 36 Interiors

2. Kitchenette Storage Banquette Seat

You can never have enough storage, and — thanks to Kristi of Addicted to Decorating — now you can have more in your kitchenette. The best news? This DIY built-in storage bench is easy to build. At least that’s what Kristi says. See if she’s right, here!

Image Via: Addicted 2 Decorating

3. Office Desk Built-In

Laura and Dana configured this easy DIY built-in desk for their farmhouse office space. Though it may look complicated, the husband-and-wife team say it’s simply the outcome of building a few basic boxes, using a couple stock cabinets, and topping it with plywood. A little more than that goes into the project, and you can see for yourself at their blog Finding Home Farms.

Image Via: Finding Home Farms

4. Living Room Built-in

This built-in unit started as nothing more than a fireplace on a jutted partial wall. Nate and Michelle worked together to create a seamless shelving unit for their living room, complete with a classic molding. See how they did it – and find more cute pictures of their dog, Ike — over at their blog, Decor and the Dog.

Image Via: Decor and the Dog

5. Kids’ Room Bunk Bed Built-In

This blogger and mom of five opted for the logical approach to housing all her children. Extreme bunk beds. She really does go all out. Not only are the beds and stairs built-in, she went as far as giving each bed its own built-in shelving. Head over to the August Fields blog page and see this awesome process in four parts. Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Image Via: August Fields

6. Bathroom Storage Built-In

Ever have a bathroom with no storage? So did Angela — the creator of Unexpected Elegance — until she DIYed her own built-in solution. A “seriously easy” project, she claims, though you will need a space of wall between studs and a tool that can easily cut into drywall. You can find her tutorial on this diy built-in bathroom shelving at her blog.

Image Via: Unexpected Elegance

7. Bedroom Bookshelf Built-In

Take your reading nook to the next level. Try a built-in bedroom bookshelf headboard (say that ten times, fast). Our Humble Abode creator Amanda and husband Bed converted a dimly lit, dark wood room to an inviting, cozy space. They brought new life to an old bookshelf and look good doing it.

Image Via: Our Humble Abode

8. DIY Built-In Closet

Sawdust Girl Sandra admits that this project isn’t for the inexperienced, but she has a lot of tips to help you along the way, just in case. In her guide to plan and design a built-in closet, she’ll walk you through how to assess your closeting needs, measure a room, create a plan, and execute a design. You’ll have a beautiful DIY master closet in no-time!

Image Via: Sawdust Girl

As you prepare for your next remodel, keep these built-in ideas in mind, or even take a stab at executing one of them. You may be surprised in what you can accomplish. Show me your projects when they’re done!

Until next time,


So the tread on your car tires is worn down. Time to replace them and send them off to the junkyard? Think again. Well, definitely replace them, but don’t just toss the old ones; turn them into something new! You won’t believe how cute these DIY tire upcycles will look indoors and out.

1. DIY Tire Flower Planter

Paint, plant, hang. That’s all you need to do to make this pretty DIY Flower Planter. Roeshel has a great tutorial over at her blog DIY Show Off. Hang in the home or from a tree out in the yard — she did both!


Image Via: DIY Show Off

2. Tire Climbing Tower

Check out Blessings Overflowing for this awesome guide to your own Tire Climbing Tower. Jackie has all the tools and steps you need for this fun backyard edition. Build as a stand alone tower or attach to your clubhouse or swing set.

Image Via: Blessings Overflowing

3. DIY Recycled Tire Dog Bed

How adorable is this dog?! Oh — and of course her DIY recycled tire dog bed! You can create this comfy spot for your four-legged friend, too, with a little help from Practically Functional’s step-by-step guide. Blog creator Jessi says it’s perfect for pooch Fawkes to curl up in.

Image Via: Practically Functional

4. DIY Tire Pond

Joan A., a blogger for Home Talk, worked with her husband to create this beautiful pond from an old tractor tire (which she picked up for free from a local agricultural equipment supplier). Check out the detailed photos from her post to see how it’s done. She’ll even show you how to incorporate a DIY fountain.

Image Via: Home Talk

5. DIY Toy Shelf from a Used Tire

Upcycle your used tire by creating a fun piece of children’s storage. Layne Quintanilla’s DIY toy shelf is the perfect addition for her boys’ backyard toys. With just a pine board, some screws, spray paint, and, of course. a used tire, she shows you how you can create this project. Check it out over at her blog Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Image Via: Spaceships and Laser Beams

6. Upcycled Tractor Tire Sandbox

Blogger Emily wrote this neat guest piece for I Heart Naptime. She and her son turned a tractor tire into a sandbox for under $25. Another great find from a tractor supply company, Emily got her choice of tire for free. See her process on how to clean, cut, paint, and prepare this fun DIY sandbox from an old tire here.

Image Via: I Heart Naptime

7. Upcycled Tire Table and Ottomans

Shazni was inspired to put husbands old tires to use. She went above and beyond buy creating several upcycled tire furniture pieces. Head over to her post on Instructables to see how she created a lovely furniture set that doesn’t look like a set of tires at all!

Image Via: Instructables

8. DIY Recycled Tire Swing

OK, so maybe you have thought of this one before. But it never hurts to see how to assemble one of these bad boys. Plus, Stately Kitsch creator Heidi researched a ton of options in her detailed post about the best way to hang a tire swing without damaging her tree.

Image Via: Stately Kitsch

Did one of these projects peak your interest? Give it a try! Who knew that tires could be used for decor, storage, sitting, and family fun?

Until next time,


Hi! I’m Courtney, one half of the couple behind the DIY home renovation blog, Gray House Studio. I am excited to be here today sharing more details about the large floor-to-ceiling industrial shelves we built in our library for around $450.

My husband, Brent, and I like to think outside the box when it comes to updating spaces in our home that sit empty or get little attention. We love dreaming up ways to make a room work for us so that we will want to spend time in it and enjoy the space. This was the case with our formal dining room in the front of our house, which sat empty for an entire year.

I Did it! Industrial Shelves Before

It is a little scary to go against the grain and invent an entirely new purpose for a room, but we feel like it is necessary to get the most enjoyment out of our home. We are book-lovers and both grew up dreaming of a home library so it made sense to us to transform our formal dining room into just that.  And what is a home library without a huge wall of shelves filled with books?

Because our large display of books and collectibles would be one of the first things our guests see when walking into our home, we wanted the shelving to be eye-catching and unconventional. Plus, we needed it to fit with the industrial, rustic, and eclectic styles found throughout our home, so we decided to build the support system out of pipes. Using pipes and large boards required less tools and allowed the bookshelf to be put together more quickly.

I Did it! Industrial Shelves

One specification we had for the shelves was for the boards to be nice and thick. We decided to use seven 2″-x-12″ boards in 10-inch lengths. This is because we wanted the shelves to be sturdy both in functionality and appearance. It was a tough workout to move all those boards around, but the pay-off now that they are up is worth it!

I Did it! Industrial Shelves

In addition to the lumber, we needed all the pipes and fittings that would connect the boards. We opted to go with black pipes for aesthetic reasons. Believe it or not, the hardest and most time-consuming part of the entire project was collecting all the necessary pieces of black iron pipes and fittings. Each store only carried a small amount of each piece at one time so we pretty much wiped out every hardware store inventory, and it took about a month to gather all the pieces our shelves required.

I Did it! Industrial Shelves

Once we purchased all our supplies, we got to work assembling the shelves. Our process consisted of staining the boards with Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Kona, cleaning the pipes, drilling holes in the boards for the pipes to run through, and drilling pocket holes into the boards so they could be attached to wall.

We made sure each board was level, then fixed each one to the wall by securing it into studs through the pocket holes. We built the shelves board by board, adding the next row of pipes as we went up the wall.

I Did it! Industrial Shelves

After the shelves were installed, we were finally able to unpack all of our books and collectibles. We thought we had a lot of books between the two of us, but we didn’t have nearly enough to fill up the massive shelf space we now had in our library, so we incorporated family heirlooms, old family photographs, our favorite record covers, cool thrift store finds, and some unique plants.

I Did it! Industrial Shelves

After a few weeks, we realized there was just one thing missing. How were we supposed to get those books off of the top shelf? We needed a ladder! The photo above is when we were testing the ladder before we stained it. Hanging a ladder in a library has long been a fantasy of mine, so when we built this final touch for our industrial shelves, it was a dream come true.

I Did it! Industrial Shelves

Finally, our industrial shelves in our home library felt complete. We are so pleased with how the shelves transformed the room into a personalized and cozy space. We know we will enjoy spending time in this room now, whether we are reading, chatting with guests, or hosting a game night. The shelves make for a great conversational piece, and they are a project we are proud to say we built ourselves.

It was such a fun and exciting experience to have Better Homes and Gardens come to our home and photograph our industrial shelves for the October 2015 issue.

If you are interested in following along with our home renovation journey, feel free to stop by our blog or connect with us on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also find a download with detailed instructions for this project here.

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