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Accessorizing Tips

Why settle for an overcrowded fridge when you can stylishly show off your kids’ artwork with these cool new ideas? Decorate your walls in modern style, top your coffee table with a curated collection of your little ones’ works, or try one of these other innovative ideas.

Inspired Art Gallery

Kids’ art is usually pretty colorful, so if you’re wanting to create a gallery wall of their creations, consider using a neutral wall color. Then incorporate a few pops of color throughout the room, making sure they coordinate with the pieces displayed.

Via Sawyer | Berson

Curate and Condense 

Photobooks are becoming super popular for family photo albums, but they can also be used as a fun way to curate a collection of your little one’s art. Bonus: photographing artwork means you won’t feel bad about not saving EVERY picture your kid draws (your cabinets can only hold so much)! Plus, you’ll have a cute way to look back at how your child and their art have grown over the years.

Via Paislee Press

Artistic Collaborations

Do you love to make art as much as your child does? Then consider a collaboration! I love the way this mother works with her daughter to create one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase both of their artistic styles.

Via The Mischievous Mommy

Soft Side

Doesn’t every child dream of making his or her artwork come to life? These plush creations based on children’s artwork may not actually be alive, of course, but how awesome would it be to have a beloved drawing become a favorite toy?

Via Child’s Own

Combining Portraiture and Art

If you have some basic Photoshop skills (or have a friend who does) this tutorial is an amazing way to create a beautiful picture of your child adding their artwork to the world in a magical way. I’m obsessed with how the creative spirit of this little girl is captured in such a unique way by combining her portrait with one of her works of art!

Via Ali Brown Studios

There are many innovative ways to display your kids’ artwork, and it is so lovely to add that personal touch to your home. For more fun ideas, look here, here, and here. I dare you to be as creative as the little artists in your life!

Create or curate expressive 3-D art that is guaranteed to never fall flat! Every gallery wall should include at least one piece that breaks the mold. Choose dramatic artwork that pops, or try making your own with these DIY 3-D art ideas.

Flower Power

If you love having a vase of flowers in your home all year long, this DIY is perfect for you. Combine a canvas and faux flowers to make a one-of-a-kind work of art. Whether you go with a simple painted look or a fun and trendy chalkboard style, this artwork will make your guests do a double take.

Via Lily & Val Living

Via Lily & Val Living

Subtlety in 3-D 

Are you a little nervous about adding another dimension to your walls? Dip your toes into the waters of this trend with a minimal and elegant approach. I love the way a wreath and monogram add style to this neutral wall, creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Via Craftberry Bush

The Art of Overlap

When I’m arranging collages or digital scrapbook pages, it seems obvious to overlap different images. However, it never occurred to me to try this on the walls! When done right, the trend is super innovative and not at all cluttered. I love the way the lake house theme of this gallery wall uses sever types of layering. Not only does one painting overlap the edges of three others, a propeller peeks around the corners of other artworks.

Via The Lettered Cottage

Hoop to It

I’m so happy that embroidery has made such a comeback! Vintage and crafty, embroidery hoops are pure rustic-chic perfection.


Statement Piece

Sometimes all you need is one work of art to draw attention and interest to a wall. Incorporate the colors of your room into this cute geometric DIY made from wood circles for an artwork that’s sure to impress.

Via Curbly

Don’t Forget About the Kids

3-D art is such a fun trend, and it’s also perfect for decorating your kids’ rooms. Including repurposed toys and an innovative 3-D nursery tree, these sweet works are perfect for the little ones in your life.

Via Homemade Ginger

Via Project Nursery


One-bedroom apartments, studios, small homes, and houses with open floor plans all come with certain challenges. However, it’s easier than you think to create thoughtful flow within your home and have multipurpose rooms that make sense. With just a few tips and tricks, you too can create rooms with added function.

1. Choose the Right Combination

Just like you wouldn’t mix pickles and peanut butter (unless, like my great-grandma, you have a fondness for peanut butter and pickle sandwiches), there are certain room purposes that should and should not be combined.

A traditional combination, laundry rooms and mudrooms go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dirty clothes can go straight to the washer, and winter coats have a place to dry after returning home on snowy days.

Via Labra Design + Build

With no complicated rearranging, this daybed’s hidden trundle can transform a living room into a guest room in a snap. Throw on lots of comfy pillows to ensure cozy lounging in the day and sweet dreams at night!

Via Overstock

2. Divide and Conquer

For certain rooms, consider incorporating dividers. This works especially well when it comes to integrating a bedroom into a studio space or living room. You’ll want a bit of privacy to get the best rest, and bookshelves and curtains are innovative and inexpensive dividers (especially if you can DIY your own).

Via York Avenue

Via decor8

3. Roll Out the Red Carpet

Well, it doesn’t actually have to be red, or a carpet, but differences in flooring imply that you’re entering into a different area. A simple rug can work wonders in separating spaces!

Via Jennifer Brouwer Design

4. Rethink Your Room’s Purpose

Small spaces push you to come up with creative solutions. Lately, I’ve seen a couple small-space trends that pair well together. One: exposed clothing storage, and two: repurposed closets.

If you’re addicted to fashion, why not show off your perfectly curated collection of clothes?

Via Glitter Guide

Then, with your closet cleared out, add your own office!

Via The Cofran Home

5. Look Up

Little rooms call for using every spare inch of space. Consider creating a lofted area (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look like a college dorm). Check out this chic bedroom loft if you need convincing.

Via Fantastic Frank

Unlock the potential in your home, and put those tiny rooms to use!

Sometimes you fall in love with a piece of furniture or artwork only to realize that it will just add more clutter to your home. Instead of choosing purposeless pieces, select items with secret storage or ones that can cleverly display everyday objects.

1. Side Table with Sweet Storage
Believe it or not, the storage secret to this midcentury side table comes in the form of a cake pan. Crazy, right?

Via Sugar & Cloth

2. Horses with Purpose

Animal decor has a natural appeal to me, but oftentimes those sculptural pieces just stand around and collect dust. That’s why I’m in love with the display this blogger found at the store Sugar Boo and Co. Rustic with a modern touch, these horses are super cute and provide a place to proudly display lots of pretty scarves.

Via In Honor of Design

3. Rustic Decor to Disguise Dirty Laundry

Whether you’re sorting clothes or quickly hiding your dirty laundry from last-minute guests, this piece of furniture is as stylish as it is useful. Add extra style to this sleek piece by displaying items on top that are simple, stylish, and minimal.

Via AnnaBaileying on Etsy

4. Dress Form To Transform Your Jewelry Collection

I’ve always loved the look of dress forms, but I hadn’t really considered their storage potential. However, after seeing the way this dress form prettily displays a collection of jewelry and brooches, I’m convinced!

Via The Decorologist

5. Branch Out

You can also create a beautiful jewelry display by using branches. I love the rustic, boho-chic vibes of this display.

Via Curiographer on Etsy

6. Show Off Your Shoes

Don’t let your cute heels hide in your closet! This simple grid is the perfect solution for creating a work of art out of your shoes. Bonus: It’ll also mean extra closet space.

Via burkatron.

 7. Kitchen Shelves: Saving Space & Making Major Impact

If your pantry is anything like mine, it’s usually a question of how to contain the mess not create a work of art. However, that might change after seeing this clever display! Dry goods are displayed in neat rows of glass jars, which are perfectly complemented by a series of botanical prints.

8. The Art of Coffee

Coffee mugs + cute DIY house-shaped shelf = practical and pretty decor. Extra cupboard space and easy access to my favorite mugs? Yes, please.

Via A Beautiful Mess

Decor doesn’t always have to be functional, but it’s all the better when it is! When selecting pieces for your home, consider new ways that you can store more with your decor.

Whether you have more tats than you can count or you’ve never been inked at all, tattooed walls are a trend that I’d recommend to anyone. From subtle and elegant to spectacular and over-the-top, tattooed walls are an incredible and original accent to your home. And thankfully, these tattoos don’t require any needles: just a paint pen and creativity.

Tattoos You (Yes, You) Can Totally Do

Are you thinking that even your best stick figure drawings have no place on the wall? Don’t worry, there are simple designs you can easily create. Try using a stencil for less stress and a wall that will still totally impress all your guests.

Isn’t this scalloped wall incredible? The best part: the pattern is made using a steamer pot lid! Practical and pretty, this is a DIY that anyone can totally accomplish.

Via Classy Clutter

OK, so if you’ve read my last post, you know that lately I’ve been a little obsessed with hand lettering. Naturally, I’m totally drawn to this wall covered with beautiful writing. It adds a pretty texture, and there’s so many different words that could be written. What encouraging message would you want to wake up to?

Via A Beautiful Mess

Small Tats, Big Impact

You know what they say for your first ink: it’s best to start small. If tattooing an entire wall is a little intimidating, try taking this trend on a smaller scale. I love the way this gallery wall is incorporated!


Geometric Designs for Modern Hearts

This is the most gorgeous teenage boy’s room I’ve ever seen. The accent wall’s geometric and metallic design (and that edgy black ceiling) makes this room worthy of a rock star.

Via Two Thirty-Five Designs

Call for Artists

Are you in tune with your inner artist? If so, grab a paint pen and tackle that boring blank wall that’s been staring at you since you moved into your home. Large scale graphic florals are a major upgrade for this previously plain-Jane wall.

Via Cheryl Heap

Temporary Tattoos

Are you super excited about these looks, but aren’t quite ready to commit to lasting results? Vinyl is a fun way to replicate the look, and you’ll be able to change or remove the pattern anytime. Nowadays, there are actually some pretty awesome vinyl patterns that look surprisingly chic.

I love the minimal geometry of this vinyl wall decoration. It gives a three-dimensional look without taking up any extra space in the room.

Via WallumsWallDecals on Etsy

Polka dots are always a major YES in my book. These dots add the perfect amount of pattern to this wall.

Via Project Nursery

So go ahead. Let loose the little kid inside you that longs to draw all over the walls. Trust us, no one will be trying to scrub this ink off.


Even if you weren’t blessed with your third grade teacher’s perfect handwriting, you can add incredible hand lettered items to your home. Check out these artists’ amazing items, and learn some tips and tricks for how to DIY.

Buy, Download, and Print

Want hand lettered decor in a hurry? Then buy online, download, print, put in an adorable frame, and display your new work of art! I’m personally loving the autumn hand lettering I’ve seen around Etsy – wouldn’t this be a great seasonal piece to display?

Via SheSheDesign on Etsy

Professional Art & Custom Design

Your words, their skills. Custom designed hand lettering allows you to get exactly what you want written, and it’s made by a professional artist so you know it’s going to look fierce. I’m seriously in love with these custom surnames. As a newlywed, I’d love to have one of these in my home showing off the newly shared last name!

Via Maggie Sichter of

I’m also in love with the custom calligraphy on these wood slices! This would look so cute in a young girl’s room.

Via AngelaDavidsonDesign on Etsy

…of course, if you want custom designs that include your style (and come without the price tag) it’s time to DIY! At this point, you may be wondering…

Where do I even begin?

Are you hooked on hand lettering now, but have no idea where to begin? I found this tutorial by Kiley in Kentucky to be a really helpful starting point. First tip? Lower expectations and more practice!

Via Kiley in Kentucky

Well-Rounded Design

Have you seen hand lettering nestled into a circle? This is a really cool way to step up your game once you’ve got a hang of the basics.

Via One Artsy Mama

Another way to make your designs look instantly more sophisticated is to add shadows and highlights. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds! Plus, this tutorial also features another cute coffee design, which is awesome because coffee and calligraphy are two things I can never get enough of.

Via One Artsy Mama


Although finding your own style is essential, gathering inspiration is a great way to get encouraged to create. There are a million and ten lettering examples I could share with you, but I’ll just leave a few of my favorites here. Hit up Pinterest for more amazing examples of hand lettering you can aspire to.

Via Ricardo Gonzalez on Behance

Let’s start hand lettering, my fellow creative souls. I can’t wait to see what you all make!

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