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Hi! My name is Jaime Favor, Crafty, DIY blogger of Raising up Rubies. I’m crazy excited to be here today, guest posting at Style Spotters!

Well, I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that… blessed with the privilege of raising two girls while being married to a handsome hubby … always trying to squeeze in some time to craft with my kids and decorate my home, while I dream up new ideas for my Etsy shop. I started my blog almost a year ago, and it has been a life-changing experience!  And the ride was about to get wild. While out to lunch, I received an email from Better Homes & Gardens Senior Editor, Kit Selzer! I almost caused a scene right there in the restaurant.

When Kit saw that my husband and I decided to turn our unused “formal living room” into a functional craft space, she asked if I would be interested in being featured on the “I Did It” page in the February issue of Better Homes & Gardens!  Would I be interested? … well, let me think for a sec… (1.2 seconds) umm YES! I think I must have told her thank you four hundred and seventy two times. By the time I hung up the phone with her, I wondered if she’d ever call back!

After chatting with Kit and setting up dates, we got right down to business.  I created a ridiculously long to-do-before-the-BHG-crew-arrives list, and with a lack of some sleep & a whole lot of caffeine, got everything done—just in time!  Art Director Jessica Thomas & Photographer Laura Moss walked into my home and I immediately felt at ease … it was like I had known them for forever!  They got right to work, and a whirlwind of activity began.  From setting up equipment outside my front window to staging props and furniture in the room … it felt like we were on a movie set! Double eek!

Watching the crew work was such a treat for me, to get to see how they design & photograph rooms to make them absolutely magazine worthy was so fun … they both worked their magic! Both ladies had an amazing attention to detail with great style and after a whole day of shooting, when it was time to say goodbye, I asked them if they wanted to come back tomorrow and do it again?? It was a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I tried hard that day to keep the time from passing too quickly,  so that I could really enjoy & learn from every minute of it.

I couldn’t say thank you enough to Kit, Jessica & Laura for making this stay-at-home mom’s dream come true! … and for choosing my home to be honored in the pages of a magazine that inspires us as women to turn our houses into homes. ♥ Thanks BHG!

Never ever be scared to take a room, or any space, out of its box, and turn it into something with a purpose!  To see a full tour of my craft space, and read about how we did it, take a peek at my blog Raising up Rubies … and be sure to say hello!

-Jaime Favor, Raising Up Rubies

What’s Hot Now: Customization on a budget

second Joanna–hacks are huge, and they’re not just limited to furniture and accessories. I’m seeing entire kitchens made from relatively inexpensive stock and flat-pack cabinetry, but you’d never know it from the creative mixing, matching, and modifying people are doing to get a custom look. Lindsay’s IKEA kitchen remodel on the Little House Blog is a great example of this trend. From finding the cabinets’ exact paint match to making a trash pullout from a base cabinet, she discovered so many ways to give her kitchen a built-in look.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog

What’s Next: 

1. Quartz countertops: Granite still remains a popular countertop choice, but solid quartz-surfacing is gaining ground, and I predict more homeowners will see the benefits of this cultured stone. Although the price is comparable to natural stone, quartz is available in a wide variety of colors and textures, it never has to be sealed, and it’s stain- scratch- and heat-resistant.


2.     Replacing tubs with showers: With a growing emphasis on universal design, I think we’ll see even more bath remodels with easy-to-access showers replacing old tubs, as well as more products that will make it easier for homeowners to make the conversion.

3. Herringbone floors: Hardwood floors set in a herringbone parquet pattern are hot right now. As the trend continues, I wonder if we’ll start to see the pattern in laminate, vinyl, and engineered wood versions?

  1. Trend I’d Lose: I might be the only person in the world who is getting a little bit tired of bold, two-color chevron.
  2. Blog I’m Loving: Cape 27 and The Hunted Interior are two current faves.
  3. Person I’m Following: Jenny Komenda. I admire her ability to boldly use color and see the potential in just about anything.
  4. Show I’m Watching: The Mindy Project. Besides that it makes me laugh, I love the eclectic vibe of Mindy’s apartment on the show.
  5. Store I’m Shopping: I need rugs in a couple rooms in my house, and I’ve clocked way too many hours on Rugs USA lately. The selection is amazing.
  6. Color I’m Coveting: Navy blue. I actually don’t need to covet any longer because I just painted a wall in my kitchen Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: I’ve been adding a few daintier gold pieces to my jewelry collection, and I’m searching for the perfect watch.

—Maria Charbonneaux, Associate Editor, Kitchen + Bath Makeovers

What’s Hot Now: Navy and Gold

The sophisticated combination of navy and gold has been seen in fashion and home decor for a couple of months now, and I love how preppy and chic the combo feels. The bold wallpaper and over-sized gold mirror in this entryway makes a big first impression!

What’s next: 

1. Metallics – and not just one metallic, people are becoming more comfortable with mixing metallics. In the same way people wear black and navy together, using different shades of gold and silver in a room shows fearless style.

2. Florals – Seen all over the runway for spring, florals are popping up in everything home design. This table cloth from Anthropologie looks like a watercolor and even though it’s floral, it feels modern.

[Anthropologie Begonia Tablecloth]

3. Meaningful Decor – While this isn’t necessarily a style trend, it’s becoming more and more apparent that people are more interested in quality rather than quantity in their homes. They want the things they live with everyday to mean something. They want to love what is in their home because no one can afford to completely re-decorate their house as often. I see people are holding out for the one thing they really want, rather than settling for something close that will do ‘for now.’ Even in my own home, the accessories in our most used rooms are family photos, meaningful buys from our travels or pieces passed down from family. I have to say, I’m loving this trend!

  1. Trend I’d Lose: Peekaboo dresses and tops. Mesh doesn’t count as a shirt, people!
  2. Blog I’m Loving:Habitually Chic
  3. Person I’m Following: Katie Bower of Bower Power. I’m dying to see their huge kitchen remodel unfold – it’s almost finished!
  4. Show I’m Watching:Happy Endings (on ABC). Not only is the show hilarious, they all live in these beautiful Chicago condos, ranging from a mod highrise to a cozy cottage-y studio.
  5. Store I’m Shopping: Zara Home
  6. Color I’m Coveting:Pantone’s color of the year, Emerald, of course! The color looks fantastic on every skin tone, with every hair color, and who doesn’t love emerald jewelry?
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: Glittery earrings. Tis the season, right?

- Kelly Eagle, Associate Home Editor for


What’s Hot Now:

1. minerals: Diamonds aren’t the only interesting rock pulled out of the ground–minerals of all colors give off a rarified, traveled vibe. Agate is huge right now and super affordable (the coasters above are only $12). Smoky quartz is more pricey, but is totally the suave James Bond of the mineral family. My prediction for the next big mineral? Titanium-coated quartz crystals. Tell me that doesn’t look like neon Kryptonite. So cool!
2. hacks and personalization: Not only do tutorials and inspiration for hacks abound, it’s now a point of pride to be able to say you gold-leafed that frame yourself or that your new rustic wooden headboard? It’s a shipping palette, stained. “If you can dream it, you can do it” is a cliche, but it’s never seemed more spot-on.


get the minerals above: The Evolution Store

 What’s Next:


1. emerald and other jewel tones: Pantone just declared Emerald the color of 2013 (which I love!). I think the other jewel tones aren’t far behind: sapphire, ruby, citrine, and more.
2. southwestern: The earthy geometrics of Southwestern style are going to hit the big time next year–it’s the all-American version of kilims, suzanis, and the other storied textiles we’ve seen for the last several years.

source: Pantone


Style Q&A:


Trend I’d Lose: ’70s-inspired furniture design. Yeeee-uck.
Blogs I’m Loving: The Marion House Book, The Everygirl
Person I’m Following: Not at all design-related, but: @RE_DailyMail for my Royal news fix, @MarsCuriosity because I’m a pseud0 space geek, and @AshtonJEaton because seriously, was he not the nicest guy at the Olympics?
Show I’m Watching: Elementary. I love Sherlock in almost every iteration, but I especially love his raw, slightly trashed brownstone.
Store I’m Shopping: You’ll rarely find me in a brick and mortar store. My favorite online finds: Plume Textiles–I fell in love with the gorgeous pillows here when I called them in for a photo shoot. And Khristian A. Howell’s prints, notecards, shower curtains, and other goodies are so happy!
Color I’m Coveting: I edit the magazine’s monthly Color feature, so my favorite color changes all the time! Right now, I’m stuck on Lady Liberty 585 by Ben Moore.
Accessories I’m Adding: At home, bookends. And family photos–that was my New Year’s Resolution. For myself, wood and gold bangles and stud earrings.


–Joanna Linberg, Associate Home Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

Being a kitchen and bath editor, I see more kitchens and baths than I ever thought possible (I love my job!), and although each room is different, they start to feel and look the same. So, I’m always searching for something that makes the space stand out: a great use of color, an excellent tile backsplash, or, in this case, built-in open shelving. Open shelving never fails to provide an opportunity to personalize a space, while built-in shelving has a more high-end look (even when it’s not an expensive custom design). The result is a simple book shelf, bold accent wall–or somewhere in between–that looks great and lets you show off your character.

This setup takes advantage of a kitchen nook by adding countertop space and sleek storage. Essentials are kept behind closed doors below, while a cookbook library and stand-out serving pieces add color and texture to the modern design with traditional decor.

In some cases, it’s as much about what you have on your open shelves as what’s behind them. The unembellished cabinetry in this kitchen is clean-lined and contemporary, but a slightly rustic wallpaper keeps the space from feeling too edgy. The subtle pattern lets the items adorning the shelves take center stage in the decor.


Then there’s the pièce de résistance of built-in open shelving: striking composition, eye-catching location, and perfectly picked decoration. This floor-to-ceiling display creates an elegant backdrop for an in-kitchen breakfast nook. The furniture-like surrounding gives the table it’s own atmosphere that feels separate from the kitchen, enhancing the dining experience. The mix of colors, textures, and shapes used to decorate the shelves complements the room–and homeowner’s personality.

Finally, I couldn’t leave this exceptional space behind. Most often we see towels, glass canisters, and soaps on display in the bath–and rightfully so. But this bath uses a more sophisticated approach. Although I wouldn’t call this splash-proof or kid-friendly, there’s just something calming about seeing a tub designed as a quiet retreat.

While it’s admittedly easier to plan open shelving into a new kitchen design or remodel, you can add it to the space you have, too. Can you carve book nook into a wall that’s lacking character? Replace a portion of a long run of cabinets with open shelving to break up the dull doors? Maybe just give built-ins a try by removing a couple cabinet doors to open up shelving that’s already part of your space. Whatever you choose, it’s a blank canvas for you to perk up your kitchen or bath. And if you’re looking for tips to get your open shelving looking stellar, check out this helpful post from Centsational Style and BHG blogger, Kate. She’ll help you find the perfect things to display–and how to display them.

-Kristina McGuirk, Assistant Editor, Kitchen and Bath Ideas

Pantone, the keepers of everything color, just announced their 2013 color of the year. And — drum roll, please — it’s emerald! This lush, luxe green is earthy yet sophisticated, with a tone that calls to mind lush velvet and sparkly gemstones. It can be dressed up (tufted couches and silky fabrics) or dressed down (camp blankets and botanical charts). What’s your favorite way to incorporate emerald?

To check out my shopping guide for all things emerald, click here.

- Alexa Fornoff, SHOP BHG editor

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