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TREND: Special Treatment on Ceilings

Often the ceilings in a home are left plain and white.
Forgotten and ignored. It’s sad, really.

Not anymore!

On blogs everywhere and on the pages of our magazines, I’m seeing ceilings in every room of the house getting special treatment.


In this bathroom, the lilac walls are a fashion-forward choice, but it’s the darker plum ceiling that creates the cozy feeling in this spacious master bath. With such bold colors in the bathroom, the rest of the room is kept fairly simple with white countertops, white accents and a neutral colored floor. Don’t be afraid to paint ceilings a shade or two darker than the wall color. If you want to create a cozy, cocoon-like feel, it’s the perfect way to do so without overhauling the room.



One of the easiest ways to add personality to your ceiling — without painting it a bold hue or giving it a serious overhaul — is to add a distinctive ceiling medallion. This works best in rooms with one large light fixture, rather than one with many sources of light. You can find them at your local big box stores, as well as more intricate ones at salvage shops. We did this in our daughter’s room above an IKEA chandelier. It just helps to makes the room feel special and dressed up.



If you feel like making a bolder choice for your ceilings, you could add paneling or beams – or in this kitchen’s case: both. A couple of weeks ago Editor Kristina McGuirk talked about the resurgence of paneling in kitchens, and this post showcases that thinking. Pickled poplar on the ceiling of this kitchen balances the rest of the room’s elegant and gracious decor.



Or you can go the route of simple beams from some reclaimed wood. In this renovated farmhouse, the low ceilings were very low, so they were opened up to the studs and beams of reclaimed wood were added for architectural interest and needed support. The crisp white of the rest of the decor is the perfect counterpoint to these rough and rustic beams.


So no matter the proportions of your room or the room in general, don’t forget the ceiling when you’re updating and refreshing. Give the ceiling some love, too!


- Kelly Eagle, Home Editor,


Trend: Faux Wood 

Our editors first saw the faux wood trend last year at the annual tile and bath show in Italy, mostly in the form of wood-look tile. One of my favorite pictures the editors shared is this ceramic tile which looks like whitewashed wood with vintage-style text printed on some of the ‘planks.’

It would be great as a floor, but would be even more fun as an accent wall in a living room, or even covering an entryway.

Then, while I was at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last month in New Orleans, faux wood was appearing everywhere and on everything! One of my favorite faux wood pieces was a bathroom vanity made with digital wood from Robern. It’s just what it sounds like ‘ digital images of wood pressed between pieces of glass on the sides and front of this bathroom vanity.

It’s a very modern look, yet with the wood grain it feels warm — it was stunning in person! And is it crazy that I am also in love with  how easy it would be to clean?

We even hopped on the trend here at BHG. You may have noticed the floors in the Behind the Scenes look at the “How to Clean Tile” video I shared here on the blog looked an awful lot like wood. Nope, it was ceramic tile!

Once you start looking for the trend, you will notice it everywhere.

If you want the get the look in your own home, here are some fun options:


Where would you put faux wood in your home? On the floor? The walls? Or use it in a piece of furniture or accessory?


- Kelly Eagle, Associate Home Editor,

Hi all! Kelly Eagle, digital editor for here!

Most days I write about beautiful kitchens and baths and hopefully inspire you with lots of ideas, but the other week I stepped away from my computer (I know!) for a couple of days in the video studio.

Over the course of two days we shot eight how-to videos. Since it’s not often that I get to help produce shoots, it was fascinating all over again: the importance of propping the shots so they look pretty and real; showing every step in the process and not skipping over details because they are complicated, ugly or difficult to shoot; and working in another medium made for a fun couple of days.


Molly, The Talent.


We shot how to clean tile floor, and once you see the video, you won’t know we used such a small area of tile or that it was raised off the floor.

The team and I also had some fun watching the process on the monitors.


Her feet look normal, right?


I’m also thrilled we shot this video (below) and I can’t wait to show you the beautiful tile backsplash we installed – and give you all of the tips and tricks to do it yourself.


It’s easier than you think!


Soon we’ll be able to share all eight of these fantastic new kitchen and bath videos with you, until then, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!


- Kelly Eagle, Associate Editor,




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