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I am always looking at areas around our home and pushing myself to get creative with how we maximize our living area. Many houses are built with nooks and crannies that are just begging to be utilized, and with a little smart thinking, these small spots can function as big as an entire room! Here are ten examples of how unused closets and alcoves can turn into stylish and practical spaces.


Organized Entryway Nook


You only need a few feet of space to add shoe storage, a bench, cubbies or hooks and shelving; all of which are the magical equation to a family friendly entryway.

Book Nook:

Organized Book Nook


The space above shows how a small nook was maximized by adding a wall-to-wall cushioned bench with storage above and below for toys and books. This space can easily evolve into a quiet and tranquil space for teens and adults as well.

Beverage Bar:

Organized Kitchen Nook

Heading into the kitchen, nooks have the ability to create a nifty beverage station. Whether you opt to serve coffee or wine, a combination of counter and shelving will set you up for success to entertain an entire crowd or to whip up a morning cup of your favorite brew.

Breakfast Nook:

Organized Breakfast Nook


By installing a wall-to-wall banquette seat, service for two can turn into service for four or more!

Study/Work Zone:

Organized Closet Nook

(via | via)

If I had my way, I would install mini work zones in almost every room of our home. There are times when the kids like to do their homework near us, and other times when they do it in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Occasionally I like to take a break from our home office to catch up on bills and work during a movie. Small nooks in the kitchen, living room and even bedrooms, are ideal for adding a writing surface and shelving to create floor to ceiling practicality.

Craft Closet:

Organized Craft Nook


Why hide those pretty crafting supplies, when you can display them in a beautiful way? Wall-to-wall counter top creates a work surface, while pegboard and shelving provide an abundance for storage for a variety of supplies. Pull up a stool when the creative mood strikes, which is sure to be often when your craft nook is always open and available.

Laundry Land:

Organized Laundry Nook

An entire room dedicated to laundry is a luxury, but not a necessity. When you make the most of vertical space with the help of hooks, shelves, trays, baskets and canisters, you can easily fall in love with loading the washer and dryer with linens and daily wears.

Bunk Beds:

Organized Bunk Nook


With the help of a ladder and lighting, double your sleeping space by building in darling bunks for the kids and their pals.


Organized Vanity Nook


No need to head off to a five star hotel to feel pampered, a small bedroom or bathroom alcove can offer the same amount of luxury right at home.

Linen Storage:

Organized Bathroom Nook

Bathrooms are generally on the smaller side when it comes to available storage space, but all you really need is a foot or two of wall area to add a plethora of linen and toiletry organization. Whether you go with open shelving or built-in drawers and cabinets, you are sure to appreciate the extra space for your daily bath necessities.

Do I have you convinced to look at those nooks, crannies and alcoves in a whole new light? Isn’t it amazing how much functionality can come from only a few feet of space?

When we built our home 14 years ago, we were young and child-less. Now, we have three very active young boys, and the biggest and only home regret I have is that we didn’t account for a proper entryway. Over the years we have tried a variety of creative ways to effectively manage the small area of wall inside of our front door. Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite tips for creating a functional and family friendly entryway, where there once was none.

Slim Shoe Cabinets

Organized Shoe Cabinet


This shoe cabinet is straight from our home, and it has been a lifesaver for quite a few years now. Found at IKEA, this slim shoe cabinet has the ability to store shoes for our entire family of five, takes up very little floor and wall space, and also offers storage for keys, dog leashes, charging cords and stationery. I can attest that this is one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in our entire home.


Organize with Hooks


Install a rail (or two) or hooks behind your door for slim hanging storage. They will add instant and space saving storage for jackets and handbags as well as umbrellas and outdoor accessories. The other benefit of hooks is that they are super simple for the entire family to utilize.


Entryway Credenza

Not only does a credenza style cabinet offer the ability to conceal boots and shoes and other entryway clutter, it also creates a decorative “wow” element. Credenzas can be found inexpensively on Craigslist and at thrift stores, and with a little paint and some pretty new hardware, they become showstopping storage to welcome you home each day.

Slim Console Tables

DIY Entryway Console Table


Console tables are another smart way to add storage and flair to your entryway. Their slenderness ensures they don’t take up a lot of real estate in an already small space, the area below the table is a prime spot for a tray of boots and a basket of shoes, and the surface of the table creates the perfect landing zone for piles of mail, loose change and keys.

Bookcases and Modular Systems

Entryway Bookcase Storage

Another heroic space saving option, bookcases have the ability to transform into a creative entryway closet. Lower adjustable shelves are ideal for footwear while the upper portion can become hanging storage with the addition of a few hooks. Utilize the shelves and walls of the cabinet to add additional solutions for everyday essentials such as cold weather accessories, paper piles and handbags.

Entryway Bookcase Storage


Modular pieces mix and match to create a combination of vertical storage and entryway seating. Their versatility allows you to customize the design to your given space, while the combination of open and concealed storage keeps visual clutter tucked away and the daily necessities right within reach.

Each one of these examples take up a very small footprint right inside of the front door. They create the feeling of a designated entryway or mudroom, by maximizing a single wall. The goal is to create an organized place to drop your daily gear, while keeping it decorative and cohesive with the remainder of your home.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or solution for creating entryway functionality in a nonexistent entryway?

Happy New Year everyone! Raise your hand if one of your resolutions was to “Get More Organized”. I know organization consistently makes it on my list of annual goals because it really does play such an important role in so many areas of our lives. However, it is also important to be specific about the areas you plan to place focus, and also to set small and obtainable goals. Today I am going to share a few simple and easy areas of focus for many of the main living spaces of any home, which may help you to narrow down your 2016 plans into achievable organizational action plans.


Organized Entryway

  • Think about the items that you carry in and out of your home each day, and then assign a designated place for each of those items. Items to consider are mail, keys, handbag/wallet, shoes, backpacks, umbrellas, etc…
  • Use a tray for shoes and boots to keep dirt and water contained and to protect your flooring.
  • Consider swapping out hangers for hooks as they are easier and quicker for family members to utilize.


Organized Living Room

  • Transfer your DVD’s to sleeves stored inside of media boxes or binders to save on shelving space.
  • Storage ottomans allow toys and video game components to be tucked away between uses, while also offering extra seating or a place to prop up your feet at the end of a long day.
  • Add an over-sized basket near your sofa to catch throw pillows and extra cozy blankets.


Organized Kitchen

  • Kitchen counters tend to be the place where all household clutter lands. Analyze the types of items that fall on the counters each day and set up a designated drop zone or command station for things such as mail/school paperwork, keys, change, small office supplies, important reminders, etc…
  • As simple as it sounds, add dividers to each of your drawers. The dividers not only keep things tidy and prevent drawer contents from shifting, they also require you to think before tossing cooking tools and gadgets inside any drawer.
  • Organize your cabinets and drawers based on how you utilize your kitchen. Place pots and pans near your stove, leftover food containers near the refrigerator and plates and bowls near the dishwasher.
  • Inside of the pantry, create zones based on food types and meals. Keep all breakfast items on a single shelf, create a zone or kit for quick lunch packing and a section for putting together larger dinner meals.


Organized Home Office

  • Setup a calendar/appointment management system that can be seen and utilized by the entire family. There are many apps available for digital loving families, while large whiteboard calendars in a central location also work quite well.
  • Utilize drawers or stacking trays to create a proper paper work flow that fits your daily lifestyle. Also utilize a shredder to be sure you are recycling paperwork frequently and only keeping what is necessary for accounting and tax purposes.
  • Switch to paperless statements whenever possible to reduce the amount of paper piles that hit your desk in the first place.
  • Keep your most frequently used office supplies organized inside of a desktop caddy or in an easy to access drawer to prevent any slowdowns throughout your work sessions.
  • Schedule 15 minute weekly refresh sessions to give your work space a clean slate and start your weeks off on the right foot.


Organized Bathroom

  • Add a small cleaning kit under the sink for quick daily wipe downs. Keeping cleaning supplies in each bathroom encourages frequent cleanings of one of the germiest rooms of the house.
  • If bathroom space is limited, utilize a slim bookcase to act as a stand-in linen closet for toiletries and towels.
  • Make use of the bathroom door with over-the-door organizers that contain baskets and hooks.
  • Acrylic organizers are ideal in bathrooms for cosmetic and toiletry organization because they allow products to shine and they are easy to keep clean.


Organized Laundry Room

  • Create small stations/kits for daily washing essentials such as detergents, dryer sheets, clothes pins, stain remover and dryer balls.
  • Add a stain removal cheat sheet above the washer for quick solutions to those daily messses.
  • Simplify your sorting routine. With the newer washers and detergents on the market, many items can now be (carefully) washed together. Don’t over analyze the number of clothing categories necessary to complete a load of laundry, as it will only create more piles and cause a back-log of wash.
  • Dedicate one laundry basket to each family member. After each load is washed, the clean clothes go into the family member’s basket to be put away.
  • Wash socks in mesh laundry sacks to prevent losing them inside the cavities of the machines.

So who is ready to tackle a few quick organizing projects around your home? Each of the tips mentioned above shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to impliment yet should yield positive results and exciting changes to your daily routines. Cheers to an organized 2016 everyone!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?

Leading up to the holidays, I found myself viewing an abundance of holiday gift guides, many which promoted clothing accessories as “the perfect gift idea”. Did you receive jewelry, scarves, belts or handbags as gifts during the holidays?

With all of the accessories that were given and received this season, I thought I would share some really fun ways to organize and display those items, as well as my favorite accessory storage products. Let’s dive right in..


Accessory Storage - Hooks

Hooks are one of the easiest and most straight forward ways to manage accessories. Double robe hooks are perfect for belts and scarves, while single hooks can create a decorative display for hats.

Accessory Storage - Hats

image via a beautiful mess


Accessory Storage - Socks/Scarves

Anything from a drawer divider to a shoe box can create an organizer perfect for folding and rolling small clothing accessories. Place the smaller organizers inside of drawers and boxes to maximize the space in your closet.


Accessory Storage - Socks/Scarves

Tubing created from PVC piping or shipping canisters create a smart and budget friendly drawer organizer, sized perfectly for rolled scarves, belts and ties.

Unconventional Options:

Accessory Storage - Necklaces

Some of the best jewelry organizers are products found by shopping in other departments and areas of the home. Items such as paper towel holders for necklaces and bracelets, egg crates for rings and earrings, desk organizers for makeup and nail polish, and towel rods for scarves, are all examples of versatile storage products typically found in the kitchen or home office.


Accessory Storage - DIY

image via iheart organizing

Some of the best jewelry organizers I have seen, have been created right at home with a little creativity. Above, a bracelet holder was crafted from a recycled paper towel roll covered in fabric.

Accessory Storage - DIY

image via style by emily henderson

These necklaces hang on display thanks to a simple wood block paired with a slim wooden dowel.

Accessory Storage - DIY

image via style me pretty

An old painted shutter creates a charming way to organize and display earrings.

Narrow Shelving:

Accessory Storage - Nail Polish

image via zygomatics

When space is limited, narrow shelving or picture ledges can really maximize a small area of wall in a bathroom or a closet. Utilize the shelves to hold nail polish, jewelry, small handbags and perfumes.


Accessory Storage - Handbags

image via polished habitat

Acrylic organizers are wonderful options for accessories because they allow you to see your options and really create great outfit pairings. They also create chic displays in your bedroom or closet, that double as decor. Lastly, they are designed to stand the test of time, and are the easiest of all options to maintain and clean. Above, the handbags are displayed in DIY’d acrylic wall organizers, while below, acrylic magazine files keep small clutches and wallets corralled and visible as well.

Accessory Storage - Handbags

image via perpetually chic

What is your favorite way to organize and display your clothing accessories?

Accessory Storage - Products

tiered organizer | wall display | belt organizer | handbag organizer | sunglass box | swivel organizer | double hook | scarf organizer | display box | hat box | handbag storage box | jewelry stand

This time of the year tends to sneak up on me so quickly, but I always welcome it with open arms. I love gathering with friends and family, hosting parties, giving gifts and snuggling in with cable knit throws and a warm cup of cocoa. And who can forget the decorating?

Not only do I love to be organized this time of year, I also love to give the gift of organization! Below you will find a room-by-room holiday gift guide based on my favorite storage solutions.


Organized Entryway

Entryway Storage Product Picks

Entryway Storage Product Picks


Storage Bench: This bench not only offers a place to hide shoe clutter, it also provides a place to sit and acts as a temporary catchall.

Hooks: Hooks keep it quick and easy for the entire family to hang their daily belongings.

Wall Organizer: Wall pockets and organizers are a great place to toss keys, sunglasses and mail when entering the home.

Small Dish: I always love to add a small dish to entryways to catch spare change and little pocket finds.

Charging Station: Hide the cords and give your technology a charge with a simple station that blends seamlessly with any decor.



Organized Living Room

Living Room Storage Product Picks

Living Room Storage Product Picks


Media Boxes: These gems are perfect for hiding and organizing everything from photos to media cases to small games and electronics.

Bookshelf: Bookshelves are my favorite organizing solution for just about any space, and the living room is where I most frequently add these towers of storage. They are endlessly versatile and make the most of the room’s vertical space.

Storage Ottoman: Great for hiding games, toys and electronics, they also double as a place to sit or rest your feet at the end of a long day.

Large Basket: Add an over-sized basket between chairs or at the end of the sofa to provide a place to stash extra pillows and throw blankets.

Remote Caddy: A remote caddy is a great reminder to the entire family that remotes have a place to call home between television viewing sessions.



Organized Kitchen

Kitchen Storage Product Picks

Kitchen Storage Product Picks

Rolling Cart: Rolling carts not only add additional storage to a space that needs it most, they also add a second work surface. The rolling ability keeps the piece mobile and versatile, allowing it to stay out or tucked away between uses.

Multi-Purpose Bins: These rank as my favorite kitchen storage, I use them in my fridge and freezer for sorting foods by category, in the pantry for lunch making kits and under the kitchen sink to corral cleaning supplies.

Adjustable Drawer Dividers: Drawers are the quickest areas in the kitchen to become a jumbled mess, and that mess can really slow you down in the heat of the cooking moment. Dividers keep things in their place, while also making it harder to just toss items into a drawer and close it. Add in an adjustable option and you won’t lose an inch of valuable storage space.

Food Storage Containers: These containers are perfect for storing both dry goods in the pantry or leftovers in the fridge. I generally recommend finding something that is airtight and clear, allowing you to extend the life of your food and also giving you a quick visual of the contents without the need to label.

Pull Out Cabinet Organizer: Cabinets are a dark and deep place and a pull out organizer will keep everything within reach. Look for tiered options which also make the most of the cabinet’s vertical space.



Organized Home Office

Home Office Storage Product Picks

Office Storage Product Picks

Desktop Organizer: A desktop organizer is great for holding files and frequently used office supplies; plus, acrylic always looks fabulous!

Calendar: Desktop calendars allow you to stay on top of your dates and schedules while managing appointments, budgets and meetings.

File Box: With the world heading into a lovely paperless age, desktop file boxes are taking the place of larger filing cabinets. They are great for categorizing paperwork by type (i.e. business, bills, kid’s schoolwork, etc…) and are easily toted to any area of the home.

Trays: Trays are always a win because they provide the opportunity to corral a variety of items in a practical and beautiful way.

Pouches: Perfect for coupons, travel docs, personal care items, electronics and cords… these pouches offer endless opportunities to organize your office and laptop tote.



Organized Bedroom

Bedroom Storage Product Picks

Bedroom Storage Product Picks


Clothing Boxes: Protect your daily wears in decorative storage boxes. These boxes are ideal for storing sweaters, hats, accessories and even shoes.

Scarf Organizer: A scarf organizer makes the most of your closet space and can also be used for organizing belts and ties.

Under Bed Boxes: These are ideal for storing off-season clothing, extra bed linens and even small exercise equipment.

Jewelry Organizer: With the ability to hold necklaces, bracelets and earrings, these jewelry trees are a one stop shop each morning when dressing up your attire.

Folding Board: Make laundry a little more fun with the help of this folding board. The board aids you in folding tops and sweaters into beautiful, uniform stacks.



Organized Bathroom

Bathroom Storage Product Picks

Organized Bathroom Storage


Acrylic Caddy: Both classy and easy to keep clean, this caddy can take on most bathroom storage tasks (think manicure supplies, makeup and small toiletries).

Over-the-Door Hooks: I find that hanging up towels and robes is so much quicker and easier than folding and using a towel bar. The over-the-door hooks keep the visual clutter hidden behind a door and maximizes small bathroom storage.

Narrow Cabinet: Narrow bookcases and cabinets act as stand-in linen closets.

Tank Tray: Add a little glam to the loo with an acrylic tank tray. It provides the perfect place to corral a candle, paper products and a plant, keeping your bathroom both organized and beautiful.

Hair Tool Sleeve: This sleeve acts as a mat to protect your counter from the heat of your hair tools, and then slips over the tool while storing it in a drawer or suitcase.



Do you have any storage items on your wish list this year?

Armoires have been around for generations; yet continue to impress me in the world of storage. They offer an endless variety of functions, making them a prime candidate to be used in just about every room in the home.

An armoire is best described as a large wardrobe or cupboard with doors and/or drawers. Today I am going to share examples of how this amazing piece of furniture can work some organizing magic in most common home spaces.


Armoire - Entryway

Unfortunately, many homes are not designed with a large entryway or coat closet. Yet this space can ultimately become one of the highest traffic areas in the abode. Tame the coat, handbag, boot and shoe clutter with an armoire cabinet. A rail manages the hanging items while drawers and shelves manage footwear and outdoor accessories.

Living Room:

Armoire - Living Room

(via Ballard Designs)

Growing up, I always remember visiting homes where families utilized armoires to hold their televisions. They still work great for that purpose today, however, they can also be used in the space to store folded blankets, stacks of board games and glossy magazines waiting to be read.

Home Office:

Armoire - Home Office

Because so many armoires are designed to hold televisions, they also can jump in and act as a place to setup a computer workstation. Take advantage of the doors for a place to keep important notes, papers and reminders, while the drawers work overtime to store smaller office supplies that come in handy during a good homework session or late night conference call.


Armoire - Kitchen

No pantry? No problem! An armoire acts as the perfect “stand-in” pantry, with an abundance of concealed shelving it is ready to hold dry goods and small appliances.

Dining Room:

Armoire - Dining Room

One of my personal favorite places to utilize an armoire, is in the dining room. Armoires are ideal for holding delicate china (and the doors can be removed to display your favorites!), as well as creating a small and personal bar area or serving station. The lower portion of the cabinet offers space for organizing party and entertaining supplies.


Armoire - Bathroom

(via Young House Love)

In the bathroom or bedroom, utilize wardrobes to hold extra linen and toiletry products. They are perfect for over-sized quilts, pillows, towels and bath robes. Add a few decorative trays or boxes to hold bathroom products such as bath salts and personal care items and you have created a handy linen closet where there once was none.


Armoire - Bedroom

Although many bedrooms are designed with a closet, often times there is a larger storage demand that the closet just can’t keep up with. If that is the case, the armoire saves the day again! Many are designed to act as a clothing closet, coming equipped with a rod and shelving, however, they can also hold off-season items, bedroom and bath linens and your growing shoe and accessory collection.

Laundry Room:

Armoire - Laundry Room

In the laundry room, an armoire can offer a place to hang clothing to dry (just be sure to leave the doors open or remove them all together). It also can hold laundry baskets and conceal everyday laundering and cleaning supply clutter.

Final Armoire Tips:

Armoire - Wallpaper

(via The Handmade Home)

Don’t be afraid to search for armoires at flea markets, thrift stores and on your local Craigslist site. Old armoires are often times the best built and have beautiful detailing, and are just in need of a little love. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware can do wonders for dated pieces. And to really make it special, consider lining the back with a beautiful paper.

Have you invested in one of the most versatile pieces of furniture on the market? How would you put one of these beauties to work in your own home?

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