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Woven Lighting: A Style-Friendly Choice

Whatever your style preference, we can all agree that a little texture goes a long way in home design. An easy way to add texture to a space is with woven materials. They have a universal appeal that feels casual and comfortable with an organic sensibility. There are many ways to add natural fibers to your home. An easy solution is baskets, but why not go a step further? Adding an overhead woven light fixture makes a bold statement without complicating the overall design aesthetic. It is a brave choice that is also style-friendly; it can feel beachy, rustic, bohemian, or modern depending on the size and shape. In addition, there are options out there to fit every budget, whether you are looking to try your hand at a DIY design , make a larger investment, or maybe something in-between.

Here are some stunning spaces using this versatile design element.

Let’s start in the dining room. Below are three distinct dining room lighting styles, and the contrast of texture, tone, and shape makes each room feel complete. The organic nature of the material also lends itself nicely to a rounded form, which feels more relaxed and is a nice complement to any space.

Amber Interiors


Becky Owens


Megan Martinez-The Glitter Guide


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to bathroom light fixtures. The warmth of fiber works well with other wood tones, whites, and metals. It gives a clean, natural aesthetic that draws you in.

BHG Julianne Hough


Woven pendants in the kitchen, what could be better? This works best when there is contrast and the cabinets are painted. The bold distinction between the navy, white, wheat, and caramel tones is a smart balance of color that all feels connected.

Studio McGee


Even when using a neutral palette, woven pendants over an island make for a classic statement in the kitchen.

Hammer Smith Atlanta


Your bedroom, hallway, entry, and mudroom are also perfect places to showcase this beautiful organic material. It plays nicely with whites, neutrals, bolder hues, and bright colors as well.

Casa de Valentina


SF Girl By Bay


Bodie & Fou


Happy decorating!

Jen-City Farmhouse

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  2. These are some beautiful examples of thinking outside of the box. I really like the way it highlighted the kitchen area in pictures 5 & 6. It seems to add a somewhat rustic yet modern feel without taking away from the lovely counter tops.Very interested in where you found these? Was it somewhere local to you or from somewhere online?

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  6. Very nice ideas . A client of our kitchen cabinets showroom in queens came with similar design idea for his home .

  7. I am decorating my little cottage in a black and white theme and can see the beauty of these woven light fixtures for adding warmth to my living room, bedroom, although I have to say I simply adore the two pendants over the island in the kitchen. What a snazzy look! I am always online looking for ideas to inspire me in the pursuit of creating my own dream interior. Great article. Thank you!

  8. We love this style of decor and some of our Bangkok Penthouses have this exact style. It makes the properties seem a lot more bright and comfortable, especially those condos with the high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.

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  10. I like that style, especially the lamps in the kitchen(picture number 4,5).We are making renovating and I will try to make my home something similar. Thanks for the ideas.

  11. Nice post – Thanks for sharing this kind of post with us. really very great stuff, keep posting…

  12. I love these! I especially love the woven light fixture in the gallery wall dining room. Now I’m going to have to look for some to add to my own house!

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