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DIY Numbered Party Glassware That Sparkles

DIY Numbered Party Glassware!

Okay: You’re at a holiday party, you go to grab your glass, and you forgot which drink is yours! This happens at almost EVERY family gathering I go to. Well, not anymore! Today I’m sharing how you can make your very own DIY numbered party glassware. The best part is that these things are dishwasher-safe. Yay!

Supplies needed:


Step 1: Pick out the font you’d like to use for the glassware, or if you have the Silhouette Cameo you can download my 1 – 5 number file. If you are doing this project without a machine and you like the font I used, you can download it here for free; simply print it out and trace onto the material if you are cutting by hand.

Step 2: Measure the area on your glassware where you’d like the numbers to go. Adjust the font size to fit on the measured area (the numbers on the file I provided are roughly 2 inches tall). Note: Don’t forget to mirror your font before cutting since you’re cutting the back of the glitter material.

Step 3: Following the directions on the material, use your machine to cut out the numbers. If you don’t have a machine, cut out your numbers by hand after you’ve traced them onto the material.

DIY Numbered Party Glassware!

Step 4: Line the number up on the glassware. Tip: I wanted to make sure I was placing the numbers in the same spot on each glass. To do this, I placed the same amount of water in the glass and lined up the bottom of my number with the top line of that water.

Step 5: Stick the glassware between something secure so the cup won’t roll away while you use a hot iron! Place a light fabric material over the glitter number. Using the iron (with the steam off) and the settings set to cotton, iron the number onto the glassware with even pressure while continuing to move the iron (don’t sit in one spot).

DIY Numbered Party Glassware!Step 6: You are done! So far I’ve only run these through the dishwasher once and the stickers are still on there. From what I’ve read, this process should keep this glassware dishwasher-safe for a long time. Silhouette School tested out this entire process and said their glassware still has the stickers!

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We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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