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6 Steps to Perfect Matte Lip Color

On and off the red carpet, matte lip color is making a statement. The matte lip look is essentially gloss-free and opaque, meaning it’s not afraid to show all the cracks and crevices of your lips. But with the right preparation and application, anyone can rock the style. Follow these steps to get a perfect matte pout.

1. Prepare Lips

First things first, you’ll want to start with bare, clean lips before applying any products. After that, exfoliate your lips. Because matte lipsticks and glosses tend to be drying, it’s important that your lips are in tip-top shape and are free of dead skin. You can exfoliate your lips by using a wet toothbrush to scrub your lips in a circular motion, or you can make your own lip exfoliator.

Dana of The Wonder Forest makes a DIY homemade lip scrub with honey, brown sugar, white sugar, and olive oil. Not only is this lip scrub made of natural ingredients, but each ingredient also provides good-for-you vitamins that assist in lip health. After exfoliating, apply your favorite lip balm and let it sit on your lips for a few minutes before wiping off with a tissue.

Via The Wonder Forest

2. Pick a Color

Although matte lipsticks are known to wear pretty well, too-dark colors may leave lips looking cracked and dried-out when they start to fade. Ty of Gorgeous in Grey suggests sticking with neutral-colored hues, such as red, pinks, and corals. There are also many varieties of matte lip products, including lip pencils, lipstick, and glosses. It’s all up to personal preference; try playing around with different formulas to find what works best for your lips. If you’re new to matte lip color, I suggest trying Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Color ($8, — the glosses are affordable and there are a variety of wearable colors.

3. Line Lips

Before applying your matte lip color, line your lips with a color close to your main matte shade. Lining the border of your lips will prevent feathering of the color outside your lip line, while filling in the remainder of your lips with liner will give matte lip color a base to stick on. Try Lorac’s Alter Ego Lipliner ($17, to get a bold pout.

Via Makeup and Beauty Blog

4. Apply Color

Now apply your matte lip color as you would a regular lipstick or gloss. However, I would suggest having a makeup remover wipe on hand. Matte color dries faster than silky finishes, so you’ll need some extra help to wipe away runaway color if you have a hiccup. She’s in the Glow‘s Anabel gives tips on applying lipstick like a pro: start on your upper lip, right below your cupid’s bow, and bring to the outer corners. Rub lips together before applying to bottom lip. If you feel the need, apply the color with a lip brush for precision (we like Bite Beauty, $20,

Via The Anna Edit

5. Conceal

To further prevent feathering of your color and to ensure a crisp, clean line, apply concealer to the outside border of your lips. Beauty guru of Taken by Surprise, Jessica, uses concealer and a concealer brush (Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer comes with a built-in brush, $21, to cover up any uneven areas around lips. This helps the color on your lips stay put; just make sure to blend out the concealer.

6. Remove

To remove matte lip color, simply apply a lip balm with your finger and wipe away with a tissue. If there is still color in the cracks of your lips, an all-purpose makeup remover (like NYX Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, $8, will do the trick. Don’t forget to moisturize lips afterwards!


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