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7 Unique and Chic DIY Garlands for Fall

Fall decor is everywhere you turn this time of year. Some tried-and-true decor, while traditional and seasonal, can slip past the eye unnoticed in the been-there-done-that way. Not in your home though! Instead, you’ll break from the usual gourds, pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones and DIY your way to some unexpected and chic fall garlands. Around your front door, over your mantel, or even up your banister, these decorative fall garlands will catch eyes and inspire style for you and your guests.

 1. Copper and Burlap

This unexpected combo comes from the mind of Melissa, a blogger friend of One Krieger Chick, Ariean. When she pulled apart the pieces of an outdated artificial wreath, she realized she could use more than just the wreath’s frame. Setting aside all but the faux leaves for this project, Melissa also brought out leaf-shaped burlap and copper paint for this simple and stylish copper and burlap garland. Secured to twine with mini clothespins, these leaves are the perfect combination of fall and chic.

Image Via: One Krieger Chick

2. DIY Book Page Garland

Rather than spend $40 on the book-page garland she found at the market, Duchess of York blogger Brittany decided she could make her own on the cheap. And by cheap, we mean free. She already had all the supplies at home, and chances are good you do, too! If you don’t have old books to disassemble, just pop down to a flea market or used books store and pick a couple up for a dollar or two. Once you’ve done that, check out the steps for Brittany’s DIY book page garland.

Image Via: Duchess of York

3. Crepe Paper Leaf Garland

Another Brittany in the blogosphere has her own take on fall garlands. She created this ombre fall garland out of crepe paper over at her blog The House that Lars Built. Be inspired by her beautiful photos, follow the step-by-step tutorial, or watch the how-to video. The options are endless!

Image Via: The House that Lars Built

4. Tribal Leaf Garland

You need only four supplies for this cute and crafty garland. String, leaves, glue, and a paint marker. Heather and her husband made this variegated leaf garland after an inspiring family road trip. The Twin Dragonfly Design blogger gathered up some leaves from their trip and painted them with funky tribal designs. Evenly spaced and glued to the twine, this is a decoration that will grab guests’ attention.

Image Via: Twin Dragonfly Designs

5. Glittery Paper Feather Garland

These glitter-dipped feathers are made from paper. Hard to believe, I know, but this garland is so simple to make. Lia Griffith used this paper and glitter feather garland on her Christmas tree, but it is lovely enough, not only for the holiday season, but for fall as well! She provides a simple step-by-step guide and downloadable feather templates.

Image Via: Lia Griffith

6.DIY Eucalyptus Garland

Amy thinks the best way to bring the fall feeling into your home is to incorporate greens and flowers into your decor. The surprising, beautiful hint of green she incorporated is a branch of Eucalyptus, turned garland. After cutting the branch into tinier sections, Amy attaches each small branch section to the string with bits of wire, overlapping each branch for a continuous look. Check out her detailed process at her blog Homey Oh My!

Image Via: Homey Oh My!

7. Washi Tape Leaf Garland

Crafting this Washi Tape garland was a walk in the park for crafter and blogger Angie. The farmhouse-flair wife and mother chronicles how to decorate, cut, seal, hole-punch, and hang this stylish garland over at Crafts Unleashed. She used tape to imbue a rustic theme, but feel free to make the design match any decorative themes in your home.

Image Via: Crafts Unleashed

Fall decor can be trendy and chic, and these bloggers show us how to do it. Give one (or more!) of these projects a shot this weekend, and let me know how they turn out. What will you decorate? Your mantel, the front door? I’ve got a spiral staircase just asking to be decorated.

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