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DIY-ify: Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords!

Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords!

Trend: Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords!

The power cord situation is pretty messy in my home. Our pile of unorganized cords always get mixed up and it’s frustrating to figure out which cord is mine when I’m digging through a drawer, or just trying to plug in my phone. I’ve had enough of this mess and I finally cleaned it up. It’s super easy to clean up cords when you use the cute sticker labels I created just for organizing my power cords. Explore the post below to see how you can download these labels and organize your cords!

Supplies needed to make these stickers for your home:


Step 1: Download my free printable labels! I’ve provided two different styles for you. The first style is my crazy and wild label set, the next is more simple with one color on each label.A quick note: I have learned that my printer does something very weird when printing these labels. Apparently it moves the print up about 1/4 inch when printing and the stickers do not line up. If you find your printer does the same thing, download my adjusted labels here: Adjusted Wild Labels print and Adjusted Colorful Labels print.

Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords!

Step 2: Follow the directions for printing your labels on the Avery package. Remember, print these labels at 100% and do not fit to page. I also suggest printing out a test copy on printer paper before printing onto the stickers. Hold the test print up behind the sticker sheet and see if they line up. If they don’t, maybe try downloading my adjusted labels I mentioned in Step 1.

Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords!

Step 3: Peel off the stickers and fold them onto the end of the cords. Use a permanent marker to write down what that cord is used for. Done!

Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords! Pretty Labels to Organize Power Cords!

How does it feel having organized cords? Pretty great! Use some pipe cleaners to tie up cords that you don’t use every day and keep them organized in a drawer. No more tangled cords!

We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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