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Building a Dream House: DIY Kids’ Beds

Confession time: one of our kids just turned 5, and he is still sleeping in the crib we bought when he was a baby! Now, before that idea sends anyone into a tizzy, let me shed more light on the matter. This particular child happens to be the sweetest child in the entire universe. He has never once attempted to climb out of bed, and I honestly don’t think the idea would even occur to him. When he wakes up in the morning, he calls softly to me until I come get him. And that’s how life has always (quite happily and contentedly) been for the past 5 years. And the crib is supposed to transition to a bed, so I’ve never had any worries about the maximum weight being exceeded or anything like that. But, he has started to ask when he can have a “big kid” bed, so we know the long-put-off transition is imminent. As luck would have it, my husband built our girls really lovely twin beds when they shared a tiny bedroom in our old house, and they’ve been in storage since we moved. They used to be bunk beds, but with a little work (actually two weekends worth, but that’s another story), they will soon be a pair of really beautiful, solid, wooden beds for our boys’ shared bedroom.

We got the original bed plan from Ana White. If you are at all interested in making things out of wood, you must spend some time exploring her amazing website! She has plans for beds, desks, kitchen tables, armoires, dressers, and more. The plan we used was for the Simple Bed, with a few modifications to make the beds fit into our space. We opted to DIY instead of buy because we just couldn’t find what we wanted at a price we liked. To convert these bunks into twins, we’ve replaced all boards that needed replacing (anywhere that the bunk beds were hooked together with 1″-thick dowels), filled holes with wood filler, sanded the living daylights out of everything, treated the wood with wood conditioner, and sanded some more. We are just in the beginning stages of staining, which is really exciting. We have the first of several coats of stain on and are planning to do more tomorrow after the first coat dries. The beds should be finished by next week, and our big boy can finally have his big kid bed.

I’ve rounded up a few really cool DIY kids’ beds from around the web. There are some pretty amazing bed ideas out there! I made sure to grab ones that not only have a photo, but also provide plans!

DIY kids bed

Here’s an example of a DIY bed that looks just as good as one from a furniture store. If you find a bed you like with a price tag you just don’t love, try DIYing one instead! [photo and plans from Home Depot]

DIY kids bed

This darling house bed makes a statement without looking big or clunky. Super cute! [photo and plans from Remodelaholic]

DIY kids beds

My kids love the idea of a loft bed because it doesn’t take up as much floor space as a regular bed, which means more room to play! It’s a great idea for tiny bedrooms. [photo and plans from Ana White]

DIY kids bed

Raise your hand if you wanted to sleep in a bed nook at any point in your childhood. Or even now. This DIY bed nook is so cute and cozy! [photo and plans from Remodelaholic]

DIY kids beds

Here’s another take on the house bed, only this one is a cabin bed! This is kind of a nice mix of the bed nook and the house bed above. It is super cute and cozy without being too closed off or enormous. [photo and plans from Jen Woodhouse]

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