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Building a Dream House: Kids’ Desks

It’s back to school time! All across the country, kids are heading back into the classroom. Some school districts started as early as late July, while others, like ours, have a few weeks of summer vacation left. My kids have always done their homework at the kitchen table, but my two oldest have started asking for spaces of their own where they can work on math, spelling, and more. They like to build pretend desks in their bedrooms out of stacks of empty boxes , but I think that we can probably do a little better than that.

I’m loving these kids desks from around the web. They are all lovely and intentional spaces that look really nice and provide a good place for kids to get creative and get work done.

kids' desk with book ledges mounted above
I love this desk area with book ledges mounted above. I also love that the desk doesn’t have any drawers or cubbies to fill with stuff because, let’s be honest, they just get filled with junk. [photo from House Updated]

kids' desk with a cork board wall mounted above
This little table with a giant cork board mounted on the wall above it would be perfect for little artists who love to display their artwork. [photo from Young House Love]

This kids' work area has a very vintage feel.
How darling is this set-up?! I know I said that I loved the first picture because the desk had no storage, but the vintage-y metal bins in these fab colors are just dreamy. And the tiny chairs, the black wall with the wood grain showing through, the potted plant–all amazing! [photo from Kids Depot]

This kids' work space is built into a nook.
I love this little work space built into a nook in the bedroom. It’s so crisp and chic, and the wallpaper on the back of the shelves adds a nice pop of color. And there’s nothing baby-ish about it, so it’ll look great for kids of all ages. [photo from Clean Design Partners via DecorPad]

A kitchen nook is turned into a work space for kids.
This little work space is tucked into a corner of the kitchen, so it’s like an upgraded version of the homework-at-the-kitchen-table method we do. [photo from BHG]

A cute, vintage school desk
A cute, vintage schoolhouse desk would make a fun place to do homework. [photo from Over The Ocean]

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