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Building a Dream House: Patterned Kitchen Tile

Since we finished the guest room in the basement a few weeks ago, we’ve decided we really want to get the last few rooms in the basement done right away. We want to be able to move on from this dusty, noisy construction phase! There really isn’t too much left to do. The playroom, my office, and the guest room and bathroom are completely done, and the drywall is up everywhere else. We even have all of the cabinets in the little kitchenette installed. Speaking of the kitchenette, I had a moment of inspiration a few weeks ago when I overheard my husband chatting with the contractor about tile for the backsplash. They were discussing white subway tile, which is what we have in our kitchen upstairs and in the master bathroom. But it occured to me that we have the chance to do something fun and different in our basement kitchenette, and we shouldn’t waste the opportunity. I think a pretty patterned tile backsplash would look so nice, and would make a subtle statement in that corner of the basement. After a few hours of online research, we have something really gorgeous all picked out that goes well with the gray and white color scheme of the rest of the house. Here are just a few of the beautiful patterened tile looks I pinned while doing my research…

gray and white tile mosaic

I love this tile mosaic on a guest bathroom wall. It looks classic and timeless, but really beautiful and unique at the same time. (photo from Sarah Richardson Design)

ann sacks braided marble tile

I couldn’t find any photos of this gorgeous Ann Sacks braided mosaic tile in situ, but it looks pretty amazing up close, so I can just imagine how chic it would look installed in a room. (photo from Ann Sacks)

black and white floor tile

It took me a while to track down this tile, but I found it! This is the Cluny cement tile from Granada Tile (or something similar), and you are welcome! (photo from

gray and white floor tile

Another beautiful painted floor tile. This one is similar to the tile above, but with a slightly different quatrefoil pattern. (photo from Sophie Burke Design via Decorpad)

black adn white patterned kitchen tile

If you want to get some real life style inspiration, follow my friend Miranda of the blog One Little Minute and her sister Amelia of Mae Woven. They are both so chic. This black and white patterned tile floor from their parents’ house is just amazing! Miranda said they got it on, but I couldn’t find it. It looks similar to the Eastern Promise Tangier field tile from Ann Sacks. (photo from Instagram)

gray and white hand painted terra cotta kitchen tile

And this last one made me gasp when I saw it for the first time on Pinterest. While I had the idea to do a patterned backsplash for the basement kitchenette, I didn’t have a specific tile in mind when I started looking around. I just knew that I’d know what I wanted when I saw it. And when I saw this tile I knew I had to have it. And then it took me an hour of searching to find out what it was. I’ll save you the trouble of having to do the same! It is the Tabarka Signature tile from the Nord collection from Tabarka Tile, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company. (photo via The Sweetest Occasion)

2 Responses to “ Building a Dream House: Patterned Kitchen Tile ”

  1. Thanks so much for tracking us down for the Cluny 888 C black and white cement tile. The next photo down with the bathroom by Sophie Burke Design is also by Granada Tile. It’s our Normandy pattern in grey and white. Both cement tiles are actually hand-poured rather than hand-painted which means the color layer goes down 1/8″. This makes it all that much more durable.

  2. Melanie, thank you for sharing that info!! I’ll see if I can update those links!

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