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Create an Organized Garage Wall in Just an Afternoon!

The garage isn’t typically acknowledged for being the most exciting or inspirational space in our homes, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be amazing. A garage has a lot of hard work to do in terms of storing our vehicles, tools, maintenance supplies, cleaning items, etc… However, creating an effective organizational system to help with all of those tasks can happen in just a few hours!

Organized Garage

Whenever I am about to tackle a project, I look for an inspirational image or two to get my creative juices flowing. These images tend to offer up some details I may have overlooked, and also just really light a fire in me to get something done. I tend to gravitate to organizing interiors, and the thought of taking on a garage can quickly feel overwhelming. But when I spotted the image above, I realized that a single wall can hold so much storage value! I also recognized that it wouldn’t take much to replicate all the smart solutions!

With these inspirational photos, I find it works best to break down the image into bullets to really make sense of what is happening and to also create an action plan.

Organized Garage Details

1. Surprise! There is a slim shelf making the most of the area over the entry door! That single shelf offers up a great place to store less used seasonal items.

2. Wire shelving in a garage will stand the test of time, and also is strong enough to hold a lot of weight. These shelving units are also easy to keep clean and casters can be added to make them mobile. These shelves also work even harder when you add a few ‘S’ hooks for additional bins and baskets.

Garage Shelving Hooks

3. Making use of the wall by mixing and matching systems is key. A rail system allows a combination of hooks, bins, baskets and even a cabinet to be utilized based on individual storage needs. These are especially fitting for taller cleaning supplies and garden tools that are reached for frequently.

Garage Rail Hooks

4. Cabinets are not only wonderful in terms of saving on floor space; they are also ideal for storing hazardous items up out of the reach of little hands.

5. Again, casters are a winning feature in a garage space. A small rolling cart creates flexibility and allows you to take your tools and automotive care items directly to your work area, then tucks nicely away when you are finished with your projects.

Garage Cart

6. A steel toolbox will organize and protect your tools for many years to come.

7. So many messes happen in or near the garage, and also inside of our automobiles. Keep a small hand vac ready and charged by installing one right on your garage wall near an outlet.

Garage Bins

8. When it comes to corralling categorized items, clear plastic bins with latching lids will be your best storage friend. Not only is it easy to see the contents, they are also stackable and easy to wipe clean in a dusty space.

9. Keep those extra plastic bags handy with a small wall organizer, perfect for quick cleanups!

10. It’s not always easy to keep the floors inside of the garage and home clean; however, a proper mat paired with a nearby boot tray will definitely lend a helping hand.

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