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Ten Creative Uses for Caddies

Storage caddies are a daily sanity saver in our home. Not only do they work great for corralling items with similar functions, they are also a breeze to tote from location to location. And with a busy family of five to care for, I am all about anything that makes our life easier.

I utilize caddies in almost every room; each for completely different functions and purposes. Although caddies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, no two options are created equal. When selecting caddies for your storage needs, it is important to consider their ultimate function. For example, if you are looking for a way to store your cleaning supplies, you will want to use a caddy that is lightweight and washable (bottles of cleaning solutions and tools can quickly become heavy, they also have a tendency to leak). Also, if you are having a hard time tracking down a caddy with specific compartment sizes, consider using an open caddy that can be paired with jars and other organizers to fit your desired requirements.

Because I am such a huge fan of these little workhorses, I thought I would share a few of my favorite time and sanity saving uses for caddies.


Cleaning Caddy

If I could only have one caddy in my life, it would be this one. I get into a groove while cleaning from room to room, so taking multiple trips back to a cleaning closet or cabinet would only slow me down. By putting together a cleaning kit containing my favorite cleaners, rags/wipes, a duster and gloves, I am able to work continuously throughout our home in half of the time.


Automotive Caddy

Just as a cleaning caddy assists in the maintenance of our home, and automotive caddy can have the same positive impact on our transportation. Load up a durable bin with your favorite car care components; wash, wax, duster, scrubbers, glass cleaner and a few air fresheners, and keep it stored on a shelf in the garage.


Tool Caddy

Although we love big DIY projects, daily life always calls for quick tune-ups and small home maintenance tasks. We keep a small caddy on hand to act as a mini toolbox. Inside we store everything we reach for frequently, including safety glasses, wrench, pliers, utility knife, tape measure, small hammer, painter’s tape, wood glue and picture hanging hardware.


Garden Caddy


Let’s head outdoors for a moment, and take a pre-filled caddy with us as we check out the garden. Everything from snips and twine to plant food packets and small potting tools will help your garden flourish.


Craft Caddy

Now that our boys are older, I encourage impromptu crafting sessions in many areas of our home. A utensil caddy is a great way to keep crayons, markers, glues, paints and glitter corralled and accessible. For adults, swap a few supplies for pens, a notepad, calculator, envelopes and paperclips, and you have yourself the perfect bill paying caddy.


Diaper Caddy


Prior to needing a craft caddy for our boys, diaper caddies could be found on both levels of our home. Once stocked with lotions, wipes, diapers, sanitizer and a changing pad, they become a little nursery-on-the-go.


First Aid Caddy


Accidents never seem to happen near the first aid cabinet; however, a pre-stocked caddy will ensure you are able to tend to wounds quickly in an accommodating area of the home. They also make it easy to be prepared when heading to the ballpark, pool and playground. Not feeling well? Put together a cold and flu caddy with medication, a thermometer, cough drops, sanitizer and tissues, to ensure you are comfortable wherever you decide to snuggle in.


Toiletry Caddy


Although toiletry caddies are generally used by college students with shared showering facilities, they are my favorite solution for small bathrooms with limited storage space. Just fill a waterproof caddy with your daily essentials and hair care tools and pop it on a hook behind the door, no shelves or cabinets necessary.


Pet Caddy


We have a few puppies to care for, and have found a single caddy to be a wonderful solution for staying on top of their grooming needs. Inside I store nail clippers, brushes, shampoo, ear cleaner and dental care items.


Entertaining Caddy


Many caddies on the market are designed for holding cutlery, so I am sure to put them to good use. In a dining room cabinet, I keep a couple of caddies stocked with outdoor entertaining utensils, napkins and dishes, as well as party decorations, balloons, hats and goodie sacks. I love that I can entertain at the last minute and just pull out our caddies without too much thought or effort (allowing me to focus on my time with our guests).

Now that I have shared my favorites, I would love to hear how you utilize caddies to simplify areas of your home and life. Are there anymore I should add to my list?

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