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Your Yard is Missing These 8 Glittery, Glitzy, and Glam DIY Projects

Confession time.

I love glitter. Metallic, sparkly things draw me in like a moth to a flame. Which, incidentally, is glowy and shiny, too. Having taken a peek into the average backyard, I’ve noticed not enough glitz twinkles around the everyday garden or porch. To create more attention-grabbing detail to your yard, I’ve gathered a list of fun DIY sparkly projects you never knew you needed. Glam up your yard with these shimmery pieces.

1. Hanging Ombre Metallic Pots

Stephanie Shore Fisher gets me. She runs her blog Glitter and Goat Cheese (her two favorite things), and posts neat projects and finds that are often quite shiny. Example A: these pretty, framed DIY ombre hanging planters. She suggests mixing metals and trying a nickle chain, too.

Photo via: Glitter and Goat Cheese

2. Fab Lawn FlaBLINGo

Dream a Little Bigger blogger Allison Murray gifted this DIY bedazzled lawn flamingo to her sister. She shows you in just a few steps what you need to do to create this awesome statement piece that will bling up your yard, flowerbed, or garden. Try a variety of colored gems to create a rainbow flock of flaBLINGos.

Photo via: Dream a Little Bigger

3. Metallic Garden Tower

Create a DIY metallic trellis with brass or copper pipes. Allison shows us with detailed photos how to build this shiny garden trellis over at her blog, 33 Shades of Green. She even reveals the progress of her morning glories and suggests a few other plants to try growing on a trellis.

Photo via: 33 Shades of Green

4. Sparkling Sip ‘n Snack Table

TV personality, designer, and author Mark Montano fashioned this work of art on his personal blog Make Your Mark! His DIY glitter striped table is a sparkle lovers dream. Try creating this table for your deck or patio with his super helpful tutorial, and enjoy an afternoon snack over gold and under sun.

Photo via: Make Your Mark!

5. Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Blogger, crafter, and DIYer Jamie shared this simple tutorial of her family’s marble-filled fence project on her blog C.R.A.F.T., Creating Really Awesome Free Things. Added bonus: if you ask nicely, she’ll tell you how they created the removable fence panel.

Photo via: C.R.A.F.T.’s

6. #GlitterGoals

I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it. Get inspired with images of this DIY glitter croquet set. All you need is some spray paint, glitter, decoupage adhesive, and that old croquet set hiding in the back of the garage. Highlight mallets and balls with the original colors of the game, or choose your own favorites to get some sparkle rolling across your backyard.

Photo via: Mintage Home
7. Lovely Gold Leaf
Mismatch terra-cotta pots laying around? Make them look uniform and beautiful with Kristin Jackson’s quick explanation on how to gold-leaf a pot. In the guide on her blog, The Hunted Interior, Kristin says to be sure to place the leafing helter-skelter to look timeworn and to play along with any damage the elements might bring. Photo via: Hunted Interior

8. Glitzy Gardener

Look glamorous while working in the garden this summer with these DIY-ified glitter yard tools. Anjelika Temple of Brit+Co created this great tutorial on how to beautify around-the-house tools. Don’t be afraid to glitterize more — anything with a handle!

Photo via: Brit+Co

If these projects haven’t inspired you to put a little pizzazz into your outdoor living, I don’t know what will. I’m excited to see you glittery, glitzy projects come to life. Let me know how they go and if this sparkle sparks your creativity in another way!

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