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7 Better-Than-Bought DIY Backyard Games

In the era of limitless screen time and central air-conditioning, getting outside for more than the daily commute can be a challenge. Lucky for us, these women are in their right mind. They set down their controllers and turned off their tablets to inspire us with their outdoor gaming instead. With their guidance, I’ve compiled a list of my top seven outdoor games to get us off the couch and into the yard this year.

1. Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY engages my inner child with her DIY giant lawn matching game. Her step-by-step guide to creating the game uses durable 12×12-inch cork tiles, but she mentions opting for less expensive cardstock or cardboard if you only plan on playing the game once or twice.

DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

Photo via: Studio DIY

2. This fun game by Kimbo, creator of A Girl and a Glue Gun, is the best for cooling off while having a blast. Kimbo’s Frozen T-Shirt Race has you place damp shirts in the freezer, then race to see who can put theirs on the fastest after it’s frozen. Let the struggle commence!

Frozen t-shirt race

Photo via:  A Girl and a Glue Gun

3. In an Olympic year, there’s no reason not to take a stab at the Backyard Olympic Games. Mom Leana — creator of A Small Snippet — planned her son’s birthday party around the summer games, complete with DIY Olympic snacks; DIY hurdles, javelin throw, and shot put competitions; and personalized “uniform” party-favor T-shirts for each competitor.

Photo via: A Small Snippet

4. DIY these neat giant yard games with just a few supplies, and, bonus, learn how to play Cooties. Megan Harney, mom and blogger from Wit and Wander, shows us how to create giant, reusable yard game pieces and graciously supplies us with a free printable game to play with your new yard-size dice.

DIY Yard Games - Wit & Wander 1

Photo via: Wit and Wander

5. Some of the best games include no equipment at all. She Knows blogger Whitney Coy compiled a list of play-anywhere taglike games including a new one to me. Octopus Tag – a sort of cross between red rover and freeze-tag – involves tagging, freezing, fish, crabs, and the ocean, with lots of opportunity for fun.

Photo via: She Knows

6. How could I leave everyone’s favorite warm-weather game off the list? Anything involving a water balloon is sure to ignite a great party. Thanks to Heather, founder and designer of the Chickabug shop and blog, we’ve got this totally awesome list of water balloon games for you to try this year. You can’t go wrong with No. 9 (trust me!).

Photo via: Making Merry Memories

7. Play to your kids’ (or kids’-at-heart) competitive natures, and try Sophie’s clean-up game from Sophie’s World. Those water balloons you just played with are going to create a mess, but Balloon Scrap Pick Up turns clean up into a game. Compete individually or in teams to collect the most scrap pieces in one minute. Play as many rounds as it takes to get the yard clean again.

Photo via: Sophie’s World

So get outside and give these games a shot with your friends and family. As summer rolls in, let me know how they go, or tell me what other games are great for the backyard!

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