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Flea Market Chic: Clever Ways to Use a Trunk

Flea Market Chic-Clever Ways To Use A Trunk

I have a new found respect for trunks since writing my last post about adding vintage character to your little ones spaces. I wrote the piece with the intent of sharing ideas and ways to make a kids room feel complete {since I was in the midst of making over my boys rooms}. But, what I was left with was a fascination with trunks, especially after seeing this room reveal below. I knew a trip to my favorite local salvage shop was in order, as they have a huge selection of vintage trunks. Jackpot, I found a beautifully weathered piece with a green patina, it was used in WW2 to hold electrical supplies. It is perfect to house all the sports equipment in my oldest son’s bedroom. In addition to using vintage trunks in kids spaces, there are many other clever ways to use them, here are some fun ideas to incorporate them into your home or for a special event….



Entry way & mudroom storage, who doesn’t need more space to hide items away?! I struggle with this all the time & the great thing about trunks is the size, add some casters to the bottom and you now have a piece that is accessible and functional. Imagine all the things you can store here, from shoes to hats & gloves to even coats. Just be sure to clean the inside thoroughly.

BHG-Hallway Storage-Use a Vintage Trunk


What a conversation piece to use a vintage trunk in your living room as a table, with a bonus of extra storage. Another ideal quality of a piece like this is the top, once it is closed you can layer your accessories or flowers on top but still be able to retrieve what is tucked away inside, maybe it’s your BHG magazine collection:).

Jillian Harris-Living Room Trunk, Great For Added Storage

Jillian Harris

Target-Vintage Trunk Turned Into Coffee Tabke


Bedroom side table/storage all in one, now that is a win-win. My side table is stacked with books & magazines, so this clever idea is super useful. If extra height is needed you can always add legs to the bottom to give your piece an added boost. Also, placing one at the bottom of your bed is pretty & practical, now have a place to store all of those blankets {& pillows} and sit for a bit.

Jenna Sue Co. Trunk Bed Side Table

Jenna Sue Design Co.

Liz Marie Blog-What a Beautiful Trunk Used as a Bedroom Side Table

Liz Marie Blog

The Picket Fence-Using A Trunk For Added Bedroom Storage

The Picket Fence Projects

As summer approaches and we begin to entertain again why not use an old trunk as a place to serve drinks. I love this idea of placing one on a luggage rack and adding a tray to the top. You can also layer a few for added height and even bring this great idea outdoors for your next event.

My Sweet Savannah-Trunk Bar

My Sweet Savannah

Pottery Barn Trunk Bar

Pottery Barn

Lets continue with the outdoor theme and entertaining, why not use a variety of perfectly worn trunks to set the stage for an outside wedding. They can be used as tables, extra seating and even to hold keepsakes & cards. They add a layer of charm and character with their rich patina, plus they are easy to transport and store items for the big day.

Style Me Pretty-Long Island Wedding-Using Trucks to Create a Vintage Inspired Wedding

Style Me Pretty

The Wedding Chicks-Using Old Trunks for Wedding Cards

The Wedding Chicks

I hope after this post you will never pass by a good trunk again:). Thanks for stopping by!

Jen-City Farmhouse

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